Bruce and Emma Heming-Willis Introduce Daughter Evelyn Penn

05/27/2014 at 06:30 PM ET

Bruce Willis Expecting Fifth Child Dave M. Benett/Wireimage

Breakfast of champions, indeed.

Emma Heming-Willis shared a sweet photo captioned as such Saturday, nursing 2-week-old daughter Evelyn Penn in an image snapped by husband Bruce Willis. On Tuesday, she added a shot of her newborn with big sister Mabel Ray, 2, with the caption, “The start of a beautiful friendship.”

The couple welcomed their second daughter together on May 5 — the fifth for the actor.

“[We] didn’t know what we were gonna have until the baby came out,” Willis, 59, told PEOPLE the following week. “In general, I think women should be in charge of everything. Women are just much smarter than men.”

But wait until mommy brain takes hold! A few days later, Heming-Willis, 37, jokingly Tweeted, “Nothing like answering the door and realizing your boob is hanging out after the fact. #breastfeedingmom”

Willis is also dad to daughters Tallulah, 20, Scout, 22, and Rumer, 25.

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Barb on

Congratulations Bruce, Emma and Mabel!
Wonder if this is the last one for Bruce?

Barb on

Well Bruce and Emma I should have said. 🙂

ramona on

They look like father and daughter. Yuck. Nearing 80 and your kids graduation? Really? Some men just dont know when to quit.

Sara on

So beautiful.

Shawna on

Ramona – I’m pretty sure Evelyn will be happy to be alive and have a wonderful life and enjoy whatever time she has with her father. No one knows how long they have on this earth and there are no guarantees, even if a father has his children in his twenties. I know many people who lost their father at a young age and not one of those people thinks “Gee, guess it would have just been better if I had never been born because I only had my dad for 10 years.” I pity you, I really do. Because anyone who can read such a beautiful article about a loving family and only come up with a negative response must be truly unhappy in their own life.

Kat on


Cate on

@Ramona: Shut it.

Nicole on

Ramona – Are you jealous? Must not have a man in your life.

Belinda Holbrook on

Poor man, Thank God the baby is healthy. I know he wants a son, but com on, give it up already!!!!!!!!

luna on

stop using the word “sweet’ for everything, please. And Bruce, when men your age procreate, they really don’t know what they’re going to have, but they do know (or should know) that the chances of having a child with problem go up with paternal AND maternal age. that means YOU, dude.

RNW on

I wholeheartedly agree with him- overall, women are better than men… But that is changing thanks to young men ditching ridiculous macho attitudes.

Anonymous on

every baby is a blessing and this couple no matter how famous should have the same good wishes as your friend,co-worker,family member….they are human beings just like

hotandbothered on

Not many people seem to think it’s a big deal when an old man has a kid but woe unto any woman in her late 40’s or older for having a child! Then she bears the grief and stigma from people who call her selfish because the child will have an old mother when it reaches high school. Tony Randall was in his 80’s when he had a kid. Willis is what? in his 50’s, 60’s? and everyone’s cool with that. Gimme a break!

As for Willis, he keeps pumping those babies out because his vanity wants him to have a BOY. Yeah? Well, If and When he actually has a boy will he be old enough to even throw a baseball at the kid? I doubt it. Some father…

Caasi on

I love the nursing photo. She looks beautiful.

gloria on

Do the daughters he has with Emma look like the other three he has with Demi? If they do, I feel sorry for them already.

Skinnyminnie2006 on

Just wondering why a woman with as beautiful a name as Emma would name her daughters Mabel and Evelyn. Those are just awful names. As bad as Hazel.

Jane on

Emma sure is pretty…sans makeup

KL on

aww very precious!

guest on

fine, if you breastfeed. it is healthier and I’m all for that. but do we really need to see it in public, or posted on the internet? no thanks. it should be kept private.

tt_tiara on

The baby has alotta hair; she must inherited that from her mother.

tt_tiara on

The baby has a full head of hair; she must have inherited it from her mother. (correction)

deliah on

To “ramona”….. why should someone not be allowed to find happiness later in life? I hardly think he’s 80 ma’am.

ramona on

You’re all mad at my comment huh? It has nothing to do with my life whatsoever. Let me put it in terms you will understand. See that loving husband you have? Get a plan B because he will replace you with my 6 year old in the future. Who is this, wife number 3? Who is 50 yr old Johnny Depp marrying? A 25 yr old. Is your hubby successful? You’re screwed. Every rich guy replaces their woman with a child. Stick up for these old bastards all you like. They are already looking to replace you.

laral on

Beautiful family!

laral on

Ramona, your comment is simply disgusting. Mind you own business.

