Jessie James Decker Was ‘Yelling and Screaming’ About Having a C-Section

05/04/2014 at 09:30 PM ET

Jessie James Decker Daughter Vivianne labor and Delivery Kwaku Alston/E!

The birth of Jessie James Decker‘s daughter may have been picture perfect, but her labor and delivery didn’t exactly go according to plan.

During a routine checkup with her doctor, the country singer and Eric & Jessie: Game On reality star was given some unexpected news: baby girl was on her way!

“He was like, ‘You are going to have this baby today. It’s time, she’s really huge and I don’t want you to go any longer,’ ” James Decker, 26, tells PEOPLE.

The sudden due date explains the full face of makeup worn in the hospital pictures.

“I got so much flack for being dolled up in that Instagram photo, but I went to the doctor for my weekly check-up … of course I was dolled up because I like to leave the house that way,” she says.

But after 14 hours of labor, James Decker was not progressing.

“I never dilated past six centimeters so I had to have an emergency c-section, which was devastating for me,” she recalls. “I was yelling and screaming at everyone. I wanted to have that special labor and moment of having a natural birth.”

Despite her disappointment, the first-time mom admits it was all worth it: on March 18 she and husband Eric Decker welcomed daughter Vivianne Rose.

“I wanted a really sweet, classic Southern name,” she shares of the couple’s choice.

Their “traditional” pick still has plenty of fun flair to it, however. “I love the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and I loved the way the dad would call her, ‘Viviaaanne.’ So that’s how we say it, too — it’s not just Vivianne. I love it,” she explains.

Decker recently signed with the New York Jets and the family of three will be settling in the Big Apple. Although the mother-daughter duo haven’t ventured out into the city just yet, James Decker isn’t one to shelter her 6-week-old.

“I’ve been letting her see everything. I want her to see things and be aware of her surroundings — I think it will make her smarter,” she says. “It’s also going to be dangerous for me being in the city with all that shopping. I’ll definitely take her shopping.”

After working her way through feeling “like a bum” during her pregnancy and gaining “a lot of weight and a double chin,” James Decker is bouncing back with a little help from breastfeeding.

“Luckily, I have a ton of milk. I’m the crazy girl that’s in the studio pumping,” jokes James Decker, who just released her new EP, Comin’ Home. “I’m freezing it now — there is so much. It’s a special feeling, intense and the sweetest thing. You are watching her get the most amazing nutrition for her body. It’s beautiful.”

As for how Decker is handling first-time fatherhood?

“He’s ridiculously amazing,” James Decker says. “He changes all the diapers willingly. [He] gets up with her most of the nights because I’m a hard sleeper — it’s not that I don’t want to wake up, but she cries and I don’t hear it sometimes. He just gets up and does it and doesn’t wake me.”

The season finale of Eric & Jessie: Game On airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on E!

— Anya Leon with reporting by Brittany Talarico

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Judy on

They are such a cute couple and they have a beautiful baby!!!

Amanda S. on

Another unnecessary induction leads to unwanted c-section. Sad. At barely 8lbs she could have probably delivered her had she been allowed to go longer until she was actually in labor. 14 hours is not even that long for a first time mother. Typical OBGYN.

Meena on

@Amanda S., were you the doctor in the room with this woman? If not, then I think you need to keep your opinion about what should have been done to yourself.

maryhelenc on

How did all of that makeup not come off during the 14 hours of labour? Or did I read that wrong? Either way, her daughter is healthy and gorgeous and that’s all that matters.

kimberleigh on

Absolutely in love with this couple! She seems so down to earth. Their daughter is gorgeous!

Tara on

Women, quit with the magic moment of labor, do what’s best for your kid and you.

Lisa S. on

I have to agree with Amanda S. I delivered a 9.5 lb baby naturally with no problem. The OB probably just had a weekend trip planned and couldn’t be bothered…so ridiculous.

Anna on

Amanda S the useless knowledge your spouting off about the length of a first labor is exactly that, useless. My first labor was 6 hours from the time my water broke to my daughter being born. The nurse on call had your same mentality and only because of demands my doctor be called was he there in time to deliver my daughter. Every woman and every pregnancy is different.

