Bruce Willis: We Kept the Sex of Our Baby a Surprise

05/12/2014 at 10:45 AM ET

Bruce Willis Revlon Run Walk Jason Merritt/Getty

He was already dad to four daughters, but even Bruce Willis was surprised when his fifth child was born — and it was another baby girl.

“[We] didn’t know what we were gonna have until the baby came out,” the actor told PEOPLE at Saturday’s 21st annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women in Los Angeles of welcoming his daughter Evelyn Penn.

And while having a new baby is “pretty cool,” having a household full of women hasn’t affected his views on who should rule the world.

“In general, I think women should be in charge of everything. They should be running the country,” Willis, 59, says. “Halle Berry should be president. Women are just much smarter than men.”

He adds, “Even if I had five boys, I’d still feel the same way.”

Although he’s loving all the ladies in his life, the actor admits he would welcome the experience of having a son one day. “Eventually, I’d like a son. But I’m okay now,” he says.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Matthew Cole Weiss

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Tanja on

Women are smarter than men? What drugs did Bruce take? There is no smarter gender.

annie on

Eventually!? That made me laugh, hold long does he plan on living!? Maybe he should wait for a grandson instead.

Anonymous on

You are 60. STOP MAKING BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stacey on

Well said Bruce!

pinkrockstar on

True Annie, If he has no more kids, he can look forward to grandchildren 🙂 My sister has 2 girls & loves her grandson so much! Much easier to,o since you can give back grandchildren to your son or daughter lol personally, I think it’s cute he had 5 girls. He definitely is a girl maker 😉

lovely123 on

My parents had 8 daughters. They never complained about not having a son. Fast forward twenty years later when the grandkids start coming…they have a good mix of both, but I know my dad LOVES those grandsons.

Michele Humbert on

Bruce, face facts. You make girls. You could have 10 kids and they’d all be girls. Sometimes it’s just that way.

Marcia on

Uh, his “swimmers” make girls. Give it up, Bruce, you’re too old. Enjoy your daughters and hope that one of them gives you a grandson.

Eeeekkkk on

Tie it in a knot Bruce

Tamara on

Be happy with what you’ve got, Bruce. Don’t bring more into the world that you can’t guarantee you can be there for.

Niko on

Watch his next baby be another girl, LOL Give it up, Brucie. Just adopt a baby boy next time. Problem solved…

Jane on

Hope these two latest daughters look like their mother…just saying.

donnarork on

Dude…there comes a time when you just need to stop. Being 80+ years old at your “son’s” high school graduation is just a little too much.

Angie on

Adopt a son, you get a boy.

Tina on

He “wants a son eventually”? To do what with when he’s 70 years old?

confidential on

Funny.. I have a relative who were trying for a daughter and ended up with 6 sons. It gets to a point where its a bit obsessive but if you can provide & care for your children (like Bruce Willis) more power too you. The silly point is when people without a pot to piss in, read these stories and do the same forgetting that a celeb can provide and care for all their children.

Jen on

Bruce, this is beyond loving children. This is saying “I have super sperm and the world should be populated by my seed”, IMO. Vain much?

YUCK! on

You’re 59, dude. STOP. I was just at my nephew’s Eagle Scout ceremony, and two of the couples on stage with their Son…let’s just put it this way: I said to my Sister “PLEASE tell me those are his Grandparents?!!!” That poor kid. He will be taking care of his parents right after high school. He’ll have no carefree adult life. So sad. My selfish sister-in-law has a “baby daddy” (the only guy that would sleep with her) that’s in his 60s. When he takes the kid out people say things like “And what are you and your Granpa up to today?” I feel so awful for her. Both her parents will be dead or in nursing homes by the time she is 20. YUCK.

Sue on

So hasn’t medical advances made choosing the sex possible plus if you have unlimited funds? Call me a skeptic but both Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez had boy/girl twins purely by coincidence? And it’s selfish for older people to have children.

confidential on

Its always odd to me when people comment on how many children a person has or that they shouldn’t be having anymore children (story above). How are any of us to tell someone how to live their lives in this respect?

Zachary Connors on

Keep your pecker in your pants. The world is immensely overpopulated as it is.

Sandra on

@Lordy..Guarantee, guarantee what? We have no control of when its our time to die. You live every day like its your last and be grateful if you see the next one.

Anonymous on

Eventually? He’ll be 77 when his newborn Evelyn graduates from high school and 81 when she graduates from college. Yikes!

Amaryllis on

Think he’d better adopt then.

