Angelina Jolie: Maddox Has a Girlfriend

05/29/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Jolie-Pitt brood. So imagine our glee when they all showed up for the premiere of Angelina Jolie‘s new film, Maleficent, Wednesday evening.

Held at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, the kid-friendly event was perfect for family date night.

To complement their parents’s dark attire, Maddox, 12½, Pax, 10, Shiloh, 8, and Knox, 5½, wore suit jackets and vests paired with trousers in hues of gray, khaki and navy. On the other hand, Zahara, 9, went for a more fun look — sporty gold and black tank, black velvet leggings, gold sneakers and face paint!.

The only person missing? Brad and Angelina‘s little girl Vivienne, 5½, who actually plays a young Aurora in the movie.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Maleficent Premiere Family Photo
Charley Gallay/Getty

We can imagine it takes a lot to wrangle six kids, so we’ll take any Jolie-Pitt family sighting we can get it, especially if it means seeing how much Jolie’s first child, Maddox, has grown up.

According to the actress, the almost 13-year-old already has a girlfriend. “She’s great,” she told ET News. “I won’t embarrass him. She’s lovely. She lives in England. She’s very cool.”

So how is the tween managing his long distance relationship?

“We go there as often as possible. It’s really, really sweet. She’s a great lady, so I’m lucky. So far, we’re doing good.”

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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rimy1 on

Ahh I love that picture. Love this family.

kjc on

Wow, I haven’t seen pictures of Maddox for A LONG time. I would never have recognized him looking so grown up. I was still expecting him to look like a little kid!

dd on

Twelve-year-olds shouldn’t have intercontinental relationships. They need to be his parents not his social coordinator. That’s just weird and wrong. And 13-year-old girls are not great ladies. They’re girls.

KK on

I try my best to not judge but I do have one question…,why are they dressing their 8 year old GIRL like a boy?????

Unknown on

Who the F cares! About angelina the home wrecker brad pitt and their family GROW UP PEOPLE MAGAZINE!

Report on stuff that’s news worthy the home wrecker and the man who cant keep his pants zipped is not news worthy!

Martina on

These people are so out of touch with reality. They travel to England so their almost 13 year old can carry on his ‘relationship’ – what the heck?

Kyle on

Angelina looks like she’s wearing a trash bag. Not flattering at all considering she’s pretty. Zahara is absolutely beautiful.

Denise Vinsant on

Why does Shiloh never look like a girl? She is so beautiful, I hate the way they play that down

Denise Vinsant on

why does Shiloh never look like a girl? She is so beautiful. I hate that they hide it.

Marcia on

The “girlfriend” is probably just a girl he likes who he sees when he can. Kids today Skype, text, and message constantly. The Duggar girl “fell in love” with her fiancé before she even met him face to face.

Jeeeeee on

Shiloh is/will be gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Eliza on

I think this picture looks very awkward

shiloh on

Shiloh always looks like a boy.

Zoe E on

unknown, stop hating I bet you wish you had their lives
Angie is beautiful and a great mum and as for Brat his ex had him and didn’t or couldn’t keep him. He wanted a family his ex did not O well.

ava on

I love that Angelina lets Shiloh dress how she wants to dress. Trust me, no one but Shiloh is dressing her that way.

sam on

Wow, time has gone by fast, the kids are all growing up. Zahara and Shiloh are always so cute together! I think Shiloh like boys style of clothes better, which in some way is sad. She’s a beautiful child, dolling her up would be sweet. BUT Shiloh seems happy and that truly is what matters. I love Zahara’s cheeky smile. She is a little beauty.

erinleigh1981 on

@KK, Shiloh is 8 years old. I don’t know about you, but when I was 8 I picked my own clothes.

Susan on

To each his own, but I know my 12 year old’s relationship would be very innocent while Ms Jolie makes it sound like she’s a matchmaker.

meia on

What? This is strange. She is talking about her 12 year olds girlfriend? They go to England to see her often? And she is a nice lady? He is a child, he does not need a serious girlfriend that he has to fly often across the globe to see. She sounds more like she is talking about her gown adult sons fiance or something. Odd.

marky mark on

People who the fuck cares.

