Wow! Olivia Wilde Steps Out 11 Days After Baby

05/02/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Olivia Wilde Baby Ms. Foundation Women of Vision Gala 2014
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

One word: wow!

A mere 11 days after welcoming her first child, son Otis Alexander, new mom Olivia Wilde walked the red carpet at Thursday night’s 2014 Ms. Foundation Women of Vision Gala in New York City.

Looking fresh-faced with minimal makeup and her hair down, Wilde played up her hip, laid-back style with a gray blazer, loose-fitting white top, skinny black bottoms and printed pumps.

And besides her incredible glow, the actress — who’s been in full motherhood mode — showed no signs of sleep deprivation. Consider us officially in awe!

Wilde’s date for the night? Proud new dad Jason Sudeikis, who stayed in sync with his fiancée in a polished gray suit.

— Anya Leon

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scrunchiefan on

She stayed very trim throughout her whole pregnancy. She looks great!

Rosey on


seminole1 on

I actually dont think she looks that great. She looks tired, which is understable, but I am not going to say someone “looks great” when in fact they dont.

Also, you have 9 months and the best you can come up with is Otis? Really?

boohoobytch on

very pretty without heavy makeup

Hey on

Wow is right. I missed that she had the baby

ImALadyToo on

For some reason, I find her highly unlikable. And it has nothing to do with the fact that she is much more attractive than I.

PacificGirl on

“showed no signs of sleep deprivation”. First thing I said is she looks tired. Ha!

lori on

Seminole, you’re an ass. She looks a little tired which is a good thing. She can still look great.

Cindy on

She looks extremely tired and sleep deprived.

zerm on

She looks exhausted-and is still gorgeous.

Amy on

Agreed that she looks like she’s tired, and that makes complete sense! I think the “wow” here is that if you had no idea who she was and passed her on the street looking like this, you would NEVER guess she had just given birth.

I love the name Otis. I think it’s adorable for a little boy and for a grown man.

Bekka on

“Writers” of this story must not have children… THIS is actually what a sleep-deprived new parent look like. Looks like she’s doing the work instead of the nanny. Good for her! 🙂

Angela on

Hopefully someday, People magazine will stop focusing on the way a mother looks after the birth of her baby! Who cares?? Certainly there are other accomplishments more newsworthy?! While Olivia is a beautiful woman, she does look exhausted. As the mother of two, I would expect nothing less.

Martina on

Looks like she is being a real mother and doing the work. Good for her. She looks absolutely gorgeous, soft and lovely – but definitely very tired.

Dawn on

Wow! Good for her! She does look great. She’s just a really natural beautiful woman. Amazing what a little highlighter and lip gloss can do 🙂 You go, chick!

Ally on

She does look great, a little tired, but still great! I wish I looked half as good 11 days after I had my baby! And there’s certainly no way you would have caught me on a red carpet that soon after having my child. Good for her!

Turner on

She looks wonderful..however, it baffles me a little when celebrities (male and female) rush out to a red carpet so soon after giving birth. Don’t worry about fame and Hollywood schmoozing, enjoy your baby! It goes by so fast. 🙂

cynsation on

I totally agree with the majority of you, she definitely looks tired and sleep deprived! Even her outfit looks tired. If she really wanted to impress us she could have stayed home since she just pushed out a baby 11 days ago. Why do celebrity mothers try to impress people by appearing in public within days of giving birth? I’m sure she could use the rest and everyone would understand why she wasn’t present.

Anonymous on

I find the comment WOW a bit much, do you think Mommies shouldn’t leave the house for the first 6 months?

bitsy on

She looks great, and happy!

Amanda on

Only a celebrity would leave their 11 day baby at home to attend an event! Pathetic. Go home and be a mother!

Tristan on

Well done People, no mention of “body after baby” or looking slim or trim. I hope you continue to take the initiative to NOT discuss post baby bodies. She looks radiant!

Marcia on

She looks great. I remember those early days after birth, you are happy but sooo tired!

Karen on

Am I the only one who thinks it’s insane that she is away from her newborn at an event after only 11 days? They should both be home with their new baby. This is time they’ll never get back.

Canyon on

You’re not allowed to leave the house when you have a newborn? For how long?

weber818 on

sometimes contracts dictate your actions. You have to leave the house-even after giving birth-or you will go crazy. This event was scheduled for before her due date and she may have been contracted to attend. Sometimes work and family have to be balanced. I think she looks amazing and very happy.

jrbaldi on

what does “stepping out” mean? leaving the house? then say that. and why do they keep using thug slang for cars…”ride”?

jrbaldi on


blessedwithboys on

My heart would have bled right through my shirt if I had been separated from my new born baby, never mind all the milk that would have been leaking.

Shame on Olivia.

Kal on

She looks amazing.

