Roger Federer Welcomes Twin Sons Leo and Lenny

05/06/2014 at 11:00 PM ET

Roger Federer Welcomes Twin Sons Leo and Lenny Simon James/Getty

Roger Federer prefers to play doubles in daddy duty!

The tennis star, 32, and his wife Mirka welcomed twins — again! — on Tuesday, May 6, he announced on Twitter shortly after the birth.

“Mirka and I are so incredibly happy to share that Leo and Lenny were born this evening! #TwinsAgain #Miracle,” Federer Tweeted.

It’s the second set of multiples for the couple, who are already parents to 4½-year-old identical twin daughters, Myla and Charlene.

With the arrival of his sons, Federer — who confirmed in December that his family of four was expanding — pulled out of the Madrid Open on Tuesday.

“I’ve decided to withdraw from Madrid to be with my wife Mirka during these next few exciting weeks for our family. I apologize to my fans and hope to be back in Madrid next year. I’ll be training near my home, and am excited to rejoin the Tour soon!” he posted on Facebook.


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Emily on

Well, that should keep them busy! 😉

Congrats to this family!

gymluv on

Twin girls and then twin boys!! Such an awesome blessing, congratulations. Same thing happened to my gran, twin boys then twin girls (4 kids under age 4 YIKES!)

Dee on

Wow, another set of twins. Congrats to them.

Anonymous on

How lucky two girls and two boys. Congratulations !

AG on

Wow, two sets of twins! Congratulations, Roger and Mirka


Twin girl’s and now twin boy’s, what a fun household they have now. So happy for them both. How exciting!

bitsy on

Awesome news. Congratulations on the new additions to the family! God bless.

jj on

Wow! Another set of twins. Congratulations! Must be a lot of work, but I’m sure they know what they’re in for a second time 🙂

boohoobytch on

tie those tubes, congrats

Kimberly on

Congrats…babies are always a blessing! God Bless!

klroy on

Mixed Doubles!!

Whitney Spider on

Congrats! Boys are awesome!

Hey on

Wow. What are the chances two sets if twins and two genders. Are these identical too?

Danielle on

Leo and Lenny? Might as well named them both “Leonard” lol. Sorry, those names are really similar…

mumbles menino on

i can just hear Boomer Esiason now…the dweeb.

Ed on

Congrats to both of you. Such a Blessing!!!

susan on

Does anyone NOT use in vitro to conceive children ????? Anyone doing it the “old-fashioned” way???????

dancer92136 on

Enjoy…perfection. Make sure to spoil your wife on Sunday. She deserves it!

CocoaMommy on

Susan, not sure where you read these babies were born via “in vitro”.. Some folks are lucky and blessed with twins naturally!

Jennifer on

@Susan, do you know the proper use of a question mark?

Many, MANY people have twins and triplets and even quads naturally. You know what they say about people that assume things…

Leslie on

—– susan says:
MAY 7, 2014 AT 1:49 PM
Does anyone NOT use in vitro to conceive children ????? Anyone doing it the “old-fashioned” way???????

^^^^Susan, if you knew anything about twins you would know identical twins are not conceived via ivf. It is one embryo that splits, thus creating identical twins. I can’t comment on their twin sons, as we don’t know if they are identical or not, and quite frankly it’s none of our business.

Hopefully this enlightens you somewhat. Maybe next time you’ll think before you speak.


Amaryllis on

At least he can afford them . . .

Guest on

That’s one fugly-looking couple!

Andrea on

Wow, what a blessing!! I have one set of identical girls and I’ve heard of people having two sets of twins before. What an amazing thing to happen. 🙂

confidential on

@Susan: I wasn’t aware that using IVF is a sin or against any laws or religious beliefs. The science is there to benefit people who want children. Its no ones business. Would you get cancer and not use radiation or chemo? I’m thinking no. Honestly speaking, they may have used IVF but they have every right to use it regardless of what other people think.

And you can have identical twins conceived through IVF. The conception is through IVF but the egg slipping in natural. I have a co worker who had 3 babies that 2 are identical (same embryo that split) and the other is fraternal.

Alissa on

Congrats! I know of other families have more than one set of twins, but I think this is the first I have heard of that had 2 pregnancies that resulted in 2 sets of twins. It seems there is typically a single baby before in between. I am just wondering what the odds of this happening. Glad all their babies are healthy and I have my fingers crossed for another set of twins should they choose a third pregnancy. : )

Mary on

Wow, 2 sets of twins, how fun, nice normal names for all 4, congrats.

Metal on

Stop breeding already. JC!

Kiki on

Metal: Stop talking!!! JC

yasemina on


@Susan I just had modi identical boys in February. Totally and 100% natural. There are lots of girls with two sets…and in those cases some mechanism we aren’t certain of makes those eggs more prone to breaking…leading to the identical split. Most identical twins are NOT IVF just to let you know and totally natural. So there.

