Megan Fox: My Pregnancies Have Been Complete Surprises

05/05/2014 at 02:25 PM ET

Pregnancy is all in a day’s work for Megan Fox.

Two weeks into filming her new movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the actress became pregnant with her second son — a surprise Fox definitely did not see coming.

“[It’s] an action movie and requires a lot of running and jumping and stunts … anyone that’s been pregnant knows your first trimester can be pretty rough and you’re nauseous all day long,” the new mom, 27, says on Monday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

And with her first trimester taking place right in the thick of filming, Fox admits any of her free time was often spent snacking — and keeping the morning sickness at bay.

“The producers would come see me in the morning in the makeup trailer and I would be clinging to a box of saltines. We kept pickles in the refrigerator for me and I was just constantly on the verge of vomiting.”

Megan Fox Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

She continues, “I was saying things like, ‘Show me what you got, Shredder!’ Stuff like that, so all the fun things you want to do when you’re pregnant.”

And despite two unplanned pregnancies — “We can’t let Brian [Austin Green] near me anymore,” Fox jokes, adding that their firstborn was also a surprise — the couple are proud parents to two beautiful baby boys: 11-week-old Bodhi Ransom and 19-month-old Noah Shannon.

“Bodhi is the little chubby one and then Noah is the one with the lips,” Fox says, showing off a photos of her sons.

“He’s too young to get injections in his lips like that. He shouldn’t do that that early,” Ellen DeGeneres quips.

“Hashtag no fillers,” Fox jokingly adds.

Megan Fox Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

— Anya Leon

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Cali on

Oh they are too too cute. I know Megan gets a bad rap, but I love her. 🙂

LC on

They are darling! Fun to see the pictures – I bet she’s a great mom.

Poppy S on

Gorgeous kids.

mary lou on

I get little tried of hearing “I’m surprise am pregnant” well that happens when you have sex! wow… Now if you get pregnant and didn’t have sex well than that will be a surprise I tell you.

I’m not saying. I’m just saying

emma on

I am not crazy about the name, but he is adorable!

GammieJo on

Of course pregnancy comes from sex, but it can still be a surprise when it happens, particularly if you took precautions.

Those are two beautiful children.

Kat on

‘ I was just constantly on the verge of vomiting’

So will those that watch the movie.

Lola on

Such cute kids, but why is she destroying her face? She was so beautiful!

gagirl on

I agree w/ da. If you’re having sex then there should be no surprise. And if they weren’t using birth control then again, no shocker. It just gets old hearing adults act like they don’t know how to prevent pregnancy.

Erika on

I understand what you are getting at. However, sometimes it is a surprise. It isn’t like they don’t know its a possibility but when you aren’t trying, it is a surprise.

KW on

Unrecognizable. I’d pass her on the street and have no clue who she was. oh and um..don’t you risk pregnancy every time you…you know?

Marcia on

They are very beautiful boys.

Kica on

If you’re not using protection… is getting pregnant a “surprise”??

Anonymous on

Adorable. Still.

Kate on

Wow those are stunningly beautiful children. #gorgeous!

Jen on

She sure makes beautiful babies.

Marie on

Obviously didn’t go to biology class. Pathetic to say it was a surprise…….and so hurtful to all the real couples who have proplems to concieve. So sad that any idiot can become a parent. In 1 year they will be divorced and each one “oops” pregnant with yet another child shoved to a nanny……bravo shallow people.

ripcity on

unplanned pregnancies are embarrassing, and it’s juvenile to “blame” the man (I think Jessica Simpson said something similar, “he keeps knocking me up.”) Junior high school anyway? Abortion is legal and uncomplicated. Why don’t interviewers ask for specifics? Wouldn’t it help the public to know? “Were you using condoms, or the pill, or an IUD, or the rhythm method, or prayer, or what? Why were these conceptions surprises? Did you have Norplant?” I mean, if the celeb is going to reveal that the pregnancies weren’t planned or expected, why not reveal the rest? It might inform people who are trying to manage their own lives. Did the condom fall off?????

