Mila Kunis: I’m Planning a Natural Birth

05/09/2014 at 08:50 AM ET

What is love? It’s getting a second fridge for your fiancée and stocking it with all sorts of food to satisfy any possible craving she might have during her pregnancy.

“I’ll tell you a funny story,” mom-to-be Mila Kunis says of Ashton Kutcher in an interview airing Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“He assumed that I was going to have goofy cravings, so he stocked our secondary fridge with weird food. Just like pickles and sauerkraut, or like anchovies and ice creams … just in case at one point during this pregnancy I’d be like, ‘I really want something.’ ”

Mila Kunis Ellen DeGeneres pregnancy
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

What she’s been craving mostly is sauerkraut. But one day last week, the fridge came in handy when her cravings shifted.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, I need a pickle.’ It was just the weirdest thing,” Kunis says. “I needed this pickle, and he was like, ‘Hold on a second,’ and disappeared in the backyard and came back with the most amazing dill pickle of all time.”

The actress, 30, says she and Kutcher, 36, have a name picked out but they aren’t revealing it. They’re also keeping the sex a secret.

But Kunis is more forthcoming about her birth plan, saying she’s committed to having a natural birth — that is, without an epidural.

“The hospital that I’m going to be laboring in does a midwife, you know, doula type of thing,” she says. “I’m going to do it as all natural as I possibly can unless that there’s an emergency or something that should go wrong.”

She adds, “I did this to myself, I might as well just do it right. I wanted this!”

— Tim Nudd

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Anonymous on

I had both of my daughters “naturally” and with no medication at all – People did not feel in newsworthy to broadcast my news!! haha

Anonymous on

whoop de do. women do it all the time. why is it big news because Mila does it?

Anonymous on

Because shes a celebrity and this is people magazine…duh

Anonymous on

Ya! Just what they said Big deal

who cares? on

So did I miss something? What’s newsworthy about some prima dona celebrity giving birth naturally, with no epidural?? I guess when you don’t live in the real world, something that women do every day seems like a big deal. Had both of mine sans any medication and my daughter was over 9 lbs AND I gave birth to her when I was 45 years old. Pul-lease!!! LMFAO!!!!

Renee on

I love the fact that she is so “real” or “naturalle”. It shows by the way she is handeling this pregnancy…and she doesn’t want her or pregnancy to be splattered all over the world, but keeping it private. I think that says alot about her and Ashton. Hope everything goes well and she delivers a healthy baby!

Kate on

Oh my. Take advantage of the advances in science, not all are bad. Women from the middle ages would think “natural births” are nuts if they had an alternative.

Lisa on

So funny, just because you have an epidural doesn’t mean the delivery is not natural. It’s best to keep an open mind, however if she can do it great.

Ashley on

I think this is great! A whopping 32.8% of women birth via c-section (CDC website I think her spreading the news that she wants to have a natural birth is great. Lady who had your 2 children “naturally,” I had an all natural water birth and tell everyone I know how awesome it was. I’m happy for her that she’s not going for a scheduled c-section and tummy tuck like most of Hollywood. Go Mila!

Cera on

Good for her. I had my two natural at home. I don’t know if I could have refused the epidural if I was at the hospital it may have been to tempting. That being said several women in my community have had hospital births sans an epideral. I think it helps you bounce back easier.

Momma GG on

Mila, I felt the same way & was very adamant bout it, all the way, until I hit 4 centimeters dilated & could no longer take the pain & my son is now 18 yrs old, is very smart, very sweet & a wonderful young man. So I don’t believe going that route at all affected my son in anyway.

Kelli on

I have to hand it to women who choose natural birth. I had 24 hours of labor, and only felt the first 2 (passed out in pain) and the last one. That was plenty.

Kelli on

I should clarify: I got the works after the first 2 hours.

shelli on

Natural childbirth has been around for centuries. Wait until hard labor hits and see how Mila handles it.

JulieG on

I did a C-Section first and 2 Vbac’s (natural births) after that, neither of the natural ones with epidurals. I need a trophy and recognition too please! LOL

Bijal on

This is not a contest people. They’re only reporting about her because she is an actress. Stop trying to one-up each other. You are all amazing women who have given birth.

Linda on

Five kids for me and ALL without any meds! All natural. I guess you need to be famous to make the news eh?!

abigailwinslow on

Why are people writing mean comments and saying ‘whoop de do’? This is something you would talk to your girlfriends about and it is fairly rare (in America) that people do a completely natural birth. You are reading a celebrity focused magazine, why are you acting appalled by this article?

Margot on

I had a plan to deliver “naturally” until problems arose and I had to have an emergency c-section. Don’t think it was the so-called wrong way. Trust me, pain is pain and child birth is child birth, no matter how you slice it. Be prepared for anything, Mila!

Emily on

Mila’s comment that she is going to “do it right” by not having an epidural is hurtful to Moms like me who chose to have the assistance of pain medication during their childbirth. Mila should realize there is no “right” or “wrong” way to have a baby – it is a personal choice for each and every woman going through childbirth. My decision to have an epidural was the best choice for me, my husband, and our daughter, who was born healthy and happy, and continues to be so at 2 years old. Comments like Mila’s are what puts undeserved judgment and pressure on new mothers.

Sherron on

Poor child, she has no clue what she is in for! Sounds like Ashton is a loving and caring partner..

Anonymous on

No way! A natural Hollywood birth??? LOL!

Anonymous on

I had 3 natural births with no medication. It’s a lot to go through but so worth it. It’s a personal choice for each individual woman and what works best for them. I say go Mila!

BoAllen on

God Bless You

Anonymous on

I had 3 children all natural with no meds. To each their own, it’s a personal choice. Go Mila!

Jo on

I had a natural birth at age 41, with a midwife and my husband by my side!! My son is now 30!! It was, by far, the highlight of my life!! Woman have a choice to birth naturally or with meds, but the outcome is the same….a beautiful child! My choice worked for me!!!

fanny_pants on

Just love them!! Congrats Mila & Ashton!

Anonymous on

Just did this Wednesday – Doula, Midwife, no epidural – happens every single day!

Erin on

Like Mila but just because you use an epidural during child birth doesn’t mean you are not “doing it right”

Ari on

I love posts like these because you know all the one uppers are going to come out of the woodwork, “I had my 12 pound daughter without drugs and while riding a unicycle across a tightrope over the Grand Canyon!” “Well I gave birth to 15 pound twins while running a marathon by hopping on one foot with no pain medications and a blindfold on!”

LLS on

OMG, women. We all go through it differently. Some can do it naturally and spit the kid out in an hour. Others have 24 hours of labor with an epidural and it’s DANG hard work. To ne, it’s a feat no matter how you look at it. Just because you get some meds does NOT mean you take an easy way out!

Jo on

I had my son at 41…a natural birth with my midwife and husband by my side! It was truly the highlight of my life!! Women have a choice to birth naturally or with meds….and the result is the same….a beautiful baby! My choice worked for me!

Alex on

Annoying when these celebrities have all these plans and then somehow it never ends up happening. Shut up and wait till the birth actually happens then brag about it afterwards

Barbara on

There’s no benefit to giving birth without an epidural; it’s merely fashionable. What’s funny is that now that everyone’s doing it, nobody is impressed. Labor in agony for ten hours if you want, but the world will respond with a yawn.

June on

This is never a contest. You are all amazing women who have given birth !!