If you really keep track of this stuff, you really need to get a life!

what a bunch of fracking losers

Sunny on

My 12 yr old nephew just made a joke the other day about why he’s single right now. He said he’s dated all the girls so there’s no one left for him to date. at least I hope it was a joke but yeah it was the first time in a log time he says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. My bro is really strict with him this so his versions of a girlfriend is just some girl he sees when he’s at school. If they lived 10’hrs apart he would have multiple girlfriends at once I’m sure.

zoom on

Great lady?

meia on

Marcia- Jill Duggar is 22 years old. Angalina is talking about her 12 year old. Big difference.

nymphont on

Wonders why the little star of the movie didn’t go to it’s premier? (Vivienne)

paul on

am so. happy . to see.brad and Angelina out and about every article. lately was about kim and her family . am so sick of them . its like all the magazine. lost all there critability.wit theses reailty stars we see ture stars.we wan art people.magzine. fell down bad

dave on

I don’t care about Pitt and jolie so why would I care about thier kids social life. Ridiculous. Write about something more important than a 12 yr olds girlfriend. Then again, shame on me for reading about it then posting about it……ummm Nevermind

laura on

Pax is wearing moccasins! Cool. And PLEASE you trogoldytes sop asking why Shiloh dresses the way she does. She dresses that way because SHE LIKES IT. Stop stereotyping and “tiny boxing.”

great photo, glad to see everyone smiling. I like it when Maddox had long hair. How many languages does this family speak? It would be great if they spoke many.

Madison on

What? This is the most ridiculous story I’ve ever read. I have an almost 13 year old and having a girlfriend at THAT age is not normal but what’s even more disturbing is that Angelina referred to her “a great lady”. Unless he’s seeing an adult women, a tween is not referred to as a women.

Jess on

I think that their daughter Shiloh, will grow up to be gay or transgendered. Angelina mentioned in several interviews that Shiloh wanted to be a boy and dress like a boy ever since she was a young child.

thesportygirl on

Did all of you guys who talk about Shiloh dressing like a boy think that this is the way Shiloh wants to dress? I really doubt they are forcing her to dress like a boy. When I was kid I always wanted my hair short and refused to wear anything girly. I am now an adult with long hair and enjoy getting made up on occasion. And I don’t think they go to London just for the “girlfriend”….its probably a girl he enjoys being around and when they are in London which you see they are he probably gets to hang out with her. It must be hard to be normal for him so the fact that he’s made a friend in London good for the kid!

nnboyo2 on

Some of us do care, and if you don’t care don’t read the story. Zoe E. hit it right on the head, Brad wanted a family and Aniston wanted a career. They both got and have what they wanted. Wonder where Vivienne was?

stacey on

Good god, when will that kid stop dressing like a boy.

Sunny on

meia. It sounds like YOU are trying to start something that simply isn’t there. If you are around preteens or even younger they are always going on about girlfriends they have. If her son ends up only having one lady friend she will be lucky but I bet he’ll have a million or already has had a ton of girlfriends she doesn’t know about. Oh and She probably called her a LADY because she acts respectful and ladylike. Only giving my opinion because I have nephews the same age.

TC on

I have no respect for Angie. She has always been a horrible role model (wearing a tube of blood around her neck) then seducing Brad knowing he was married. I wish he’s leave her psycho bulimic life!

Christi on

Maddox is turning into a very handsome man. Very lucky to have a loving family.

Marcia on

meia–I see no indication that Maddox is getting engaged, do you? My point is a lot of kids’ interactions take place through phones and computers. (I have a 15 year old, I know) It sounds like just a harmless anecdote about Maddox and people’s hair are on fire. Skype, I’m telling ya, that’s probably 90 per cent of their interaction.

Sunny on

I have no respect for brad. She has always been a horrible role model (dating a teenager when he was 27) then seducing angie knowing she was a vulnerable mother. I wish she’s leave his psycho bulimic life!

Mikaylah on

They’re such an lovely family! That’s adorable about Maddox having a girlfriend, and I can’t believe the twins are already 5 1/2. They all look great, and I’m so happy for their continued blessings.

booboo on

I don’t want to sound negative. But I know poor ppl who dress better. Why are the kids’ clothes so ill-fitted.

Skinny much on

She is way too skinny. Her bones in her wrist and chest are sticking out. Not attractive.

Bhavana on

I don’t appreciate the profanity that Marky Mark used. You can express your dislike for someone w/out using the F word.