I like the name of the second one…..don’t like the reddish hair streaks.

I’m still in shock that Ellen has a talk show, and that it has viewers. I saw her standup act many years ago, before she became famous. She was so funny. Now there’s all this gloss and schlock. I don’t get it.

MissM on

OMGGGGGG with the “ohhh that’s so offensive to women who struggle to conceive” comments!!! Megan’s fertility is not to blame for your lack of fertility. Grow the eff up. I canNOT stand women who take offense at everything. Every comment on the internet is not a personal slight directed at you.

It can be a surprise to find out you’re pregnant when you’re not trying to get that way, and are on the pill or using other forms of birth control. Of COURSE she knows a baby is a side effect of sex sometimes. She’s not a moron. When I was trying to get pregnant, I was still surprised when the little + mark showed up on the test.

And finally… her kids are darn cute. Good for her, she looks like she’s doing well and raising happy and healthy kids.

MissM on

Also, @ Marie… why would you say they’ll be divorced in a year? They’ve been together for 10 years, and married for four. I really don’t think they’re in a shaky relationship, bound for divorce. Simmer down.

Bettie on

really cute kids. dumb name though

shidley on

@MissM – thank you! well said

my my my... on

Gorgeous boys. Her husband is hysterically funny on, “Anger Management”, with Charlie Sheen.

Humming bird on

Cutest baby boys ever!

Dawn S on

She really is a sweet, funny gal. Glad to see if others find her to be refreshing too and kinda gets a bad rap lol She seems like a sweetie!

Loved the part-keep Brian away from me haha You might be off b-control and not expecting it to happen quite as fast….lol and then it does

Tish on

Okay, first off, I don’t know how her surprise of a pregnancy is an insult to women who are trying to conceive. It is a fact she is stating, it isn’t some ‘rub it in your face’ kind of statement. I have been trying for 3 bloody years and even I’m not taking everything she says like it is some sort of weapon against women trying to conceive. Secondly, I’m pretty sure it is sort of a joke when she blames Brian – sheesh, apparently you aren’t allowed to joke anymore. Finally, she said pregnancy was unplanned – she did not say that she didn’t want the children now that she was pregnant so an abortion simply wasn’t her choice. Maybe her definition of surprise is that they weren’t downright trying. but weren’t opposed to expand their family either. Also, how is it irresponsible to be married, able to afford more children and decide to keep them? It is a choice, not irresponsible. When they said surprise they obviously willing to take the chance and have one. This isn’t some couple who don’t want children, are on the verge of breaking up and can’t even afford the first – that is irresponsibility. And who said they weren’t on birth control: my cousin took Micronor at 43 and got pregnant. Irony of it all is I don’t care for Megan Fox or her husband but these comments are so brutal.

Becky on

Love Megan. and my goodness, her and Brian made 2 beautiful babies.

Becky on

I don’t think she’s done anything to her face,it’s her lighter hair color that makes her look different, and she is getting older as we all are.

Anonymous on

Gorgeous couple… And babies!:)

Carrow on

How cute is little Noah. He is all Megan.

Ru on

Thumbs up! Lol 😉

Jaynes on

Surprised?? Really? If you’re having sex and not using protection why would you be surprised if you end up pregnant? What an idiot.

KingKing on

Megan has had her nose done. There has been before and after pics. I think the older baby has her nose. Don’t get me wrong though, she is absolutely beautiful and so are her babies. Her nose was just wider before on the bottom that’s all. Someone commented she didn’t have anything done. So I was addressing that. A little clip made a huge difference. Megan did an interview once that she always wanted to be a mom. Now she has. Expect more beautiful babies.

Jay on

If you’re having sex and not using birth control, you can get pregnant. This fool must have missed out on this info.

Anonymous on

Gorgeous family!

Kat on

For those who’re bashing this poor woman, I’d think she calls it a surprise because she was on some form of birth control but got pregnant anyway. It happens!

Holly on

Seriously, two unplanned pregnancies? Did she not learn anything from the first one?