Nobody on

I had to go a week early for having g diabetes. I had a c section after 1.5 days of not dilating. I was not allowed a epidural because my platelets kept dropping. They had to break the water and 6 hrs later

They did a c – section. I was completely knocked out. They were afraid I wouldn’t clot. My husband was not allowed to see our son born. He was 7.8 lbs. I did not chose a c section. It was my drs choice to do the c section just like her dr .

brooke on

Such a beautiful couple!!! Congrats!!

Blah on

That happened to me too with my first. Didn’t get past 6cm and ended up being knocked out for a csection. Horrible not seeing your baby born. Switched to a group of midwives for my second and had a beautiful SUPPORTED experience. So worth it!

Marky on

Yet another case of a selfish OB who ruined a mother’s labor and delivery. She didn’t progress because her body wasn’t ready! First time mother or not, do your research.

Monica on

Amanda, you’re an idiot. Dr Furr delivered two of my children and is one of the best OB’s in the area. He deals with many high risk pregnancies and is highly saught after. I switched over from a midwife who wouldn’t even answer her phone while I was in the hospital bleeding at 17 weeks. He left a wedding to be by my side!

Jessie is tiny, 8 lbs may or may not have been too much for her. You are not her doctor, I’m sure Dr Google doesn’t qualify you to carry a MD

Ef on

So she doesn’t breastfeed at night? Her husband has to go warm the milk? Spoiled. Part of being a new mom is waking up all night. Induction with pitocin actually slows labor and leads to unnecessary c sections everyday.

Jess on

I agree with Amanda S. also. I delivered a 9.3oz baby girl. I was BEGGING for a C-Section but thank goodness my doctor waited. My labor started at 10pm and I delivered naturally at 7am. Too many doctors are afraid of complications/lawsuits so there are way too many sections being performed that aren’t necessary. It makes me angry.

Bee on

I don’t really know who she is but this is a sweet article and love the baby’s name. Congrats beautiful mama!

mom of 3 on

C sections are on the rise due to physicians wanting fatter paychecks.

Unknown on

Congrats to them both and to those who gave jesse flack for wearing make up while she gave birth GET OVER IT LOSERS!

She was at a weekly check up and had to go deliver the baby that day!

Ashley T. on

Watching the show now, and from what she said he made the decision to do the csection because she was in labor for 13 hours and only dialated 6cm. I was induced and in labor for 36 hours, and barely dialated 2cm before they decided to do the csection. If there weren’t any other complications, I don’t see why she had to be rushed like that. They keep saying the baby was soooo big, but she was only 8.2…My daughter was 8.12, and like others have said they had bigger. I just think they took way too many interventions and she probably could’ve had the birthing experience she wanted. Congrats to the happy, healthy family though!

Akita on

this woman is so overrated …what sort of celebrity is she?
frivolous show

Karen on

Her baby was 8 lbs–not huge?!? Doctors are too quick to urge women into birth/c-sections. Lame.

Karen on

@Amanda I had C section after 11 hrs of labor.. why???? Well b/c I wasnt, nor the baby getting enough oxygen and her heart rate was going down. Your remark is beyond ignorant.

shidley on

Congrats on the delivery of a healthy girl. Btw, speculating about the how and why of Ms. Decker’s c-section is nonsense, Amanda S. and Lisa S, who I surmise are the same person. The goal is a healthy Mom and baby. From the looks of it, that was achieved.

jonah on

changing diapers does not make someone “amazing.”

and looking around won’t make her smarter…unfortunately she has to make do with her genes….but breastfeeding does help!

Marcy on

So many are saying that the baby wasn’t that big and the dr could have waited. Have you thought of how big mom is? Maybe she would not have been able to deliver the baby safely? I use question marks because I don’t know and neither do you. Maybe the baby was in distress and she does not want to share every detail. Relax, be happy your children are safe and healthy and move on.

