Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Is Expecting a Daughter – See Her Reaction!

05/08/2014 at 02:30 PM ET

Snooki Pregnant Nicole Polizzi Expecting Second Child
Jamie McCarthy/NEP/WireImage

It’ll be a girl for Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi!

The Jersey Shore vet posted an adorable video to her website Thursday, revealing that she and partner Jionni LaValle will welcome a daughter this fall.

After learning the sex of their baby, LaValle planned a surprise. Holding 20-month-old son Lorenzo, Polizzi opened a mystery box, releasing pink balloons into the air.

“Oh my goodness, we’re having a girl! Yay!” Polizzi, 26, exclaimed — before her excitement turned to fear.

“Oh my God, kill me,” she joked. “We’re having a girl!”

It’s good news for Polizzi’s costar, Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley, who’s expecting a girl in July. Though the BFFS told PEOPLE earlier that they wouldn’t want their little ones to date, we’re sure the babies will be best buddies in no time.

Watch the mom-to-be react to having a girl in the video below.

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Rebecca on

I actually like Snooki now. She seems like she’s really enjoying motherhood. And Lorenzo sure is a cutie. 🙂

Lilly on

I’m sure she knew the sex of her baby well in advance, so the reaction on the video seemed fake, but babies are a blessing, so congratulations!!

bitsy on

I totally agree with Rebecca! Congrats to her.

Marky on

Congratulations to Nicole and Jionni, as well as Lorenzo! The only thing I wonder about is how the stores are going to be able to keep enough clothes on hand for Nicole and Jenni to shop for daughters together, LOL. They will have so much fun having girls that close in age……

rainbowbabymaker on

she’s blessed to be able to have children. I am a bit appalled by her ‘kill me’ comment.

luci on

Girls can date each other.

Balloons are bad things. They don’t just vanish in “the air” they come down on power lines, in rivers or oceans, on lawns, and in animals’ stomachs or on bird beaks. They don’t degrade. And remember, pink was the symbol used to designate the “expendable” babies, the females. Shudder

Miranda on

She just got pregnant because Jwoww was pregnant.

Anonymous on

why, why WHY did i watch this:(

Barb on

why, why WHY did i watch this:(

Anonymous on

Congratulation on the announcement of the little mini-me Snooki has grown up so much, since she has become a mother…I wish she and her fiance a safe baby delivery.

Meg on

Luci, are you sure your name isn’t really Debbie? Because wow you are quite the downer…

samantha on

So luci first she opened it in her house so no balloons will be flying anywhere outside so calm down. Second the kill me comment was just because she knows she was a handful and can only imagine her daughter being the same. It was all joking around. She seems like. a wonderful mother and she is a kind person to everyone that I know who has met her. Everyone makes mistakes and she’s at least trying to be a better person. Everyone should support her. She never hurt anyone. So congrats Nicole. I’m postive ur daughter will be as beautiful and precious as your son.

Gail on

I LIKE snooki and jawoww have a baby be happy a about pregnant boy or girl have fun

Gail on

I LIKE snooki and jawoww they have baby 2014 happy time your life having boy or girl be happy

Anonymous on

Is it just me, or did her son look horrified to be in this clip!?? Very forced

Gina on

Her son is adorable…….

Kristine on

This was actually really cute. Snooki seems like a good mom and has left her partying days behind her. Lorenzo is adorable and I’m sure their daughter will be as well!

Lilyflower on

Luci-perhaps you should have watched the video before commenting. She opened the balloons in her house. Good job on bringing negativity into a sweet, cute story.

Anyway, Lorenzo is a cutie pie! Hope the new bundle of joy is born happy and healthy 🙂

Ziva'smom on

Weird reaction !

Shannon on

I think she knew what she was having ahead of time. This lil video was made specifically for her fans and website.

Bhavana on

She didn’t seem very surprised so I think that she already knew that the baby was a girl. In any case, I hope that she has a healthy pregnancy. Her little boy is gorgeous!

cindyann on

Funny how I stuck up for this girl when she got pregnant with her son, not ever watching her shows but having a sense of a good person in there. A lot of you pounced on this poor woman, saying terrible things. Now, you sure have changed your tune. I love it when bad people are wrong, it makes me happy.

Somebody's Momma on

Oh, dear God, yes, why did I watch this?? Curiosity killed the cat. MEOW!

KL on

I love Snooki!!! She has really grown I think, and im excited for her!! Yay a girl!

Shawna on

What a horrible person, saying that about her daughter. I’m sure her daughter in the future will love to see the video where her mother’s first reaction to having her was, “Kill me.” I have two beautiful daughters (and a son) and they are wonderful. She doesn’t deserve to have children.

Anonymous on

Shawna, you must be a very boring uptight person. She was making a joke!! I have 2 wonderful children too and my husband and I always joke about how much trouble we are in when they get older, just cuz of how we were as teenagers. Get a grip lady. Maybe I feel sorry for your kids, with a mom who can’t take a flipin joke. Have a beautiful day!!

Jessica S on

Shawna, you must be a very boring, uptight individual. She was making a joke! I have 2 wonderful children and my husband and I joke all the time about how much trouble we’re in when they get older, just because we know how we were as teenagers. Maybe I feel sorry for your kids, having a mom who can’t take a flipping joke. It must be terrible living such a dull life. Have a beautiful day!! 🙂

Gill on

Snooki is more mature now than her Jersey shore days, good for her.

GP Stoll on

She should be terrified after the mess she was. Hope she never has to understand how it feels to see her daughter being a hot mess, like I’m sure her parents did.

Amanda on

Oh stop people, she is a little terrified of having a daughter, normal reaction. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t love and want her.

Mandy on

Luci…. lighten UP. What a buzzkill you are. You be so fun at parties.

mrsmass on

kill me now for actually watching that.

Robin on

Snooki has definitely grown as a woman since her Jersey Shore days. Having Lorenzo really did change her, she was never really a “bad person”, even on the show, just crazy and out of control. She seems like a great mother and having children has made her a better person. When she said “Oh my God, kill me. We’re having a girl!” is only because she is only scared to have a “diva” as she said in a previous video post. Which we all know, most of our daughters do turn out like their mothers, including my own 11 yr old.

Erin on

First, I have no idea what possessed me to even click on the article, much less watch the video. Boredom, I guess.

Second, that was THE LAMEST attempt at excitement and surprise I’ve EVER seen.

Patrice on

Can totally relate with her reaction. I am pregnant with my first, who we found out was a boy. Honestly, I’d be terrified to have a girl because I was definitely a handful!! Ok worse than a handful haha. Obviously you are excited about having a baby in general, but I am sure every mother (and father) has secretly had a preference!

Maxine on

Yay a girl. Congrats!

Maggie on

That reaction seemed a little less than enthusiastic. Kind of sad actually.

Chica on

Idk about Snooki sometimes!

Surprise on

Neither Lorenzo or snooki was surprised . Lorenzo is so cute 😉 snooki could of faked that she was excited lol