Ciara Welcomes Son Future Zahir

05/20/2014 at 02:15 PM ET

Ciara Welcomes Son Jason Merritt/Getty

It’s a baby party: Ciara is a mom!

The “Body Party” singer welcomed her first child with her fiancé, rapper-producer Future, on Monday, she announced via Facebook.

Future Zahir Wilburn, 9 lbs., 10 oz., May 19, 2014,” she wrote, sharing a photo of the newborn’s arm.

Afer months of speculation that the couple — who were engaged in October — were expecting a baby, Ciara, 28, finally put the rumors to rest by showing off her baby belly during a visit to The View in January.

Days later, Ciara got glamorous for an appearance at the Grammys. In March, the singer celebrated her baby shower with pals, including La La Anthony and Kim Kardashian, and revealed she was expecting a boy.

In April, Ciara stepped out for Safe Kids Day, telling PEOPLE about her maternity style — and admitting she was over heels at that point.

“I like to be free and comfortable and relaxed. I don’t want to feel stressed. It’s already so much with your belly being so big,” she said at the time.

“When I have to get cute, I will get cute and put on some heels for an hour or two — and then throw those things off as soon as I get in the car!”

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— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Felice on

Why do these people give their children such silly names?

L on

Congrats on a healthy baby….but honestly?! You actually named your child Future, his fathers RAPPER name? Ugh. Hopefully they call him by his middle name!

Slkwly on

Fame and a lil fortune can’t buy class folks…either you have it or you don’t.

quest on

Why couldn’t you guys give this baby a normal name?

I’m Standing Right Behind You on


boohoobytch on


Lezbhonest on

Why do we, as women, feel the need to practically condemn a woman over the name she chooses for HER child! People get a life! It’s HER CHILD!!! A name has nothing to do with class thank you very much. With that being said, congrats to her and little FUTURE!! May god bless them !

Katie on

LOL Rachel!!! 🙂 What a horrible horrible name. Apple is better than Future. I know, not my kid. I don’t really care. But what an awful name for a baby.

Kat on

OMG. Future? Why give their baby dad’s “stage name?” What is wrong with these people? I don’t know them, but I’m mad. Smh.

Fatima on

Congrats Ciara on your new baby! “Furture Zahir” seriously! celebrity been doing this for the past 10+years or more. Stop Giving these kids these weird names!!!! I understand wanting to be unique and wanting your kids to be unique, but their is a big difference between unique & weird. and what’s wrong with giving your kids normal names anyway?

Poor Thing... on

He’ll probably insist on Frank…or Fred.

Bhavana on

Congrats to Ciara on the birth of her baby. He’s a chunky baby and I bet he’s as cute as can be.

Danielle on

Good thing she didn’t have a baby with Eminem or Flav then!! Future is insane but it could be worse so congratulations on the new baby boy!!

Anonymous on

OUCH!!!! Thats a big baby…

Katie on

Nope, wrong. Terrible name.

Georgia on

I love the name my 2 year old is named Reilly (pronounced Really)

Caasi on

Reilly is pronounced Riley, isn’t it, usually?

The future on

She can name her child whatever she she wants. That is the right of the person that carries and gives birth to her own child. You will never have to meet him or say his name , so get over it.
Congrats to Ciara! That baby was no joke to deliver! Well done Mama

Gina on

As stupid as North..

k krumtz on

don’t love the name, but she sure was a beautiful and classy pregnant woman (*cough* side-eye to you, Kimmy K)

Brandy on

big baby…why name him Future?? smdh

Sherry on

@Felice….what exactly do you mean by “these people?” Baby Future is named after his father probably.

October on

what ever happened to normal names? Future? really?!

Shiela Kerr on

I wish her and the baby well. This is this this mans 3 or 4th child. I hope he marries this mother

Foxy Brown on

First of all, why is this on hit wonder getting so much press for her out of wedlock child with a washed up rapper? And, why are we looking at an arm? I am black, and I am sick of black celebs following the blind lead of JayOnce and hiding the faces of their babies. its only black celebs doing this! You don’t have to even mention the child much less show limbs. Get over yourselves.

rockybopper on

Oooo an arm! So exciting!

