Jordana Brewster: ‘There’s No Such Thing As Multitasking As a Mom’

05/23/2014 at 04:46 PM ET

Jordana Brewster Julian Cricket's Circle
Courtesy Jordana Brewster

When Jordana Brewster envisioned herself with a baby, she pictured a cool, calm and collected mother.

But while the arrival of son Julian definitely changed the actress, it wasn’t exactly the transformation she had predicted.

“I thought I would be this zen earth mama, but I am more paranoid about things than I used to be,” Brewster, 34, tells Cricket’s Circle.

“People say that once you become a mom you’ll know exactly what to do, but that isn’t necessarily true. I find myself more anxious than before.”

And with good reason! The first-time mom recalls the day her 8-month-old son’s hearty appetite — and love of nature! — took her by surprise. “One day, Julian ate a leaf and then puked it up shortly thereafter,” she shares. “That’s when I realized I have to have my eyes on him at all times.”

Fortunately, keeping a good eye on her little guy is made easier by Brewster’s determination to separate her professional and personal lives.

“There’s no such thing as multitasking as a mom — if you’re answering emails, you aren’t giving the baby the attention he needs,” she explains. “I’m trying to be more mindful and setting aside time to devote myself to work so I can give him my full attention when I am with him.”

Although she admits finding the right balance is “a work in progress,” Brewster already has discovered one big win: the perfect mix of playthings.

Swapping out traditional toys for household items is a fun way to keep Julian actively engaged — and distracted! — says Brewster.

“Take things you already have around the house — a rock, pine cone, paper towel tube — and put them in a bowl or basket for your baby to play with,” she explains. “They love the different textures and once they tire of one, they move on to the next.”

However Brewster isn’t completely against modern-day devices — especially when it comes to soothing her son. Although Julian enjoyed his Nuna Leaf as a baby, he now wants to be “held at all times” — but there’s an app for that.

“The Baby Shusher is a genius invention. At first it felt really lazy, but all that shushing is exhausting!” she says. “There’s also an app, which I used after I dropped and broke the actual shusher.”

— Anya Leon

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mom of 3 on

This article just annoyed me. Guess when you have ONE child you just know it all.

Cidney on

What is this person talking about? Of course moms (and dads) multitask. Kids wouldn’t have meals, clean dishes, or clean clothes. Shopping with a child at a grocery store is most certainly multitasking. How does this woman function without paid help? It always makes me laugh when celebrity moms announce their profound revelations that make absolutely no sense.

Valerie on

This article is ridiculous. She sounds like a helicopter parent.

Enoughisenough on

A pine cone???? Really? wow. ANYWAY – To all the moms out there, yes…there IS a such thing as multitasking moms, and there is nothing wrong with that.

sue on

Are you kidding me!!! She has no idea then how to multitask! Ridiculous!!!

Jessica on

Another mom, of one kid, who thinks they know it all. Have 5 and thing get back to me.

Liz on

Well, not for your sweetie. You have a nanny for everything even for your bathroom breaks. US regular moms do it all and YES we multitask. I clean and cook holding my baby. You have a lot more to learn. I guess you only have beauty because brain, mmmm not so much

Just another mom on

I’m with you, moms–this article irked me too! And a Baby Shusher?! Ridiculous. Her next quote is going to be about the time she had to pick pine seeds and soggy cardboard out of her baby’s mouth.

L on

She’s learning and I say good for her. What works for one family, may not work for others and that’s okay.

Lucy on

When I was a first time mom I really knew my stuff. I could have written a book. Then I had my second…. humbling experience!

Tee on

First time moms kill me. LOL! Oh, I’ve found something new that wasn’t discovered millions of years ago when the 1st child was born. LOL! Give her a break. She’ll get over it when Julian eats paste, crayons, paper, glue or writes all over himself in permanent market, etc. The list goes on and on. Right now for her everything is a new discovery and she’s thinking “I didn’t know that.” Soon she’ll get over it.

Buggy on

I found that annoying. What does she think people with multiple kids do? Or people without a maid? I have three kids, pets, and a home to look after, I’m multitasking my butt off over here and everyone is happy. Also I found her revelation on the basket of random stuff for a baby pretty funny, like hello lady people have been doing that forever. She came off as one of those moms who thinks she knows everything with her infinite 10 months of mom wisdom.