Yeppers on

Totally agree that OBGYNs would rather do C-sections because it is more convenient for them AND they get paid more. Don’t be naive and think it’s not true. It has happened to me 3x now. It’s how it is.

Jessica on

Birth is traditionally a nursing practice. Modern medicine has totally changed it into a medical practice. Moms, if you want it your way, try a midwife or home birth. Don’t go to the hospital then complain and scream like an ahole. And Anna, settle down. Your kid would’ve been fine if the RN had caught it.

Anonymous on

Amanda S., Lisa S., Ashley T. et. al- I’m with you guys. It startles me that more people aren’t concerned about the high C-section rate in this country (from what I’ve read, it’s around 32 percent. By contrast, the percent that are actually medically NECESSARY, per the WHO, is 5 to 10. That means that well over half the C-sections in the good ol’ US of A are performed needlessly, putting mothers and babies at risk unnecessarily!).

That being said, I’m glad that Vivianne is doing well!

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that women need to start saying NO (or at least insisting on getting a second opinion!) to their doctors when they propose a C-section or induction that they (the moms-to-be) know is unnecessary!

Hea on

Uh, since when is 8 pounds considered “huge”?

Mandy on

Do any of you know big this woman is? Maybe 8 lbs for her is a big baby. My doctor always told me to hope for small babies as I have very narrow hips & they didn’t move a lot even with pregnancy. I’d say since she never dilated past 6 is why they dud the c section.

Gg on

Poor thing, did her size 0 body and flat stomach get ruined by a little scar. Get over yourself. These stars are so shallow and self absorbed.

Darila3658 on

What a lucky girl Jessie is…Eric is handsome, successful, cleans diapers, gets up at night?..what more can u ask??

marymashburn on

why would you pump? Just take your baby in the studio to nurse with you. You have it made, millions of woman did not this option.

Heather L on

Well, as much as everyone wants to harp on people about “forced” c-sections, if you actually do your research, it is a factually sound statement. Given my own experience, I can tell you that being induced is a big fat red flag. a small percentage of women dilate just fine, but most do not… the contractions with an induction are far stronger than normal, and the drugs used for induction along with the stress and pain, can actually do the exact opposite, and cause a woman to seize up. When they break your water, the time clock starts ticking… and then it’s dilate or be ready.

I am not sure why people on here are going off on others regarding their thoughts. Research shows that most first time c-sections, are inductions; and if babies were allowed to come in their own time, there wouldn’t be so many. If you don’t like what someone else has to say, take it with a grain of salt, and keep on keeping on… no need to get all nasty over someone’s opinion.

Dawn on

She is so gorgeous and that baby is going to grow into a total beauty—what an awesome name! I remember when Jesse James first came out and I thought she was just a crazy sexy bombshell with a fantastic voice. Glad she’s found love and putting a new album out!

Ladies voicing your opinion on whether her c-section was necessary—why not just wish her the best on her life? You weren’t there, you don’t know if her hips were too narrow, you don’t know…is it really so hard to simply support and lift one another in our individual experiences? And lucky lady to have a hubby willing to get up and share in the moments—feeding his baby girl her mother’s milk? What a beautiful time for him to share with his daughter 🙂

Lilyflower on

I see the sanctimommies are out….

Jenn on

Who is this girl? Lol

Lala on

I will never understand why some women choose to harp on other women, for their delivery method, and/or how they nurse, and care for their child. Guess what, it’s not your body, not you child! So it’s none of your business, and stop trying to make other women feel inferior!

I’ve gotten flack from women, because I had a c-section with my first. I had severe preeclampsia, and was sent straight to labor and delivery, after my 37 week appointment. After 36 hours of labor, and only dilating to a 5, I also got an inter uterine infection, which I passed to my son, because it had been over 24 hours since my water broke. So tell me, should I have risked my life, and my son’s life, and continued to try for a vaginal birth? Yea, right! I had a c-section. It was no cake walk either. I was in a lot of pain for a couple weeks afterward, and wasn’t able to hold my son the day I had him, because I was so out of it due to the medication to prevent me from seizing, and the meds from the c-section. So stop acting like its convenient for the mother.