Anonymous on


NYC on

They’re just looking for attention. Weird baby names is a trend now.

Jenb on

She happens to be Kim K’s BFF. She’s trying yo do what Kim and Kanye did, ridiculous baby names

Smiles on

Interesting but unusual name

Asa on

I feel like the baby’s name was going to be Future whether it was a boy or a girl. Lol it’s unisex



JJ on

Future. Future? They named their kid Future Zahir. Well lets hope this couple keeps rolling in the money then because with a name that ridiculous your kid would get laughed in the real world when they go to school or apply for anything like Job or College application. People your naming children not dogs or cats! They actually need a name that is reasonable for the their life ahead of them.

Shia on

@ Sheila this is his 4th or 5th child (he has 3 children that he publicly claims)

Melissa on

Future really is a silly name! His middle name is better!

suzy diamond on

Horrible name! Huge baby! Congrats!

Kelvin on

Everyone wanna start naming they kids these cray names after Jay & Bey shocked the world with their daughters iconic name: Blue Ivy Carter.
Then Kimye tried it with that North West crap. I love Ciara but c’mon now… don’t try to be like everyone else.

All we gotta do is wait for Rihanna to have a child and see what she gone name it.

Mo-Jo on

What’s with showing only one body part ?!?!?! WTF ?!?!? Either show the friggin’ kid or don’t. Really ?!?!?!

Mommytoane on

Zahir I could live with. But Future? Really? Why don’t we just start giving our kids really off the wall names…oh wait, that’s just for celebs right?

Amanda on

Why don’t celebs be really unique and choose names like John or Susan?

Anonymous on

Foxy Brown- It’s hardly just black celebs that show just parts of their babies before finally debuting their sweet faces. Gisele Bundchen (her daughter’s arm), Tori Spelling (her son’s hand in her own), and Elsa Pataky (her twin sons’ legs and feet) are just three examples of non-black celebs who have done so.

The future- Don’t fathers get a say in their children’s names?

Anyway, congrats to them!

sandy on

Come on now! Really? Are these celebs in such a need of attention that they would name a child Future Zahir? That is just plain ridiculous!

sandy on

PS: If you just going to show your baby’s arm- why post it? She seems to make realty stupid decisions.

Jen on

“Future” birth name is Nayvadius. How is this pronounced?

bitsy on

atrocious name!

Niko on

Future? Really? REALLY? I’m sorry, but that’s even bad for a pet name!. I sometimes question the intelligence of these celebs. Do they ever think…”Wait, will my baby like the name I’ll give him/her”?? *SMH*

Congrats, though

Sophie on

Who’s Ciara?

Vanessa on

What a ghetto name.

jada on

aww he is cute

Sam & Freya's mum on

One of the worst celeb baby names I’ve heard, poor boy!!

Pam on

Future?! Lol! Stupid! Poor kid!

Lara on

Future?! wtf

KL on

ugh… horrible name!

Smom for short on

I don’t usually comment on baby names but this one is the WORST! Poor little guy’s “future” is now ruined and he’s just getting started. Wait until he gets to school! No matter what we try to teach our kids on being nice to others etc, kids are kids and he is going to get picked on just because of his name!

Helen on

Why do these people continue to give their children ridiculous names; names that will cause such teasing? It’s absolutely ridiculous how much of a bubble they live in.

keosha on

i relly love blue ivy i relly dont know why i love it,so fubo

Diva on

You guys are very rude, I love the name! You guys are grown ass people and you making fun of Ciara (AKA a total legend )’s baby You weren’t the one that carried HER baby for 9 months, it’s her decision. She has the right to name whatever comes out of her whatever she wants. So while you guys are too busy making fun of HER baby’s name all your life (because you nothing better to in your lives) She will be Living and Loving her life. How about that?

9623612 on