Terry on

Susan – how do you know they weren’t conceived the “old fashioned way”? Were you at the conception? Some people are so ignorant. And even if they weren’t – who really cares?

yasemina on

There is a mechanism science hasn’t quite pinpointed that gives you a slightly higher chance of identical Twins via IVF compared to the old fashioned way. The majority of women have factors of identical twinhibition that are removed when you give the egg the chance to hang out in the Petri dish to the blastocyst stage.

Karen on

Congrats! Many blessings to them and their new bundles of joy!

Amelia on

Is this possible that it’s also identicals ?
I thought it’s some sort of aberration for the identical twins to occur in the first place ?
Fraternals are the genetic ones or via fertility treatments.


So cool !

roland on

That is hardly the definition of “miracle.”

doesn’t say if they are monozygotic….

jlo27916 on

That is crazy- The fact that the first were identical does not affect their chances of having another set- now had they been fraternal, the chances would have jumped. That truly is a blessing- I have Identical boys and the way we were explained (in a loving manner of course) is they are literally flukes of nature and rare. But chances of fraternal twins these days are EXTREMELY high. Good luck to them! A lot of love and a lot of work!

TraciE on

@Susan…I am personally offended by your comment and sarcastic question about whether or not people have children the “old fashioned way” anymore rather than IVF. I have a beautiful, amazing daughter who was conceived through IVF after three years of trying it “the old fashioned way”, and I thank God everyday that the technology was there for us to use. There should be no guilt or shame associated with doing IVF, but comments like yours create it! My second issue with your comment is the assumption that they did IVF. It’s none of our business!!! Families are created in many different ways, and children, regardless of how they are created, are a blessing! Next time maybe either offer your congratulations or don’t comment at all.

jlo27916 on

And Susan- I had my twins spontaneously… In fact twins are not common just because of fertility (Fraternal twins) are family history, age has a lot to do with it as well. And susan you seem very uncompassionate as there are SO many that cannot concieve the “OLD FASHIONED WAY”

Dr. K on

Roger Federer’s sister, Diana, also has a set of identical twins. Leo and Lenny are identical, just as Myla and Charlene.

Not every set of twins is a result of IVF.

Terri on

That is amazing. Double double trouble! 🙂

Terri on

roland- Yes, this is the definition of miracle. Every child is a blessing & miracle.

Melissa on

Wow! Holy twins x2! Congrats to Roger and his family!

Melissa on

Yes Susan, I am sure they never tried just having sex. Thanks for reminding people to try sex first because I am sure everyone wants to spend massive amounts of money on the possibility of having a baby rather than the “old fashioned way”. Trust me, no amount of sex in this world would provide me with a baby. Fortunately, I had options…and I also had sex, just for fun. 😉

Smiles on

Two sets of twins! Wow! Maybe the next one would be third sets of twins? Unusual but it does happen to few families here in America

delorb on

@Susan. That’s the first thing I thought of too. Its sad that some people are okay with everyone expressing their opinions, unless its an opinion that they share.

To have two sets of identical twins is rare, no matter how many cousin of next door neighbors whose sister this has happened to. And the % of this happening goes UP with the bank account of the parents. See Charlie Sheen who naturally only has girls, but with the help of doctors, finally got his boys…which he promptly ignored.

Happy for them both, even though I think they had a little help. Nothing wrong with it.

mary on

I had twins naturally (no ivf) and my doctor told me that people who have natural twins are several times more likely to have a second set of twins! That’s why I’m not getting pregnant anymore…..don’t know if I can handle more twins. One set of twins is great though!

Marky on

Congratulations to the happy couple, and how cool is that?! Two sets of twins!! How wonderful for them….congrats also on the fact that Roger F. dropped everything to go home and spend time with his family! Priorities are in order, and that’s great…..

Cassandra Owens on

My grandfather was one of 2 sets of identical twins, and that’s waaaay before the advent of in vitro (born in 1918), so let’s not assume too much, shall we? Congratulations to them all!

Tilly on

Susan, some of us don’t have any choice but to use IVF to conceive, however nowhere does it state that they did. They are either way very lucky to experience the joy of life, can people not just be happy for them?

Anonymous on

delorb- How do you know that Charlie and Brooke had help to concieve their boys? That’s never been confirmed in any way, shape, or form (and no, I’m not counting the fact that they had boys after Charlie had several girls! People have several children of one gender and then one or more of the opposite all the time!).

Anyway, congrats to them!

Donna on

To the person who suggested they stop having children, WHY? they can afford them, they are great parents and have great families, they are the ones who should have more kids if they want them. To all the people who are so rude as to decide they are IVF, well, the chances of identical twins are slim to none, don’t know if the boys are yet, but the similar names suggest it, and I am thrilled for Roger and Mirka. Their children will have such advantages to learn about the world and many heritages traveling as they do, these children will have a chance to learn that all people are good. I am thrilled for this family, they waited a long time for them, and the age also makes twins more likely. It also runs in his family, so stop putting the couple down.