Katie on

Not cool mom, talking about the fact he has a girlfriend. Shame on you.

Erin on

I’ve read where she’s referred to Shiloh’s transgender nature before.

Phoebe on

OMG, what the hell happened to Shiloh?!? Do they not know that she is suppose to be a girl for god sake?!? She was such a pretty little too, what a shame!

You did it wrong on

No thanks.

Bree on

Looks like the cats are out and wailing in full force. If you can’t say anything nice, or you can’t stand this beautiful family – when WHY are you even bothering to read this article? Don’t like them? Then go away. Problem solved.

Barb Rasnic on

It is interesting that folks still view angelina as a “home wrecker.” she and brad have been together for 7 years and are raising 6 children together. jen aniston has had at least as many suitors since then and no children. Some folks are just not meant to be married to each other. At least Brad and angie are teaching their kids about the world and the suffering within it and they do something about it.

Dee on

Isn’t there ANYTHING this woman won’t dish on her child’s private life, to promote herself and this blasted movie??

Gina-Nicole on

Shiloh looks like a mini Ellen Degeneres!

Mindy on

It doesn’t matter that Shiloh is attractive. Attractive people are transgender, and it’s okay that Shiloh’s parents don’t publicly comment on their child being transgender or gender fluid. No one’s role in life should be to be a “pretty little thing.” As the parent of an FtM transgender young adult, I can tell anyone who questions this, that Shiloh’s parents are doing what experts recommend by letting their child be who she or he feels that they are. Parents do not make children transgender and making Shiloh grow long hair or wear dresses will not “cure” Shiloh of being transgender or gender fluid.

fiona on

I remember maddox years ago when he was a little guy w/a mohawk. he was so cute.

Bree on

Please do not mistake me for the moronic idiot that made the bombs in Cambodia remark. Thank you.

Nic on

Jealous cows.

Ceeteefeebs on

It’s appalling what some people are willing to say about an 8-year-old child. And it’s sad that transgender/gender fluid individuals are so little understood. Why on earth is it acceptable to criticize a child’s gender identity or self-expression? Shiloh looks happy and completely comfortable with her family. That’s the only thing that should matter for anyone’s child.

lisa on

Maybe Vivianne is under that awful dress hiding!!!

Kat on

I think the twins have, to put it delicately – ‘developmental issues’ but the most important thing is that they have two loving parents who love them and provide the care they need.
Gorgeous family.

soph on

“She has always been a horrible role model (wearing a tube of blood around her neck)”

Wearing a necklace makes her a “bad role model”? Okay.

And yes, they’ve been together almost a decade. Time to get. over. it.

Sunny on

Angelina said something funnier about shiloh. She said shiloh wanted to play a character named Marcus in Maleficent. When she asked her who Marcus is shiloh said, “he has horns and carries a bow and arrow. ” omg the transgendered haters haven’t heard that little story yet, huh??

As for the twins having developmentally disabilities ? People only say that because the girl twin looks like her father who happens to be a mouth breather.

Penelope on

Shiloh is a tomboy. She may be gay. Get over it. Angelina’s mom let Angelina’s boyfriend move in when they were 16. I’m pretty sure Angelina’s parenting style will be closer to her mom’s than middle America. It’s her kids she can raise them as she sees fit.

Tracy on

I love this family especially Angie. initially I thought she was a home wrecker too until I saw first hand through a family member that sometimes you think you are married to the perfect person until someone comes along who really completes you and takes your breath away! Plus, when you realize your goals, family vs. career are different, sometimes you have to make the tough decisions. Cheesy I know but there it is. I think Shiloh is very typical of a tomboy but most people don’t allow girls who are tomboys to truly just be who they are and dress in what they are comfortable. Addressing how thin Angie is…imagine going to a war-torn area with thousands of refugees living in squalor with not enough to eat. How difficult would it be it indulge and eat to your hearts content. The guilt. I think that would really weigh on you if you had a conscience at all. Last, Angies statement about Maddox’s girlfriend being a lady. Is it possible she meant well-mannered girl, thats how I took it. Not to criticize anyone else’s take on them or their family but that is my perspective.

noamie on

Just to point out–it was MADDOX who called his girlfriend “a great lady.” I work with tweens, and while its awkward in writing like this, it’s not uncommon for the “mature” ones to talk like this. I have sixth graders who call girls “the ladies” and go drink coffee and whatnot…A far cry from when I was in middle school and getting to go on a date meant carpooling to the movie theater with a big group and maybe sitting next to each other!…They think they’re so grown up, but they’ll cringe in a few years when they look back.

hdk on

When Angelina was younger, she dressed like a boy, hair cut like a boy, they are letting Shiloh be who she wants to be. She is beautiful, looks like her dad to me.