C-sections are no joke. Plus doctors can’t get an exact measurement on the size of the baby, until it comes out. Jessie is only 5’1, and could have been measuring large, with a large baby. At least her doctor let her try to delivery naturally, instead of insisting right away, that she have a c-section.

Rooroo on

Yeah…… 8.2 is SO HUGE!!!!! Whatever.

Lotte on

“I’ve been letting her see everything. I want her to see things and be aware of her surroundings — I think it will make her smarter,”

Uh…You think she knows 6-week-old hardly sees a thing yet? 8-9 inches max! So much for seeing EVERYTHING…

Tiffany on

The pic was probably taken right when labor began. And who cares if she is wearing makeup. Anytime you criticize someone, it’s because of jealousy and insecurity. She looks great and I love the name for the baby.

stephanie on

just because she was being induced, doesn’t mean she was in actual labor for 14 hours. labor doesn’t start when the induction starts. the induction helps put you in labor. or helps lead you to the OR for a csection, more often than not. in any case, it’s doubtful she was in labor for 14 hours so that’s why her make up was still in tact.

April on

How sad, doctor bullied her into an induction saying her baby was way too big, at barely 8lbs, leading to a c-section after only 14 hours of labor. Anyone who can’t see the problem here is blind.

Heather on

Did anyone else catch that they keep calling her James Decker? Talk about poor proof reading!

Just Me on

What a bunch of judgmental pigs on here this morning.

Lotte, I guess you can remember exactly what you could and could not see at 6 weeks old?

Gg, she specifically said she wanted the experience of having a vaginal birth, she wasn’t worried about a scar like you obviously are.

Ef, so what if her husband feeds the baby when she doesn’t wake up? My husband did the same thing because I was exhausted with a colicky baby and didn’t wake up sometimes. The father needs to be involved too and not just handed a freshly bathed, happy smiling baby all the time.

marymashburn, a lot of women can’t nurse at work and have to pump…she’s a singer, kinda a hard singing in a studio when you’re nursing an infant since it’s gotta be on the baby’s schedule. In case you didn’t know, studio time is rented, usually hourly and other people are scheduled to use that same studio.

To the rest of you harping on the C-section, if you’re not her doctor, if you weren’t there, if you can’t confirm the baby wasn’t in distress, stop playing around on Google being a doctor and just wish them well. Geesh, I need another cup of coffee to wrap my mind around the number of haters out there. Get a life people.

guest on

How can she sleep through her crying newborn baby and the husband can’t?

Sophia_1 on

Just wanted to read the article and take a look at some of the comments – wow, didn’t think I’d be reading a blow by blow of medical advice and details of how all you mum’s gave birth, how much dialated, your OBGYN, etc.

Monica on

These comments are funny. People get so riled up about the way complete strangers give birth. Just worry about yourselves! They had a healthy baby and that was the most important outcome. He was my doctor too and I absolutely loved him as another poster said. Congrats to eric and jessie, Denver will miss you!

Aimee on

I agree every labor is different and absolutely do the BEST FOR THE MOM and BABY!!

My story, I almost had a Cesarean after laboring 14 hours and begged my Ob/Gyn (who was wonderful) and she let me continue to labor a few more hours (because my son was not showing any signs of fetal distress) and then miraculously, low and behold, I did natural delivery!!! Imagine that!!! I heard one nurse mention they needed the labor room and I took too much time!!! Sad!!

On another note, they are a gorgeous family. Don’t worry about the weight gain. Too many women put too much pressure on themselves when it took 9 months to get to that size to have a healthy baby, it will take another 9 months to get weight off. Especially Hollywood moms and a lot of them (especially the older ones) are really having surrogates. WAY too much pressure on women.

Hill on

Heather, I believe the article refers to her as ‘James Decker’ because it’s her surname, and as such it helps distinguish her from her husband in the article, as they share a last name. ‘James’ is her maiden name, and ‘Decker,’ her married name; they’re simply not hyphenated. I don’t think it’s a proof-reading oversight. 😉

Denverpeet on

I do love the lullaby she wrote for her daughter – it is such a touching and beautiful song!

