Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson Welcome Daughter Alijah Mary

05/21/2014 at 07:45 PM ET

Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett Welcome Daughter
Axelle Woussen/Bauer-Griffin

Update May 21: As promised, Hank and Kendra have chosen a traditionally male name for their daughter. Alijah Mary Baskett arrived at 8:02 a.m., PEOPLE confirms.

Originally posted May 16: Kendra Wilkinson welcomed her second child with husband Hank Baskett on May 16, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The couple’s daughter, whose name is yet to be released, was delivered via cesarean section at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles on Friday morning. She joins big brother Hank IV, 4.

The reality star, 28, has been open about her decision to expand her family — from convincing Baskett it was time to conceive to giving fans a glimpse of her positive pregnancy test.

In December, Wilkinson revealed the baby on the way was a girl — but insisted she would not be promoting the princess fairytale in her daughter’s upbringing.

“People keep asking me if I’m excited to have a ‘princess’ and I usually respond with, ‘I’d rather have my girl be a superhero than a princess.’ I believe making her think she is a princess is unrealistic and sets up a fantasy world,” the Kendra on Top star wrote in her pregnancy blog.

“I want her to live and learn as I did — outside, playing in dirt and kicking a ball around.”

Crediting her husband — whom she married in 2009 — with playing a supportive role throughout her pregnancy, Wilkinson told PEOPLE she was equally proud of their son.

“Every day is about his sister. Anything he learns — like not talking to strangers or crossing the street — he’s like, ‘I want to teach my baby sister, I want to make sure we protect her,'” the proud mom said.

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bitsy on

I had my doubts that these two would still be married. Glad I was wrong and congratulations on the sweet new addition to the family 🙂

rachel on

I had doubts that Kendra would have another child. I’m so happy she did! Babies/toddlers are a lot of work, but 4 or 5 years from now she’ll be happy they added another. The more the merrier. Congratulations!

teachingfrenzy on

I love when celebrities who have done every plastic surgery possible, and posed naked for Playboy talk down to people when referring to a daughter as a “princess.” Really? Princess is “unrealistic expectation” (Does anyone seriously grow up thinking they’ll actually be royalty? Doubt it.) but changing your face, your body, your hair and posing naked for attention isn’t the definition of trying to achieve an unrealistic expectation? I get the teach your kid to be real and happy for who they are…but it seems hypocritical in her case.

mare on

Congrats on ur baby..love u guys

Netto on

If the baby looks anything like her brother she is going to be one beautiful little girl! Their son is adorable.

linda on

Me too Bitsy. I didn’t think she and hank would last this long. Congratulations to them!

Katie on

Crediting her husband with being supportive? Good grief, the man waits on her hand and foot to begin with. This pregnancy probably about killed him! I don’t know how he’s going to manage to pamper her and raise 2 kids.

jo jo on

Nice looking family.

Rhonda on

Congratulations to Hank and Kendra on the birth of their baby girl.

karen on

At what age will the daughter hook up with Hugh Hefner?

happy on

Karen…when will your daughter? Life moves forward, sorry your stuck in the past.

Jacque on

Way to go Kendra!! Congratulations!!

Anonymous on

I like how she wants her daughter to be a superhero rather than a princess. Can’t wait to hear the name since she said it was a unisex name.

Elle90 on

I’m sure she’ll be gorgeous. Her son is the most beautiful celebrity baby ever! Congrats to the happy couple. Wish them all the best.

terry on

I still doubt they will last. She seems very selfish though I do like her.

L on

Congrats, can’t wait to hear what they named her! I’m sure she’s beautiful, just like her brother.

