Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Welcome Son Jaxon Wyatt

05/07/2014 at 01:40 PM ET

Jay Cutler Kristin Cavallari Welcome Son Jaxon Wyatt
Jeff Schear/WireImage

The latest Cutler cutie has arrived.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari welcomed their second son on Wednesday, May 7 in Chicago, the reality star turned designer announced via Instagram.

“Welcome Jaxon Wyatt Cutler 7 lbs., 11 oz. 5/7/14,” Cavallari, 27, captioned a photo of her hospital bracelet perched on a baby hat and booties.

The newest addition joins big brother Camden Jack, 21 months, at home.

“The second time around, you know exactly what to expect and we’re just ready,” Cavallari told PEOPLE recently.

“This one, I’m like, ‘Let’s get him out here, I want to see him, I just want to hold him and see what he looks like.’ I’m just really excited more than anything.”

Cavallari and her Chicago Bears quarterback husband, 31, had announced the pregnancy in October, then shared the sex of the baby in February.

“Jay’s such an amazing dad,” she says of Cutler. “He’s really sweet with Camden. He plays with him all the time. He’s on the floor with him rolling around and goofing off.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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sam on

How much of a “great dad” can he be if he prefers you didn’t work?Thank g-d he had another son. No woman should be raised with a sexist s–t father like that

susan on

Round three for the girl coming up soon…..

Jenny on

It’s ridiculous how popular that spelling of Jaxon has become in the past couple years. I blame Sons of Anarchy and Jax Teller. Fun fact though, the character’s name is actually spelled Jackson.

Shannon on

Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! Hope she vaccinates this one!

Melissa Kelly on

@ Jenny : I think that the name Jackson is spelled Jaxon so the kid can use the “Jax” spelling when he gets older and/or so they can call him Jax and have it actually sounds right, lol

MrMonkee on

@Sam…..not sure what you are complaining about? I too preferred my wife not work. I worked two jobs so she could stay home and Mother our children. I wanted my children to see a Mother when they were leaving for school in the morning and see a Mother when they returned that night. I also wanted a Mother who could be a room Mother, who could chaperone class events, not a Mother who had to work and have her kids babysat by neighbors or latch key at worst. So I am confused with your response?

Dawn on

@Sam – I would have loved to have stayed home to take care of my sons and not have to work. But, that was not possible. So, my husband at the time and I worked different shifts. He worked 1st and I worked 3rd. It worked for us. I am sorry, but your statement is a bit confusing.

Hannah on

And she won’t vaccinate this one either. Thanks for contributing to the spread of measles and other diseases!

Alissa on

Cute name. I like the Jaxon spelling especially since Camden’s middle name is Jack. That way the new baby’s name seems more original than if it were spelled Jackson. Congrats to the family.

Kat on

@MrMonkee – Maybe because it is not his choice to make? You can make the choice together, but ultimately it is her decision. and there is nothing stopping the father from being a stay-at-home parent if it is so important to them.

Though often those that state mothers should be at home, are the same one that also cry about alimony if the marriage ends. A woman can make her own choice for her life.

Marcia on

Spelling it “Jaxon” is hillbilly, I’m sorry.

Laura on

Thank you @hannah. I agree. but i hope their children are healthy and keep other children safe.

Lala on

What’s wrong with him wanting her to stay home Sam? Also, where in the article does it state that? I thought she had something going on with the Style Network? A hosting gig or something? My husband and I both prefer me to stay home, so I can be a bigger part of my kids’ lives. I love being able to support my son at school, and going to school events, as well as being there to pick him up after school. I love being home with them when they’re young, and getting to be the largest part of their learning experiences. Nothing wrong being a working mom, and nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. She should feel lucky that her husband supports her staying home.

guest on

Wonder if she had him in Chicago?? Two reported cases of the mumps in Chicago right now.

Linda on

And another non. Vaccinated baby enters the world putting all others at risk.

Bee on

So the other ones middle name is Jack and this one is named Jaxon? Hmm…

Denise on

Congratulations to the newest member of the Cutler family. Best wishes to all of you. Love his name.

Sunny on

Why can’t people spell names normally anymore? Funking out the spelling does not change the name. It’s still Jackson. She’s such an idiot.