Andrea on

Wait til you have more than 1 and then you will see you HAVE to be a multitasking mom. Aside from that, even with 1 you are multitasking. If you have your baby in a carrier and you are washing dishes you are multitasking. If you are grocery shopping with your baby you are multitasking, etc. Just bc you’re multitasking doesn’t mean you’re ignoring your baby…

JJ on

Sorry, but not all first times moms are that naive. I only have a 10 month old and trust me, if I didn’t multitask, he wouldn’t have clean clothes, a clean bed, food, etc. It would be ideal to be able to devote yourself fully to one thing, but most people don’t have that luxury. I think it’s less a ‘first time mom’ or ‘mom of 1’ thing than it is just a celeb mom thing.

jj927 on

Ok,I read a few of the comments and had to ask … am I a lesser person because I only have one child, and don’t plan on having anymore? I mean, I don’t “know it all”, geez, I hardly know anything! I’m an amateur, I realize that. But some of these comments make it sound like people are idiots if they decide to share information or experiences with others, if they have only one child … no one knows everything and instead of criticizing, why can’t mom’s just BE THERE for each other? Sorry for the rant, just sharing my thoughts!

A on

Did any of you actually read what she wrote? She’s talking about separating professional and parenting. She specifically was speaking of emails and other tasks that have to to with her job outside of the home. It was an excerpt of a quote. I doubt she meant neglecting all the other tasks that come with being a parent. I think it’s good that she’s trying to separate those lives as best as possible for the benefit of her relationship with her son.

Also, enough with the mom bashing. As one previous commenter said, she’s learning and speaking about her learning experience. I’m a FTM too (second due in August) and I am seriously irritated by the mums of 2 or more who know it all. When DD was first born the comments were always, “Oh, just wait until she’s walking/talking/driving/whatever.” Can’t we just be supportive of each other? We’re all in it together and all have knowledge to share with each other. Let’s teach our kids how to be a supportive community and not so critical all the time.

Amanda on

This is definitely not a “mother of one” thing. This is THAT mother being delusional! I really don’t know who this woman is, but I’m betting she has help. I’m a single mom and multitasking is an absolute necessity! By the way, those of you with multiple children shouldn’t dismiss the abilities of moms to one. More doesn’t equal better, it equals more.

Kimberly on

lol Jessica and so true, women have one child and think they know it all. I agree get back to us when you have many children!!!

esi on

Dear celebrity mothers! If you nave nothing intelligent or new to say, just hush, stay mum! You have dicovered hot water that’s it!

Jamey on

She didn’t even give birth to this child. She ordered him from a surrogate and had him delivered.

onekidclub on

yeah…….. I have one kid. Some people should never be interviewed. Ever. I know when to stay in my lane. For those of you that have more than one, tell it like it is!!!!!!!!!! I know I’m listening to you and not her, in this odd and “edited” article that is clearly a filler to the next Kimye nonsense.

Susan on

My daughter sat in her pumpkin seat on the washing machine while I hung up clothes, she was in the kitchen with me while I cooked and did dishes, we talked and had a great time. I was a single mother and didn’t have the luxury of help. I held her when I could but holding a baby and frying chicken was not an option. She lives in a fantasy world, I would like to take some of these rich people and put them in the real world, getting up at 5am to get ready for work, dress and feed a baby, work 9 hours, go home do laundry, dishes, dinner and get ready for the alarm to go off at 5am the next morning.

Sarah on

Good thing I don’t have a baby as I don’t have any rocks or pine cones flopping around my house. (But if I did, I’d clue in that my kid could choke on both of those things.)

Summer on

I disagree with the posters saying that she thinks this because she only has one child, and that moms of one are in some way delusional. I don’t think like she does and I only have one. I have an extremely busy career, 3 lively dogs, a toddler son, and try to keep up with stuff around the house…there’s no way I CAN’T multi-task. While I *try* to have a general eye on him, sometimes it’s not always possible. I also don’t freak if he eats dog food or takes a tumble. We do the best we can. As long as our kids are loved, healthy, and happy, that’s all that matters!

kcmom on

Oh my , I feel like these celebrities have the best intentions when commenting and we all know (or should know ) that having a paid nanny is no different than when my oldest was in daycare 10 hours a day while I workes. However this just makes her look incredibly unequiped to handle having one child.