Stef on

Damn. Why so many hateful comments? It’s really sad when majority of the commenters are probably grown women and some with children. Smh
They have beautiful children and they are enjoying their time together as a family. Who are they hurting?

Guest on

Shiloh is obviously more comfortable keeping her hair short and wearing “boy clothes”, and I think it’s GREAT that her parents are so supportive! I remember pictures of her as a toddler playing with cars and dinosaurs, and I’m so glad her family is continuing to allow her to be herself instead of forcing her to adhere to societal norms. Maybe it’s just the style she prefers now or maybe it’s indicative of something more, but it seems like the Jolie-Pitts will continue loving her even if she never grows out of it. Great parenting!

Anonymous on

What an ugly dress lloks like cheap plastci and why does Angie look like she’s stoned.?The rest of them, including BP look so sloppy. Very odd looking group.

Spring on

I remember a TV interview Brad did years ago when Shiloh was maybe three, where he said when he called her by her name she would scream, “John, call me John, my name is John!” You could tell at the time he thought it was anecdotally cute, but I remember personally thinking, ‘she is a boy trapped in a girl’s body.’ And Angie has said that Shiloh is very opinionated about how she wants to dress. I think these parents go with what makes their child feel comfortable in her own skin. Intelligent and sensitive parenting, I’d say.

Tiredtraveler on

Why do people pick on a child? Shiloh is a very lovely girl. She likes to dress the way she wants too, so let her. She is happy and healthy and that is all that matters!

meme on

seriously don’t get it. They are the strangest family ever. Shiloh? parents dress their kids! is Shiloh really a boy or girl, or are they just playing an experiment with the world.

Valerie Cook on

so why does the one girl always wear boys clothing…i dont get it at all

shelba on

It is sad how they let that 8 year old Shiloh dress like a boy. She could be so pretty.

maryhelenc on

I’m more curious as to where Vivienne was. Was she ill? Maybe she’s shy & is meeting them inside? It just seems odd that she is the only child not there.

what the heck on

She doesn’t want to embarrass her son, yet she is doing it so publicly. The 13 year old is a girl not a lady. What kind of mothering skills does she exactly possess.

Brooke on

@ “Unknown”, you are the one who needs to grow up honey – and move on already! Get your own life and stop dwelling on the lives of others! How is it that Brad, Angie, and Jen have moved on but YOU haven’t? Don’t you see how that is just a little psycho?….

Karen on

I have yet to see their daughter Shiloh as a girl. Every pic Ive seen Ive thought she was a boy. Why are they not dressing her as a girl, even when she was younger than 3 to dress herself and have an opinion? Are they trying to push her to be the opposite sex?

Stef on

To the many people on here: Shiloh isn’t your child.

Stef on

Why so many hateful comments? It’s really sad when majority of the commenters are probably grown women and some with children. Smh
They have beautiful children and they are enjoying their time together as a family. Who are they hurting?

Anonymous on

To those who have something to say about Shiloh’s clothing:
Who is to say Shiloh isn’t the one picking out what she wants to wear? She might be going through a tomboy phase, which many girls do, especially since she grew up in a household with strong male figures. Or maybe she prefers the typical things that her male counterparts would prefer.
A woman’s beauty is not based or defined by what she wears or how she looks. Her beauty is defined by her unyielding expression of herself.

janice core on

is shiloh a boy?

Anonymous on

. Highly doubt they travel to England specifically for her son to hook up. Shiloh is 8. Who cares what she wears or doesn’t wear? Eight year olds have their own likes/dislikes and tomboy is what this kid likes. Glad the parents are letting her be herself. She isn’t dressing inappropriate, no harm done. Why should Shiloh have long hair? Who cares? Again, glad the parents let her do her thing. If the people who commented so hateful on this article had Shiloh, sounds like she’d be looking more like a mini adult then child. Yes she’s pretty. She has the rest of her life to get dressed up/made up. Why rush an 8 yr old child? People think this family is whacked? I think people who hate on a child and are so concerned about another families child’s possible sexual orientation is whacked.