Britgirl on

In the UK, you have to ask for an epidural, and you can be refused. Hence, we have a high percentage of no pain relief births over here. I never understand the big deal in America when someone doesn’t have an epidural.

haven on

This is not about who did what way everyone is different, every story is unique. Most importantly that the mama and baby is healthy.

really? on

Its a celebrity magazine people! Of course they are going to praise her for this. Its not a surprise. Besides… why all the bitterness? Geez….

Julia on

this is never a contest. anyone who has given birth deserves praise. Happy Mother’s Day to all !!!

lola on

You women are just horrible!! MIla is not saying I’m going to try natural and let me explain it to you since I am the 1st woman ever to do so. She is speaking about HER experience and plans for HER child’s birth. HERS, not yours, so please get over your horrible unsuportive selves.

DD on

I did it “naturally” as well…..My son was 10lbs 4oz and almost 22 inches. Am I anymore of a hero because I did it with no meds? NOPE! EVERY Mother is a hero….whether it is sans medication, with medication, C-section, surrogate or adoption. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fellow Mom’s out there 🙂

Jays on

A midwife is not a doula, a doula is NOT a midwife. They have completely different rolls. A doula is there to support and coach the mother. The midwife is at the “business end” of things and delivers baby. However, midwives also support the mother, but a doula does not deliver baby. Mila better check that out before she delivers. As for natural childbirth, good for her. All my babies were born that way, it hurt, but it was worth it.
My sister and daughter in law both experienced vicious headaches for weeks after epidurals. Something they don’t warn you about can be a side effect of epidurals. My sister ended up in hospital as she experienced such severe headaches which were totally unmanageable.

Dawn on

I find it interesting all the women who comment what’s the big deal about her doing it naturally, then proceed to tell their natural childbirth experience. You are just the same. Natural childbirth is crazy hard and if I made it through my 2 labor and deliveries naturally you bet your butt I’d brag too. Don’t be so mean to judge her when you know you use every opportunity to let people know you did it naturally.

klutzy_girl on

I came just to see the colour commentary from all the sanctimommies. You guys never fail to produce.

So pathetic seeing mothers behave like this to one another. Sickening, really.

Christina on

I planned the same thing…good luck with that. 30 hours of labor I’ve completel

peoplefan on

Seriously…you can “plan” that all you want…I didn’t have anything for my two deliveries either. I didn’t plan it that way, things just progressed too quickly. “People” makes nothing out of something…once again.

ally on

I had that intention too, then ended up with an emergency c-section. My water broke on its own, but my body never went into labor. They said my water broke prematurely. I sure didn’t think that was how my labor was going to go. I’m glad my lamas class teacher said, “write your birth plan in pencil”…boy, was that ever true. I had wishes for a natural birth, but I had to be ok that it didn’t happen that way for me. My OB told me afterwards that if I had given birth 100 years ago, both myself and my baby would have died.

Liz on

I recently had a baby and I spoke about my birth plan all the time. The reason it wasn’t in the news is because I am not famous or on the Ellen show. There is no need to bash Mila for being on Ellen and talking about the most important thing in her life right now. Talk about judgement.
I also planned to have an all natural, no epidural birth but that didn’t end up happening for me. After 31 hours of labor and no progression beyond 3 cm, I was induced and received an epidural and had a healthy baby girl. There is nothing wrong with having a birth plan and being open to change as necessary!

guest on

Just because a woman gives birth without an epidural doesn’t make her the hero above a woman who chooses to take the pain meds. It’s a completely personal choice.

cyn on

Love her, but ask her if she’ll go natural when expecting baby number 2 at some point

bitsy on

Good lord there are some nasty, bitter women on here. She never claimed to be a hero, or some kind of superstar because she is choosing a natural birth. She chose to share this information with the public, knowing full well how damn catty some women can be. Get over yourselves already!

Congrats to Mila and Ashton on their personal choices and shame on the rest of you for the snide comments.

genibre2013 on

Ugh I hate her idea that natural birth is doing it right and having an epidural is not. So obnoxious.

david on

So this is a story about her being pregnant and want to have it naturally unless there are issues….why the fuck do i read this crap?

Anonymous on

More reason for the celebrity worshipper to get out of bed in the morning.

Toni on

I have three kids. The first was a csection because she was breech and my recovery wasn’t bad but she was my first. She was 8 lbs. My second I went into labor and it slowed after my epidural. She was 9 lbs 3 oz. I had a long labor and my incision start to rupture but I had a good doc. My third my labor was very short and by the time I got to the hospital I had no time for drugs. I had my son all natural. He was 9 lbs. I don’t think it was bad at all and would prefer that over the other two labors/births I had. But I may have felt different if I had a long labor and then then a natural birth. Good for her. I hope she can manage the pain and do it drug free. I felt like I could have went running after mine, I felt great (like the nurses told me I would but thought they were liars)!

solidfilmreviews on

LOL I love how some people are like, who cares? People do natural birth all the time. You’re reading People magazine… not regular everyday People magazine. A magazine, about, celebrities, in the “babies” section. News about an actress… and her pregnancy… is going to come up at some point…

Anonymous on

She said Ashton has been taking Russian language classes for about six months so he can speak to the baby in Russian…hmmmm 🙂 Thinking an August baby! Love these two together and can’t wait for the name.

angien2324 on

My goodness, some of you are seriously catty! She isn’t making it a big deal! She was being interviewed and was asked questions, in which she answered. She answered as every single soon to be new mom answers and you guys are making it out like she posted her desire for a natural birth on a billboard. Grow up, ladies! It’s not a contest!

Anonymous on

Man….I did pregnancy all wrong. I only had one fridge, pickles made me gag and I had not one, but two epidurals during my 28 hours of labor…

Stacey on

I had two epidural births and one unmedicated birth. The unmedicated birth was hands down my favorite birth experience, pain and all. You can do it Mila, it’s worth it!

Emily on

It’s annoying how women who want to give birth natural feel like they are someway superior to those who have an epidural. Well I had twins and didn’t have a choice and had to have an epidural and have a c section? Does that make me less of a woman bc I didn’t go through labor? Or does it make me more of a woman bc I had two kids at once? Really and truly if you grow a human being inside of you for 9 months that alone is spectacular enough. There really doesn’t need to be this competition between how you give birth and whether or not you breast feed.The most important thing is having a healthy pregnancy, having a healthy and safe delivery and having a healthy and happy baby.

Polly on

I think it’s great that she wants to go all natural, without medication! You just have to roll with what comes at you during labor. I had two very different birthing experiences and I preferred my natural and non-medicated birth BY FAR. Everybody experiences labor and pain differently so do what feels right to you! Birth is awesome no matter how it happens!

Melanie on

I always chuckle when first-time moms plan to have their babies without an epidural… They have no idea what they will actually experience. There’s absolutely no shame in getting an epidural if you find yourself unable to bear the pains of childbirth, which can be brutal. It’s not a matter of being weak or tough, but of responding appropriately to the situation as it unfolds.

Erin on

I had an epidural and was happy to get it, but it’s wrong to say there is no benefit to birthing without interventions. The more interventions when not medically indicated, the more risk that the baby will go into distress. It’s not a contest — as long as your provider is respectful and you are involved in the birth process as much as you’d like to be, it’s all good. But I like it when celebrities come out and talk about birth. It’s healthy for us to at least recognize that starting with a plan for an intervention-free birth (and then deciding on interventions like epidurals as needed) is a smart thing for moms and babies.