I have 4 and one with cancer and see is 8. Please think about what message your sending to your fans. Of course there is a multitasking mom, otherwise my family wouldn’t have gotten through this past year and you know what I know all of my kids are just fine even when I don’t focus and given the attention they need.

Meena on

We were all ridiculous when we were first time mothers, cut this woman some slack. Show understanding instead of criticizing. Don’t be an unhappy harpy.

Ava on

For all you “multitasker’s” out there: Science has proven that our brains cannot multitask.

Ava on

Get off your soap boxes ladies. No mother is perfect, including all of you.

Lisa on

Wow some women shouldn’t been interviewed regarding motherhood. Good thing she doesn’t have 3 kids. I have a 10 yrs old that is in competitive gymnastic, a 8 yrs old that plays hockey and a 22 months old. Husband is at home 1 week a month and never do I complain and I do it all by myself. Anyways this article gave me a good LOL

Sarah Hesseling on

I have three kids. One is Special Needs. If I didn’t multitask nothing would get done. One is easy, but when you have more things change.

Georgia on

I have a son the same age (my first) and my instincts would not be to put a rock and a pinecone in a basket and give it to him. Babies this age put everything in their mouths (teething) and I can think of any number of baby-safe things he would be entertained by before I’d resort to the things she mentions.

Also I am multi-tasking ALL the time. As a working mom that’s par for the course. That said she’s entitled to her point of view. It will probably evolve. We are all learning as we go.

ReginaLynn on

Geez! Moms are so mean to eachother! I remember feeling just like she talks about with my first… Every stage is new and comes with new fears and excitement. It’s just learning how to balance quality time with your kids and still living your life… A tough balance for EVERY mom of one or twenty.

I don’t think she was at all saying she’s got it figured out. And to all the moms raking on her for having just one, in this day and age, that was your choice! Be kind.

Summer on

I just love it when moms get so competitive with one another, and here is another example of that.

So if someone has one child, the mom who has two or more is the expert? Really? Calm down, and think about what you just said. As with anything in life, having or doing more of something does not always make one an expert; it just means that person has more time on the books, so to speak. The quality may still not be there.

My favorite is the comment from the lady who has FIVE kids. No thanks! You chose to have five kids, by the way. I am positive no one wants to “have 5 and [get back with you]” LOL That does not sound appealing at all.

Dee on

What the ‘ell is a baby shusher?

4mom on

Her complete devotion every time she is with her son is why he gives her trouble. Children are important but they have to know they aren’t the center of the universe. All of you who are posting about parents being multitaskers, I say more power to you. No one in my family of 6 would eat , have clean clothes to wear, or a half way clean house to live in if I didn’t multitask. I don’t have someone to watch my children while I do normal every day household chores, that’s my job!

maryhelenc on

She’s still learning. I remember being a first time mom & thinking that it was soooooo easy & other moms just didn’t get it. Add in two more kids & a divorce later & I don’t know how I thought it was so easy! In a year, she’ll say that she struggles to do her day to day things with an active toddler.

Anonymous on

First off, a rock, pine cone, and a paper towel roll are not safe for an 8 month old. Secondly, being a mom is multitasking. I have 6 kids, ranging from 8 to 6 month old triplets. If I didn’t multitask, nothing would get done. And I manage to get time with each child.

Anonymous on

Good for her is she can do multitasking, if not its fine too

Lolz on

Wow, moms are terrible supports to one another, aren’t they? I love that you no names seriously think anyone cares about your life experience as a parent, no one does. Especially when you come across so condescending and arrogant. Motherhood seems like such a terrible club to join, it’s sad really……

Jen on

OMG another hovercraft parent. I’m surprised the child can breath under all the suffocation. Jeez, how did our parents ever do it?

Tara on

I think what she is saying is being taken out of context by many of you. She states that when she is taking care of Julian, she is focused on Julian- she doesnt try to multitask, she wants to spend what time she can with him because when shes filming, that is where he focus is. I agree that parents need to get off the computer, put down the phone, and spend quality time with your child.

Vilz on

Nowadays life is busy, if you want to get things done, you have to multitask.