Guest on

Big friggin deal.

chasity on

This one right here don’t deserve this baby, she don’t even take care of the one she has…Hank has too. Hasn’t anybody seen the wife swap episode she was in. I felt so bad for her son….and Hank!

d on

you go girl so happy for your family god bless you all

Lo on

@Chastity – Usually I don’t engage in online banter with senseless people. 1st off you need to learn proper English…didn’t YOUR mama teach you any? 2nd…all of those shows are fake & scripted, you must not be aware. Leave her alone.

baldknobber on

Coal haulin’ bitch

Just My Opinion on

@ Katie, what’s wrong with Hank waiting on her hand & foot if he choose too?

shiloh13 on

Congratulations to the family on their baby girl. From what I’ve seen Hank is the parent. Kendra doesn’t seem like she’s that hands on with little Hank. I hope that changes with the new arrival! Can’t wait to hear the name!

Tina on

I bet she’s pretty. The little boy is very pretty. Congrats to them both.

Shooz on

I smell a divorce in less than 2 years. Just too much with more kids now. H’wood couples can’t handle it.

just cos Lo's a snot... on

Lo, you brought up proper English. Now I will bring up proper punctuation. “all of those shows are fake & scripted, you must not be aware.” As these are independent clauses (in other words, each part could make a sentence), please insert a semicolon (;) instead of a comma (,). Thank you!

Sherron on

She’s a lazy woman. If you notice her bedroom she doesn’t even hang her clothes up! He is a very good man, if she has half a brain she’ll hang onto him!

Anonymous on

THIS is way worth reading than the Krabadashiens.
Welcome to Earth Alpha, kid.

guest on

Her daughter will probably be the biggest Princess ever!! lol My cousin did the same thing with her daughter was always wanting her to be a tom boy and play with superheros and stuff and that girl is this like GIRL to the 100th power!! it backfired big time lol

Just My Opinion on

Shooz, this is only their 2nd child. You smell divorce in 2yrs., they’ve been married since 2009 which is a surprise to some. Hank’s parents are still together, they have good roll models.

Karen on


Terry on


Anonymous on

Congrats to the happy family! Love them all!!

guest on

Soooo a princess is a fantasy world and a superhero is not and therefore more realistic??

Erin on

@Just my opinion: I doubt he chooses to wait on her hand and foot. I don’t think he has a choice if he wants to stay married to her.

Cameron on

Happy to hear good news. Little hank is a big brother

Denverpeet on

Baby Love! Congrats!!!!

Gail N. on

Wonder why she didn’t try for a normal birth? Cedars does VBACs.

yasemina on

Paging Hank Jr’s nanny. Enjoy Kendra’s csection recovery while you can! You’re about to go on double duty. This girl was better at babysitting Hef’s balls than a child. Poor Hank and poor Hank’s parents. I always feel so sorry for Hank’s mom who raised her sons to be honorable and ended up with white trash for a daughter-in-law.

yasemina on

No VBAC because she probably has herpes lol

huh on

She may want her daughter to be a superhero, but her daughter might have other plans. My girl is in a” princess everything phase” right now that I have no idea where she got it from. I’m not into that sort of thing but she loves it, and you know what? I like it. She has an older brother and she still likes playing with his trains and cars and “boy” stuff. Often I find her all decked out in a tutu and tiara while playing with the Batman cave. And I think it’s awesome.

Anonymous on

Beautiful family! She seems like a gr8 mom.

Welp... on

Gail, she didn’t try for a normal birth because she wasn’t educated about it ….reading what her blog said months ago and what she believes happened with her first birth indicate she still does not know how the interventions she had in the first labor contributed to her cesarean (if you have an induction, like she did, you are automatically 50% more likely to have a cesarean). She was convinced she couldn’t do it.

lester on

Shut up, TeachingFrenzy

Larry on

Gold digging, slut

sandy on

aw, I like kendra, and her son is gorgeous, I bet her daughter will be the same, congrats to them

sandy on

oh and just saying to the person who commented about the c-sec, I was induced 2x and had natural births…so I dont think thats important anyways.

jenny on

if their son is any indication that they make beautiful babies- i will bet their daughter is gorgeous.

Welp... on

Sandy…you are lucky. A “natural” birth is one without medication of any kind. BTW, I’m a NICU perinatologist. Yes, it is important to know.