Susan on

My Grandmother had her four children the same way. It doesn’t happen very often, but it DOES happen, and sometimes without any medical help. Blessings to them all!!

MMH on

The misconception on twins makes me crazy. Identical twins are not the result of IVF. IVF implants more than one egg which can result in multiple births. Identical twins are from the same egg that splits. I always hear people say twins runs in my husband’s side. Doesn’t matter – he made be amazing to you but he does not have the power to split an egg or make the women’s body drop a second egg. My cousin miscarried a twin and everyone kept saying, I wonder if they were identical – ahhh NO! Identical share the same placenta and sac. The twin that survived would not have been able to if it was in the same sac and using the same placenta. As far as multiple twins, my great grandmother had 4 sets and trust me, she wasn’t on any fertility treatment of using IVF – wasn’t even around back then.

theanonymousmum on

How does that happen? two sets of twins. This seems to happen to famous people. Do they take something to alter the eggs?

Amy on

Congratulations Roger, Mirka, Charlene & Myla on the birth of babies Lenny & Leo!

gb on

Congratulations to them. The first set being identical does not point to IVF (they weren’t even married yet, not that it’s a prerequisite.) My guess is, if this is a fraternal pair she must be in the 34-38 year old age bracket where fraternal twin pregnancies are more common. As an aside, I have a friend who’s sisters are fraternal twins and one of them has 2 sets of fraterrnals herself (no help through IVF.) First a set of girls and 2 years later a set of boys.

Jen on

Congrats to them, they are double, double blessed. And for the record, I have a set of twins and my sis has a set of triplets and they are both natural pregnancies and delivery on my part. So, yeah, we got the the “old fashion” way.

Blankita on

Wow!! Love the names:) Congrats

Anonymous on

MMH- Actually, it is possible for identicals to have their own sacks and placentas. It’s rare, because the egg has to split fairly late for that to happen, but it DOES happen. So miscarrying a twin does not automatically mean the babies were fraternal.

You ARE pretty much right on the money re. identicals and IVF, though (technically, identicals CAN result from IVF, since the fertilized egg can split once it’s placed into the uterus. Howerver, the chance of it happening is only slightly higher, if higher at all, than the chance of it happening after natural conception). 🙂

Estrella on

I like this couple but this is another example of weird celebrity baby names. Leo and Lenny are just nicknames of Leonard so their kids essentially have the same name.

Kal on

Leo and Lenny, not too trilled about the names, almost sounds same.

Anonymous on

Okay, I don’t know what I was thinking last night. The egg has to split very EARLY (i.e. before the sack and what will eventually be the placenta start to form!) in order for twins to have their own sacks and placentas, not late!

Lynn on

For those upset with @Susan. Let it go, it’s not worth your while. As a mother of twins, it’s a very common assumption and question. For some odd reason people no longer associate twins as being spontaneous. Either way, it really doesn’t matter.

Barb on

Congratulations to the Federer Family! Your hands will be full! But What a blessing for your family. 🙂
I wonder when the family will know (or let us know) if these baby boys are identical twins like their older sisters.

4mom on

There are some smart people setting the record straight with some of the assumptions people make about twins. I take an exception to the statement that older women have fraternal twins. My 19 year old niece had fraternal twins. Her dr. told her she had an increased chance of twins again and she could get pregnant very easily. This has not kept her from talking about some day having more children, especially since one of her babies died right after turning a year old. I also want to say that in the world I live in Leo and Lenny are individual names given to people and not nicknames for Leonard. I know people with both names and those are their given names. Really nice names for all of their children.

KL on

Good for them! 2 sets of twins! yikes.. 😐 but thats exciting!!!

Anandita Bishnoi on

I’m very happy for Leo & Lenny.
I don’t have words to express my feelings.
Roger Uncle,I’m your greatest FAN in the world .
I’m a 12 year old girl from India.
You’re my all time favorite Tennis stars.

gb on

4mom, just because your 19 yr old niece had twins does not disprove that a woman has a higher chance of naturally conceiving twins in her mid thirties than at any other time.

4mom on

I didn’t say older women weren’t more likely to have twins. What I said was that it is not only older women.

kerrisha on

How sad for those twin boys. He’ll drag them & his twin girls from tournament to tournament. Despite his millions, he still wants the glory & nothing else matters. What’s with that twin situation? Possible artificial insemination…LOL.

Catca on

Just an fyi, you don’t get identical twins with in vitro (unless it happens naturally). Multiples caused by in vitro is because more than one fertilized egg is implanted, not because the egg split.

Nina Nethery on

My husband and I are such fans of Roger Federer and were so happy to see him win the 2017 Australian Open. He is one of the most gracious and gentlemanly men that we have ever seen on the tennis courts. He also, from all appearances, seems to be a devoted husband and father.. Wishing him much continued success in any and all of his endeavors.

carma on

I am thrilled that Fed won his 8th Wimby title and 19th Major. He’s truly an extraordinary man, devoted father and wonderful husband. The entire family is truly blessed and wish only good things for them all.