Sammie on

I just saw a pic on facebook of a male dog cuddeling the female dog while she nursed her puppies. All the comments were had the words cute, precious or adorable in them. But a HUMAN does it and everyone is disgusted. It should be private or no one wants to see that. If you don’t like when you see in a MOTHER caring for her child then maybe YOU should be the one to stay home in private, then you guarantee you will not see something you deem so offensive. SMH!!!

phil on

ramona–I agree with you 100%

Sarah on

I’m mostly curious how hold Emma Hemming really is. She was thirty-five when Bruce Willis married her five years ago, thirty-five when she had her first daughter, and thirty-five two years later.

Either way, she is stunning. I wish I looked that good with no make up.

Shawna on

Sarah – It is not too hard to find out how old she is. She was born March 20, 1976. She is 38 years old. Not her fault that reporters keep reporting her age wrong.

trudat on

Please Emma is plain as can be. And she tweeted this picture for publicity and no other reason. She loves the limelight. And married BW probably thinking he could help her ‘career’. Now her career is having his babies. Wonder what the prenup states she gets for each baby she bears him – and a bonus million if it’s a boy? SMH

k on

Yep, this stuff creeps me out; when you see much older guys with younger girls. Usually, very successful guys who don’t think the rules apply to them. Whether it’s johnny Depp, Bruce Willis or whomever……’s just plain creepy.

Jade on

Wow, so many snarky comments. It is their life and their children. Also for goodness sake that trashy Kim K W showed mire crop in that shower curtain she wore. I think insecure men and woman are so quick to judge. Is t easier fr rich person to catch some young tale? Of course. It’s not like she married Hugh Hefner.

Jen on

Yes, they do look like father and daughter, it’s true. It’s not rude or “snarky” or anything else. And, I’m sure the couple is aware and it obviously does not affect them. And kudos for nursing, don’t like nursing? Don’t do it, but don’t crap on others who do, it’s a protected right in my State.

Spring on

Bruce Willis is 59. His wife is 38. 21 years is not an insurmountable age gap. In many parts of the world it is typical. Relax. Let people love whom they love and have children if they so desire. Just congratulate them, how about that?

LA on

These two little girls are just beautiful.

A different Mama makes all the difference in the world.

Becky on

Romona, my two great nieces are 22 and 20, know what they never knew? Their 21 year old Dad that died when the oldest wwas just three and the youngest was just over nine months. So, please tell me what your point is?

Anonymous on

Romana, I’m sorry but..your second comment just made it worse, not better. It just sounded like you’ve been left for a younger woman. Which, if it’s true, is awful and I hope that you can at some point get past it. But, not all men are that way. Besides, if she were in her 20’s then I could understand a little more, but she is closer to 40. And on top of that, he hasn’t been one to jump from relationship to relationship, always dating younger women either. He was with Demi Moore for forever and sure, he dated after..But he and Emma have been together and married for a while now. It’s not your typical rich guy and young girl relationship. Give them a chance and just be positive. It doesn’t affect you or any of us anyways.

karen on

Demi is probably p.o. Both her exes are having kids and her baby days are over.

Patti on

They both are adorable best of luck to your family

Missy B on

Ramona- I agree with you. He does look like her dad and I think it’s sick that Emma is closer to his eldest daughters age than to his age. These men just upgrade women to the newest model.

de on

Ramona I agree, men will always want a newer toy, that’s why we need to stick together. Its pretty sad

guest on

Evelyn may seem old-fashioned to some but it’s been one of my favorite baby names since I was probably, 15, and I’m 45 now. Much better a beautiful old name than some goofy concoction like Apple or North. Evelyn Penn Willis sounds classy and smart. Let’s hope she turns out that way!

Lala on

From what I can tell from this photo, these girls resemble their mother. I hate to say anything mean, but Bruce and Demi’s girls, weren’t so lucky with the genes. Not that they’re ugly, but they definitely look like their father.

I’m not so concerned about Bruce’s age, in regards to his two youngest, or any after this. He seems pretty fit, and high energy, and he’s 60. 60, 70, 80, is not what it used to be. Maybe these two girls will keep him in shape, so he’ll be here for them as long as possible.

Marilyn on

Emma probably wanted kids as she didn’t have any when she married Bruce. That usually happens when an older man marries a younger woman with no children.

Evelyn’s mouth looks like Bruce’s mouth.

Pam on

So sweet!

SillySally on

Careful, Ramona…you’re jealous side is showing again. Put down the Twinkie, get on a treadmill, drop a few hundred pounds and maybe then you’ll find a man.

karen on

I am in my 30’s and I have a huge crush on Bruce! I think his daughters are beautiful. Congrats on the newest Willis.

ImALadyToo on

Why do people have to use the word b o o b?!?!?! It is so juvenile. They’re breasts; boobs are dummies!

Chris on

RAMONA – He’s 59 not 80 you bonehead! Get your facts straight!

Guest on

First child he has had with a normal name.

KL on

Awww what a sweet baby!! 😀

Nicole on

For all those telling Ramona that BW is 59 not 80: PLEASE NOTE: she said he’ll be near 80 when it’s time for them to graduate. Plus, all of you bashing her, fact is, statistically, older successful men do trade in for newer models. Before you start bashing me, I am a very happily married person, so, all your arguments have been thrown out the window.