Dominic on

This whole thing goes against nature. What’s to be proud of here? Wrong is wrong – and this is wrong.

Guest on


Shel on

Sooooooo, being a *princess* is unrealistic, but a *superhero* is not??? Yeah, THAT makes sense! Oh, and Karen, GOOD ONE! LOL She was only with Hugh Hefner to get her to this faze, otherwise she would be nothing. (not that she is anyways) If her daughter was old enough or else if he were still alive when her girl gets old enough, she would probably pimp her out to him, too!

yc adventure on

Congrats Kendra & Hank! I’m excited to see your daughter in pics, the two of you make the most beautiful babies! Have a wonderful life, and keep sharing pictures with us fans.

yc adventure on

To all the haters, who are broke and broken… You can’t fix yourself by breaking others.
How about being an ENCOURAGER…
The world has enough critics already.

Barb on

Congratulations Hank, Kendra and Little Hank! Welcome to the world baby girl! Very excited to learn the baby’s name and get all the details. 🙂

Shelley on

who? & why do we care?

KL on

Aww yay! but I hate when they make the announcement with no name!!!

khenry on

going be one cute kid.her boy is a purdie child..congrtas..

Marky on

Welp, I am an L&D nurse, and you don’t sound like a NICU Perinatologist…you do sound like an over-enthusiastic “I believe there’s only one way to have a baby and that’s the way I had mine” mother. Most physicians know mothers can, and do, have their babies vaginally, with or without pain meds after being induced. My sister had hers 5 hours after being induced, and did it with 4 pushes, for instance. There is no reason to assume there’s a 50% chance of a c-section…I don’t think solid statistics support that. Haven’t seen it where I’ve worked, nor among people I know. We don’t know Kendra’s prenatal situation, either. Not all who have had a C-Section can have a VBAC. No one should be made to feel “less than” because they have a Section, or an epidural.

Anonymous on

Marky – I don’t think anyone is saying there’s only one way to give birth. Just that inductions DO increase (by whatever percentage it is- I agree that it may not necessarily be 50) the risk of a C-section (in part because the contractions caused by an induction are a lot stronger than “natural” contractions- which can be too much for the mother and/or baby to handle). and thus shouldn’t be taken lightly!

Anyway, congrats to the Wilkensons. I’m a little surprised they haven’t released the name yet, since Kendra indicated they already picked one out. I wonder if they decided that name didn’t fit?

Lacey on

Congrats! Kendra should never have gotten such big implants. Her chest is enormous now. I guess she can get smaller ones when she goes in for that life she is going to need soon.

Kimberly on

Awww Congrats…another sweet baby added to your family!!! Hank Jr is a doll!!!

Kimberly on

Please stop it hating women, this is why I can’t stand women sometimes, they are so catty and just petty!!! Can’t you just say Congrats and move on, do you really think anyone really cares about your negative views. A woman just brought new life into the world let’s surround her with love….if you don’t like her then don’t read the article.

Katie on

Congratulations to her!! Wonderful. I’m still deciding on adding a third. I miscarried in October and was so heartbroken. I can’t go through that again. I just don’t know….

Francis on

Teachingfrenzy and Katie totally agree with you both. Let me add one more thing is royalty any less real than a superhero hahaha. Most little girls naturally like pink and being a princess. My girls did and now I can’t get them to like or be anything close they are in their 20’s its all a phase. lets take away little boys phases and see how that goes over. I do like Kendra as a person but put a sock in it and be thankful for your fantastic husband who has held your world together.

Nancy on

I also had my doubts about this marriage and her ability to be a decent mom. I have to eat my words because they seem to have a great marriage and she rocks as a mom!

Nancy on

I think what she means by princess is a prissy, spoiled, high maintenance, wimpy girl and what she means by superhero is a tough, savvy, enabled, strong girl. I seriously doubt she meant ROYALTY, as some of you think! It’s not literal, ok?