Mary on

Her boys are gorgeous.

Jen on

Goodness all these comments about her saying something stupid by saying they were a surprise… maybe it truly was a surprise. She isn’t stupid or a fool. We know a couple who were on birth control and using protection and got pregnant 4 times… should we just not have sex if we don’t want another baby? These comments are silly. My personal opinion so jump on it all you want. I don’t ever comment on these things but this one was just too much. And I’m not even a fan of hers.

letsbehonest on

They’re beautiful! =)

me on

@ripcity, you’re a moron. Ellen has had a talk show for years and it’s been popular for a long time. I hate people like you who are basically like, “Well, I hate something, so it’s completely beyond comprehension that anyone else could ever possibly like it.”

Smiles on

Congrats! The boys are really cute. Look like both of them

Summer on

The only way getting pregnant is a surprise is if she was using birth control. It DOES happen, so I’m thinking (logically) that she wouldn’t say it was a surprise if she wasn’t on birth control of some sort. I really like her. She stays out of the spotlight and seems to be a real family person.

Kris on

Omg the kids are adorable, she’s super cool too.

But please lay off the Botox! Don’t these Hollywood women see how they ruin their faces?

Robin on

Complete surprise pregnancy? I know she is no brain surgeon but come on…

Katie on

Tish, I honestly with you the best and hope you can stay as positive as possible (I’m sure that is hard). I hope some day soon, you are making a comment that you have achieved your goal of parenthood.

Guest on

Beautiful kids. She should not have messed up her face like that… tragic.

valentine robert on

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Sara on

What gorgeous children!

Anonymous on

I agree with those who say they likely WERE using birth control, hence the surprise. It could also be that she used that term because she didn’t want to refer to her innocent children as “mistakes” or “oops” babies.

Also, I think the comments saying that every time you have sex, there’s a chance pregnancy could result, are far more insensitive to those struggling with infertility than anything Megan said! And in that same vein, Megan may have been surprised by her first pregnancy because she was under the impression that pregnancy wasn’t a possibilty for her.

Anyway, the boys are adorable!

Tina on

Bettie, who are you to judge the name of someone else’s child? So what if you don’t like it, it’s their choice. I doubt they care what you think.

The O on

What’s so surprising? She had sex, possibly without condoms or birth control pills, IT CAN HAPPEN!

Candy on

I guess she has had plastic surgery because she is unrecognizable. I thought this was Alyssa Milano. Megan has always been stunning in a unique way. Now, she looks gorgeous but in a generic way. Her little boys are adorable. I hope they won’t try to redo their looks later in life.

Hea on

Why do you assume they weren’t using protection? I assume they were and therefore they were a bit surprised.

Anonymous on


Linda W on

Megan Fox has a beautiful family. I know she’s a proud mama. I’m so happy for her.

Niko on

Note to Megan Fox: Perhaps you should USE protection next time? Congrats…

Mar on

looks like some people here woke up on the wrong side of the bed….didn’t your mother’s teach you if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all? she has a beautiful family and husband and doesn’t even know you exist and yet some of you have nothing better to do then sit behind your computers and judge her without knowing her full story about her pregnancies. The only stupid people I see are the ones making the rude comments not Megan!

teachergrl23 on

Duh, she knows pregnancy can happen when she has sex. God, that is the most idiotic insult of what she said I’ve ever seen. You people are ridiculous and how was her comment insensitive? Don’t take everything so personally, the world does not revolve around you.

MIssM, THANK YOU. Finally, someone with a brain.

stacey on

Noah and Bodhi, my lord those are hideous names.

teachergrl23 on

Duh, she knows pregnancy can happen when she has sex. God, that is the most idiotic insult of what she said I’ve ever seen. You people are ridiculous and how was her comment insensitive? Don’t take everything so personally, the world does not revolve around you.

MIssM, THANK YOU. Finally, someone with a brain. Some of the comments on here are so over the top.

Truebloodhalfbreed on

someone should have fixed her before she had the chance to breed….