Bianca on

What I find sad is how some of these comments are so snarky and hateful. She is commenting on her birth plan and it’s not like she acting like she’s is the first woman to ever desire to have a natural birth. Women need to support each other not drag each other down. We are each worse own enemy.. seriously..

JanueC on

So many nasty hateful people here. I hope your kids don’t get infected by your poisonous attitudes. I pity them for having parents who are such bullies.

Shannon on

Ashton sounds like a dream husband lol! Stocking that second fridge for her was pure genius!

Rene on

Women are so judge mental of each other! She is a celebrity on a celebrity website, giving her opinion on something she was asked about. It is a sad state that we start criticizing people so harshly for having an opinion these days. And why exactly people come onto a website about celebrities and then complain that the article isn’t newsworthy, is beyond me. If you’re looking for news, try CNN.

Erin In KC on

This is news worthy because…
Hundreds of us did this.

kim on

I craved sauerkraut with my first child too. (Sorry, Ellen, I had a girl!) Ate so much sauerkraut I couldn’t eat it for a long time after I gave birth!

Jessica on

I think it’s wonderful that Mila Kunis is indirectly using her celebrity to spotlight a natural approach. It’s very sad reading some of the negative know-it-all comments throwing shade at her for being confident enough in herself and her body to be brave and try it. Women are so judgmental of each other when it comes to childbirth. A common experience that should bring us together has become such a divisive topic. It seems to me, as with everything, women should be free to do what is right for their body without judgement and criticism and they should extend that courtesy to others.

Guest on

To each her own. I had an epidural both times and it was AWESOME!

Sara Ropp on

If you don’t care or want to hear about her don’t read the article!

Anonymus on

I had three children without anything. My first son weight 10lbs, my son was (three weeks early induced) 9.2lbs, and my third was also induced two weeks early 8.14lbs. I am not looking for a medal or anything. They are all now in their late 20’s.

I do not hold myself as some Hero, this is birthing. It is going to hurt, but learn how to breath and relax during your contractions.

Eveyone today want something for the pain, deal with it.!

Christ on

That’s what I said too….then the real pain kicked in. Why put yourself through it if you don’t have to?? I have 4 children, all came into the world with the help of an epidural…made the experience much more peaceful and calm.

Guest on

To each her own….I had an epidural both times and it was AWESOME!

Mary on

All first time moms say this: “I am going to be the most all natural of naturals. No pain killers or epidural. I am going to give birth in the dirt and play baseball that night.” Come on… Mila – I hope for you a healthy baby. All the rest – we shall see.

Shirley on

I’m over 50 and have heard SOOOOOOO many women start off with that intention.. . . good luck honey, wait till you transition into the hard labor then we’ll talk

Krystal on

I do not have an kids, nor have I been pregnant, is it true that when you plan to have a more nautral birth a lot of hospital interfer with that and you are better off at home or a free standing birth clinic. Unless you can find a doctor that lends more toward the midwife approach. For example you cannot walk, you cannot move positions and you cannot eat while in labor?

Bianca on

The fact the some of you women procreated is what boggles my mind. Some of the women commenting on here are an embarrassment to the rest of us females who support each other not tear each other down and think everything is a competition. What a sad thread…

Neese38 on

Kudos to you…Brave woman….best of luck to you and Ashton.

American Mom on

First of all, a first time mother ought to have the humility to realize that whatever her ideals may be, she doesn’t know how her birth experience will go or what she may require. She might change her mind- the point is that announcing something like that is very arrogant. We don’t always get the labor we imagined.

I was like that – very obnoxiously declaring I would never have an epidural and so on. With three children, I luckily didn’t need one BUT what if I’d changed my mind? One of my labors was much tougher than the others. I was foolish and arrogant to say something like that when I didn’t really know what would happen. Second, a celebrity ought to take the (unfortunate) influence they have over other women and realize that a comment like this is really designed to be holier than thou and make others feel “less than” or somehow failures if they happen to need or want that pain relief. She knows nothing about what it’s like so she should honestly just shut up.

Next she’ll do what all of these Hollywood types do and pose in a bikini at a week after birth and shame us for not buying organic fair trade cotton onesies and grinding our own macrobiotic baby foods. Celeb moms- put a cork in it! It’s you who need lessons from US real moms!

ashley on

pickles don’t come from the back yard…. that’s called a cucumber 🙂

Cidney on

I was fine with this until her last sentence. “I might as well do it right.” Right? What’s “right” is doing whatever is safest for baby and mom, which depends on the labor situation. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to give birth. Hopefully she gets a tad less judgmental after she has kids and realizes that it’s not a competition. She might be singing a different tune if her baby goes complete or footling breech at 9 months and she doesn’t have much of a choice. The goal is a healthy baby and trauma free delivery.

Kim on

Jeez, there are some nasty women who post here. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could all SUPPORT one another instead of constantly needing to leave catty remarks and one up each other. In my dreams…..

Julie Prescott on

I hope she can go thru with the natural birth! Kudos if she does, not easy! Happy for the two of them; a very neat couple!

Leila on

To each their own! Sounds like Mila and Ashton are very excited about this baby. I wish them all the best.

No Name on

Get married already!

Laughing Mom on

I understand that childbirth for some women is easier for some but most refer to it as, “the most painful experience I’ve ever endured” and “just get it out!” is said. We still love our children and say the pain was worth it, but Mila… Don’t knock it (epidural) till you’ve tried it. We’ve all had the best intentions BEFORE that pain for hours changes our minds…

Dawn on

I had both my sons naturally, no meds, nothing. They were each almost 9 pounds. Natural births happen all the time.

Vee on

Good grief, women can be so catty. Every birth is different. Good for you Mila, I hope you’re able to go natural. I’m just happy to see “Jackie and Kelso” together finally! Good luck!

vena on

as if she’ll ever admit that she shouted for epidural after the first contraction. thank you, People, for a headline!

Kim on

A bunch of moms who have all done something amazing by bringing children into the world… and you’re all sitting here mocking each other and trying to one-up everyone. You’re all mothers, you’ve all given birth… everyone’s circumstances are different. Stop being so rude.

Anonymous on

sooo…here it says that they’re keeping the sex a secret — i thought that it was revealed that she was having a girl? unless that’s speculation?

Calling it! on

She’s having a boy.

Sam on

I see some people on here are just bitter and have nothing nice to say. She is just a human being excited about being a mom and expressing her views on the subject matter…just like I am sure all of you have done to your friends and family. The only difference is that she is famous and is able to express her views on television…I am sure if you were famous you would do the same. Don’t read this kind of “news” if you don’t like it. I hope your kids don’t grow up and express the same type of negativity you do towards people.
Good for her and her choices!

Ella on

First of all, happy for them. They both seem like nice folks. But, why is she calling it ‘doing it right’? Is having a root canal without anesthetic also the ‘right way’ to do dental work? Because that’s the way it used to be done. If you choose to birth without medication, go for it, but don’t assume it’s the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. Nevertheless, all the best to both.

Annababe on

Ha! So brave to say you won’t have an epidural now as you have never had a child yet! However, as someone who had 2 children naturally let’s see what you say when the contractions start Missy. I bet you’ll be whistling a different tune then. It is like nothing you ever experienced and can’t be explained. I said “Bring on the epidural – after 20 something hours in labour.” And it never worked on me! So good luck!

Kelli on

Secondary fridge? In the backyard?

MSmith on

Been there, done that!

Mocs on

I know I’m dumb but doesn’t natural child birth mean no epidural or any type of drug?