Loulou on

Some people are so ignorant. What the woman does in her personal life is her business. She did not have a c-section the first time, she had to because the baby was to big to push cause she is so small. And from the looks of it this baby was probably equally as big. @ yasemina insulting the woman’s life cause it not your doll life is no reason to say she had the c- section because she had herpes. Wow really low minded people.

Kimberly on

My mom’s dog’s name was Jaxon, lol….oh well their baby their choice….I’m sure he’s a cutie though just like his big brother! It’s a nice bond that two brothers share…congrats!

Kristin on

Congratulations to the family! As for everyone commenting on the birth get over it. It is her body. She made the right decision for her body and baby with the help of her doctor, so it is none of our business since we are not Kendra. Besides not everyone can have a natural birth, some women are born unable to deliver babies naturally. She may be a public personality but let her keep her medical business private. Besides stop shaming women who are not able to experience a vaginal birth.

Sasha on


Mrs. S on

Awwww. I bet she’s beautiful. Can’t wait to hear the name. Congrats to the Baskett family.

Ashlynn on

What is wrong with some of you?
Seriously, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

You’re adults, not teenagers! Grow up and move along, get off your high horses and go and do something productive with your lives rather than sit on the internet being a troll.

She had a baby, SHE IS NOT PERFECT, and neither are you. Nobody is & those who love in glass houses shouldn’t really throw stones. So when you’re God’s gift to human kind and are utter perfection then judge, but until then, move along & maybe get off that high horse and go and be a troll elsewhere.

In addition, to be entirely honest, some of you are definitely toeing the line between rude & bullying! Next time someone calls you out or criticises you, it’s karma 👌

mary on

so happy for the couple wish them the best

Milky on

My bet for her name is Jayden

Diana on

Lucky Kendra, she has a handsome and gentleman husband, after all, her life is getting better now with her baby daughter, God bless this family, congrats!

Suzy Hager on

Now, what did this girl do to become famous? Wasn’t she a porn star? Sheesh.

Jennifer on

“Shelley: MAY 16,2014 @ 9:37 PM”…You obviously care or else you wouldn’t be reading the article & commenting on it.

“Kimberly: MAY 17,2014 @ 12:40 PM”…What story did you read? Kendra had a girl not another boy. Also the baby’s name hasn’t been released yet. So where did you get the name Jaxon from?

Congrats to Kendra & Hank on the birth of their daughter!

Tay on

Ooh little Hank got a new sibling!

misty on

I am very happy for them! She may have had to have another C-section because the baby was big. Little Hank was huge! And she has a rather small build. I can’t wait to hear the name and see her beautiful face, which I know she will be. Little Hank is adorable!

Jen fl on

So it’s unrealistic to tell your daughter she’s a princess
But not a superhero…. This chics a true blonde

Anonymous on

“‘I’d rather have my girl be a superhero than a princess.’ I believe making her think she is a princess is unrealistic and sets up a fantasy world”
-wow Kendra’s the last person I would have expected to say that! That’s some healthy gender talk right there. I think her kids are going to be just fine under her wing. Can’t wait for her to reveal their daughter’s name!

Neaneh Stephens on

I’m so happy for her . I like she and her husband

Anonymous on

If their baby girl is as cute as their son, she will be very stunning. Hank4 is absolutely so handsome!! Can’t wait to hear the name….. Hope Kendra doesn’t have any depression this time.

Dee on

Now, I wonder how she’d feel if, in 18 years, that little baby girl was getting banged by Hef?

SillySally on

Sorry you don’t know the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’, Happy.

Jillian on

Congratulations! Cute name! I wonder if Ali will be considered as a nickname? Can’t wait to see pics.

Marisa Beatriz on

I was expecting them to name her Kendall.

Christine on

How do you pronounce it?

maryhelenc on

Is it pronounced like “Elijah” or “Ah-lijah?”

