Emile Hirsch Shares New Photo of Son Valor

05/14/2014 at 05:30 PM ET

What a cutie!

Emile Hirsch shared a rare photo of his son Valor on Twitter on Wednesday, revealing goods looks clearly run in the family.

“Valor at 6 months… Thank God for mama!” the Lone Survivor actor Tweeted.

Hirsch, 29, welcomed Valor with an unnamed woman Oct. 27. He’s shielded his son from the spotlight ever since, but with blue eyes and blonde hair like that, it seems the adorable baby was born to be in front of the camera.

Hirsch and Valor’s mother are no longer together, though they reportedly remain close friends after meeting at an Oscar party.

Emile Hirsch Son Valor New Photo
Courtesy Emile Hirsch. Inset:Paul Morigi/Wireimage

This isn’t the first time Hirsch used Twitter to break some baby news: When speculation first swirled about Valor’s mother being pregnant, the Into the Wild star turned attention to another paternity drama.

“I have a baby announcement to make. I am in fact Ronan Farrow’s biological father,” he joked.

— Michele Corriston

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Miranda on

Nothing special, just another white kid.

Heather on

Awe, he is such a little cutie!!!!!!!!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Hmmm…birth certificates are public record and anyone can easily find out who the mother is.

Maybe Emile is pulling a Jeremy Renner…trying to pass off a relative’s baby as their own to keep certain rumors away.

LC on

Miranda, that is a terrible thing to say. This little boy is adorable – congratulations to them!

Becky on

what a gorgeous baby. and I love his name.

Anonymous on

beautiful baby boy👼

MJ on

He Looks Almost-Exactly Like the “GERBER” Baby!!!

KL on

Awww he is soooooo cute!!!!!

Catherine on

MJ, I thought the same thing, he does look like the Gerber baby. What a little doll!

ava on

He looks exactly like Emile! The eyes, so gorgeous!

Sofia on

Sick and tired of everyone saying oh looks just like his dad. His mom is gorgeous and he actually looks a lot like her. She is a model and they are neighbors. Sweet girl!

Carrow on

I am in love with him.

Jennifer on

@Miranda. You are nothing special either…just another raciest bigot who is stupid enough to shoot insults at a innocent baby.

Chweener on

Sorry Miranda that you are probably so butt ugly nobody will impregnate you, so you spit your venom at others who are fortunate to be blessed with beautiful children. Sucks to be you!

Tonja on

Cute baby!

emma on

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!! What a cutie

Jessica on

What’s up with the racism on here? Totally inappropriate. That baby is adorable.

Annyta on

Beautiful baby!! He could be the next gerber baby! I can’t believe a racist would comment on this angelic boy. Can you imagine if someone text nothing special just another black baby??? They would make the cover and have to publicly apologize and lose everything they owned, and be branded a racist for life.

Kal on

Ooh nice name Valor, congrats!

Anonymous on

What a gorgeous baby! Maybe if we stop feeding the jealous trolls they will find something meaningful to do with their sorry lives.

Pam on

Aww he’s so cute! He has a lot of hair for 6 months! My boy is 6 months old today and he has barely any hair.

Juli on

Aw he’s adorable! He looks just like daddy!

Trina on

Beautiful baby.

Miranda, all children are beautiful. They are innocent and your remark shows how ugly of a person you are. Your comment says a lot about you and none of it is good.

Anonymous on

He’s beautiful!

lola on

Hello, blue eyes.

Karen on

Gorgeous baby. I love those blue eyes. Congrats on your son. I am glad you and the baby’s mother are on good terms, as it should be when trying to raise a child.

Alexis on

Err…yeah, “shame on” celebrities for wanting to protect their children from invasive paparazzi stalking them just to make a sale. Clearly these children should have no expectation of privacy because their parents pursued celebrity…

Hea on

Eri and Miranda – What the hell is wrong with you two? :O Explain yourselves, please!

Theresa on

Yea, “thank god for mama” because you knocked her up and walked away.

Von on

Ooh he is adorable!!

Marky on

Theresa, it is well-known that Emile and Valor’s mother had a one night stand after the oscar’s, and when she discovered she was pregnant, he chose to stand with her, be there for the baby, and has never spoken a bad word about her, that I’ve heard about. Haven’t seen a shred of evidence that he has done anything but be there for both of them, and has supported his son in every way.

Tay on

Valor has lots of hair at only 6 months, he should be on Gerber Ads.

zoom on

Beautiful lil boy .!!!. silly name .. But it is their kid whatever ..

Anonymous on

AWWW, what a cutie! At the risk of sounding totally crazy, he reminds me a bit of Knox Jolie-Pitt as a baby!

Tay on

Never heard of him before, but congrats to him.

Lee on

Holy, that is a beautiful baby!!!

Sofia on

Alexis….. You sound ignorant! Maybe his father chose to seek it fame/celebrity, but that sweet child didn’t and I would say neither did mama. I mean how many women would have gone straight to the tabloids?…. Most, but this last seems to want to keep quiet acc just raise her son!

Granny on

Oh my gosh, the cutest baby ever!!!

Lindsay on

Awww, he’s gorgeous…just like his daddy!