Kerry Washington Welcomes Daughter Isabelle Amarachi

05/02/2014 at 03:35 PM ET

Kerry Washington Welcomes Daughter Isabelle Amarachi with Nnamdi Asomugha Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

After the most stylish pregnancy in history, Kerry Washington has given birth.

The Scandal star welcomed daughter Isabelle Amarachi on Monday, April 21 in Los Angeles, PEOPLE confirms.

“Kerry is at home busy with the baby,” a source tells PEOPLE.

It’s the first child for Washington and her husband, former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who tied the knot in a secret wedding last July.

Washington, 37, revealed her pregnancy last October and debuted her baby bump on the red carpet in a cream Balenciaga gown at the Golden Globes in January.

“I have the best date of the night — my little accessory,” she said, gesturing towards her belly.

Her growing bump had a fashion moment all of its own when she bared her midriff in a hot pink beaded crop top at the SAG awards later that month, and joked, “I don’t have anything to hide anymore.”

Saying that her pregnancy style was all about comfort, Washington admitted that she was excited about the coming months.

“I feel really, really blessed,” she said. “It just feels like a really good time.”

TMZ was first to report the news.

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Jennifer Garcia and Ken Lee

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bitsy on

Wonderful news. Love the name Congrats to Kerry and her husband on their new little bundle of love!

Sunny on

I love that she had the baby a couple of weeks ago and kept it from the press. Congrats to them and their healthy baby!

Allie on

I love that they chose a Nigerian name for their daughter’s middle name. What better way to describe a baby than “God’s grace.” Congratulations to them both!

lester on

yet another Isabelle

emma on

Keri Washington isn’t my favorite person, but this is wonderful news! I love the name she picked, Isabelle and thank God it’s a normal name at that.

Congratulations to the happy couple! I wish them many blessings

Lolo on

Good for her that she managed to keep the birth of her child out of the limelight (unlike other so-called “celebrities”). Love the name!

klutzy_girl on

Love that name! Congratulations to them.

kittenbomb on

Lovely name. I’m sure she will be a beauty, just like her mama!

Melissa Kelly on

Omg, an actual normal name from a celebrity! Congrats and Isabella is a beautiful name 🙂

PacificGirl on

What a beautiful name! Congrats to Kerry and Nnamdi.

L on

Congrats to Kerry & Nnamdi, i’m sure Isabelle is gorgeous!

Marie on

Very pretty name. Somehow I thought it would be a boy. But it’s a girl, probably as pretty as mama.

Kathy on

I am so happy for you Kerry, can you believe it? You’re a mother now! Congratulations to you and your husband.

JRoc85 on

Congratulations to Kerry & Nnamdi for the birth of their beautiful baby girl!!!

nancy on

sweet news, and great name

Marcia on

Beautiful name, bet she’s cute too.

Granny on

I hope that beautiful baby doesn’t grow up to be a big fat liar like her mommy.

Maddie on

I thought for sure Kerry’d have a boy, what a lovely surprise. Isabelle is a pretty name, & I love that they managed to keep it secret for 2 whole weeks. Although, given how private she is, I’m not surprised. Well done to them. I adore Kerry in Scandal, & with the 3rd season wrapped a while back, she would’ve enjoyed the last weeks of pregnancy in peace. Hopefully she gets some good bonding time in before filming starts up again. Congratulations to Kerry & her husband!

guest on

A girl is perfect for the mos stylish fashionista on the planet 🙂

guest on


Juli on

Gorgeous name! Congratulations to the parents!

Jay on

Congrats! Pretty name. How does she manage to keep things so private and other celebs complain about not having privacy? I don’t get it. Maybe Kerry needs to give a class or something.

Gabrielle on

I a so convinced she was going t have a boy! Congrats Kerry!

BlakeC on

I’m not sure why some stranger having a baby is news. There’s nothing new about procreation and I wouldn’t recognize either of these people if they walked by me.

Dee on

Congratulations hemorrhoid lips! Pretty name though.

bubbles on

Good for her. I commend her for keeping it secret, it’s nobody’s business.

Kica on

Congrats to her family and I love the name! This is one classy woman.

sandy on

congrats to her, but I dont think she had great style while preg..

Melissa on

Nice name choice Kerry! Congrats!

Julie on

Love the name!

Guest on

It’s refreshing when a celebrity picks a normal name! Congrats to them!

Molly on

Granny – do you know Lerry personally? If you don’t, keep your mouth.
BlakeC – this is a celebrity BABY blog. So people are going to comment on here. I’m very happy for Kerry. This baby is going to be very stylish. 🙂

Molly on

Oops, Kerry, not Larry. :p

Lilyflower on

Congrats! Isabelle is one of my favorite names.

Isabel on

BlakeC, then why are you on this website?

KL on

Aww thats awesome!! Congrats to her and her family and love the name!

wowlilk on

Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha.
Amarachi means “god’ grace” in the Nigerian Ibo language.
Wow. Did she get pregnant the wedding night ?
married 24 June13. gave birth 21Apr14.
Like how Priscilla Presley gave birth to LisaMarie
9mo to the day she/Elvis married.
Married privately and gave birth privately.
Good job.