Either way, congrats to Kendra, Hank and Hank IV on their healthy addition!

rck on

Not a fan of the name but at least we know this baby is very loved! She needs to let her baby girl decide to be a tom boy or a girly girl on her own… You can’t pick that for her!

Nevada on

Another couple who have “normal” names and choose something like that really……??????

Nevada on

Another couple with “normal” names and they choose that for their daughter’s name….Why????

Brooklyn on

So princess is unrealistic, but you want her to be a superhero? That makes complete sense. Not.

Oh Lord.... on

For the people saying that a c-section is valid because a baby is “big”….please go to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ web site and look up the guidelines for cesarean section. It is CLEARLY stated that suspecting a “big” baby is NOT a valid medical reason for a cesarean. ACOG does not consider a baby “big” unless it is over 11 pounds. I’d post all the relevant links here if I could but I know they won’t show up. PLEASE, educate yourselves. Women are dying every day from being butchered in this country. There is one woman from New York who is suing right now because she was forced into a cesarean she didn’t need and she nearly died when they cut her bladder. This is not a joke!!

Jess on

Alijah sounds too much like Elijah… smh

Cecile on

I hope they call her Ali.

Elise on

Does anyone know if the middle name Mary is named after Hef’s longtime secretary who passed away? (i believe she and Kendra were close)

Miranda7 on

As Kendra has said, their family is now complete. It is perfect.

JM on

I wonder if Mary – is named after Hef’s secretary Mary who recently passed away.

judy on

I can’t believe Hank is still with this lazy twit. He seems to do all the chores and must be a great guy. What a terrible name to hang on a little girl, Elijah Mary Baskett? Not attractive!

pinkrockstar on

I wonder if she honored Mary who worked for Hugh Hefner as her daughter’s middle name 🙂

Anonymous on

Whether or not a baby is “too big”, “Oh,….” is based on the size of a woman’s pelvis. If the baby is too big, it can end up with hours of pushing a baby though an opening that is too small for that particular baby (because not every pelvis is the same size), and once the head finally delivers…OH. guess what, someone has to break the baby’s collarbone to actually deliver the rest of the baby. It does happen, seen it happen, and have friends it has happened to. Get real, not everyone can deliver an 11 lb baby, even if many can. Dystocia is a very real thing, and some of you would do well to wake up and check into the same world the rest of us live in! A 3rd degree laceration is as hard to recover from and a c-section; ask anyone who’s had one. I think her physician was better able to determine what she needed than you are, who never met her. Congratulations to the couple! Look forward to seeing a picture of little Ali!

getreal on

Pretty sure the name is pronounced “A-lee-ya”….and not “traditionally male”! Think “Sonja’ or “Maja”.

Kim on

@ Elise – Kendra’s grandmother (sometime seen on her show) is named Mary. I am thinking she chose Mary for the middle name to honor her grandmother and in memory of Hugh’s secretary.

pinkrockstar on

Oh Lord, My sister’s doctor 27 yrs ago used forceps to pry the baby out of my sister. Unfortunately, my sister should of had a c-section. The baby’s head was crushed & he passed away. If they did a c-section he would of been alive today.My sister has narrow hips.

Oh Lord.... on

Anonymous…again, as I said, go to ACOG’s web site. That is yet another common reason given for doing it, it specifically says that is not a valid medical reason either. The pelvis can expand depending on the woman’s position (NOT on her back with her legs in the air, on a bed). Also, you did not read my answer carefully….I said ACOG does not consider a baby “big” until it is OVER 11 pounds, then a cesarean may be indicated on a case by case basis. Dystocias can sometimes happen, they happen even more with people who aren’t really trained to deal with them well (i.e., obstetricians). Obstetricians are trained to do the surgery instead.

Jojo on

I love them. Wishing all the best to their adorable family.

cynnergy on

Nice, I think it’s a pretty name. Alijah will be a good name for a gorgeous little girl…definitely better than Rainbow!