Metal on

I smell a divorce in up to 2 years. “oh, all the pressure with the kids, juggling a marriage and I want to get back to work.” blah, blah, blah….

Jim R. on

So the first kid gets a name that sounds like either a school mascot or a type of cheese and the second kid gets a first name that looks like the misspelling of a last name (and when did we start turning last names into first names anyway?). Sounds like we’re trying a wee bit too much to be “clever”.

Susan on

Thank you MrMonkee! We sacrificed when our son was born so that I could stay home for all of the same reasons that you and your wife did…. I’m very lucky that my husband saw motherhood as a noble profession and that I was up to the challenge as well. I will never regret our decision and I thank my husband every week for working as hard as he has for his family.

Shelly on

Great, queue stories of how she lost all the baby weight just by breathing in 5…4…3…2…1…

Seriously, I’d rather read an article a it a celebutart who actually kept the baby weight ON.

genibre2013 on

God forbid they spell Jackson standard spelling, Idiots.

genibre2013 on

God forbid they spell Jackson in standard spelling, Idiots.

jj927 on

Susan … same here! We made the joint decision for me to stay home and be a full time mom/housewife. Sacrifices are being made but I wouldn’t want to do anything else. And although we made the decision together, my husband did say that he’d rather I stay home. That actually made me feel loved and taken care of, I took it in a positive manner. I feel lucky!

katie on

Hopefully the older child doesnt give his brother pertussis or measles which are going around and considering shes an IDIOT and not vaccinating, I can see that happening..

MrMonkee on

Kat…Give me a break. “It’s not his choice”? I would have loved if my husband made the choice for me to stay home and raise our kids. But no, he wanted new cars and boats and designer clothes and fancy restaurants and credit card after credit card and his “job” wouldn’t afford his needs so I had to work to put the food on the table and clothes on the kids backs. I finally got smart after fifteen years and dumped his butt to the curb.It’s funny how now we only have my income and we are better off now then when he was working too. I would have jumped at the chance of having a man who would man up and do his part as a provider so I could have been a full time provider to OUR kids and have to have pawned them off to others to raise during the mot important years of their lives. I admire this guy for “making the decision”.

Anonymous on

I’m sure Sam just meant that it sounded as if she didn’t have a choice but to stay home with the kids. In the end its a joint decision not just the man’s preference.

songbird on

Glad they had another son.this way if people. Mock his. Parents, he will have an easier time shrugging off the negative comments.

Brooklyn on

I like the name, but Jaxon is quite similar sounding to Camden’s Middle name…so that part I’m not a fan of.

SamGiGi on

I will never understand why people would name their child Camden. Anyone that lives in the NJ tristate area will think of Camden, NJ, one of the worst cities in the country. Why not just toss in a Detroit? People don’t research the names before giving them. :-/

Susan on


lola on

@Sam who is this g-d person you are thanking? i know i thank God alot, am unsure about g-d. if you don’t believe in God, then there is no reason quote that silly! btw, i love the name jaxon, it’ll be just as popular as jackson, but cute spelling.


so when, yes I said when the 2 boys go to school and come home with the mumps, measels, chix pox, rubella, diptheria, or any other disease and their children are suffering from that illness or disease, what will they say then? Why put a child at risk for all of that?
Get your children vaccinated, there is no proof that vaccines cause autism.
there are so many illegals in our country who don’t have access to vaccinations and these are the ones who will give your children diseases.

Anonymous on

ew, why spell it like that? very trashy.

Anonymous on

wjhat happened to nice, classic names and spellings? do you really want to send a child named JAXON to meet the president, or to be the president?

Heather on

Wow, if she had spelled it Jackson then she’d have used my sons name Jackson Wyatt……which I thought was different back in 2006 until ALL the celebrities decided Jackson was a cute name….

MrMonkee on

@Annoymous; I agree, Jaxon as president would be right up there with Lyndon,Dwight,Herbert.Woodrow,Rutherford,Ulysses,Millard or even Barack even though they are so much more common than Jaxon? Right?

Guest on

Awful first name. Absolutely awful.