Wish they were still in Denver – he was always the highlight of the game!

Nicole on

I’m just happy for her and her husband for having a beautiful and more importantly healthy baby. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter that Jessie was wearing makeup or that she had a c section because she made it through the birth healthy and so did the baby.

Maria on

Sigh. Seriously?! I’m 5’2 & gave birth to an 8 lb 10oz baby. My sis in law is 5’1 and all 3 of her babies have been over 10 lbs and she’s not had to have a c-section.

Unnecessary inductions lead to SO many emergency c-sections. Ladies, just wait to go into labor naturally. The body generally knows what it’s doing.

No one was ever pregnant forever, though, having done it 4 times, I can definitely relate to the feeling that it will.

Guest on

Sure hope you apologized for “yelling and screaming” at those who were doing what they felt was best for you and your child. So rude if you didn’t!

Jenn on

Every labor situation is different….my sis is 5’3″ and delivered a healthy 9 lb 4 oz baby but also broke my niece’s collar bone during the delivery because she was so large. I wish my sister’s doc would have made that choice because my niece and sister were hurt because of his stupidity….Her first child was 8 lbs 9 oz and she delivered her fine…..Your height has nothing to do with the whether or not your pelvis is large enough to deliver the baby…..some ladies can be 5’2″ and deliver large babies because they have a different bone structure than Jessie might have had or since she stopped dilating the baby could have been in distress. None of us were there and can’t really know why the doc made the decision he made in this situation. I don’t see how people can make such negative comments about such a wonderful occasion.

Congrats to Jessie and Eric on the birth of their sweet little angel!!

Jenn on

I hate seeing the comments about she couldve went longer and pushed that baby out! Every mother giving birth is different..she was miserable after 13 hrs and not progressing. Why let it go any longer. I had a 8lb baby and was induced at 39 weeks because if I wouldve waited any longer he would of been to big for me. Get a grip people. This couple is amazing and their daugher is beautful and healthy. Quit being jealous.

sfmom on

Meanwhile…the baby was only 8lbs 2 oz which is NOT huge by any standard. Without casting an aspersions on Jessie James, it is frustrating to hear stories like this because of what it says about maternity care in the US. Despite what women here think – the research and the numbers show that babies who are born via c-section are more at risk for complications and so are moms. While it may have been grueling, 14 hours of labor isn’t a lot for a first time mom. OF COURSE it varies, but the average number a good midwife or doc will tell you is 24 hours for a first timer. 14 hours of medically induced labor (where the mom and baby may not even be ready to start labor)…it’s no shocker that she ended up with a c-section.

I would love to see women take charge of these choices more – not because one choice is inherently better than another, but because it should be YOUR choice. Birth is work, but it’s also an incredibly powerful and empowering experience and we should be the ones’ in the drivers seat, not just hanging back letting fear tactics and patriarchal male doctors make the calls.

Those willing to open their minds, read Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin and ask yourself – who made you believe you couldn’t do it?

/mom of three (who’s had one medical induction, one spontaneous labor and one that was started with natural induction methods)

Paula on

I wish Amanda’s comment didn’t warrant such a negative response. We have an extremely high C-section rate in this country. Nearly a third of the births in the United States. Also, our maternal mortality rate is very high compared to other developed countries in the world. C-sections are an excellent procedure when necessary but it is also a major surgery. No one was in the room with Jessie, knows every factor, or has the medical background to challenge her doctor but I have seen and heard the all too familiar induction stories that result in women not dilating enough and emergency C-section coming into play.

Labor is something our bodies out built for but unfortunately sometimes things are beyond our control and we luckily do have modern medicine to help in those situations. That doesn’t make every Csection necessary or evil but there’s obviously an issue in our country with them and every woman should empower herself during pregnancy, ask lots of questions and inform yourself because it is your body and your child. We rarely hear about women going 2 weeks past their due date anymore.. Lots of inductions are unnecessary. Due dates are an estimate based off your cycle and unless you are sure of the date you conceived you cannot be sure that your babies 40 weeks at 40 weeks. Every baby deserves the necessary time to develop unless detrimental to the mother and baby’s health.