Isabel on

I’m sure she’s darling but that’s a horrible way to ruin the masculine name Elijah.

nikki on

Alijah Mary !!..NOT crazy about the name,, thought elijah was a guys name, yeah its spelled different, but never heard of a girls name..and mary..wasnt that heffners secretarys name?

Anon on

Alijah is not unisex and it’s misspelled. She doesn’t want her daughter to be a princess, but she wants her to be a boy?

Emily H on

I read the name like “Aaliyah” first. Not keen on Alijah/Elijah for a girl, but I’m assuming they’ll call her Ali.

Tonja on

Congrats to them! I’m sure she’s beautiful like her brother. As long as baby and Mom are doing well it shouldn’t matter what kind of birth she had. Some people need to mind their business

Stef on

@Shooz You’re making it seem like she is popping out a baby every year. This is their second child and they waited a while. I think their son is four or five, so your being a little dramatic.

Holly Jolly on

Great. Now hopefully they will cut their son’s hair. Boys with long hair ugh!

LovelyS on

Congratulations to the Basket family on their new addition to there family, & this message gose out to all the people who are posting all the negative things about Kendra, you don’t know nothing about the girl except what you read, see, & here about her so don’t judge her off of that, I’m not saying that I know her personally or anything like that I’m just saying not to judge the gir.

blackdog on

I couldn’t have said it better @teachingfrenzy – fake from inside out…and hopefully the kids don’t acquire those lame traits

Anonymous on

Well color me surprised! That’s actually not a half bad name for a girl (especially if they pronounce it “AH’liajh” rather than “EE-lijah”). And if decides she would rather have a more feminine name when she’s older, she can go by Ali or Mary. 🙂

All of that being said, TMZ REALLY needs to stop digging out birth certificates (I get that they’re public record, but geesh!) and let celebs announce their childrens’ names (and births in a few cases!) when THEY’RE ready to!

Katie on

9 months to pick a name and that’s the best they could come up with??

Janice Brown on

so very happy for all of you, much love,

Anonymous on

who really cares. there are millions of us who have kids and NO money or have to work 2/3 jobs to take care of our family. the last thing we have to worry about its a name.

Kelly on

Good luck to you guys. I knew you would stay married. Hank seems like an awesome man (not too many out there) and Kendra….You rock and seem like such a sweet lady.

OldFan on

Cute name! They can call her Ali. I wonder if the “Mary” is after Hugh Hefner’s wonderful secretary Mary (don’t know last name) who was so kind to Kendra?

jenniferelsdonlarson on

I really don’t want to like her, but I do. Either way, a new baby is always a miracle and a blessing. Congratulations to them.

Tiki on

Some hateful people to speculate how long their marriage will last. Mind your own business you don’t know them personally.

kay on

@anonymous who stated “Pitocin contractions are stronger than natural contractions” …not true. Intrauterine Pressure Catheters (IUPC’s) placed during labor show natural contractions to be just as strong as contractions initiated by Pitocin. The labor nurse should titrate the pit carefully to fall within the guidelines set by the hospital as not to give to much to cause tachysystole. (too many/too strong contractions).

Nicole on

I love the name they picked out. I would of never thought of that for a little girl. I bet she’s so adorable like her big brother 🙂

Melissa on

The middle name is better!

Brandi on

I can’t help but wonder if she named her daughter Mary after Hef’s secretary that died a few years ago. She always talked about how much she loved Mary.

TK on

I like how she was able to honor Hugh’s long time Secretary Mary whom she appeared to be close to. I also want to say her Grandmother was Mary too, but I’m not that sure. Congratulations on the Family.