Tab on

Why such hate for this baby’s name? Why so much hate period? People need to grow up and let others make decisions for themselves. We’ve become such a society of judgment towards others… can any of us honestly say we’re doing it perfect? What works for some families may not work for others and vice versa. Maybe look at yourself and think “What could I be doing better in my own life”, rather than passing judgment on others lives. Jaxon is a great name, lets not give this poor kid a complex right outside the womb.

DD on

Jaxon is an average name, not too terribly thrilled.

sam on

When their engagement broke up, she gave an e! interview to guliana rancic where she said he did not want her to work (and that’s why). He had to accept that she needs to make her own money. Any man who objects to women working is an insecure ignoramus. Money has nothing to do.

Lynn on

The remark about using last names as first names is just plain dumb. I’m going to guess then that James can’t be used as a first name since there are people in the world who have the last name of James. Just like the names Stewart, Mitchell, Douglas, Alexander, and Thomas. This has been going on forever that people have first names that just happen to be last names also. Apparently, someone on here thinks that all first names are non related in any way to last names. Also, there are people who choose to spell their child’s name in a different way than the rest of society. That is their choice. Sometimes, they want it to be a way to honor a family member or friend who had that spelling. Nobody knows the reasons and many times, it is a very personal reason. So, some of you shouldn’t judge. I think that as long as they are happy with the name, then people should leave them alone. I think it’s great that they didn’t name the baby after something strange given so many of the names people give to kids now.

Chloe on

Congratulations! I love the name. The name is intentionally spelled Jaxon instead of Jackson. Jaxon is shortened to Jax, which is a great name for a child or an adult and Jackson is shortened to Jack. They do not sound the same, nor are they intended to. And the president comment, how ridiculous, look back at the names of many of our presidents… 🙂

KL on

I love the name!!

Nikki on

Yaaaaaaaaaay another lil BEAR !!!!…congrats Kristin & Jay..wish you years of joy and happiness…!!… cant wait to see him in a bear hat.!!.: 🙂

Karen on

Oh great, another un-vaccinated kid. Kristin, keep your spawn away from everyone else who would like their children and grandchildren to NOT get some horrid disease.

JJ on

What’s up with the ridiculous spellings? Jaxon, Blayk, Ashleigh…..this generation is looking more and more ridiculous.

JJ on

Another Jaxon amongst the obnoxious slew of poor kids saddled for life with the crappy spelling of Jackson. Why do we have to throw an x and y onto every name now to make it unique? do you want to spend the rest of your kids life saying, “No its Jaxon with an x not Jackson”

L on

You people are really sad & miserable. Hiding behind your computer screens. Regardless of what she does or doesn’t do can’t you just say congrats?! Sheesh

Isabel on

The spelling of his name is the last thing this little boy will have to worry about. Try not being protected against deadly infectious diseases for the first 18 years of your life.

Tom23 on

Everyone posting their comments about vaccines sound just so unbelievably ignorant. You have NO idea what you are talking about it’s embarrassing. Especially the ones saying that unvaccinated kids spread diseases. Well if you had a working brain you would know that the majority of all of the recent documented cases of whooping cough and measles were diagnosed in the vaccinated. Love that the proof of that speaks for itself. Try educating yourself on a topic before commenting.

grandma on

It all makes sense now. It’s really not fair of me to expect someone who does not know how to spell Jackson to possibly understand herd immunity.

grandma on

Tom23…you have NO idea how herd immunity functions. Please research it. Then you will understand why those of us who do immunize our children KNOW that our kids are not truly protected unless everyone else also immunizes.

Only in a countries so rich and privileged such as the US and parts of Western Europe do parents forgo life protecting vaccines. NO ONE in sub-saharan Africa is not vaccinated because of a completely disproven Autism link.

It is disturbing that it is going to take a return of Polio for nuts like you to ever realize the horrors of not vaccinating,

Guest on

Do some of you negative commentators on here keep an eye out for these stories so that you can post all negative things? We all get to make our own choices in life, it just seems you want to choose the negative over a positive. Hopefully one day you can stop that and find your own happiness without having to put others down to make you feel better.

Kristin on

That’s EXACTLY the type of name that I would expect them to name their son.

stacey on

While I don’t really care for this woman, I do think both of her sons names sound classy.