Nicole on

I’m so happy for her and Ashton. I can’t wait to see pics of the baby when it’s born and hear what they name it. I just hope she has a healthy baby cuz that’s most important

fiona on

pushing a watermelon through a garden hose is no day in the park!! good luck w/the natural thing.

Mocs on

I really get tired when I hear others knock a woman for wanting an all natural child birth. My goal is have a natural child birth. Someday. And I’ve been told countless times that I won’t be able to handle the pain.

It pisses me off that people know me and my body so well. I think I know what I can, and cannot, handle.

sally on

I love her! She is awesome and it’s so great that Ashton is so involved in the pregnancy! Good luck to both of them!

Renee on

If you can handle it that’s great. However I said the same thing. But when I hit 4 centimeters and the nurse said, Would you like some Demerol before it’s to late? My husband said, No she wants to give birth with no drugs, Then…….he saw the look of fire in my eyes and before I could say anything he said, umm give her whatever she wants! Needless to say, I got Demerol!

Lottie on

And all the moms that had epidurals, are thinking the moms that had ‘natural’ deliveries, are idiots. Lol why would you choose to labor with no meds, when meds are available? You think it makes you a saint? Women have been laboring without meds, for millennia. There’s nothing beautiful about being in pain, and feeling like your insides are getting ripped out. You know what’s wonderful? Epidurals. They are heavenly. They make labor joyful. Baby comes out healthy either way, so why willingly put yourself through that?

Renee on

As for what is love? It’s buying a second fridge and stocking it with pregnancy foods…….Ellen, you do realize that the majority of us can’t afford to do that, right?

Nannyto1 on

I had my daughter with no meds… no problem. Good luck Mila!

Mandy on

I was against an epidural until the pain got so bad that I couldn’t even lay on the bed. I begged for one then, but it didn’t work at all for me. All that matters is a healthy baby & mom so everyone just needs to do what’s best for them. Be nice everyone.

browntown on

Atta girl!

charcarr on

Yeah, we’ll see about that!

Lynze on

Mila is on a TALK show and guess what-she is talking. Sae thing as if a non celebrity talks to her family/friends. Guess what? People are curious and ASK these very same questions. Why all the negativity?

Annababe on

When I say “naturally” that is because the epidural never worked on me and I experienced the contractions throughout the whole birthing process. Everything was tried to get my daughter out – forcepts , clamps, suction cup and nothing worked. Until finally she decided to come out face up! Worth every minute and today is her birthday actually – she was born on Mother’s Day 21 years ago. Best thing I ever did was have my two girls – 1st daughter was 9 lbs 2 1/2 ounces and 2nd daughter was 10 lbs 13 1/2 ounces. All I am saying is any woman doesn’t know what she is going to do until they are right in the middle of trying to deliver their baby and experiencing this pain for the first time.

lissa832 on

So if a woman chooses to get an epidural, that makes it somehow wrong? Let me be wrong then. I’m about to give birth to my third child, and I’d rather be pain free than right, I suppose.

Momofthree on

I was going to do the natural birth thing too. Then reality hit in. Labor pains were like no other. And then I thought about it, somewhere God gave someone the idea to ease childbirth. And the epidural does NOTHING to the baby, read your facts, its all the Mom. I would not have a root canal without novacane, or surgery without anesthesia. Do it if you can but don’t act like your doing something great,

Jen on

That’s what they all say until women actually do it. It will probably depend on the actual length of the labor and position of the baby. 12+ hours of pain, say, and she, like many women, might be begging for the epidural.

Jen on

“I did this to myself, I might as well just do it right. I wanted this!” Hmmmm…. is she implying that having an epidural is not the “right” way to have a baby? It’s a personal decision for each mother and there is NO right or wrong way to do it. It’s kind of snobby of her to suggest otherwise….

Alison on

I wish society would stop stimgatizing the use of epidurals. I had my first with an epidural and the second came too fast so I had to go with no medication. After that second experience, I always said if there was a third, I want the epidural administered in the parking lot on my way in to the hospital. I personally don’t think it;s necessary to go through all that pain when it can be avoided safely but to each their own. If she wants to do it with no drugs, that is her preference. We need to stop butting our noses in other people’s business. If they want drugs, great, and if not, awesome. Do what is right for you and don’t be afraid to change your mind if your original birth plan doesn’t work out (which they rarely do).

Mimi on

I had all my three boys naturally without any drugs with the last one being over 10lbs…Now hand me the trophy ! Oh wait… I didn’t have Kutcher’s baby 😦

Lily86 on

“I did this to myself, I might as well just do it right. I wanted this!” So, she means anybody doing it with an epidural is doing it wrong?? I got epidurals with my 2 pregnancies. I’m a whimp who can’t handle pain! But I don’t think I did it wrong 🙂

Raffaele Zuccaro on

She will probably get knocked up again soon after this bastard birth-?? Thats what stars do and DO Again, have children out of wedlock- What a teacher of morality?? How many choldren does As-hole-ton have out of wed-lock now?? After devorcing gradma Demi?? WTF?????

Anonymous on

I planned to go sans medication, but ended up opting for an epidural. My son was born perfect and healthy and still is today. Who’s to say going totally medication-free is the ‘right way?’ Isn’t all that matters a healthy mom and healthy baby in the end? I was once anti-drug during childbirth (honestly, thought I’d be more of a ‘real woman’ if I did it drug free), but now I don’t understand all of the anti-medication sentiments out there!

Raffaele Zuccaro on

People is really FAIR arent they??? HOhoho? What has morality or decency got to do with People????

Chuck on

1. When are you getting married
2. Yeah right, after the first pains you’ll be begging for the drugs.

LK NY on

Women have been doing this for ages. Really? This is a story?

Epiduralmama!! on

To say natural childbirth is the “right way” was arrogant of her. Every birth is different, and everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Does that mean that C-Sections are wrong? Congrats on your baby and your choices, but as a celebrity with millions of women listening, your comments are insulting to every mother who chose a different birth plan than you.

Anonymous on

I appreciate that a lot of commentors don’t see this as news worthy, but a majority of births still are medicated or done surgically in our country. Depending on where you are in our country, this may be even more pronounced. I had my daughter in Georgia, with no medication, and felt a little like a side-show oddity (we had nurses coming in to see what a natural birth was like) because it was very rarely done in the hospital we birthed in. I just had her in December! Maybe this will help empower women to go the natural birth route so some day it won’t be done as rarely.

Elena on

Alison, I agree with you 100%! I had two births and both times made sure I got to the hospital in ample time to get the epidural. Some women are proud of going through pain to have the baby without meds – good for them! I am proud of using safe modern technology to deliver a baby with virtually no pain and welcome her with a smile.

AbbyDogg on

Another me, me , me actress who thinks everyone is interested in a blow-by blow of her pregnancy! God – just shut up!!!

Wendy on

Ha. I love when women who have never had a child declare they are going to have a natural childbirth. Yeah, just wait till contractions hit. I will never understand why anyone has a so called natural childbirth anyway. As if there’s some huge prize at the end for suffering horrific pain needlessly. I had a natural non medicated birth not by choice and why anyone does that by choice is beyond me.

Suzy Q on

If she can do it good for her! I don’t know why you would want to put yourself in that much pain if you don’t have to be in pain, but I admire people who attempt to do it or do it successfully.

sioux on

Wow, all the negative comments. I’m sure these were answers to questions asked. She’s a first time mother and living in the moment. I would think people would be a little more positive and supportive instead of posting what they think are CUTE answers. Bullying or being a smart ass is so unattractive. And we wonder where are children get it from?

