Drew Barrymore Would Be ‘Mystified’ to Have a Son

05/22/2014 at 09:25 AM ET

Drew Barrymore Blended PremiereAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Is Drew Barrymore destined only to have daughters?

Maybe so, she says. But she’d love to have a boy, even if she’d probably be totally lost at first.

“I feel like if my husband and I try to have a third, I would be mystified if we have a boy, because I’m so unfamiliar with boys,” the actress and mother of two daughters — Olive, 20 months, and Frankie, 4 weeks — told PEOPLE at the Hollywood premiere of her new movie, Blended, on Wednesday.

In the film, Barrymore, 39, plays the mother of two boys, but that didn’t even help. “I’m totally still as stupefied as ever!” she claims.

“I’m a guy’s girl, and I’ve never been overly ‘girlie-girl,’ but I love my girlfriends so much, so it makes all the sense in the world that my karma is to have two daughters,” she says.

“I have such an Achilles heel with the mother-daughter relationship. I just get girls.”

And yet, she adds, “I love men, and I feel like I would have a lot to learn from my son if I was ever lucky enough to have a boy.”

Asked how it’s been juggling her schedule with two kids now, including a newborn, Barrymore says she and husband Will Kopelman have it totally under control.

“Will is a great father!” she says. “He is amazing, and we all have each other’s backs. When anybody has to do something, somebody is there to fill in. We also spend all of our time together.”

“Listen, it’s two to three weeks of work,” she says of promoting the movie, “and I’m going to be back in sweatpants until November! I am literally never without my family. My kids go with me everywhere, I’m a stay-at-home mom, I’m a work-from-home mom a lot of the time, so to get out for a couple of weeks is actually kind of okay!”

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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Pam on

I’ve always felt the same way about having a girl. I always wanted a boy for some reason. And I got my boy. He’s the sweetest little guy ever. He’s very much a boy though, so it would be weird for me to have a girl next. I’d kind of like another boy so my son has a brother to roughhouse with, but a girl would be great too to complete the family. Either way a child is a blessing, boy or girl.

PeopleReader on

As a mom of two daughters, I know exactly what she means…I love my nephews but not sure I would know how to handle a boy and my family members with boys say the same thing about girls! Just happy that we all have happy healthy kids.

darkcherrybaby on

baby boys are lovely and they love their mummies sooo much

Tamarin on

There’s no reason to be “mystified.” Your child is your child, girl or boy. They don’t need different care; they just need to be loved, educated and provided for. We really need to stop this notion in society that boys and girls need to be raised or understood differently.

KW on

LOVE my boys. Easier than girls (love my girl, too).

Kimberly on

Drew is so sweet! She feels like she could be your good friend!

Ladybug on

I understand what she means. I have one sister, no brothers.
I have one son and she has two, no daughters. My parents
saved our old Barbie dolls for the next generation. I guess
they will have to wait and see if any great-grandchildren are
girls LOL.

Marcia on

Such a silly thing to say. She’s only been a mother for a couple of years, why make such sweeping statements?

maryhelenc on

I have three girls & I feel exactly the same! I would be so confused by raising a boy!

sue's on

Hey I felt the same way when i had my daughter. I was so used to boys, that when she came a long I honestly didn’t know what to do or how to change her diaper. With in few days of the hospital stay, I got the hang of it.

mc on

@Tamarin there are differences between boys and girls. I have several friends with boy/girl twins, and they are fascinated by the gender differences. Whether it is language skills, the girls learned to talk much earlier than the boys, general interests, to what toys they pick out of the same playroom, to their energy level, “mess” level, etc. They are trying to raise them the same but it’s just not going to happen. Which is fine. But to say their are no differences is naive.

Miranda7 on

My boys are grown men now. It is probably different than having girls. We don’t go shopping together as you might with a daughter, but I meet up with them for lunch somewhere. They have their own lives but then again so do I. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Ava on

She’s ALWAYS been overly-girlie. Look back at her in the 90’s when she was wearing flowers in her hair. And even now all the floral prints and colors she wears. She is girly.

Mommytoane on

Her kids aren’t even really making much of independant thoughts yet. Wait. Just wait. In a few years she won’t “get” girls anymore. She will be shocked at how different they can be. I love watching my daughter grow, but as she does she becomes more and more of a mystery.

Anonymous on

sue’s- How could you not know how to change a diaper on a baby girl? Except for the fact that you don’t have to worry about pointing anything downward (or covering said “anything” so you don’t get sprayed!), changing a diaper on a girl is no different than on a boy! A diaper is a diaper and a bottom is a bottom! 🙂

Pam- Girls can roughhouse, too! I did it plenty as a kid (mostly with my dad. My brother preferred quieter activities like drawing or playing with Legos!), and I loved it! 🙂

Tanja on

Eri: Who said that baby boys are more loved than baby girls?You are right. We are not in China or India where baby boys are preferred and I’m glad that I’m not living in any of these countries. A child is a blessing whether it is a boy or girl. Gender preferences are normal but doesn’t mean that the other child would be loved less…that’s how I feel.

I really hope Drew will have a third child,a boy because I think making the experience to raise both a son and a daughter is a blessing and surely alot of fun. 🙂

Maggie on

I am always baffled when I hear people say “Boys are easier than girls”!! Really??? My 14 year old son has given us far more grief than either of my daughters (who are 16 & 12). I think it’s all about that individual child and how they behave and how you raise them to behave and to respect you as a parent. My girls were incredibly easygoing toddlers and children and have been great so far into their young adult lives whereas my son has gotten into more trouble than I can even count on two hands. Sure, we want to be a little more protective of our daughters because of society and all the crazy things that could happen to them in the world but that is no reason to think they are harder to raise than boys.

Anonymous on

Happy for her she has two girls now, she will get a boy someday.