Tiffany on

I think he is a bit old to be thinking about having more children.

EL'sMama on

Wow… I’m pretty sure he and his wife can decide when they are done having children. There are children losing their young parents daily to accidents or illness. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, regardless of our age. Any child this man produces will be well cared for for the rest of their lives, it’s their business.

Smithy on

Sorry Bruce….you ‘eventually’ has come and gone.

Guest on

It’s none of our business if he wants more kids. If he feels he’s young enough that’s his choice not ours more power to you Bruce go for it !!! It’s not like any of you who posted negative comments are paying his bills so get over yourselves!!!

Rolyat on

Reminds me of an instructor I had when I was in Culinary school in the 1980’s. He and his wife had 11 daughters. And she was pregnant with their 12th child. His wife had another girl. They finally stopped. 12 daughters ! He told us in class one day he kisses his girls every night when putting them to bed and whispers in their ears “ELOPE”

Nicole on

….. EVENTUALLY!?!?! Dude, you’re almost dead. At least, your sperm is lol

Robert L on

As my mom once said, “It takes a man to make boys !” Any guy who wants women to rule the world, deserves daughters. Even women prefer men supervisors.

Anonymous on

Annie has my vote. Grandsons are soooo much fun.

Guest on

Who the hell cares how old he is. A person can be a parent regardless of their age. He’s a healthy person who is active and people do more now at an older age then they did before, The amount of love someone gives isn’t ruled by age. Seriously, and it’s not like he doesn’t have help doing this.

Bowl movement on

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Bill on

Looks like another one of these Stars only thinking of himself regarding a certain gender for a kid. If he had a boy this year or next, he would be 80 (assuming he’s still around) when the kid is only 20. Don’t quite understand why these movies stars become parents at an ungodly older age whereby it is more like being a grandparent. Not fair to the kid to have a father as old as a grandfather.

kathy on

Bruce you will be so old that the poor boy will be changing your diapers…… I think you need to enjoy the ones you have and quit having more…

Mingo on

Eventually? Jesus dude, you’re almost 60. Cut the plumbing!

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

I just don’t understand the judgmental and rude comments people have to post on this site….a site about babies, which are wonderful and joyous blessings…this site should be happy and positive!
Is it that the negative and nasty people are just so unhappy in their personal lives that they need to try and spread the unhappiness? If you can’t say something nice, then you shouldn’t say anything at all.
Who are any of you to decide how old is too old to be parents? I know parents in their 20’s and 30’s that are the crappiest parents that shouldn’t have been blessed with children and also are not able to properly support and provide for them.
I am 48 and my husband is 57….we have 6 daughters. They are 32, 29, 19, 6, 5 and 2. We also have 5 grandchildren that are ages; 13, 12, 7, 3 and 2 days old. We are a very close and loving family. My husband and I are both healthy and fit and people do not believe the oldest 3 girls are ours….we are told we look in our 30’s. We take care of ourselves, and his parents as well as mine lived to be i their mid to late 90’s.
If we had an other child in the next year (and we are not preventing it) and we both lived to be say 93….that child would be 36 when my husband passed and 45 when I did.
An entire life with that child….. People live longer now, they take better care of themselves and are much healthier. It is not unusual or uncommon for women in the 40’s to give birth and for men older than that to father children. My husband and I are unusual as we have been together for 33 years, but because of numerous marriages that many people have sometimes children are very desired later in life.
I am happy and feel so blessed that I have continuously been a mother for 32 years…. My children are my world. Being a mother is the most incredible and rewarding and fulfilling thing a woman can be. My children are each loved, cherished and treasured. I love being a grandma as well, but I don’t like having to send them home at the end of the day. I don’t understand that mentality. We love and adore them and spoil them, but there is a huge difference. I can’t imagine my life without my three little ones and it makes me sad to think how lonely and empty our house would be without them. My oldest two are married and my 19 yr old lives at college during the school year. I personally am not ready for a empty nest. If my two yr old is in fact my last baby, I will be 64 and my husband 73 when she graduates and leaves for college. Then we will be ready and have plans to travel and do other things.
Also…for the record, before anyone can assume and comment that because I was so young when my oldest was born that it is the only life I have/know… I also have a degree and own/run my own business.
My husband and I can more than afford and provide for our children and even in the past with our oldest kids, have never been on public assistance of any kind, we worked hard to provide and also better ourselves to take care of them…..
BTW…..we are by far more financially stable now than we were when our first two daughters were born. We have a nice home that we own outright (meaning no mortgage), money in the bank in addition to steady incomes coming in (my husband still works full-time and has no plans to retire any time soon and even if he did, he’s been at his company for 32 years and his retirement will actually top his weekly paychecks he brings home now), we are also more patient and experienced now than when our oldest was born. We are currently putting our 19 yr old through college (as we did her two older sisters) and have college funds established for the three little ones and have more than enough life insurance in place just in case something were to happen, so the little ones will be provided for, and if something tragic were to happen,one of the oldest girls would take their baby sisters. So everything regarding our children is stable and taken care of. Just as I am sure it is in the case of someone like Bruce Willis.
If all of these things: Health of parents,Financial Stability of parents, and the desire to love and parent the child
are met, then who is anyone to say who is too old to have a child?
There are men in their 20’s and 30’s that bail on children all together. Young men that have to be dragged into court and forced to financially support their children…. Who would be a better father, Bruce Willis or Justin Bieber or one of the other young and wild celebs that party and are irresponsible? Bruce is financially stable, he has had his career peak and can afford to leisurely work now….he has proven with his older girls that he is a good, loving and responsible father and also proved by his excellent relationship with his ex-wife (and her next husband as well) that he is mature and puts his children’s well being first. He is still healthy and WANTS his kids…..he is still a very good choice for being a father.
It’s sad that people have to make such rude and hateful comments and try to bring others down because they are not themselves happy.