Erin on

That’s very easy to say before you’ve ever experienced labor! I had one baby without an epidural, one with an epidural and one where the epidural never took. By far, my best experience was with the epidural because I could enjoy the process and was most aware of what was going on. Each to their own though and I hope she gets the experience she desires.

cindyann on

I had five children with no pain medication. I think Mila is adorable and if she chooses to use it or not, that is her decision. You bunch of B*tchy women on here attacking her makes me want to spit right in your face! She is a celebrity, you are NOT, you are on a celebrity website. If the story bothers you ( have no idea why it would anyway) MOVE ON! Who cares if you were 45?! WHO cares at all how you or I gave birth or what we used, we are not celebrities, SHE IS. Ellen asked her questions, she responded..I guess she shouldn’t be excited over the birth of her first child?! Grow up please. She is making judgements on people who did use pain meds, you are.

LK NY on

Really? Worthy of a story? Women have been doing this for ages!

Anonymous on

I understadn that less than 100 years ago in Eastern Europe it was still customary for a couple to have a baby before getting married to insure it was a boy to leave the family farm to but I would have thought she would give up that practice after leaving there so long ago.

Shannon on

Forget that!!! I want every drug they can give me!

Sara on

She adds, “I did this to myself, I might as well just do it right.

Really! So, by having an epidural, I didn’t do it right? Bite me.

Morgan on

Lol, oh you attention seekers you. Stop throwing your fits. So you had a c-section? So you had an epidural? Kudos.

Mila gets a story in people magazine because she’s a CELEBRITY. And IMO I think she deserves a kudos too. So many celebs(and non celebs)have super scheduled births and proclaim to the world who and what is occupying their belly. I gotta be honest…I find it kinda creepy. But to each his own. Just because I find ya creepy, do you really need to throw a tantrum?

The whole nude pregnant pictures with the siblings kissing mom’s belly…creepy. Naming your baby ahead of time and addressing your belly…kinda creepy, and sad for the times the mom was told she was having one and actually has another. Too bad.

CaliMom on

She’s adorable and so is he. Good for them!

Taylor on

Best of luck to her and wishes for a healthy baby. I did love my epidural though. It was the best thing ever.

Cat on

I appreciate her candor in doing what she feels is the right thing for her and her baby but understanding that things can come up and it may not go the way she expects. I don’t agree with saying that non-medicated is the “right” way. I think that is the way that is “right” for her but not for everyone. I had an unplanned natural birth with my first and had planned the same with my second but ended up having an emergency c-section because she ended up breech. Things happen and we have to be prepared but I think she has a plan for what she wants to attempt and that is nothing to be put down about.

Tamara on

It sounds like she has done her homework; good for her! The midwives and doulas will provide the epidural if she ends up needing it, but, unlike the doctors, they will have her try other methods of pain relief that are risk-free FIRST before they bring in the epidural. 99% of the time the risks are not disclosed to the mother or they’re skimmed through quickly while she’s at the height of pain (especially when she’s been given pitocin or had her water broken manually). Yes, there are risks!

Lisa Abbo on

Yes Mila, good luck with that plan…………….it could happen but……..maybe not

janie on

I hope she’s able to do that.. This happens daily and only newsworthy to those in our orbit. I wish her luck and a happy, healthy baby.

Rae J on

That was my plan, too! Until I hit hour 22. Then I caved so I could rest and have the energy to push when the time came (another 5 hours later). It’s good to have a plan. But it isn’t terrible to change plans when you’re in the midst of the pain.

Tamara on

Get a grip catty B*tches- it pisses them off because the thought of someone accomplishing something they didn’t rubs them the wrong way. But don’t blame them either…most of the women going into hospitals today are not fully informed of all the benefits and risks of their choices, and nobody’s there besides a clueless man to coach them and help them get through their labors better. It’s a sad state of affairs in America…we’re ranked 60th place in the world by the WHO for maternal mortality.

Brenda on

I’d like to say I’m very happy for Mila Kunis. Just because she said she is having her baby natural wasn’t a dig at any woman in America. Yes I’ve had 3 children with no meds, so yes I can speak on this an not be effected by what Mila said. And a lot of you that have a issue with this then maybe you shouldn’t of watched it or read about it. Everyone has feelings and what you say hurts. What she said wasn’t to hurt any of you, your all mothers is this what you want your children to read that you make fun and put down a woman that is gonna be a mother herself? Smh!!! Good luck to you Mila & Ashton on your engagement and the soon to be parents of a healthy baby love from a fan an a mother of three 🙂

Joyce on

I had six kids which included a set of twins and I had all of them naturally and every pregnancy I delivered in 4 hours. My last one I had in 1 hour so I guess I’m worthy of a People’s article smh. I guess it’s time for People to start focusing on real people who does this everyday if they think that what she said is amazing.

Morgan on

Goodness gracious, reading most of the comments, y’all are hateful! Just because some of you did it naturally deserve an award and pick on someone else when their labor didn’t go according to plan. Everyone is different and no one is perfect. Stop being so negative about someone else’s choice and be supportive.

Anonymous on

yeah she will not be going natural for long trust…

Carol on

What a ridiculous headline. Why is natural birth shocking?

Ginger on

Mila, seriously, you didn’t do it to yourself. I had my first child naturally because the epidural was put in too late. It certainly didn’t tickle but it wasn’t that bad either.

Anonymous on

I love this…all first time mom’s say they aren’t going to have an epidural because they have NO idea how painful it is going to be. I guess at 5cm she will be screaming for one. Either way, the most important thing is a healthy delivery!

dthomas74 on

Hey, I am just glad she actually admitted to having cravings! Unlike most celebrity moms who say, “Oh, I craved fresh fruit”. Yeah right. Sauerkraut! Love it!

Tamara on

You people who are saying she could never do it, and are bashing her, are disgusting. Pregnant women are supposed to be supported and encouraged, not torn down. Just because you’re bitter doesn’t mean you should wish the same on her. Shame on you! This is exactly why we care one of only 8 countries that have actually had an INCREASE in maternal death rate this year! Look it up and stop bashing.

Lisa Lew on

She did this to herself?

Ridiculous on

Trying to figure out why you referred to her as a ‘prima dona’, “who cares”? She simply responded to questions she was asked during an interview. People magazine is the one who slapped exclamation points all over the place and made this the stop story of the day. People is the one making a ridiculously huge deal out of this, NOT Mila Kunis. That hardly makes Mila a ‘prima dona’.

Aubrey on

I love how people talk like no one ever sets out to have a natural birth and then carries through with it. Happens all the time, both our boys were born without medication. The more people told me with our first, “Good luck trying it without an epidural!” just made me want to prove them wrong. And I did. Twice. She can do it if she wants. Encouragement is the word of the day, not trying to scare someone out of their choice.

JW on

As a labor and delivery nurse, I can honestly say this: the only “right” way to give birth is for mom and baby to get through the delivery safely. There are many avenues to get to that point. It’s not a contest, it’s childbirth, and it’s no less beautiful if you have an epidural or a C-section.

Deborah on

That’s nice…but sometimes it doesn’t always turn out they way you want it to. Good luck!

Anonymous on

Ugh. I’m all for having whatever kind of birth you want…but “do this right”? So people who don’t have unmedicated births are doing it wrong? Get back to me when you have 2 kids, I’m sure you’ll be less sure of everything you think you know.