Ann on

12 yrs. old with a girlfriend……guess the will be grandparents next. Shiloh must be a tomboy as always looks like a boy so mom needs to help her be more like a girl and that was a fugly dress she wore to whatever awards show…..Brad and Angie look old!!!!

Pat Brown on

I love Brad Pitt, he has said a few times, that Shiloh thinks she’s a boy, and they don’t discourage her! I think that’s the way to go! I think it’s wonderful that they don’t try to suppress the way she feels!

Anonymous on

I think Shiloh may be a closet Gay….

Meme on

Everyone has the same question… Boy or Girl? Regarding Shiloh. We know she is a girl, she is obviously a Tomboy. But… I think it goes deeper than that. She may be Gay…

Jen DC on

Shiloh is a girl, therefore, this is what a girl LOOKS LIKE. LEAVE OFF.

Hilariously – save the vest – Shiloh is wearing just about what I wear daily: A man’s button down (more room in the chest and shoulders, and not that stupid, restrictive nipping in at the waist), trousers and moccasins. No one in my conservative Ohio law firm says a freakin’ word. If it’s weird, no one gives a damn because I can do my job, my clothes are clean and pressed and presentable.

The child is clean, healthy and happy. Leave her be, you harridans.

k on

I hope Malificient tanks.

rubblebubbleccake on

Are these two ever going to get married? Great example they are for all those kids.

rubblebubbleccake on

Are these two ever going to get married? Nice example they’re setting for all those kids.

ff54 on

I could not imagine that any one of the people spouting hateful diatribe towards an innocent 8 year old girl would allow such comments to be directed at their own child/niece/nephew/grandchild.

rthgrl70 on

What’s with all the people accusing the parents of making Shiloh dress like a boy? All my kids dressed themselves from the time they were 3-ish. She might be a tomboy or she might be transgender. If more parents accepted their children for who they are instead of trying to change them (especially if they are LGBT) maybe there would be fewer suicides among that group of youngsters. They are encouraging her to be herself. Kudos to them. They are a beautiful, caring, generous family. WAY more socially aware than the vast majority of the world’s population.
Also, they own a home in England, so I doubt they go there just so Mad can see his girlfriend. Some of you people need to see Angie for who she is now, not who she was when she was still finding herself. I’m certainly glad no one judges me based on who I was when I was younger.

anonymous on

Reading these comments cracks me up! Some of them are downright weird and embarrassing, talking As. If. these people were personally KNOWN to the posters. As if Maddox and whatever other kids pictured were Christmas card pictures of posters’ nephews and nieces! “Oh, look how Maddox has grown! I remember when he was just a little guy…Oh, I liked the younger girl’s hair when it was longer…” Hilarious!

Rose Bell on

and this is news worthy why?

Gloria Kreiser on

You can see the love this family has for each other.

Cesa on

Sell your movie with tidbits about your family. Keep yourself relevant that way. Who cares?

sue's on

Seriously, why is Shiloh wearing a suit? I realize children need creativity, but there are time a parent needs to come in and choose the proper attire for the occasion.

sue's on

With Angelina’s power, her designers can sew suits fit and appropriate for a girl to wear.

Cristina on

Viv is hiding under Angie’s dress.

Al on

Really a girlfriend in London at age 12?? And ppl wonder why these Hollywood kids grow up messed up.. Treat them like kids!

Anonymous on

Hey TC and CT, first, we all know you are the same person by the fact that you used the same poor grammar while trying to put others down. Second, be a little more creative with your usernames. Third, make up your mind which one of these people you hate and why. FOOL. That being said, I completely agree with THESPORTYGIRL and MARCIA. Brad and Angelina are a wonderful couple who are committed to their kids. I wish them nothing but the best!!

Anonymous on

A lot of the posts here are criticizing Angelina for allowing Shiloh to dress like a boy. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Why would you try and force your child to dress in a way that is not who they are. If she were to make Shiloh dress like a girl, who knows what emotional impact that may have on her. Does it really matter how she dresses? What matters is that she is loved as the individual person that she is.

