Bruce Willis Welcomes Daughter Evelyn Penn

05/07/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Bruce Willis Welcomes Daughter Evelyn Penn Matt Baron/BEImages

And baby makes five!

Bruce Willis welcomed his fifth daughter on Monday, May 5, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Evelyn Penn Willis weighed 8 lbs., 10 oz. and is the second child together for the actor and his wife, model Emma Heming-Willis. The couple are already parents to Mabel Ray, 2.

“Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully,” reads a statement from the rep. “Mabel is delighted to have a new baby sister.”

On Thursday, Heming-Willis, 37, took to Twitter to joke that her husband — with whom she celebrated her fifth anniversary on March 21 — continues to ride solo.

“My husband is still the man of the house! Thank you for all the well wishes. We are all doing wonderfully,” she Tweeted, adding the hashtag #BlessedWithGirls.

Willis, 59, is also dad to daughters Tallulah, 20, Scout, 22, and Rumer, 25, his children from his previous marriage to Demi Moore.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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bitsy on

Not crazy about the name, but then again, it’s not my child. Good for them and congrats on the new member of the family.

Debbie on

That poor man can only produce girls.

Ridiculous on

Why does that make him a ‘poor man’, Debbie? How dare you imply there is something wrong with daughters.

Judy on

Not cutting them down, but I can’t imagine having a new baby at the age he is.

Bhavana on

Congratulations to them on their new baby girl. Debbie, you’re acting as if having a girl is a curse. Any baby is a blessing from God.

Allison on

So what? What’s wrong with girls?

Whitney Spider on

The name is decent as is the other daughter’s name. Better than the names of the three with Demi. As DEBBIE said, this man can only produce daughters.

Joan on

He’s a dad again at age 59! That’s terrible. Evelyn will never really know her daddy. He will probably die in his 70’s and she will barely be a teenager! SAD

Vanessa on

I can’t imagine having a newborn at 59. I don’t even want another at 33, but a thousand congratulations to them.
And Debbie, who cares if he only has daughter’s? My uncle and aunt have 5 daughter’s and 3 grandson’s (apparently their girls only make boys so far, lol). Some men are quite happy having girls, my uncle said he wouldn’t have known what to do with a boy–and he’s a guy’s guy.

Brenda on

Congrats to the Willises, but as someone who worked in a department store, please do not take toddlers on escalators. I’ve seen some unfortunate accidents.

Jenb64 on

Wonder if the Penn is from Penns Grove, NJ where he used to live.

truth on

He is just not destined to have boy.

janie on

Congrats to mom, dad and big sis!! Wonderful news!♥

Marky on

Like the name Evelyn; very pretty! People seem to forget these babies grow up, and usually will have need of an adult name far longer than a “baby” name.

Debbie, mind telling me what’s wrong with girls? A man isn’t more of a man because he has a son; you sound like some Chinese or Korean from 60 years ago…should he drown her in a bucket because she isn’t a boy?? How ignorant! Both girls and boys should be a welcome addition to a family. My grandparents had 5 girls, then 3 boys…….

shoshamarie on

Glad Joan isn’t on the Welcome Home committee. Wow.

Rolyat on

Give it up Bruce. You’re almost 60. Nothing wrong with girls. Just whisper in theirs ears everynight this one word “ELOPE”

Dany on

What is wrong with some of you Catty women posting such nonsensical comments about only producing girls and the names are better or worse than….

Get a life, one that is more positive. Bruce and Emma are happy to have another child. He’s probably in better health than most of the people posting on this page. Whether he lives long or dies young isn’t an issue. There are a lot of men raising families in older years, with the ability to spend more time and give more to their children. I’m happy for them and love the names of ALL the children, especially the name Mabel, as I have a granddaughter by that name, named after her wonderful great-grandmother. Congrats to the Willis families.

Alissa on

Congrats! Mabel and Evelyn certainly have a different feel to their names than the older 3 daughters. Glad everyone in that family is doing well and getting along.

Lala on

Love your comment Dany, and I completely agree with you!

Guest on

Congrats on new baby girl.Best wishes for your family and take care

Audrey on

Gorgeous, classy name. Congrats!

lola on

Finally!! Not an odd name. Lucky man who makes women.
All girls….YAY!! So wonderful to have so many SISTERS.

Di on

When your children are of a more appropriate age to be the parents, maybe you should not be having kids that you won’t see grow up.

byrd on

so glad for Bruce and new wife, he must have went thru hell and back. Congrats on all the girls.

jckfmsincty on

Five girls. That’s a lot of weddings to pay for.