Andrea Bruels on

I felt the same way about giving birth to my children. I will be delivering number 5 naturally this June. I guess I figured epidural is somewhat new medicine..all those women that have sustained life since the beginning of time did it without one so why do I need it. What I can say is as soon as you look into your new babies eyes all the pain you felt just goes away. Good luck to you both!

KingKing on

I don’t understand why anyone would want unnecessary pain during a beautiful experience. I respect a woman’s decision. I’m also a person who has nerve pain so I admit I probably don’t get it.

Ashley on

I hate people who say things like this… Just because people get epidurals doesn’t mean they do it “wrong” let me know if you get a metal or something for doing it “right” Mila!

shidley on

Women are strong…capable of many things. Do it natural. or don’t. There’s nothing wrong with having pain meds if you want/need them either.

rockybopper on

@ Anonymous not broadcasting your natural birth. Oh the irony, you just did.

Tammy on

And this is NEWS why? Women do this ALL the time

Anonymous on

Good luck.. I think it is great to have a child without drugs. I’ve had 2 without any drugs, but I wasn’t expecting to go natural. When I asked for pain medicine a nurse asked if that’s what’s I really wanted. She told me some of the drugs would be going to the baby.
That’s all it took for me to say no.

Blah on

People you finally got it right. A natural birth means drug free. You are constantly saying celebrities are having a “natural” birth when really you mean vaginal. Let’s also not knock a woman’s right to birth the way she chooses. Let’s support each other instead.

Akita on

yeah…she’s planning it now…lol!…

John on

who care?

Mary on

I know I can be called out for taking the time to post this, but her lame cravings are all over the internet. WHO CARES. “Celebrities” act as thought they are the only people in the history of mankind to have children. She can take solace in the fact that her baby’s daddy absolutely ruined Two and Half Men….maybe the two of them can have the craving for to retire from the limelight forever.

Dorothy McGann on

BFD!!! Would have rather comment tht they were getting married and can’t wait to have as baby? How many times are these Hollywood types going to bounce from bed to bed? Marriage is not a dirty word. Poor children end up having how many step-brothers or sisters. There are so many prblems in this country and all people can think about is bodies after babies, babies before marriage, babies with no commitment, or my favorite “The Kardashians.”

Liz on

She’s a f—–g idiot! She’ll learn.

Amanda on

Note: She said she PLANS (ie: her IDEAL is) to go natural. Good for her – or any woman with that aspiration. The only issue I ever have when that topic arises is the ridiculous backlash against it, snobbery from some who claim it’s the only way, and the attitude some women have that any form of labour makes a woman more motherly, less motherly, or worse – stupid or clever. I had a planned C-section because my baby was predicted to be way too big for my pelvis….11lbs later, was my doctor ever right! Nobody near and dear to me made me feel any less pregnant leading up to it, nor did I self-impose a feeling of “lesser womanliness” for having gone through with a surgical labour. I realize I had a less traumatic labour than some women, but nonetheless, we are all mothers, women, and own our power.. All mothers share in the wonders of parenthood; why get into a peeing contest over who’s “better” or “worse” at the start of that wonderful journey?

Christina on

That was my plan too…things don’t always work out the way you want them to.

Terry on

I was on morphine when I gave birth to my first child and didn’t feel any pain, she weighed 8.2 lbs. With my second child, I had nothing for pain and was in great great great pain, she weighed 9 lbs. I am only 5’2″ tall.

Anonymous on

Knocked up by Ashton Kutcher, oh MY GAWD! uuuwww, yuk.. nasty!

Anonymous on

So what, no one gets a medal for a natural birth….healthy baby is all that’s important.

Kat on

Good for her!! I had a natural birth and it was hands down the most empowering experience I’ve had in my life. That being said, I hope ALL women feel empowered (and informed!) in their choices as bringing a new person into the world is a very beautiful and special thing.

thekat124 on

No epidural…okay, have fun with that!

KW on

I’ve had without epidural (not by choice) and two with an epidural. I’ll take an epidural over natural any day. The results are the same (a delivered baby) and you don’t get a medal.

Emmers on

Wow. Some of you really need to calm down. Getting so worked up about something that has no effect on you or your life is completely ridiculous. You had your kids your way. She will have hers her own way. Life will go on.

Mrs. Winkler on

If everyone is SOOO flustered or what have you that she is discussing her pregnancy and labor plans ALL over, then I want to know why you are even reading this article if it is not such a big deal and since people say they do it everyday…whatever! Congratulations to them both and hope they have a healthy and happy labor and baby!

nychic on

Ashton Kutcher has been taking russian classes for six months. He decided to take classes so that he is going to be able to speak russian to the baby.
Therefore she is six months pregnant at least…

Brandi on

What I find most disturbing is the level of cattiness and hypocrisy coming from some of the women posting comments here as MOTHERS. Labor and delivery doesn’t always go as planned but there is nothing wrong with having a birth plan and sharing that plan when asked about it. Some of you women are bashing her for talking about how she wants to deliver her baby but are sharing your childbirth experiences in a condescending manner in the same breath. You are claiming that she doesn’t deserve a metal if she is able to deliver naturally and it’s no big deal…then why are some of you acting as if you deserve some sort of special recognition for having had your children naturally? News flash – you aren’t celebrities! No one really cares how your children came into this world. She was implying that natural childbirth is the right thing for HER to do. Yes, women have been delivering babies naturally for ages but they haven’t always have a choice in the matter. Medicine has evolved to give women more options in pain management and type of delivery in present times so many do find it interesting that some women will choose to deliver the “old-fashioned” way when they don’t have to. A birthing plan isn’t written in stone and is an individual and personal choice for every woman. Whether you deliver your child according to plan, naturally, with drugs, vaginally or via c-section…it’s all OKAY. The most important thing is that your child comes into this world HEALTHY. There are women out there that can’t even have children and you are trying to bash Mila Kunis and one-up each other by turning your childbirth experiences into war stories. Truly sad.

Lee on

I love how you all are talking about her like it’s the end of the world what she said during an interview? She’s extremely famous and it’s not like she is broadcasting everything she does – all she did was answer a question about giving birth, she hasn’t been like other celebrities and broadcast every inch of her life! The reason your natural birth wasn’t newsworthy is because you are not famous!!! People are interested in this kind of stuff and all you american “moms” are small minded and arrogant!

scoobe on

ahh first time moms all want to go natural myself included. of course all that goes out the window when the contractions become unbearable. how about waiting and seeing instead of telling everyone what you think you are going to do

Jan on

After seeing women in AFrica give birth in the bush, I realized how ridculous we are when ti comes to brith. I gave birth to both my sons in a hospital totally naturally. NO meds, no epidural, no gas –nada. Just me, the baby and self-hypnosis and deep breathing. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to do. I wish Mila and Ashton much happiness and love and hope the baby is beautiful and healthy.

Gabrielle on

Did you hear they are having a girl?

Anonymous on

How about we stop judging other women’s choices? As long as the baby is happy and healthy.

Tamara on

You women would all tear her down if she said she was going straight for a c-section, too. You’re all disgusting. Stop getting offended and making this all about you. When she said it was “the right way” she meant it was the right way for HER. This is the annoying thing about all you women, you read into EVERYTHING. I’m sure she was not thinking about you (she doesn’t know who you are and she doesn’t give two sh*ts how you decided to do it.). And maybe if you’d done your homework and not trusted your deceptive OB, you would know that labor is a lot more bearable when you’re not stuck in the bed the entire time (up and moving around), you use water/showers and other techniques for coping, and you do not push on your back with your legs up in the air. But no one knows anything. So lay off her.

