Meet John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s Daughter Hazel

05/13/2014 at 12:20 PM ET

She’s ready for her close up!

New dad John Krasinski gave his fans the first glimpse of his daughter on Tuesday, sharing a snapshot of his 3-month-old baby girl on Twitter.

“Pics of kids should only come direct from parents. So I’m thrilled to introduce you guys to Hazel!!!!” the former Office star Tweeted, along with a photo of his little lady stretching.

In February, the actor, 34, also used social media to announce the arrival of his first child with his actress wife, Emily Blunt.

“Wanted to let the news out directly. Emily and I are so incredibly happy to welcome our daughter Hazel into the world today!” he Tweeted at the time.

John Krasinski Emily Blunt Introduce Daughter Hazel
Courtesy John Krasinski

— Anya Leon

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bitsy on

cutie pie.

Marcia on

What a doll!

Smithy on

She’s adorbs.

Anonymous on

What What a little cutie!

janie on

She’s beautiful! Congrats!!

meemma on

Marcia said it all…She is a doll!!!

cyn on

She is lovely!!

dancer92136 on

Beautiful…and so alert.

Addie on

She’s so cute! Both her parents are good looking though, so that’s not a surprise!

JoannC on

OMG what a beautiful little girl.

Tina on

Awww, she’s sweet.

Tess on


Anonymous on

She’s going to have a large nose. Dad has a big nose, mom *had* a larger nose back on the day 😉

emma on

she is absolutely adorable!!! and John is right, parents are the ones who should be sharing those precious snap shots of their children IF THEY wish to. The paparazzi should really RESPECT that

DebLG on

Oh she is precious!

Jane on

Ahhh….beautiful. The years go fast. Enjoy them…

AG on

Anonymous, what is wrong with you? That is a beautiful baby, period.

Terry on

Hazel is adorable.

AM on


Kate on

Very very sweet but looks abit jaundiced

wow on

what a beautiful baby!! congrats

jsp81355 on

What an adorable little girl. Bless her heart.

Callie on

She’s gorgeous, just like her dad! Congratulations to them.

gracie on

Congrats to John and Emily…little Hazel is so darn cute.

I am happy that the parents are controling the photos and appreciate the introduction to hazel viaTwitter.

Erin on

Agreed. AND she’s such a dollie!

Rose on

What a hypocrite. It’s okay for him to whore his baby out to the media, but not okay for the paparazzi to take pictures. If he wants his child out of the spotlight, then he should keep her out of the spotlight, and that means keeping her pictures off twitter.

Trish on

So precious! She is a beauty!! And I adore her name. 🙂

Anonymous on

She looks a lot like her daddy. She’s adorable! I can’t blame him.. I dontvlike when others post pics of my kids either. That’s our job.

Lenora on

You are blessed! Sweetie Pie! 🙂

KJH on

@Rose, wow, bitter much? How is he ‘whoring’ out his daughter? He didn’t get paid to share this. He didn’t say he wanted her out of the spotlight; he’s saying he should control what you see of his child, which is not hypocritical. Celebrity or not, he can be proud of his kid and should be able to say who sees her picture.

Amanda on

Omg how beautiful! And i love her name

JP on

For most of these celebs, it’s not hypocritical, it’s simply a safety issue. If they release a photo first, the price for the “first baby photo” goes down and they can go about town in peace rather than be hounded by photographers who will knock them over (holding the baby or not) and run them off the road. I’ve gotten caught in the wake out here and almost been hit by a paparazzo driving a huge SUV trying to get a photo of Jennifer Garner and her kids and I’m a nobody. It’s madness!

Anonymous on

What a beautiful baby!!!!

dixie pixie on

What a beautiful baby girl.

Hazel is not going to have big nose and she is not jaundiced….Heavens, people, Hazel is simply perfect! Congratulations John and Emily.

JR on

Their posting of the photo on their personal Twitter account means that photo is now subject to being “reposted” by People, HuffingtonPost, PopSugar, etc. They had to have known it would be snatched by the ragmags in order for them to then make a profit off of it. There are ads on these pages, so the more views this photo gets here, the more revenue goes into People mags pocket. Once you post anything online, it is no longer yours.

Jamie on

Gorgeous baby!

JR on

Oh, and Hazel is adorable!

Ashley on

She is cute, but that name! Holy Hannah, just not a fan… each their own I guess.

Juli on

Gorgeous baby!

Mary on

What a gorgeous baby!

beautyandfashionaddict on


Karen on

So adorable!!! She looks just like her Mom!

AbbyDogg on

Absolutely adorable!

AbbyDogg on

Anonymous: You are a moron. What is wrong with you?!?

Nancy on

She’s a DOLL!

jj on

Awe, how sweeeet!!

Tennyson on

Aw! She has her Mom’s old nose! lol.

LaLA on

a cute, normal baby photo. not staged with diamond rings and 1,000 shoes.

Carmen on

Beautiful baby!!!

phil on

a beautiful baby –with beautiful parents–God Bless this threesome

Anonymous on

Looks like she has a rash on her face. No matter what they tell you, I bet it’s from the vitamins she is taking. My Cathy had a rash from her vitamins.

Laura on

She is SO freaking cute like both her parents 🙂

Lori on

What a beautiful little girl. May she bring you nothing but joy. I just find it funny that this popped up while I am watching a Hazel marathon. 🙂

LuvLeeRita on

Beautiful just like her mama.

Tay on

Ooh she is so adorable!

Isabel on

Tennyson, you’re coming off a tad unhinged.

Leanna on

Beautiful baby. I’ve never cared for the name. Way too old fashion. These stars think they can name their kids with these odd names like “Otis” or “Olive” or “Ruby” or worse. Their kids will pay for it later.

Anonymous on

I’m surprised at how many people dislike the name Hazel. I prefer old-fashioned names over names that are made up. Or names that look completely misspelled with y’s replacing the i’s. That just looks illiterate.

Sarah on

She’s adorable and has one of my favourite old timey names!

Claire on

Such a cute baby…looks like daddy and she looks long 🙂

tanya on

Hazel is beautiful.

anna on

she looks like daddy!

Anonymous on

I find it so strange that people are getting worked up over the name Hazel. Here in the UK I don’t think anyone would consider it a particularly “out there” name. It’s nice I like it.

Anonymous on

Freaking adorable and love the name.

Bree on

Darling! She has wonderful parents too.

bkable on

OMG She is going to break some hearts! She is adorable!

Anonymous on

Tioo bad your mother is an ass.