Michelle on


ari on

Why all the comments about being 59 and having another child? The man looks and probably is in better physical shape than some 30 year olds. He certainly has the wealth to support them and I bet he’s a damn good father. His oldest 3 daughters seem very close to him.

Whatidiots on

Two things. Bruce looks to be in d amn good shape for 59. And he seems like a really good Dad.

Haadi on

Good grief, yet another daughter. Hasn’t the man heard of gender selection. It’s such a shame that this now old man can’t produce a male child.

Trudat on

I’d rather be named Scout or Rumer than Evelyn or Mabel. These names went out in the early 1900’s. Best wishes to them all but Bruce 5 kids are enough. And Bruce – I think you need to see what is going on with your 3 older ones. I follow them on Twitter and they are hot messes.

skiiy on

A life is a blessing. Glad the little girl was born healthy.

Mr G. on

Pussy can’t even produce a boy!

Tamara on

Wow. He’s is really consistent, isn’t he?? lol

Amy Lorane on

Debbie I agree it’s so funny. I wonder if they’ll try for a 3rd and try to use some sort of IVF where they can pre-determine the sex of the child.
I know that’s getting popular ….
(Like the real housewife felon from New Jersey who was going to a fertility clinic after being pregnant with 4 daughters)

Tanja on

I think becoming a parent this age isn’t really a problem in the health area…I had a dad who was pretty old too when I was born. The problem I have now is that he can’t experience much about my life anymore and I never got to meet the majority of his family because they were all pretty old too.Many of them are already dead.

What I want to say is: Just because Bruce is healthy now it doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. When his youngest daughter turns ten he will be almost 70…and who knows how “healthy” he will be in 10 years. The younger girls won’t have much from their dad.

Guest on

I’m sure he was hoping for a boy after having all those girls, just because it would be different. I’m not against girls, I have a beautiful grown daughter and three sons, but my daughter was very challenging compared to my easy going boys. Girls are usually full of drama. I don’t care for any of the names they have chosen. The first three were very strange and that’s before all the celebrities were going that weird route with names. I just think that these last two may be too old school for them now. I’m wondering when the names like Debby, Linda, Dawn, Amy, and Jennifer will make a comeback.

Anonymous on

WOW!!! A baby is a blessing regardless of its gender. He has plenty of $ to pay for college/weddings. So that is not an issue for people to even comment about. He is 59, but look at the shape he is in. He looks better than many other men who are much younger. He may live to be in his 90’s. Congratulations!!

KJ on

@Debbie ‘That poor man can only produce girls’.. Are you trying to be funny or are you just ignorant? Have several seats.

Amber on

Calm down people. My dad was 50 when he had me. It’s not that big of a deal. He’s as good as (if not better) any other father. I love the names of both their kids. CONGRATS!

stillstanding22 on

Why do we have to inject our own biases towards everyone else’s decisions? Congrats to the Willises!

Niko on

Poor Bruce. He has to have as many kids as the Duggars to finally have a boy he desperately wants. Congrats…and good luck*wink*

Maggie on

How do you know he “desperately” wants a boy???? Maybe he loves having daughters. My uncle had 4 girls and he said he never once cared whether they were boys or not. I have male friends who have all girls and they said that although they initially wanted boys (as most guys do) they can’t even imagine having a boy now that they have their girls. I’m sure that Bruce could care less or he WOULD have had his wife go through with gender selection. He can certainly afford it.

Erin on

5 girls! Woah! I really thought this one would be a boy. He must be disappointed.

Smiles on

Congrats to the Family! Hope next one is boy and name after him

JJ on

I always find it neat that this guy who is like the epitome of the hollywood tough action man has so many girls. It’s cute actually gives him another side as a family man and a doting dad to his girls.

Nikki on

aWWWWWWWWW congrats..are you going to try for a boy?…lol..

AJ417 on

Love the name! My beautiful niece is named Evelyn.

stew on

Really, Debbie. If you knew anything about genetics, it makes him a strong man. Strong XX genes to make a girl. You’re a poor excuse for a woman to make such a degrading comment.

Now, as to the names, at least these girls have normal, if old-fashioned, names.

GW on

Hopefully one day at least one of Bruce’s daughters will find a successful, attractive young man who be welcomed into the family as if he were Bruce’s own son, and maybe by the grace of God the couple will be blessed with the gift of a male offspring that Bruce will welcome with open arms. There is always hope.

