Meet North West’s Fashionable New ‘Nanny’

05/28/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

It looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got more than married this past weekend — they may have also found a new nanny for North!

While in Europe for her parents nuptials, the 11-month-old posed for a picture with fashion editrix Carine Roitfeld.

And, before long, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris jokingly offered up her childcare services while cuddling the bright-eyed baby girl.

“Baby North and her new ‘nanny.’ Lovely little girl xxx,” she captioned the sweet snapshot after posting it to her Instagram.

Carine Roitfeld North West
Courtesy Carine Roitfeld

Although Roitfeld featured a pregnant Kardashian on the September 2013 cover of her new title CR Fashion Book, she may have a hard time sealing the deal.

After all, North’s sweet smiles and cute curls have already won over her fair share of friends in high places — including Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, shoe designer Charlotte Olympia and artist Jeff Koons.

She even caught the eye of Vogue‘s André Leon Talley with her exceptionally good behavior at the newlyweds pre-wedding celebratory lunch.

“By dessert time, North was nibbling on Valentino’s dark chocolate from a beautiful dish, and I heard her say ‘Pa,’ looking for her father,” Talley writes.

But maybe Kris Jenner could use some help? The family matriarch is on diaper duty while Kardashian and West honeymoon in Ireland.

— Anya Leon

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Bell on

Dear GOD – PEOPLE MAGAZINE is there NOTHING else to post about other than this family? This is why I cancelled BOTH my print and digital subscription to your rag a/k/a Kardashian Press Machine.

Ellsworth on

Why are so many fashion editors and designers the most hideous people on Earth? Even poor Nori is trying to escape her.

TK on

OMG I hate myself for clicking on this.

bitsy on

Stop the nonsense reporting on this trashy family!

FT on

This woman looks like she is on death’s doorstep. What the hell is wrong with her. UG!

FelicityJune on

this woman is beautiful!

Gina on

I’m beginning to think that Kanye is not North’s father..

Debevoise on

Has anyone EVER seen that kid smile? I guess she knows the score.

Whittierlil on

People must think their readers are stupid! Like Kris would change a diaper! Huh? C’mon print the truth!! This self absorbed selfish persona would only ACT like a gma if there was money to be made from it. People msg has become trash consistently writing about trash!

truth on

That poor child never smiles

ann on

what she needs if a mother and father. Kim couldn’t care less about her, she is an ornament. You could tell the baby didn’t want her to hold her in the pictures while they were traveling. She doesn’t know her mother or father. Why can’t she wear happy colors

Ashley on


Sarah on

Nori you are a cutie….

Jennifer on

North looks like she’s trying to get away, lol….

Miranda7 on

You complain but here you are lapping it all up. LOL You look like a fool by doing this.

reni on

I’d want to get away from that drug addicted looking woman too. That poor kid doesn’t stand a chance with those two deadbeats as parents.

Allison on

Now it makes sense. They traded their baby for the Vogue cover.

Europa 19 on

Why do you gobble up everything about this family if you don’t like them? You look ridiculous with your snout in the trough lapping it all when you say you want to know nothing about them . They are entitled to go on their HONEYMOON without children. The baby is far from neglected. In fact, she is wallowing in love from not only her parents but extended family as well.

Mandy on

I wonder if this child will always mostly be with nannies instead of her parents. I guess it’s no shocker considering her grandmother left the lion’s share of parenting to her husband and ran off as often as she could too.

tom holleman on


Jazz on

Such a non story, North’s new “nanny”, anything to try to get people click on the article, misleading. The People staff writers have as many brain cells as the KarTRASHians.

Mandy on

I’m sure you know that for a fact Europa 19 since you’re best friends with the Kardashians (heavy sarcasm, if you missed it). Nice manners, by the way. Were you raised by wolves?

tom holleman on


Derrick O. on


Jenb64 on

She is a beautiful baby, but when they hire real nannies, they need to pick a blue eyed, blonde haired woman so North can figure out who is who. Five bucks says the nanny gets called mama before Kim does.

My s-i-law used to show my nieces photos of the family member who lived far away so they would know who they were. They are going to have to do the same for North’s parents.

L on

Jeeeeeze…I’ve counted at LEAST 17 Kardashian related headlines on People in less than a week. Seriously, STOP the madness.

Poor pretty little girl, probably doesnt even know who her parents are. She’s always with her nannies anyway.