Whitney Spider on

I honestly get what RAMONA is saying. I don’t think she was being overly mean. Just stating the facts. And yex, it is creepy to think that when she was born, he was an adult. Right? I think I’m right…
I feel like he is just getting his wife pregnant for no good reason.. too late in his wife for children.


4mom on

Why would there be a bonus clause in a prenup if she has a boy? Last time I checked the male determines the sex in humans. I also have to agree with the statement that she probably wanted children since she had none of her own. There are two people to consider in a marriage. I am sure if something happens to either one of them, the other is capable of raising the kids or hiring help to raise them.

Guest53 on

adorable; congratulations to the family

Guest53 on

In response to Ramona: to get angry at older, successful men for desiring and marrying younger, beautiful women would be like getting angry at the sky because it is blue. Accept it, find a man (or lady) whom you like, and don’t worry about other people’s preferences, as long as they’re lawabiding citizens. If you want to do something to change things, help make the world a more equitable place for all people, including women, so that we receive equal pay and equal benefits as men. I’m not saying you do not have the right to your opinion, I’m just saying the world has approximately 3 and a half billion men/boys and you can’t control their reproductive choices, nor should you want to. Older men will always desire younger women but what would be really great is if women earned an equal salary, so that economic imperative would not be one of the drivers for younger women marrying older men. As long as younger women can freely choose, and they have their own money, let them choose who they want. Some younger women prefer older men. Older men are often calmer, know themselves alittle better, and are more likely to be able to afford children, should the younger woman desire them.

jaja on

Emma was born 18 June 1978 so she is 35, not 38 like some of you claim! Just to get the facts right. The difference is a quater of centure between them … It is just too much for me but if she is happy…

Linda on


Linda on

Ramona….if you got nothing nice to say then SHUT THAT PIEHOLE of yours! HEAR ME NOW YOU HORRID LITTLE PERSON.

Kilraa on

Congratulations all! She is absolutely beautiful!! 🙂

Dawn on

Really, it does not matter the age of dad, as long as Evelyn has a loving, caring father in her life, which I am sure she does. People (Ramona) with their rude comments, need to keep them to themselves. I had an uncle who became a father well into his 60’s (second marriage) and he was a good father up until he passed away at 91. Don’t judge.

Samie on

Hopefully she looks adorable when she grows up and doesn’t have the bruce willis jaw. Man his other daughter are freaky with his jaw line.

ALM on

Sheesh. Some really judgmental b****es commenting here.

It’s a new baby. It’s a wonderful, happy thing. Try positive over negative for a change.

emma on

Very cute

susan on

Oh please don’t let these babies have Bruce’s ridiculous chin! I love me some Bruce Willis, but that chin is too dominant for girls.

Gina on

Ramona has a right to her opinion and doesn’t deserve the bashing. I also wonder why men are not criticized when they have children at Bruce’s age? However, God forbid that a woman forty + gets pregnant.

Charli on

Beautfiful girls!

rem on

Poor Bruce. I’m sure he loves all his daughters but I bet he’d really like a son. He must be thinking all his y sperm died.

Shawna on

Ramona – and the rest of you who are agreeing that men will all leave their wives for younger women – you need to get some serious counselling or something because you are messed up. Maybe you all made bad choices in choosing a partner but some of us have a man who have no desire to look anywhere else.

laral on

Ramona, Big Yuck back to you. Careful don’t slip on your own vomit.

laral on

Samie, will you look adorable when you grow up? Because right now you certainly don’t!

laral on

Oh, Susan, you just made me feel so much disgust for the idea of you!

laral on

You’re right, Whitney Spider. Your creepy thoughts are all yours for you to have.

kayteew2es on

Beautiful family – Love the name!!

Von on

Ramon, sweety Here is a tissue…I think you still have a bit of ignorance on your chin there. Ahhh poor poor Ramona…. never use “yuck” in the same post as my man Bruce…. dear,dear,dear Ramona. Thank you for your lesson in marriage 101…. you kinda do sound bitter and mean. Shame. Here is a lesson on posting comments 101. 1.When it is happy news do try and stay with that in posting positive things. 2. Try saying you post out loud. if you are still not sure “delete” entire comment. 3. Ask a friend. (This depends on your friends) beware this could actually get you in more hot water. 5. Don’t make fun of or put down people YOU do NOT personally know. 4. Learn to accept and love. This is Bruce Willis we are talkin bout!!! I will let it slide this time…
❤ Bruuuuce

Eric on

Has anybody ever watched Idiocracy? If you spend much time reading anything on the Internet these days you’re probably like me and beginning to think that movie is a premonition. Why can’t writers proofread or heaven forbid have an editor? Today is May 10’th, the baby was born May 5’th, but somehow she was two weeks old in the picture? Something there is not right. The post has maybe 100 words and can be read in less than a minute, but apparently can’t be checked for accuracy.