Rah2 on

KK- did you ever think that MAYBE that is the way Shiloh wants to dress????? this is 2014 where we should NOT feel girls have to dress as girls and boys have to dress as boys.

Tina on

Love this family. Wish others weren’t so judgemental. I don’t like Jennifer Aniston or the K gang so I don’t read or comment on their stories. Why do people feel the need to be hateful? I will never understand going out of your way to be an a$$.

kris on

shiloh looks a lot like brad pitt when he was her age

wow on

Why is she dressing her two biological daughters like boys and giving them boy haircuts?? That is so disturbing! They would look so beautiful wearing sundresses with long hair!!

Lovely on

What a cute family!
So Shiloh dresses in what she’s comfortable in. Worry about your own child?
Maybe, the girlfriend ‘s a Lady (Lord and Lady) that’s possible in England with royal family there.
Brad and Angie have lived together longer than his marriage with Jennifer, move on…

Debs626 on

“She’s a great lady”?? Who is she talking about the 12 year old girlfriend?? lol…

DDP on

KK, Shiloh has dressed like a boy for quite some time. What’s wrong with that? It is what makes her happy. Not judgmental? Really? She is who she is. Leave the child alone!

Debs626 on

Shilo dresses like a boy because she is gay, so very obvious.

mamascarlett on

“Thanks alot, Mom.”-Maddox

smerci on

It kills me reading these comments anymore. I realize how awfully judgemental and hateful the world is. 90 percent of the people who comment on here are miserable, dark people who sit on their highhorse making comments about disgust for her daughter dressing like a tomboy, or how her son shouldnt have a girlfriend, her dress looks like trash etc, etc. UGH! Give me a break, BORED PEOPLE. Take a look at your own life! (by the way… I know a bunch of miserable SOB’s will jump on the chance to attack me for this…. TO BE EXPECTED!!!)

Jen DC on

So what, her parents allow her body autonomy (apparently limited to hair and choice of clothes), which is age appropriate. I mean, really, isn’t the most important thing that she be clean and healthy, that her clothes be clean, her hair reasonably dressed and that’s that?

I used to dress like a boy. I loved the boy colors better – all that navy and orange and hunter green. (I still love orange and green to this day.) But those clothes also hid dirt better and were oddly tougher than the girl clothes I was most expected to wear.

Here’s the thing: 30 years later? I have and wear dresses. Often. I wore dresses and tights all winter. I love my dresses and my heels, but not as much as I love my trousers and men’s buttondowns. But even better? No one comments either way. Because no one actually cares, so long as I’m competent at my job, I and my clothes are clean.

Shiloh is not crazy. She is not in danger of anything other than being a confident woman who respects personal boundaries. Maybe y’all should listen to your children a little bit harder; you might be surprised at the things that feel forced to them.

bkable on

For all you ragging on Shiloh, she’s EIGHT! She is old enough to decide what she wants to wear and how she wants to wear her hair. Maybe she’s a tomboy, maybe it’s a phase but, at the end of the day, kudos on Brad and Angie for letting her be who she wants to be (considering how Vivenne and Zahara dress, its pretty clear Brad and Angie aren’t forcing Shiloh to dress more masculine)

Brooke on


And Brad & Angie have supported her throughout her childhood. Shiloh may very well be transgendered, and Angie & Brad know this. They aren’t forcing her to wear what SOCIETY (read the cows on People) say she should wear to fit in.

Shiloh Love on

I have an eleven year old son with long hair. People complain to me all the time (as if it’s any of their business or concern) that I should cut his hair. I tell them he wants to wear it long. They reply that I am his mother and I should be calling the shots. I do on the important things, but hair? It’s hair. Get over it. Bottom line…my son still has long hair and will for as long as he wants. It’s his hair and he is only expressing himself. I’m so tired of hearing judgmental opinions of small minded people. Keep your hate to yourself and go back to making your own children miserable. If you will recall, Angie haters, Shiloh wore dresses when she was young. It wasn’t until she was older and able to have a say that she ditched the dresses. Oh, and I had a boyfriend when I was twelve. He called me everyday after school for about three months before we “broke-up”. It’s middle school “dating”. Who cares. Lives. They’re fun. Get yourself one.