Sasha on

I am starting to think the Kardashian’s own People. This is not even news. They are really over doing it. Sorry us normal people do not have nannies and can post their picture. How about posting pictures of normal moms/fathers doing everything the nanny does and actually spending time with their kids. What’s next Kim’s grocery list. Oh let me guess they have a picture of the maid too:)

Dee on

Kris is on diaper duty? I heard that they just gave North to some mime in Italy.
She’s probably better off with the mime.

lovey on

She doesn’t say mom or mama yet because she doesn’t know who or what that is. Sad

Sassy on

Dear People Magazine: if you’re thinking you’ve hit a gold mine with the Kar-Trashian family… Think again. The Counters you place on each of those articles — do your math, because the highest percentage is Negative, sure, you got our attention … But in a negative way. And any article on here about that family, seriously does not constitute revenue on the adjacent ads placed near them. I guess it’s still true … Trash sales magazines. Too bad you’re in that category. Goodbye 4ever.

ixia on



There’s a reason why she hasn’t said MOM, or MAMA yet.

Poor child doesn’t know what or who that is

She is beautiful though

Sue on

Kid looks depressed and agiitated.

zoom on

North looks scared and nervous about some lady im sure she does not know holding and then getting her picture taken

Sal on

Oh so that’s what mommy looks like

Vila on

North looked scared under this woman’s arm.

GP Stoll on

@Ixia…I agree…All babies are precious, but not all babies are cute…….and this one is not.

cocomom on

she will be this generation’s “poor little rich girl”. she will want for nothing of the material world, but she will never have the absolute love and time of her parents. she will never be “first” on kim’s list of priorities. so sad. kim will never know what she is missing. thank God she isn’t smart enough to realize her loss.

Donna on

I will NEVER click on this family again! From my keyboard to Gods ears!!

Lisa on

The Kardashian’s make me sick. Why do you keep writing and showing photos of such a dysfunctional family? We are tired of seeing them and hearing about them. GO AWAY KARDASHIANS. Your family are money horders.

BRM on

I feel badly for that poor child.

Doesn’t anybody have any sense?

Who lets an 11 month old baby “nibble on Valentino’s dark chocolate from a beautiful bowl” ? as quoted by a guest. I would ask if they were kidding, but w/this crew.. poor taste; crazy & stupid is the norm unfortunately. Good thing they’ll have a lot of money for caps; bridges, etc. once her permanent teeth come through unless they do drastic hygiene/nutrition changes later, or the kid successfully runs away.

Enough already…

Ann on

Kris Jenner on diaper duty…….but then again she has to please the money maker of the family which might be changing now that old Kimmie is Mrs. West…….wonder if she will return pregnant????

Ginger on

Because of course they can’t raise their own child.

Erin on

I’m sure whoever the nanny will be she will be the new Mrs. Kanye West or at least the nanny who broke up the marriage.

nikki on

wonders what happened to the old nanny? im sure this gig pays alot more than her last one….kim probably wants her just to get into to the “fashion crowd”..maybe she can get some advise on how to dress!!!

Hea on

What couple voluntarily leave their BABY for “a week or two” to travel to another country? You just don’t do that.

Maria on

New nanny…????the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris,poor Old Lady………….did she know been call the new nanny..

Nicole on

It amazes me how someone without a job and/or productive purpose needs a nanny.

Elaine on

Yes I’m sorry for saying this but yes this woman is Not very attractive for sure! I truly believe that ‘some’ (and actually quite a few) Choose woman less attractive than themselves.. and even Down right unattractive; reason is… when they are photographed together, the other person looks that much more beautiful themselves.

And if you want to see a child who has Never smiled, just take a look at brad & angies first biological child Shilo. That kid looks down right depressed and Dark in Every picture!! Not to mention, they have always dressed her like a boy?? THAT I just don’t understand!

I Loved having a son and a daughter, and always dressed them up looking absolutely adorable (as they were 🙂 )

I’m sure North smiles a lot… but most cameras have a flash (or multiple flashes that go off at once) and it startles them and they drop their smiles instantly for this curious ‘stunned by the flash’ look.

All babies are cute! And North is no different. She is quite adorable in the few photos where she HAS been captured with a Huge grin! (probably in the middle of a huge laugh)

I do hope that Nanny is trustworthy though, as she does look a bit scary in this picture. I never left my young kids with anyone besides my parents, and a girl who I used to babysit herself.

It’s so scary at their tender young age, as you cannot just ask them if they are nice to them etc. Best to keep them with you.. or someone who loves them as you do.

Just my thoughts..