So Cute! Ciara Shares Photo of Her All-White Nursery

05/15/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

We admire Ciara‘s motherhood moxie. Instead of traditional shades of blue or even a bold green, the singer’s nursery is all-white — literally.

Everything from the cozy glider and stuffed animal to the circular crib and bedding are in the neutral shade.

Don’t believe us? On Tuesday, the mom-to-be (who is expecting a boy soon) shared a shot of her tranquil baby room on Instagram.

“In love With My @AngelSongHome gliding chair, and my @BrattDecor baby crib for my little prince. This is all surreal. Everything about this time and process … Wow!!” she captioned the photo.

Ciara Pregnant Instagram NurseryCourtesy Ciara; Inset: Getty

Clearly, Ciara is really into the color right now. At BFF Kim Kardashian‘s bridal shower on Saturday, she wore Rachel Pally‘s long caftan ($238) in cream. And as usual, she showed off her maternity style with a series of sweet pics.

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Gina on

It won’t stay white for long (pee, vomit, etc.,)..

jessica on

Just wait until that baby smears poop on everything… (Kidding, lol)

guest on

The all white looks boring in my opinion and, as others have stated, is not very practical because babies can make a mess!

Tara on

It’s boring…

Anonymous on

It’s adorable!… BUT, it won’t stay white for long 😉

lori on

I’m glad to read these comments because I’m due in August and wanted all white in the nursery. It looks so peaceful but true about messes.

lindsay on

k. good luck keeping that white.


Sarah S. on

Hopefully she’s stainguarded everything!

Courteney Gettel on

It’s all pretty until the kid barfs, poops, and pees….Look out world!

spitfire on

Target for projectile poop!! 😀

Liz on

All white…mistake. But hey, she’s probably got the money to deep clean everything when spit-up hits the fan.

Tina on

I think people knows who Ciara is does not need to mention that all she is BFF with Kim kardashian

That’s a old picture

Bob on

I hope she realizes that the crib bumpers are a SIDS hazard to her baby and removes them before her baby uses the crib. Very cute nursery, but safety should be the priority.

JJ on

Ahahahhahhaha! Wait till the kid comes out and goes in that room. It will be many shades of spit up, vomit, poop and pea. White and babies don’t go together. Hell I am an adult and I can’t wear an all white outfit with white pants and a white blouse because I manage to spill lunch stains on so picturing a baby in that white room is hilarious.

Bhavana on

It’s a beautiful, clean and sterile looking nursery, but not practical. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in it because I’d be afraid I would stain something.

Sara on

Tina, it’s actually not an old picture; it’s from Kim’s bridal shower last week.

sue's on

I love the nursery, but i don’t like the color. I feel, White is a disaster of a color for a child room. It’s one puke or poop away from it being ruined.

noamie on

i love the look of this room *in theory* but as others have said, it’s not practical! also, it’s important to remember that babies don’t really see color for about the first six months; they can only distinguish dark objects vs. light objects. so shades of white will just look like a fuzz to a baby. (similarly, if you take two bold colors, such as a bold blue and a bold red, it will look like one mass.) that’s why black&white board books are recommended…babies need the contrast!

Mary Owens on

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Shawnalee on

I dont like it but thats just my opinion… baby’s need color as their eyes mature and their sight clears… colors can be calming and restful, I cant imagine being in all this starkness.

katrina on

white?! Definitely a first time mom lol thats going to get dirty FAST

Dee on

Okay, strike one: being friends with Kim Kardashian.
Strike two: that nursery, while beautiful, is so impractical it’s ridiculous.
I guess if you have someone to clean up after the messes that come with babies you don’t think about how hard it will be to maintain that pristine space.

Mommytoane on

I can understand a few white furnishings (ie bed, base of rocking chair, dresser or lamp) but an ALL white nursery is just asking for a mess to hit it. Plus white just has this sterile feel to it. So cold, and uncomforting. I’d rather have warm tones or neutral tones that make everyone who would enter that room feel at peace.

adrianna on


Jack's Mum on

Oh my…too funny. Oh well, she’ll figure it out eventually! LOL

L on

She’s so beautiful pregnant, I could have done without the last picture though.

Zee on

I guess when you’re rich you can afford for your baby to puck, pee and vomit on it and have it not cleaned but replace. I’m sure this baby won’t wear the same outfit twice.

deloris hill on

ciara,the nursery looks very nice,congratulations!I hope everything goes well for you and your baby.May you continue to be blessed.

Angie on

Very nice nursery but not practical because the dirt messes white quickly.

Huh on

Am I the only one that never had my two kids destroy a room with pee, poop or puke? While I’m not a fan of all white, there are some kids that don’t destroy everything in their path.