Jen on

WTF? Sounds like she wanted another boy. Saddle a girl with a name like that? Unbelievable.

james Palmisano on

Hank is lucky he found Kendra because he had no career as a football player and was destined for being homeless. Lucky basatard with no skills at all.

janelleleigh on

99% of you are dicks. Flat out dicks. Personally from the reality shows Kendra has been involved with I think her boobs are literally what keeps her career (?) afloat because it’s certainly not her brains. Does that bother me? Superficially yeah, it does. Does it bother me enough to fight with people on the internet? Well…yeah I guess it does, and I’m ashamed of that. I can’t believe the useless hate in these comments. So Hank wants to wait on Kendra hand and foot? WHERE IS MY HANK? I have been out of work nearly 8 months with pain that no doctor has been able to diagnose or control. Give me Hank for a week Kendra, I would LOVE to have someone dote on me, love me, listen to me even when all I can do is cry because I’m frustrated. The difference between me and you guys hating on this message board, I proudly admit I wish I had a man like Hank in my life.

I may think Kendra is about as dumb as a bag of bricks but that really doesn’t play into the grand scheme of my life in anyway; Hank’s football career (?) also has no bearing on my life so fuck it. Good for those two. They found each other, they make each other happy, despite my previous misgivings and bets on how many years til they divorced. Why does any of this shit matter? It just doesn’t. Don’t you wish you had the minute it took to read this ridiculous post back in your life? X out of the screen and go do something fun, and productive.

Also, I’ve been told my whole life because of hip dysplasia I might not be able to have a vaginal birth. I’m pretty sure I don’t want kids, and considering what I know about the hospitals AND the midwives in my area I’d move away to have them.

Vila on

Not thrilled about the name, hard to pronounce the first name.

Kala on

I can not believe they put these losers on TV!!!! She is a washed up playboy hoe, and he is a washed up pro football player.
Ha ha one of the worst!!! What the heck are they gonna do in 2 years when everyone is gonna forget these clowns???

Anonymous on

Jen- They wanted a boy? I sure hope not! Mary would be an odd middle name for one. 😉

Court on

Awful name.

Jen on

@ Anon – Meriadoc Brandybuck is a boy, er, boy hobbit 😉

trinnme on

They have beautiful children and hard as I try not to when she gets risqué I like Kendra shes a sweetie and she made awesome decision marry Hank hes a real man and a sweetie.

trinnme on

I also like the new version Alijah so that she can be called Ali!

Rose Jasmine on

Congrats to the beautiful family. And if this baby is anything like Baby Hank who is a beautiful boy! she will be stunning!
GOD Bless them

Lara on

Alijah? Hmm weren’t they expecting a baby girl. She’ll be called Mary at school.

lili on

Congrats to them, I love boys names for girls, I bet Mary is after Heff’s Mary who passed…. what a great tribute xxx

Gail on

Congrats to them for the new addition Alijah!

KL on

Yay! Good for them, and kind of a unique name.. not boring but something different 🙂 How is it pronounced?

Helen on

Congratulations! Would have been nice to give this sweet baby a girl’s name.

zab on

Such awfull and mean comments… None of you know them personnaly, right??? They’ve been married since 2009 so WHY bring up Hef?? And what if she named her daughter after Mary?? Who’s to say that’s not Hank’s grand-mothers name? Han?? So sick of the judgement all the time. If you don’t like her, fine. Don’t comment and move on. Or say Congrats, nice, unique name, bet Hank Jr is gonna be a swell Big Brother! Smile. I swear it won’t hurt! 🙂

Judith on

Congratulations to Kendra, Hank and Hank Jr. I am very happy for you all. Babies are Blessings!

lili on

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2. say your mom’s name five times.
3. say your crushes three times
4. paste this to four other groups.
If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday.
But if you read this and do not paste this, then you
will have very bad luck.

Marylee on

Congrats to Kendra and Hank and Hank Jr. I’m happy for them, they’re a nice family.

Tami on

Kendra you are a very strong person we all love you. Stay strong you truly are a amazing mommy!!♡♥♡♥ much love to you at this time.

livn on

Hollywierd or even SD ain no place to have a family anymore…That HANKIEpankie with a TRANNY cmon dude!

Roberta grantham on

Congrats on your sweet. Baby girl . Best wishes to you n your family . Happy for you and I think you are amazing just the way you are .