Tamara on

My first was an unnecessary c-section due to my former doctor’s impatience. Said my 8 lb 12 oz baby was too “big.” Went on to deliver an 11 lb 8 oz baby at home the second time around…and no I would not describe any pain as “terrible” or “unbearable” and no there was no damage. And guess what? Yes, I’ll personally give myself that medal for the second birth. Do you know why? Because of all the people who tell you you “can’t” do it or “aren’t allowed” to do it. Well, F**K THEM. Don’t let anyone’s catty b*tchiness bring you down, girl. Do what you feel is right.

Sharon on

I had my first baby born and weigh 6.6 lbs. no epidural my doctor came when he’s head halfway out.. i never realize that i had been pushing from 11:00 in the evening ’till past 6:00 in the morning quite a few times of going in the washroom though… walking, exercise and good nutrition is a big help when your pregnant.

Sue on

Have you thought about water birth? I have seen video’s and have known a person who had 2 children this way and would not do it any other way unless of course there was a problem.

Jill on

So funny… the jealousy in comments. All you women trying appear to be “better” somehow, just pathetic and shows your character. Women should be supporting other women in ALL their choices. FYI: Having an epidural and meds is NOT a natural birth. Educate yourselves. Kudos to Mila for putting it out there and not promoting big pharma! How sad that some of you feel the need talk her down. Are you raising your kids to be the same way?

Sharon on

Okay, she has the birth plan, now she needs to decide if she will nurse or use formula.

Libby on

@ Gabrielle: There were rumors going around that she’s having a girl but as far as I know it’s still just a rumor. There were a few magazines who claimed that some close friends of them “confirmed” that they are going to have a daughter. I dunno but it’s not that I care. As long as the Baby is healthy it doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl…ok…I’m secretly rooting for a boy but uhm….who knows?^^

Anonymous on

This is news for the same reason you felt the need to comment about how it’s not news.

Sara on

Cute! : )

Pam Ellis on

What an amazing amount of comments. My water burst, my cervix did not dilate, and I was given medicine to induce labor. I have no idea if I was given pain meds. I passed out, more or less, and don’t remember the birth. Maybe if I had been given pain meds, I would have seen the birth, instead of being in such agony. First and last baby.

candace williams on

Yeah right, heard that one before. Also why don’t you get married first. Not a great role model. Want natural birth. Go harvest rice in a rice paddy, squat, have the baby and then go back to work. Now THAT is natural birth. These idiot actors are so stupid

Mandy on

Reading a lot of these comments makes me ashamed to be a woman! Why do you have to bash a celebrity magazine for reporting on a celebrity? Whether you agree with her or not, it is her choice, & she might change her mind. So what? A lot of women do & a lot go through with their plan if they are able to. I do look at it that I don’t have dental procedures done or surgery without pain meds so why do I think I could push out a small human with being in unbearable pain & just deal with it? I did, but I wish I hadn’t been in so much pain. My labor wasn’t beautiful, just painful. But my daughter was worth every second & I would do it all again even knowing how much it hurt & that the epidural wouldn’t work when I finally gave in.

Sue on

Good for you! Courageous young lady! The same dr. that Told me I wouldn’t be able to have kids, delivered my gorgeous son!! He also botched my C-section!! Came unstitched,infection, had to be packed & repacked every other day for 2 weeks!! All w/ a new baby!! You are a warrior!! GO girl!! wishing you all the best!!! PS…MY scar looks like a broken zipper from hip to hip! But my son is PERFECT!! His name is Cy…11 yrs. old now!!!

Erin on

Oh good lord, all you high and mighty women, just because you delivered naturally, too, and didn’t get national recognition, that doesn’t mean you have to be so bitter and rude about Mila. Guess what? She’s famous, you’re not. She was being interviewed, and she was asked a question, which it seems a lot of pregnant celebs are asked. You’d be crying, too, if she refused to answer, so GET OVER IT.

Hello123 on

What’s a “natural” child birth? Its coming out of your body one way or another, so who gives a damn how it comes out?

Michelle on

Why do people have this fascination with “natural” child birth and the idea it’s only natural without pain medication? Do you ever hear of a “natural” appendectomy? Or “natural” heart transplant? Take advantage of medical advances and enjoy this moment!

Katie Mac on

How wonderful to hear your going natural & not like most celebs who are doing C-sections. I had my children naturally & wouldn’t do it any other way

Carol Anne on

I had all my children by adoption. Does that make me any less of a mother since I didn’t physically give birth to my children?

4mom on

The c-section bashing that everyone does is so annoying to me. My first child was breech and the cord was wrapped around her neck. My Dr. recommended only c-sections after that and I am glad I took his advice. I developed an unseen tear in my uterus and if my last child had not been delivered before I went into labor he would have ruptured my uterus and he would have died and I could have died as well. I never planned to have a c-section but I am glad I followed my physicians advice and all of my children were born with no problems. We are not all asking for this so we can choose a birth date or skip labor. Some of us are just doing what is best for us and our children.

Debra on

Silly me! I thought doing it ‘right” meant waiting until after the wedding to get pregnant. Guess I’m a little too antiquated for this new ‘right’!

stacie on

I had both my children naturally. I made that decision after doing research on how the epidural affects the baby. The local anesthesia does cross the placenta and makes the baby drowsy. I know this does not have long term affects on the child but why would you want any drug getting into your new born ‘ s system? I believe most women who choose an epidural simple take the easy way out out of selfishness. They simply don’t want to deal with any pain. Women did natural child birth from the beginning. A woman’s body is made to deal with the pain. I say do what’s best for baby every time.

Dominique on

Natural birth is the best way. I have had 3 kids. First one I had pain meds and was worst decision I EVER made. It too so long to heal and I felt horrible afterwards. Second two I had natural, no drugs (no epidural for any) and it was painful but my body was able to bounce back very quickly. We are meant to give birth naturally, drugs only hinder the healing. Anyone who will judge her for making a simple “new mom” comment is jealous and shame on the others who say rude things toward this because we all know how horrible it feels to have such judgement.

Anonymous on

Too many sensitive people in this world. No one is judging mothers who chose meds to manage the pains of child birth. If your feels are hurt suck it up! Hope your children don’t grow up to be big cry babies like you.

girlonfire on

I love so many women are offended by this and internalizing it. Mila wasn’t talking about your pregnancy she was referring to hers. Everyone has their ideas of what is right for child birth to them, just let her be as never referred to other mothers once. This is what happens when you’re brainwashed into thinking everything is about you or an attack on you.

The funny part is these are probably the same moms that scream from the roof top about anti-bullying that are attacking Mila. Women can be so vile towards one another, it is so sad to see this behavior.

Patricia on

Ladies, stop being so damn sensitive about her comments. I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by them. She was asked a question, she answered it. Nothing personal. I had 2 c-sections and you don’t see my panties in a bunch about Mila’s comments. Geesh enough already

Patricia on

Ladies, do everyone a favor and just shut up already. No one cares that you’re offended my Mila’s comments. You don’t see my panties in a bunch over what she said and I had 2 c-sections. I’m sure she didn’t say what she did to seem “better” than anyone else. She was asked a question, and she answered it. Christ…

Shells on

That’s a lot of very personal information to share with the world on TV. I hope she recognizes the balance between public and private life. Given she’s already putting her personal life out there to promote herself, she’s opened the door to a few photos of herself with her kid (within reason, not stalking). I hope she isnt’ complaining later.

