Natalia Vodianova Welcomes Son Maxim

05/03/2014 at 09:55 AM ET

Natalia Vodianova Pregnant Expecting Fourth Child Pascal Le Segretain/AdB/Getty

And baby makes four!

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova welcomed her first child with boyfriend Antoine Arnault on Friday, May 2, she announced on her Instagram.

“Last night at 2:45 a.m. was born our baby boy Maxim, living up to the definition of his name: he was born an incredible 4.2 kg (9 lbs., 2 oz.) and 55 cm (21.6 inches)!” the model mama, 32, writes, sharing a photo of her newborn’s foot.

“The baby and I are doing beautifully well to the delight of the proud daddy. Thank you for all your good wishes.”

The couple’s son joins Vodianova’s three children — Viktor, 6Ā½, Neva, 8, and Lucas, 12 — from her previous relationship with Justin Portman.

The first-time father, the head of the luxury men’s footwear brand Berluti, announced they were expecting a baby together.

“Giving a little brother or sister to Natalia’s three wonderful children is something we wanted so much: AND NOW IT’S HAPPENING!” he posted to his Facebook in November.

— Peter Mikelbank and Anya Leon

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Hey on

That’s a Russian supermodel? More like mail order bride. Ew those gums!

Tess on

I agree J!

Steph on

J: its fine, they never smile on the catwalk anyway hehe!

Juli on

What an adorable picture! Congratulations, Natalia and Antoine!

Guest on

Beautiful family. Mazel Tov for Maxim! Great name.

Shia on

@ guest who said she has a kid with every boyfriend, based on the article it sounds like she only has 2 baby daddies, so…

gadget on

Hmmm. Let’s see. Natalia has 4 children, and the first three have the same father. So I really don’t get the comment about her having children with every boyfriend she has. Maybe you are confusing Nataila with Kate Winslet, who has 3 children by 3 different fathers. Anyway, it is none of our business though.

Tmm on

She was married to the father of her first three children for those that find it necessary to judge her.

Marky on

The thing that just amazes me is that if she had “saved herself for marriage”, and stayed married to that same person, she would be ridiculed for not taking her boyfriends for a test drive “to be sure they are compatible”. She has two long-term boyfriends and has children by them, which she can support and apparently loves very much, and she’s someone to insult! Would you people make up your mind? Even if you use BC faithfully, it often fails…I had a friend who got pregnant with each of her 4 children on 4 different kinds of BC that were supposed to be the best available. She was married to the same man her whole adult life, but she still didn’t plan to have so many children. Seems as if too many of you are self-righteous, judgmental people who just like to insult people. Why not just say congratulations, or nothing at all??

Canyon on

Looks like the baby has four toes and the soft -lit bump next to his big toe looks like the knuckle on her index finger/hand.

ES on

She needs to see an orthodontist ASAP, they’ll fix her gums in no time.
I can’t believe she hasn’t done it with all this money.

Otherwise, congratulations, of course.

amanda on

Justin Portman wasn’t a boyfriend, they were married.

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

That’s a big baby…love ’em when they’re fat and all roly-poly.

ann on

another “who are they” and seems everyone thinks fiance means married, oh forgot, they aren’t even engaged. This is epidemic in Hollywood and with celebs

Abby on

Congrats to them both, my baby boy was 4.3kg! Thats a heavy load to carry towards the end šŸ˜¦ thank god for c-sections is all i can say! šŸ™‚ for you all you judging her does her smile hurt you? Im sure most of your mithers would be ashamed of their chilren right now bullying someoone especialy someone they dont even know & for something they cant help!!!

Rose on

What a shame about all of the negative comments. Natalia is a beautiful women who overcame a life of poverty and is now recognized for her dedication to philanthropy. She is commited to children’s causes and should be congratulated on the birth of her child.


She is a beautiful woman. That photo does not do her justice.

Leigh on

Thanks Rose. What little lives some must lead that they must make such hateful comments about a woman who just gave birth to her fourth child. Most don’t even make sense!

Jaybee on

People, get your facts straight. She was married to the father of her three children. And folks quit being so judgemental.

Martina on

Wow, horrible comments. She had three children with her ex-husband, not that it should make a difference. She is absolutely stunning (look her up) not that it should be a difference. This woman also does a ton of work for charity. People, don’t be so mean and judgmental. It’s not good for the soul.

Talia on

Congrats to Natalia for her new addition

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Ceecee on

To the wackadoos who have posted comments saying she is unattractive PLEASE post pictures of yourself. She is gorgeous. Sorry if her GUMS (puhleeze) bother you. I think it’s things like that that bring out ones individual beauty.
If I woke up looked in the mirror and had her reflection looking back at me I wouldn’t complain!!! I hope you don’t teach your kids to be such harsh critics about looks .

Dina on

Now I understand why they say Photoshop fixes everything, she doesn’t even look like the ads !!!

Sam on

wouldn’t Maxin have been born on the 1st????

ebonypearl on

She is actually a really beautiful woman! Could they have chosen a worse photo of her though?!

Tay on

Lovely name Maxim, happy for her.

Anonymous on

Sam- Nah. Plenty of people say “last night” when talking about the early morning hours instead of “today” (the correct word to use).

Tay on

Ooh adorable picture of Maxim’s toes!