Salma on

Zahara is so beautiful!

Cheyenne on

OMG, Maddox has a girlfriend?!!?
*Clutches pearls and faints*

Kel on

Wow…such hateful comments. Why don’t you people go worry about your own kids and leave theirs alone? So their daughter likes to wear boys clothes…big deal. So their tween has a girlfriend…big deal. I know plenty of 12 year olds that have boyfriends/girlfriends. You know what they do? They text. They maybe hold hands and hug each other when they see each other. Big deal. Go worry about your own kids and let these 2 raise their kids however they would like.

bitsy on

Awful dress, though I get it. I only count 5 kids in the picture. Where is the other twin?

closeupman on

Terrible. Kids should be concentrating on learning, not on girls.

sandy on

Clothes do not make the person!
I find it so funny how up tight people get that Shiloh does not dress girly. I find it wonderful that mom and dad allow her to dress how she feels comfortable. Forcing a girl to be a “girly girl princess” when she does not want to does more damage than allowing her to dress how she wants. Everyone of course is thinking she will be a lesbian one day. I have a feeling Brad & Angie won’t care one way or the other.


Don’t go crazy everyone.. the girlfriend probably lives very close to their home overseas where Brad makes his wine.. the Miraval Estate in Provence…. or she could be the daughter of a family friend over there…. no big deal. I met boys camping who lived in other states and people fall in love at 12 and 13 as we all probably have. Let kids be innocent… geeeeshhh

lynnie on

I worry why Shiloh dresses like a boy all the time. Seems strange. Hope this passes.

Skippy Bee on

I cannot believe how grown the children are! (But that is silly of me…time does march on…celebrities children are no exception!)

Skippy Bee on

I cannot believe how grown up the children are! (But then that is silly of me…time marches on…and celebrity’s children are not exempt!)

Lynn on

Shiloh never dressed like a little girl. Even as an infant and she did not pick her clothes she looked like a boy. I don’t know them and why she is dressed that way. My daughter and I were tomboys, but always dressed in girls clothes. Just because your daughter wants to wear pants does not mean that they have to be boys clothes. I wish her well.

Dianne on

Did they scip the football and baseball stage? Why do these parents push their children into relationships so young? He should be playing sports or doing things 12 and 13 years old BOYS do. Not dating. Get a life parents. Stop pushing these kids into adulthood. By the way, that dress is discusting.

Darcie on

This such a beautiful family and Zahara is a future model so so pretty! Just a good looking family in general and they look so happy…can tell there’s a lot of unconditional love from two supportive parents and thats all that matters!

Guest on

Wow how inappropriate. He’s waaaasy too young. That’s ridiculous and not cute. She needs to quit pandering for this movie. 12 year olds do not need girlfriends. He doesn’t even know his home address! So goofy. I never thought I’d see the brange try sooooooo hard. Kinda sad and pathetic.

4mom on

I think perhaps the reason Shiloh dresses the way she does and keeps her hair short is to be like her big brothers. My younger kids always want to do what the older ones do regardless of gender. Many people are assuming she will be transgender when she is grown. I say let her be who and what she wants to be and stop labeling her. She will figure it all out eventually and will probably grow up healthy and well adjusted.

Jenny on

Remember Angelina is an admitted bi-sexual. So when she had Shiloh, she started to dress the kid like a boy. I remember when the kid was 18 months old and Jolie was in an interview and said that Shiloh had said ” Mommy don’t make me have long hair like a girl” and she claimed she was picking out her own clothes and liked the boys clothes. Please! What kid at 18 months has that kind of thinking/vocabulary?

I think she is forcing this on Shiloh because she was really trying to have the “rainbow family” so this way she also has the cross dresser. Talk about a kid growing up with an idenity problem.

diane on

it is never fine to cheat!! lol Brad was married angie was not.. But she knew he was…. both did wrong no matter what is said, and jen was wronged. Its over lets move on lol

shiloh on the other hand, angies daughter being how she is, is perfect for angie look how everyone was talking.
she had to go to other countrys to adopt, because she has cut herself in her early adult liffe and spent time in a mental institue great mom!

claudia on

It BOGGLES my mind that people can be so close-minded and antiquated in their views re: Shiloh’s choice in clothes. So long as kids are happy, safe, and healthy, what else matters?