Anonymous on

Shouldn’t we all be supporting each other?!? No matter your birth choices? It really quite sad 😦

Caasi on

I hope she really doesn’t say “like” that often! I’m looking forward to hearing what they name their baby.

Traci on

I had 6 babies…All natural..but only because the epidural never worked for me. Why in the hell do we always have to fight about every damn thing. She’s stirring up controversy oh no!…people don’t like what she said oh no!..ugh……God in Heaven people get a life…

KL on

Jackie and Kelso.. actually together, having a baby.. still can’t believe it!!! 😀 I loved That 70s Show!!! Soo happy for them!

Nikki on

Gotta love the self righteous who have never experienced labor pains. What people never warn you about is that even with an epidural you still are uncomfortable. I’m a pretty tough woman when it comes to dealing with pain, and I would never consider myself to be less strong for opting to have an epidural with both my births. Mila should wait to see how she feels during active labor before she decides to get one or not. The 150 stitches I had to get when my dr had to cut me open were more painful and yet I chose to not take pain meds during my recovery since I chose to breast feed.

Emily on

I had my kid natural in a mid wife steps away from a hospital. It was Mother’s Day 21 years ago. My water broke getting ready for church. I got there around 10am & then I listened intently to my midwives, he was born at 12:43pm. We left at 4:30pm. It’s your mindset & what you’re willing to go through to have your baby your way. Anyone judging another mother has other problems with their lives & has little to do with the actual subject they’re voicing about. Haters will always be haters. Obviously judgmental about everyone else & refuse to focus what’s wrong in their world. Find your zen place because it doesn’t cost money or shut it! And bless you, you’re just disappointed.

Munchy on

Jesus christ, people acting like the girl chambelyn from the movie Ted. One word can offend so many people, like really? Why not focus on societys’ real problems like many child molesters roaming our streets, people speeding on our freeways and causing crashes like if cars are cheap, the high taxes us hard workers have to pay,…..

Anonymous on

Mila.. this is your chid, so you are allowed to love it unconditionally and do whatever you think is best the the miracle you are carrying … All are also allowed to do the same, so stop all of this cr@p!!!

Lisa on

I don’t understand this “natural” childbirth thing. Do you enjoy pain? What next, “natural” tooth extraction? An epidural doesn’t make it unnatural, just less painful! And even with it, childbirth still hurts!

sgtmian on

no, Emily, it doesn’t make you less of a woman, but as someone who has never and will never give birth, i think women who birth naturally are badasses, women with healthy pregnancies who set out to get epidurals from the get go? not so much. i don’t give a shit if that’s hurtful to them, they shouldn’t even care, because that’s not the point of the birth. the point was to have a kid, and they did that, so stop whining.

sarah on

You natural birth people are nuts. I had 5 babies- one the drugs wore off, 2 w/epidurals, one who got “stuck”, and one scheduled c section. If I had to do it over again I’d pick the damn c section every time. Second choice: epidural. Labor Drugs were invented for a REASON. Trust me!

Amanda on

Get over it people. I had all 4 of my kids without meds, I did it because I don’t like the idea of putting unnecessary mess in mine or my kids’ bodies. I don’t expect to be on a celebrity news site for doing it because I am not a celebrity! Nor would I want to be! I am sure Mila answered a question that was asked of her. She is entitled to her beliefs just as you are entitled to yours, if you are confident in your decisions not a thing anyone says can/should make you feel bad about them

Elle on

((((Crickets)))) uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ignorance is definitely bliss!!!!! Lol leave her alone just wait until she feels one of those contractions then we’ll see how loud she’ll be screaming for an epidural. Good luck Mila!!!!

Anonymous on

Jesus people, she was asked about her birth plan. Natural birth can be painful! My second was natural and I had back labor for 8 hours, but I tell you what, the pain was immediately gone when baby came out and recovery was so much easier than my first, in which I had an epidural. Childbirth can be scary and having something to ease the pain makes it less scary. Kudos to her, I think they’re having a girl.

Andrea on

I just love the sanctimommies on here, and it’s pretty clear that some of them have no clue how an epidural actually works based on the comments. And an epidural in no way makes labor pain-free, but it does make it much more manageable. Everyone’s pain level and pain tolerance during labor are different, and you honestly don’t know how you will handle until you are actually in labor. Planning a natural birth? That’s great, but I encourage you to educate yourself on the different types of pain management and the drugs involved, as well as c-sections, because you may end up needing it! Always better to make an informed decision on the fly rather than one based on fear and ignorance. For me, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to have my second daughter VBAC without an epidural because of several factors. And having been through both, I’ll take a very rough vaginal birth over a routine c-section any day! Also, Mila was asked a question and she answered…it says a lot (negatively) about the people who tear her down for HER choices about HER baby. In any case, good luck to Mila and I hope her birth plan works out the way she wants it to.

well on

I hope she can do it! I planned a natural homebirth with my child but it didn’t work out for me. I know a lot of people who had great successful natural births but everyone who has given birth knows that despite ones intentions birth surprises us and can be much more difficult than we expect!

Anonymous on

As long as the baby is healthy, any kind of birth plan is good for her!

ANJ on

Giving birth naturally is ‘doing it right’, but getting an epidural or other pain relief is equally so.

Ladies, let’s be kind to one another.

Anonymous on

Why do we worry so much about how we plan to give birth and not worry about what kind of parents we’ll be? You could have your baby “naturally” and be a horrible parent or you could have had medication during labour and are now an amazing mom. Having a natural birth doesn’t mean that I’m going to be a super mom. Remember that child birth is a matter of hours but the rest of parenting is years!

Patricia on

Not impressed by your “natural” births…this is America, we should all be taking as many drugs as possible.

" on

Why go through the intense pain of labor….which can be drawn out with a first pregnancy…the intense urge to push…the horrible burning as the head delivers…then the pain of a needle full of Lidocaine for a perineal repair? So you can be considered tough? strong? a “real” woman? Go ahead and write on your birth plan that you want “a quiet environment”….which isn’t so quiet with all of the screaming that follows when active labor and delivery ensue

Maris Allen on

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Christina on

She’s having a boy. I’m calling it right now.

Gangle on

Mila has been pregnant for about 10 minutes and I am already tired of her obnoxious opinions about it.

just my opinion on

“Jays on May 9th, 2014
A midwife is not a doula, a doula is NOT a midwife. They have completely different rolls. A doula is there to support and coach the mother. The midwife is at the “business end” of things and delivers baby. However, midwives also support the mother, but a doula does not deliver baby.”
I am probably going to irritate a lot of people here but I am tired of the mother to be not getting the credit that is due to her. Unless she has a c-section where a dr is actually doing all the work and can take the credit of ‘delivering’ the baby, the MOTHER is actually delivering her newborn, NOT ANYONE ELSE. Not a doula, midwife, EMT, father to be, dr or nurse. All they are doing in actuality is assisting the mother and catching the baby. I really wish that people would remember that the mother is not just lying there waiting for someone else to do all the work and then hand her the baby after it is all done.n
As far as Mila Kunis goes, this is a new experience for her and this is a celebrity magazine, of course they are going to report on the people who entertain the masses rather than the unknown of us who have given birth with or without meds.

Pedo Movies on