Holly Williams Expecting First Child

05/14/2014 at 01:45 PM ET

Holly Williams Pregnant Expecting First Child Chris Coleman

It’s another five months before singer Holly Williams‘s first child is due to arrive, but the new addition is already a peacemaker.

“My husband [Chris Coleman] and I are traveling all the time and we have very stressful schedules, but if we start getting in a little tiff, we’re both like, ‘Wait, can the baby hear us right now? We can’t do this!’ ” the singer, 33, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple, who married in 2009, have been on the road separately much of the past year — Williams released her third album The Highway last year and Coleman is a multi-instrumentalist who tours with Kings of Leon — so the pregnancy took them by surprise.

“I’ve had so many friends who’ve struggled with infertility issues, so I thought ‘Well, this could take five years.’ And it didn’t at all!” says the granddaughter of Hank Williams and daughter of Hank Jr. “We felt really blessed. It was like the Lord gave us this little miracle.”

Williams says her husband is keeping close tabs on their baby on the way, even in utero. “He’s been incredibly involved with the What to Expect app for dads,” she says. “He’s so excited each week. He’ll be like, ‘This week the baby’s ears are developing!’ ”

The country singer announced her pregnancy via social media by posting a photo of her bump on Mother’s Day, writing: “@colemantime caught this of me while shooting tin cans this morning on the Georgia farm. I think I felt my first kick and I’m not talking about the Red Ryder BB gun!!”

The singer (who also owns H. Audrey clothing boutique and White’s Mercantile, a high-end home good store — both celeb favorites in Nashville) is due Oct. 9 and will continue to tour through August.

Williams, who knows the sex of the baby but is keeping it private for now, says watching friends like Sheryl Crow is helping her figure out how to balance motherhood and a career.

“She’s an incredible inspiration. We were on the road together last year and she’s got both her boys out there on the bus, but she’s kept them on a strict routine,” Williams says. “They are hanging out with Mom at sound check, but they are in bed every night and I was like, ‘That’s how I want to be!’ I want my kids with me.”

— Eileen Finan

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Well Then.... on

Way to throw it in your friends’ face, the ones with fertility issues…..“I’ve had so many friends who’ve struggled with infertility issues, so I thought ‘Well, this could take five years.’ And it didn’t at all!”

That’s exactly what people going through that struggle want to hear. Congrats to you, but that is such an asinine comment. Cocky pregnant women are very annoying, try being a bit humbled.

Staci Frye on

As a mother of 10 I can say unequivocally that shooting guns while pregnant is a major no no.

Kat on

So, let’s not hear the parents argue or have “a tiff” but let’s fire away with the guns.

Beth on

@Stacie Frye: If you read the tweet under the pic you would see that it is a BB gun, not a shotgun

Kat on

As someone that has a lot of fertility challenged friends and family, I did think it would take me a long while. When it didn’t, I almost hid that information because I didn’t want to hurt feelings.

You were blessed by a quick pregnancy, but keep it under your hat. The second might not be so lucky, and you’ll be looking for the support of those challenged friends.

Seriously on

Why would a pregnant lady be standing on a narrow platform like that shooting even a bb gun? She doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. And I agree the fertility comment wasn’t the classiest thing she could have said…

Taylor on

Eh, I don’t see any negativity with her commenting about infertility. I suffered from it from years, gave up, and finally got pregnant right away. I don’t think she was bragging or trying to be mean. I’m sure she’s not throwing it up in their faces and a stupid article always gets some type of negativeness, when no one knows people’s personal lives and their relationships with their friends or relatives, which is really all that matters.

DaisyMoon on

She has the skinniest legs I’ve ever seen…

Hey on

I was thinking Who? until the 4 paragraph and then it turned to Why?

Just saying on

I heard her sing at the Grand Ol Opry (only because I was forced to on a school field trip), and all I can say is that she better be glad she has the “Williams” name. She’s not particularly all that talented. Average bar type karaoke singer.

Nikki on

Wow, lots of cranky women today. How about a simple congrats, or staying quiet?

soph on

Calm down about the picture, it’s so obviously posed.

Fiona Louise on

I have to agree with Well Thens comments……that’s exactly the first thing I thought!!! She has to be more sensitive – no one going through fertility issues wants to hear a comment like that.

rem on

I’m more concerned for the father. Fertility issues, hardly spend time together because of work? I would do a DNA test if I were him.

Anonymous on

Didn’t know she is a singer, never heard of her music. Hope she is a great singer.

Anonymous on

rem- She said said she THOUGHT she was going to have fertility issues but didn’t.

Anyway, congrats to them.

Marvin Clay on

My wife and I have been married seven years and have been trying for a baby that long. Who cares about pregnant celebs.
Losers please get a life and quit living through these celebrities.

Mary on

I saw her with Cheryl Crow and my husband and I really liked her music. So happy to hear she is pregnant and wish her the absolute best!