North West’s Wedding Dress Predictions: Here Are Our Picks

05/09/2014 at 08:00 AM ET

We’ve already been dreaming up which fabulous designer gown Kim Kardashian will wear to her May nuptials to Kanye as we count down to their glamorous bash. But what’s equally important is, what will North West wear?

Just like her mother, all eyes will be on the adorable 10-month-old tot, who will play an integral part in the couple’s French wedding according to an insider. “It wouldn’t be complete without her,” a source told PEOPLE.

Kim has been busy wedding dress shopping for herself in Paris, where she was spotted at Lanvin (which she wore on the cover of Vogue and at this year’s Met Ball), Givenchy, Balmain and Azzedine Alaïa.

North West Wedding Dress Predictions Picks
Courtesy Tutu du Monde, Aristocrat Kids, Hucklebones; Inset: Courtesy Kim Kardashian

So we can’t help but wonder: will baby North sport the same designer as her mom? Will she wear a gown befitting of the lavish chateau? Will she match her cousin and BFF Penelope, who is also expected to be a part of the wedding?

So many questions, so little time (they’re tying the knot soon!). In the meantime, here are a few styles we’d love to see little Nori wearing on her parents’ big day.

La Dolly The Mannequin Dress Le Petit Tom
Courtesy La Dolly

Kim loved wearing circle skirts while pregnant and nothing would be sweeter than seeing her daughter in this silk La Dolly The Mannequin dress ($414) from Le Petit Tom with its detailed bows.

“Kim will look gorgeous on her wedding day but North should shine too!” the designer tells PEOPLE. “She will like something with a chic cut but very classic.”

Aristocrat Kids Lace Dress and Jacket
Courtesy Aristocrat Kids

We know Kim has a passion for white lace and this Aristocrat Kids dress (available for $746 at can be custom made and is available in infant and baby sizes. Bonus: It comes with a matching coat.

“It is a Parisian wedding!” the designer tells PEOPLE. “There is nothing better than natural silk, French lace or some thin Italian linen with natural Mother of Pearl buttons and soft cotton lining. North should be dressed in an exquisite, aristocratic, custom made gown, having just that little bit of fairy tale in it to have a magical celebration!”

Tutu du Monde Gingerbread Dress
Courtesy Tutu du Monde

Kim certainly loves her ruffles so why not put baby North in this fun and frilly Tutu du Monde dress ($159) that’s both formal but also age-appropriate for the little princess.

“[It’s] simple yet sophisticated,” says the designer. “North will stun the guests wearing her signature color, white, with a hint of sparkle and touch of tulle.”

Hucklebones Metallic Spot Boat Neck Jacquard Dress
Courtesy Hucklebones

For a more prim and proper look that Kim also has a fondness for, North could wear this sweet jacquard Hucklebones dress ($163).

“We anticipate the look will be of chic luxury,” the designer tells PEOPLE. “Taking on the Parisian minimalism but maintaing a twist of glamor true to the couple’s style. Baby North West would look stunning in this frock with its clean lines and elegant cut perfect for the romantic setting of the couple’s wedding.”

Laura Lane

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Sandra on

Not a fan of any of the dresses.

angien2324 on

I want the long sleeve lace one for myself! But $748 for a child’s dress? You’ve got to be kidding me! These celebrities definitely live in a different world than we do! Even if I had the money there is no way in hell I’d spend that much on a white dress for a little girl..a baby even! It IS beautiful but I’m sure it can be made, and sold, for MUCH MUCH less!

Karen on

Nope!! None of them. Its a wedding, not a church picnic. North is a beautiful child and she should wear an extra special dress for her parents’ wedding.

Dunk on

North West not old enough or big enough for any of these choices.

Max on

She will wear black leather too-tight onesie.

JM on

Who cares???????

veggiemama on


Nikki on

Who cares what compass will wear? And in what universe has Kim ever shown a fondness for prim and proper? Enough with shoving these freaks down our throat People!

sally on

Wow peopleDOT, your just totally obsessed with these bunch of nuts! Move on, throwing them in everyones face is over the top! You do know what she did for $$$$$ before the media started following her, right??

Nancy on

They are disgusting and their baby is not at all cute. But then. Look at them they are neither one anything to look at. They act like they are all it but it all reality they are about the lowest of low.

Amelia on

Nori’s invited to the wedding?

Sherron on

Please no gray or black!!

BoAllen on

a Backwards dress since everything about this marriage is backwards baby then marriage (backward) honeymoon before marriage (backward) KK (totally backward) KW (short and backward)

Patty on

She’s a BABY! Noine of these Dresses is appropriate…are you guys nuts?

lori on

Oh for the love of God…

Janet on

May 9,2014 Katie Couric said it best. For the life of me I just can’t understand why The Kardasian’s are famous! People magazine is so into promoting these overpaid and self-centured materialistic group of no talent Kardasian’s, I guess because for some crazy reason people buy into all the hype and gossip about the Kardashians. Kim and Kanye are most likely going to be in Divorce Court in the future just like Kim;s fake self-indulgent wedding to Kris Humphries was never real or based on love. Good luck to all concerned , and please People magazaine can’t you find anything meaningful and important to constatly report on?

CRH on

Sorry but is everyone forgetting this a baby? Chic? Luxury? Elegance? For a 10 month old?
Hundreds of dollars for a dress that will get spit up on and messed up is crazy! Poor little girl is probably wanting to just nap anyway.

claire on

Mom will make sure she starts her off with a low cut dress, poor North

Mr G. on

How about the dress of shame for having a “HO” as a mother and an ignorant, racist fool as a father?

cynda on

Let’s face it, the kid will be in a few pictures and that’s it. Then she will be in the care of nannies, as usual. Poor IgNori.

laura on

Who in the bleep cares!!!

Anonymous on

If this is such a serous question, why doesn’t someone ask the toddler? I’ll bet she won’t be able to answer

smith on

Beaded bra and thong?

Kathie on

i like the first one it’s adorable

Deb on

She’s 10 months old! The only dress she should be wearing is a christening gown!

Sarah S. on

First of all, North will be 11 months old at the time of the wedding. Why on Earth are dresses for a much older child shown? If someone did their research…dresses in the 12 mos. old category should have been featured. Fail.

Anonymous on

Who cares!!!!!

Sheila on

First of all North is not anywhere near as big as these girls.She is not old enough to even stand on her own yet.I don’t like any of these choices.She could find much prettier dresses than these.

Anonymous on

Does the person who wrote this hate their life? I would. I hope you didn’t go to college only to write about this trashy family. I hope you’re not in student loan debt while writing about these disgusting people.

freya on

I think she will wear what her nanny will pick up for her.
After all she will just make an appearance base on the image her mother and possible her father wants the people to see them.

Diane Zamora on

The ruffles and frills

janette on

to bad she isn’t as lovely as these 3 little girls.

Beth on

I don’t know who took all the time, and wasted their time doing this, but the child is black, and will never wear any of this stuff. When you put any race with a black person the child is black. Period!

Tia on

North is too young for these dresses!