Sara on

Bruce is still looking good. Those pics are sweet. I wonder though: aren’t these older dads exhausted, starting all over with babyhood when they have adult children? My girls are only 10 and 5, and I don’t ever want to go back to changing diapers and 3 a.m. feedings. 🙂

And I wonder if the poor guy ever wanted to have a son. He seems like a sweet “girl” daddy, though! 🙂

Tina on

Joan, people are living long healthy lives these days. Just because he’s 59 doesn’t mean he is going to die in the next ten years . He could live in pot his 100s( and I hope he does). Aren’t we the Debbie downer

Anonymous on

Maggie- Yes, he can afford gender selection, but perhaps Emma didn’t want to do it (I highly doubt he would have forced it on her!)? That being said, I agree with you that most likely he’s not desperate for a boy at all (in fact, I remember him being asked about trying for a boy once and saying he was perfectly fine with just having daughters!). 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them!

clancyfox on

It seems having children becomes a disease to some….how many are enough….when do you start thinking with your other head…..

clancyfox on

I’m sorry, but having children seems to become a disease with some….when is enough already…..too many people on this planet already….start using your other head…

Amy on

Congratulations Bruce, Emma, Rumer, Scout, Tallulah & Mabel on the birth of baby Evelyn!

Angie on

Good for them and congrats!

Jen on

Congrats, I’m sure she’s beautiful. I’m sure they are all beautiful. Now, you are old enough to be a grandpa. Get your nuts cut, please.

janetspillows on

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! So happy for Bruce Willis and his wife. They make a great couple. I wish them lots of happiness.

Christine on

Congrats to Bruce, Emma, and baby Evelyn’s sisters! I’m one of seven girls (not one boy!) and while growing up it was hectic, it was always fun!

Sophia_1 on

He’s a little older yes, but why all the hate about having another child? I lost my parents when they were very young.
If he’s a loving father, which I believe he is……it’s the old adage – quality not quantity.

SM on

6th time’s the charm 🙂

Claire on

I think his last two daughters are already cuter than his first three…but give it up Bruce…you’re destined to be surrounded by females!

Edie on

Evelyn is my sister in laws name…its an old fashioned name too. But Penn…makes me think of Sean Penn.

Edie on

Wow 8 lbs 10 oz..big baby…Bruce’s wife is very pretty but Bruce is looking old now ..pushing 60 soon. I think he has given up on getting a son. OH well best of good health and happiness to them all!

Jessica on

I was really curios to hear the sex of this baby, I was hoping it was a girl!

I guess Bruce only makes girls lol

betty on

I bet they try one more time for a girl..

4mom on

I don’t understand everyone complaining about this man’s age and having young children. I am friends with a couple who have grown children and grandchildren and also a 5 & 9 year old. They were foster parents and decided to adopt these two little girls to give them a stable home. The parents are well into their 60’s and these girls are involved in sports and rodeo.

Nicolle on

Apparently his wife doesn’t age because she was also 35 in the article People posted when their first daughter was born….

KL on

Yes Bruce Willis, you need to stop making babies at almost 60 years old!! Your new baby will be 20 and you will be 80! Its time to enjoy these years when your daughters may be getting married and having their own families.. look forward to grandchildren!! But congrats anyway!

Lola on

You people do realize that Bruce or any other celeb you make comments on are not going to read or care what you have to say about how many children they have or what they name them, don’t you? Their lives are their lives, and like most of us, we really don’t care what others have to say because what we name our children or how many we have or what age we have them, because it is not your business!!

Andi D on

OMG people get a life! I seriously doubt that either of the Willises asked your permission to have another child, or to pay for that child, or provide DNA so what business is it if they have two or 52? And you probably weren’t consulted on names so just because they named their children something that you can actually pronounce instead of some made up combination of letters that EVERYONE struggles with doesn’t give any of you the right to criticize. This is what you say when someone has a baby…”Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of your new little blessing. So glad she is healthy and much loved.” Or you keep your yip shut.

jkc on

Congratulations to them, and what is wrong with baby girls , Debbie?

Stephanie on

It’s disgusting these celebrity types are so selfish. He isn’t going to be around to raise this kid and even if he is still alive by the kids 21 birthday, he’ll be too old to raise her the way she deserves. It takes more than money, people!

PenisButter on

Mabel and Evelyn: old lady names. I wonder if these two daughters will end up as homely as his first three.

ogates on

I read Bruce really wants a son and at least he can afford to and cares for the children he has and wants–that is the most important thing for a child–love and care…congrats old man!

Foo foo on

I think it’s great that they have two new babies 🙏 !! He found Love in his life and happiness that’s what important in life. The older daughter should be happy for their dad and their new baby sisters:) God Bless To your family . my favorite movie star and his wife and his family 🙂 I’ve been a fan of Bruce Willis and his family. Watching all his movie and Demi since I can remember 👀 I guess over 25 years . Love this family 🙂 Family is first !! Enjoy !! God bless you and all 5 girls and your very pretty wife Emma