I’m sure this comment will enrage plenty of people with their own views and birth stories. I’m not discounting anyone’s own experience but we do need to educate ourselves.

Lauren M on

Ladies..everyone progresses at a different pace and there are always other factors to consider. All of you are drawing your conclusion form a small article. She should be happy that both she and the baby did well and that everyone is healthy and happy!

The magic of labor is quickly replaced by the reality that you just brought another human being into this world and that is the most amazing experience in the matter how the child was delivered.

Summer on

I’m with the other ladies on here. 8lbs is average, not “really huge.” And 14 hours of labor is nothing for a first time mom, especially after being induced. Something doesn’t seem right with this. But at the end of the day, she and her daughter are both healthy so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Mar on

having worked with numerous insurance companies and doctors offices. doctors don’t get paid as much for c-sections as some of you think they do. again google and webmd do not make you drs! unless u were her doctor and knew her medical history and her progress…zip it!

rachaelmall on

Why are you stupid bitches making giving birth such a competition?

Kristina on

I cannot believe there are soooo many haters. She is absolutely gorgeous. Who wouldn’t trade places with her? She is talented, has such a hot and truly nice wealthy husband & a brand new healthy baby girl. Who cares how she gave birth? I wish I looked they way she did during labor. I looked like death warmed over.
Get a life people!!
Good luck to them – they are a beautiful family.

Jenna on

Amanda S is absolutely correct. She wasn’t in labor, the dr induced her and It wasn’t time. . Beat advice my dr told me was “let nature take its course”.

Ade on

I had my son who is now 20 yrs.old by c-section. I was 13 days over due date and was induced did not go past 4cm after 10 hrs. I was so exhausted and was not good for baby in distress had bm in womb toxic for baby!!. That’s when an emergency c-section was done . Thank goodness he was fine a little jaundice for few days , very scary but you just never know. Oh yah second child was natural birth no c-section ,went to hospital at 8cm born in 6 hours.!!!

Guest on

I completely agree with Amanda S. For all of you calling her an idiot you obviously have no medical background. The baby was not even 8 lbs, so for her doctor to say the baby is way to big and needs to come was reckless. The reason why she did not dialate was because she wasn’t ready to have the baby. The tried to induce labor and her body the naturally knows what to do said hey I’m not ready to have this baby. The only reason it was an emergency c section was because the doctor caused the emergency. After inducing her and she did not fully dialate, they obviously couldn’t leave her that way and had to do the c-section. Just another OB doing a c-section out of convenience.

Lololo on

I agree with Amanda. It is wrong to criticize her comment. As a labor and delivery nurse, I see this happen all the time. It is better to let your body go into its own labor unless there is a medical reason to induce. Just to clarify, her being at 6cm and then needing a csection is not an emergency.

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Patty on

I remember Jessie growing up here in Warner Robins & I agree that giving birth is very special. But when my daughter had to have an emergency C-section at almost 24wks in order to save not only my 1st grandchild but also my daughter, 6wks after I lost my oldest son at 21yrs old…I didn’t care if they pulled her out of my daughters nose as long as they lived..!!
I don’t know why the doc decided to do a C-section but I do agree that now in they are done in many cases to soon. I was in labor for over 24hrs with my 1st & back then that was normal for 1st time baby.

Kristi on

Motherhood is not a battle against other mothers. It’s your journey, with YOUR children. Why can’t we just support each?

Amber C on

My sister had her first child c section. Her second baby they tried to force labor and he died. DO NOT ASSUME THAT ANYONE CAN HAVE NATURAL BIRTH. Her second should have been c-section too.

melanie little(decker) on

Coincedence ,one of my fathers ancester rode with jesse james gang. Our familys name is Decker!

Nikki on

oh my God she drives me crazy she’s a whiny crying spoiled little brat I watch the show for the first time and could not shut it off fast enough she is so annoying