Anonymous on

You are a sick woman, blessedwithboys.

jay on

Whenever someone says to me “i think its great that women are so supportive of each other”, i show them the comment section of this website.

Amy on

@blessedwithboys – “shame on” anyone is such a horrible thing to say. Seriously. She left her house for a couple of hours, she didn’t leave her daughter dangling on a rope or something. Get a grip.

Anonymous on

Here we go again another movie star looking stunning after baby’s born, yawn. It is more shocking these days when they stay chubby for a while.

B on

Here we go again another star looking stunning right after baby, yawn. A bigger story is if a star stays chubby for a while, much more interesting.

B on

Who is the lady in the India garb in the pic? Liberals are all the same, there is no tolerance among limbs, you must do all as the do. The lady is probably some abortion doctor or something.

Chick on

I find it most offensive that people would comment on when she should leave the house after giving birth. Get over yourselves! The over inflated egos are ridiculous. Her kid will most likely be more well adjusted and loved than any of yours. She probably doesn’t breast feed either. I bet that really makes your heads explode.

Seriously on

She’s gorgeous and she’s tired. Her baby is less than 2 weeks old. Give her a break. The overly-critical haters on these comment boards must be teens who have never given birth. You should be so lucky to look this good as a new mom someday.

Summer on

I can’t believe she left the house 11 days after giving birth. Not because I don’t think she should because you need time away for a mental break. I just remember what a hot flipping mess I was at 11 days after birth..heck WEEKS after birth. She’s a trouper!!

sandy on

funny, Im sure I had to go to the store in less than 11 days! but, I wasnt photographed either, thank goodness haha

vivian on

I really really REALLY want that grey jacket, as long as it’s less than $80.

Tara on

Yeah, she does look exhausted and has an absolutely wonderful reason to look that way. That doesn’t make her any less beautiful. Heck, she could have spit-up on her outfit and her hair be a complete mess and she would still look beautiful. Why? Because EVERY new mother is beautiful. She may look tired, be covered in who knows what, and be a complete mess, but the fact that she just created and brought a new life into this world, makes her gorgeous.

Amanda on

She looks good, but definitely tired. You couldn’t have paid me to leave my 11 day old baby, not even for 2 hours. The newborn stage is fleeting, soak it up!

Certain on

Why would you leave your 10 DAY old newborn for a night out??? To show off how svelte you already look? Weirdo celebs.

Canyon on

To B: The older woman on the left in the above photo is Gloria Steinem, the most prominent American feminist of, say, the past 50 years.

Janey on

I had to laugh at the heading. Why yes People magazine women DO leave the house 11 days after giving birth!

Anna on

She looks like crap but I appalde people for being nice. That’s the way it goes as a new mom. Her body does look amazing though, beautiful woman just tired.

Manda on

First thought when I saw this: “she looks overly tired”, which is understandable, and perfectly acceptably when one has a newborn. She does look good though. It is amazing what a loose-fitting blouse can do for one right after having a baby. She simply knows how to dress her figure.

Sara on

Not ok to leave your 11 day old baby and go out. Too soon!,

Natalie H on

She looks tired & gorgeous!

Anonymous on

according to reports, they stayed for less than ninety minutes– they walked the red carpet, they met a few people, and olivia helped announce something. she’s done work with the ms. foundation for years, so it makes sense she would want to go their gala…and an hour and a half is about the same as if someone were to run to the grocery. taking a break is one hundred percent okay!

Millie on

I would have been leaking milk and still wearing a post partum diaper 11days after, but I guess that’s just me.

Catca on

Wow – talk about absolutely glowing! Someone is really enjoying motherhood! 🙂

Abby on

She does look tired how stupid to say otherwise! She has an 11day old baby it is perfectly acceptable to admit someone looks tired!
Though i must say there was just no way i could leave my son after 11days! Nothing could part me from him (in fact i rarely part from him a year on) but 11 days!

Bugsmum on

She looks fab!
For those of you saying she shouldn’t have left her 11 day old baby, get a grip! She was gone for a couple of hours not a couple of days. Our daughter was 2 weeks old when we left her with my sister so we could go to a movie. She was totally fine!

guest on

Holy receeding hairline…she looks great 11 daya postpartum but should consider banges in the future

Anonymous on

She looks amazing. I gained very little during my pregnancy and was still wearing maternity pants 11 days after giving birth. I also went to my sister’s for dinner without my baby at 12 days and everything was fine. No need to judge.

Jack on

I’d love to put my babies in her lol

Hea on

She looks great but I’m not a fan of both of them leaving their tiny baby even if it’s just for a few hours. If you have to then you have to but to go to an event? I would never be able to do that but to each their own.

Tay on

She looks fabulous after 11 days.

Tamara on

Go back home and be with your baby!