Also, does anyone really think Shiloh would be smiling had she been forced to wear anything she didn’t like?!?!?!?!

Unity on

Mindlessness is necessary, that’s why I’m here. But, after reading so many of the comments, I’m wondering if we would all be a whole lot happier by channeling our energy into more positive pursuits? Just a thought. We really don’t know her and shouldn’t waste our time judging. Criticizing her will never be worth our time. Find things in life that are worth protesting and fighting over, right? There are far greater causes than this… 🙂

D on

Poor Shiloh is def going to turn out being gay all thanks to Angelina dressing her like a BOY since she was a baby! Terrible! Now, Maddox is looking good!!

Kyndra on

This is a beautiful family! People need to have some respect and stop being negative!

Samantha on

It pathetic how people can take and article and pick it apart to find something negative. Jennifer and Brad broke up almost ten years ago and some of you still can’t let it go. She can’t keep a man or get one to marry her again in real life. It looks as if she is the one with the problem. It’s no one business but Jolie and Pitt how their child dress. So many of you are so homophobic that you take things out of context.

JustMe on

You people are so judgmental. Despite the fact that BOTH Brad and Jennifer said they’d been apart for a year before he met Angelina, people still continue to believe the media nearly TEN years later… not to mention the fact that Jennifer Aniston started dating Justin Theroux on the down low while he was STILL MARRIED. She broke up a MARRIAGE and no one said a word about it. In fact, she’s broken up TWO MARRIAGES… and yet, no one says a thing. Wow. Who their son is dating is really no ones business and they travel back and forth to England ALL THE TIME for business, so I highly doubt they’re JUST going so their son can see his girlfriend. You guys will literally nit pick every single thing you can find, but remember, dragging someone else down doesn’t lift you up! Their daughter has dressed ‘boyish’ for years and even though people like to say that Angelina is ‘making her’, she’s quiet old enough to know what she’s comfortable wearing. My five year old is a huge tom boy and would rather wear Bat man t-shirts then princess dresses… I’m not making her, that’s just what she likes. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

Lani on

I’m not surprised. Her boyfriend moved in with her in her mother’s home when she was a young teen. She has no Idea what the right thing to is for her kids in this situation.its kind of sick the way she is talking about a 12 year Olds crush. We try to go there often. REALLY?!?

Lani on

Justme…like you we are all entitled to our opinion. Not every one likes her or has a favorable opinion. Quit judging everyone else’s thoughts and opinions.

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Anna on

They are the teal deal. Who cares what they wear. Angelina looks sexy and beautiful in anything she wears even if its a trash bag. That trash bag she wore will sell for thousands of dollars.

Joy on

cute kids but I think she should be worried more about Shiloh having a girlfriend just sayin’

countryiscool on

What is wrong with Brad Pitt allowing his beautiful daughter Shiloh to dress as a boy for years? His mother bought Shiloh dresses and his wife threw a fit! At first they were calling her a tom boy but this has gone on too long, I honestly believe her mother has a serious mental problem! Stop buying her boys clothes enough is enough! It’s her mother who wants to continue dressing her like a boy! They are married now and Brad Pitt needs to stop the treatment of Shiloh! She wears boys clothes and her hair is cut short! That’s all her mother! let the pretty girl’s hair grow and put in skirts an dresses! Time for Brad Pitt to stop his wife from dressing a pretty little girl like a boy and also cutting her hair short like a boy! She says she has gender issues – no the mother refuses to let her be a girl! Brad Pitt’s mother bought her pretty dresses and Angelie Jolie got very very angry! This has gone on way too long it is the mother that wants her to be a boy for some reason-when she goes to school what do the teachers say? kids say?
how long has shiloh been wearing boys clothes and having her hair cut short? your thought?

A on

Shiloh needs to be FORCED to dress and act like a GIRL!!

jessica on

Shiloh seems gay because she is remembering her past life as a male.. Brad mentioned once when she was 2 that she told him her name is to be James or she wanted to be called James.. That alone tells you she is remembering a past life.. So if they didn’t encourage her to be this way, which they openly said they were.. she possibly would have forgotten her past life by now like most young kids do by the age of 7.. Therefore, they basically are to blame for her gayness in the future. They probably could have had a straight girl now she favors being a man some day.. oh well