Zac Brown Welcomes Son Alexander Frost

05/08/2014 at 01:15 PM ET

Zac Brown Welcomes Son Alexander Frost Southern Reel

Mission accomplished: Zac Brown finally got his baby boy!

The singer and his wife Shelly welcomed their fifth child — and first son — on Monday, May 5, the band announced via Facebook and Twitter Thursday.

“Baby makes 7! [We] are pleased to announce the arrival of Alexander Frost Brown. Born May 5, 2014 [weighing in] at 11 lbs., 7 oz. and [measuring] 22.5 inches long,” the statement reads.

The country crooner joked he wasn’t willing to give up having children until he could balance out his brood of girls — Joni Mason, 3, Georgia Sloan, 4½, Lucy, 5½, and Justice, 7 — with a boy.

“We’re just gonna keep on going until we get a boy,” he joked in 2011 following the birth of his fourth daughter.

The new dad — who announced the pregnancy and sex of the baby in November — and the Zac Brown Band will kick off their Great American Road Trip tour in May.

Zac Brown Welcomes Son Alexander Frost Southern Reel

— Anya Leon

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Jenny on

11 lbs?! Oh my god! No thank you!

Stacie on

Whooohooo big healthy boy!! So happy for them

Mari on

Great news! Congrats! Big boy! I was 12lb 8 oz. My poor mother!

Barbara on

His wife must be relieved that she can finally stop.

Taylor on

aww that’s great!! a big healthy boy!
they make such a cute couple!! love it!!
God Bless yall! 🙂

Dawn on

Congratulations to them. But, OMG! that is one big baby boy!!

bitsy on

Awesome news! Congratulations to the family. Really like his music too!

Wigwambam on

Why a total freak. People like this shouldn’t have kids. As a teacher I see lots of damaged boys and girls whose parents have ‘tried’ for the other sex. Greed. Terrible parenting. Typically western too. Hope their girls are taken off them and put into good homes.

Diana on

What a sweet looking couple! Congratulations on your new baby!

giraffeh2o on

wigwambam: WTH? Maybe they just wanted a bunch of kids. Nowhere did it mention they kept trying until they got a boy. Just a nice article about a nice family. You’re a freak!

sandy on

Wigwam below has gone- coo coo! Time to get back to the reservation and take meds!

tlb1974 on

wigwambam Perhaps he was joking when he said that was the reason to keep trying and even so doesn’t mean they are bad parents some that do that maybe doesn’t mean they all are take a chill pill

msover on

Zac Brown is one of 12 or 13 kids, so they were probably planning a large family anyway. I love the ZBB, and I love all of the charity work that they do. Congrats to ZB and his family.

Dulce Mae on

Congrats. With that said, even though he said he was ” just joking” about keeping on trying until he gets a boy, this “Joke” sends an awful message to his daughters.

Lala on

Wigwambam – what’s wrong with wanting to experience raising both sexes? I’m sure their girls are loved and cherished. There is nothing wrong with wanting a boy, after 4 girls.

Pam on

11 lbs 7 oz!!! Holy crap!

Pam on

Wigwambam I hope you’re taken soon and put in a mental hospital because you’re crazy!

Marky on

Holy cow! Alexander must seem gigantic! As an L&D nurse (retired), I’ve seen some big babies like him, and they seem so much bigger than all the others in the nursery…big babies often sleep all night much quicker, so they may have fewer sleepless nights. Congratulations to the whole family! My cousin did the same thing…4 girls, then a boy, then another girl…then she quit, lol!

Alissa on

Congrats to them on their 5th child. And yikes, 11lbs 7oz is a really big baby. I hope all is well with mom and baby, sometimes really large babies can be indicative of an issue with the pregnancy, can have a difficult time during the birthing process or can just be perfectly healthy with no complications. I hope whatever their situation was, that it is all good now. And I hope they are happy with their first son, whether he was joking about wanting a boy or being completely serious, I am sure they love all of their children dearly.

Tay on

Fifth kids? God bless!

Carmen on

That’s no baby. That’s a linebacker lol. Thank God for a healthy delivery. Congrats on a beautiful baby boy.

KL on

11 Ibs HOLY CRAP?! 😐 What a tough woman !

krista on

Congrats to the happy family!!

Anonymous on

wigwam, teachers like you are the reason so many people homeschool nowadays.

Anonymous on

Barbara- I highly doubt he was forcing her to keep going (and actually, he couldn’t. There’s this little thing called a birth control pill, which enables women to take charge of when and if they have kids! ;))!

Anyway, congrats to them, and that is one big baby!

Amanda on

These comments are hilarious, live and let live. We tried for a boy, love our daughters like crazy but wanted a boy too. I guarantee our daughters are not affected at all by it. I have 4 and would have had more if my husband wanted more; surprise, some women enjoy being pregnant and raising children.

Jen on

11 lbs. 7 oz? OMG, she overcooked him!

Kate on

Mum must have been diabetic while pregs given the weight of baby Alex

Lorraine on

11 lb. boy and 22.5 inches long. Wow! I am happy for this family. God bless baby #5, Alexander Brown – with FOUR older sisters. Hah! How fun. Lucky family.

Guest on

Holyshit 11Ibs 7 oz? Congrats to Zac and Shelly!

Angie on

Finally they have a baby boy.

Gt on

Congrats on the new addition!

Anonymous on

There is NOTHING wrong with girls! Wonder how his daughters will feel about that!