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

And BTW…..before anyone can say anything or question it…..all of my children were conceived the natural and old fashioned way….they were also all conceived out of love. My oldest of course was a surprised (she was not nor has even been considered an “accident”) but, my husband and I never for a second were upset or thought of anything else besides “we’re going to be a family”. My 6 year old was also a very pleasant surprise, but we were happily married and not preventing it from happening….so surprised that after 13 years were were pregnant, but extremely happy. The other four girls (ages 29, 19, 5 and 2) were all planned. I was 46 when I delivered by 2 year old. My doctor says I am still in extremely good health “female and fertility” wise. My children were/all healthy and full-term, with the exception of my 19 year old who was premature due to preeclampsia (and I delivered her 2 days after my 29th birthday). My three youngest were my best pregnancies and they were my biggest babies (7lbs 10oz, 8lbs 1 oz , and 8lbs 5½ oz)….
Women who have had previous pregnancies have higher odds of conceiving later in life than those that are over 40 and trying for their first child. The chances of twins also increase over 40…something that I have not had happen.
Previous healthy children and no issues of birth defects in your family history also decrease your chances of having a child with defects as you age. I know couples in the 20’s and 30’s that are struggling with infertility and also of women under 35 that have had a child with Downs Syndrome or other defects. There are also many women under 35 that need to use IVF or other types of infertility treatments. It all depends on the woman’s body and also genetics.
Medical Science is not “Exact”….. anytime a women tries to conceive it’s luck and anytime a child is conceived there is a risk of complications and defects. That’s all just a part of life.
Again…..people should think about how tacky, hateful and rude their comments make them appear before they post. Remember that Karma has a way of coming back to bite people in the butt. When you are rude and hateful you are opening yourself up to something rude and hateful coming back on you.

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

@Zachary Connors……what if your parents had thought that way? Again….nasty comments make you look like a undesirable person.

Maggie on

My dad was 65 when I was born and my mother was 37. I loved my dad IMMENSELY but I do have a ton of sadness that he passed when I was 16. It was a rough time in my life to lose my father. I do think my dad was an amazing dad but it’s terrible that I had to lose him and never have the chance for him to walk me down the aisle or meet my own children. I can’t complain too much about him being the age he was when they had me because if they DIDN’T meet and marry then my sister and I wouldn’t be here but it does sadden me to see other older men doing the same thing. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. To have the love from a parent but then to lose them from health issues that connect to their age. I couldn’t do that to a child knowing what I went through. But, to each their own. I do hope the new little girls get to have Bruce around for a long, long time.

Guest on

He has money to provide for more kids, no need to worry.

Anonymous on

Just because someone is 25 doesn’t mean they can’t die. There are children everyday that lose young parents to illness, accidents, murder, suicide……no one is exempt from death if your time comes up. One of my best friends lost her husband almost 2 years ago to cancer at the age of 43….their kids were 20, 17 and 13 at the time…..he got sick, found out it was cancer and died 6 months later. It can happen to anyone of any age….so, just because a person is young doesn’t mean they will live to see their child to adulthood.

Anonymous on

Alright you’re going to have a son eventually!