Mary on

Guest, read the 2nd paragraph. He was born in Chicago. Do not like Kristin at all. She is a phony and in the headlines just to get her name out there. If it wasn’t for Jay Cutler and him being on the Bears, she would be a nobody. Because of him, she has a lot of things going for her.

Jane on

Motley photo…Jay looks seedy. Looks like he doesn’t get out much.

p on

ridiculous SPELLING of his name. it just makes the parents (and ultimately the child) look stupid.

Nicole on

@Marcia- my son’s name is Jaxon and we are not hillbillies. I wont even try to bring a Brady Bunch jab at YOUR name bc I’m sure you’ve heard it already a million times.

Amy on

Congratulations Jay, Kristin & Camden on the birth of baby Jaxon!

p on

trying too hard to be clever with the spelling. in the end, the parents and child are all perceived illiterate.

Julia Branson on

Congrats and I mean that- but must vent on baby name

I am so sick of people naming their kids Jackson. It is so played out. It was unique 15 years ago. McKayla (and the 900 different spellings of it) is second on my list. Half the Midwest names their daughters McKayla, and it’s SOOO played out. Same goes for Braden, Hayden, cayden, and all other names that sound similar
Not original anymore. Very trailer park .

Tanya on

Congrats them for the new addition!

Anonymous on

This time vaccinate the child.

Claire on

Dumb name…
Her head is too large for her body!

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

I know a boy that is a freshman in high school (a friend of my daughter’s little brother) and his name is Jaxon….so 15 yrs ago it was around….
Also, I am grateful I have a husband that prefers me to be home full-time. I didn’t have children for others to raise them. He makes good money, we don’t need a 2nd income, and I would much rather be at home.

Emma on

I agree with Sam. I don’t have any problem at all with women being stay at home mothers and would love to do so. However, I don’t think it’s right for anyone to expect it of women. Some women need to work for financial reasons, or some may just enjoy it. It’s really not our business. Making public statements that he wants her to be a stay at home mom make it seem that there’s something wrong with being a working mother, and also make him seem very controlling. Nothing wrong with a mother staying at home or working, and of course the father should be involved in the discussion, but he shouldn’t be pressuring his wife to do so.

Congrats to them. Hopefully they vaccinate this child (even though I’m sure they won’t) to avoid putting their children and others in danger.

Angie on

Congrats to Jay and Kristin!

kristin on

Apparently I am in the minority on this article in that I actually love both of her children’s names. She is not my favorite celebrity and I generally don’t read too many of the articles on her. But I decided to post of this one because I love her kids’ names. And I think the spelling of Jaxon is very cool. It puts a modern twist on a classic name. At least she didn’t name her kid AudioScience and Moxie Crimefighter. I mean, come on, she by no stretch of the imagination has the worst “celebrity baby names”.

KL on

I think the spelling is cool! It makes it unique rather than the plain “jackson”

Anonymous on

While not a fan of the spelling, phonetically a cute name….better than Apple, Pilot Inspektor, Sage Moonblood, Moon Unit, Destry or Blanket!!

Jessica on

This is the girl who commented on how much of a BREEZE motherhood was when her first son was 2 MONTHS old. Hopefully now with two under 2, she gets a little bit of a wake-up call.

jah on

We too worked different shifts (1 and 3rd) after our son was born. It was rough at first, but it was what we had to do to assure he’d be taken care of and not in daycare…thus one of us being there for all the important milestones and we couldn’t be happier for the choice. Now on flip side, I don’t care for alot of choices these two have made…but it’s their decision.

GG on

Now they have two sons, happy for them!

Chouchou on

The dad is Soooo ugly

Melissa on

@Jenny – We named our son Jaxon 9 years ago. I think that was long before Sons of Anarchy. We found it in a baby book and liked it because my husbands name is Jason. So it was like Jason, but a traditional sounding name. He also has the same initials as his daddy. So for me, nothing to do with TV. It became very popular after that…I wondered why…maybe you are right on the most recent surge.

Jessica on

To all you Jaxon haters. I named my son Jaxson, 11 years ago, specifically so that he would NOT ever be called Jack. I loved the nickname. However, his name is Jaxson Dean and we call him J.D. all the time. So, I guess we should have spelled it Jackson. Either way….cute spellings. I just feel bad for the kids for the rest of their lives as they have to correct everyone…constantly.