Sadie on

He can always have grandsons in the future. And daughters are a blessing and he should be thankful all his children are healthy. He needs to count his blessings.

Chris on

Wow Bruce sexist is sexist even doing it to your own sex. You don’t deserve a son otherwise you would think he was dumber than your girls. I get it though you’ve always been the dumb one in a relationship so you think all men are like you too.

Susanna Karam on

My Dad was 45, when I was born, and, 47, when my brother was born. It was almost like having grandparents raise us. All my friends had much younger parents, who were active and fun-when I was 12, and, old enough to go to our swim club, without a parent, they stopped going.

aeromel78 on

For everyone commenting on Bruce’s age, being young when you have your children doesn’t guarantee you will get to watch them grow up. My step-father passed away at 42 and left behind a 12-year-old daughter. A friend of mine lost his mother when he was 13. She was only 39. We aren’t promised anything in this life. As long as these children are wanted and loved, who cares how old their father is?

Vig on

At almost 60 years old, he still looks young in this photo.

mimilll on

You are a smart man… know that women are *smarter than men*….this is WHY AMERICA should indeed vote a woman in as PRESIDENT…..I bet everyone would be quite SHOCKED with how this might be a HUGE IMPROVEMENT for our country.

goots on

A son he is old enough to be this kids grandfather.Time to stop with the kids and deal with the ones you have

lindarm on

REALLY? Reeeeeeeeally Bruce? You will be dead before the newest will be adults. How selfish, who wants to be 18 with a dad who is 80 ?

Abba on

I don’t blame him. He’s feeling his own mortality with every passing day, and knows the Bruce won’t be around forever.
It’s a natural feeling for him to want a mini-Brucie conquering the world before he exits this world. It’s the King feeling.

Mike on

As Bill Cosby said, Bruce “can’t quite put the stem on the apple, huh?”

Mary on

There is a way to get a boy – book called “Now you can choose your baby’s sex”. You have to be with your girlfriend at a certain time before or after menstration. I’ve assisted by telling people (I’ve done this myself) when they can get a girl or a boy by when they should be with their partner. It works!!!!!!

Joseph Van Vactor on

Has he had as many wives as he has daughters. Oh and there is no way this macho man thinks women should be in charge.

Drew on

Wow, I love the ageism here. First off this is America, a free country, thus Bruce Willis and his wife can have as many kids as they want for as long as they want to have them, ok? By your logic people should have kids at age 20 cuz hey, they’re 38 when the kid graduates college. There are plenty of people with their heads up their asses at 38 thus those people would have them even further up their asses at 20 or 28 or 33. There are people older than Bruce who could run, swim, and bike more miles than him, etc. It’s 2014. 59 isn’t old anymore with modern medicine.

Second big deal if Bruce had a son at say age 62 and he’d be 80 when the kid graduates highschool. He’d still be alive and the child’s father and it doesn’t matter how old he is, and does the kid need his dad’s guidance at that point? Dad’s playing catch with him or something? No and no, and in case you haven’t noticed Bruce is in better physical condition than most men half his age and less (of course his wealth helps but he still has to put in the work.) Any guidance his son would need is how to manage his trust fund his dad would set up for him. Would Bruce die when the kid is 38? Most likely. Ok, well lots of 38 year olds lose parents. You seem to forget that the kid would be so rich he could have three kids by age 21 (if he started a family at 18 and why not with all that money) which means Bruce would have 17 years to see all three of his grandchildren if he lived to 100.

Sunny on

Why not just wait for the grandson?

GabrielleHope on

Yuck! You’re 60 years old! You want to have a son some day? When? When you’re 80?

Anonymous on

hi bruce or can i call you dad?

tina max on

It’s not the age so much as the numbers. He already has four, the world is widely overpopulated, so why add more, whether he can support the kids or not. This is part of our environmental challenges.

Greek Cheese on

Bruce, even if your significant other got pregnant today and you did have that son, you’ll be pushing 80 when he graduates high school. Just look forward to grandsons instead.

Anonymous on

Wuch u talkin bout willis?

Angie on

He still keeps going at his age, great!

Maria on

We don’t need other bald head man!

luisa on

Jerry Lewis had all sons and finally ADOPTED a girl. Try adoption. Five kids are too many. TOO MANY! If you count your young wife, you have SIX daughters.

Anonymous on

That pretentious pos just is not man enough to have a son….next.

Catch22 on

I’m sure he can pick pone up at Walmart.

Ginger on

He is the leader of his soon 5 kids lol.