Donna on

Congratulations !!!

guest on

Wow – a celebrity who actually relied on her talent to become famous and then managed to keep her private life private. Is this the death of reality TV stars (dear lord, I hope so!) as we know them. Congratulations Kerry – I’m sure your girl will be as beautiful and classy as you!

lilahk on

Beautiful name! Congratulations!!

guest on

I know kerry and nnamdi are notoriously private but I hope they will release photos of baby isabelle…I bet baby girl is a beauty & I hope she has mommy’s distinct pouty lips! Kerry job well done on scandal season 3 enjoy this special time with your sweet baby girl.

Jess on

People printed the name wrong! It’s not Isabelle…

I think the name is Orange… or West/South/East…

It’s impossible for the name to be Isabelle.

lili on

congrats but really another Isabelle?? like half the girls I know are either bella, ella, or Isabella…. there are other names out there, I hate how names get used and used again, she will go to school with 6 others with the same name in her class

bicarbonat on

“Devoted to God” “God’s Grace” “I Don’t Like Lies”
From beginning to end, this kid’s name is packed with meaning!

Tina Edelen on

Congrats Mrs.Olivia Pope and family let the joy of beauitful daughter Enlarge your life to the fullest.

Tina on

Theirs Power in the Name ! Congrats

Shia on

What People left out of the story is that her husband (former NFL star) Nnamdi did not sign the birth certificate until 4/29 when the baby was born on 4/21 (TMZ has a copy of the certificate). Is that normal? Asking the moms out there..

Me on

It took the media this long wow! Fam and loved ones were told right after birth, but like we knew after wedding, no one said anything. Super happy about everyone, myself included, keeping shut.
Love the name Amarachi and it’s meaning!

Smiles on

Congrats to the family!

Anonymous on

Shia- Maybe it took them that long to come up with her name? Anyway, congrats to them!

norvelle on

Well im very happy forthem and wish them many blessings with their lovely angel and hope she blesses their marriage and family.

gracie on

Shia…the birth certificate is signed once a name has been given to the child. Some states require it to be within a certain number of days.

Congratulations to Kerry and Nnamdi. I hope they continue to remain private about their private lives.

Shia on

Thanks ladies for your responses! It makes sense that states would require the parents to wait until the name is given. Kerry signed the birth certificate on 4/24 and Nnamdi on 4/29 so it sounds like the name was decided – other people have speculated that they were waiting for a paternity test but that could just be a vicious rumor. Their relationship is super private (which I like because I’m private), but also bordering weird because they were never seen together/are never seen together.

Camille Cooper on

Cynthia why did u feel the need to comment “she’s not you favorite”?

Camille Cooper on

Granny why would you call Kerry a big fat liar? Do you know her personally? Take you negative, hateful comments to one of those websites that thrive on negativity.

Camille Cooper on

Dee your comment simply proves how ignorant you are. Why did you waste your/our time posting?

Camille Cooper on

No Shia that DID NOT go unnoticec, however, it is NONE of your/our business. Furthermore, why are YOU PEOPLE so freaking negative on such a wonderful occasion?

empress123 on

Congrats#loveblacklove! It would have been nice if the middle name was her first name. It is beautiful and African like her parents!

Dulce Mae on

Congrats! Even though it’s a “Normal” name, it’s freeking BORING! I had expected normal but not freeking Isabelle, really how boring can a parent get with naming their child? Oh wait, my parents did, they gave me a stupid “normal” and VERY Boring name that I have to live with because I don’t have the money it takes to change it, but if I ever get it, I’m going to change my name, hopefully I’ll get the chance, because I loathe my name. Anyhow I do wish them health and happiness, lots of it!

Angelia on

Shia, According to Nanmdi’s African Tribal Custom, he’s from the IGBO tribe of Nigeria, a baby is named in an Official naming ceremony on the 8th day after her birth. That’s what happened here . . . so the baby girl got her name on the 8th day. That’s why it was signed later. I’m sure the baby is gorgeous. Hopefully, they will show a pic.

Lili on

Dulce Mae you are spot on!!! Congrats to them but really I haven’t heard Bella, Ella, Isabella and Isabelle enough lately hahahahahaha it’s like almost every new born girls name in the past 2 yrs!!! I know this bub when she starts school will go with like 6 others in the same class with the same name, I’m sorry but “normal” names are BORING… You can call your child a different name without it being weird or strange, both my girls have unique names that I actually made up and I know for sure they won’t be on the top 10 baby names list thank goodness for that

Kristy on

Thank you, Camille! Just be happy and congratulate them for having a beautiful and healthy baby girl. All of the other stuff is unnecessary. It doesn’t matter if you think the name is boring, she’d NOT your daughter. Blake if you don’t know who they are, why are you commenting or even reading the article. Granny, you have some nerve to call Kerry Washington a big fat liar, do you know her personally? I think not because if you did you wouldn’t be a keyboard gangsta.

innerjuju on

Isabelle is lovely but Amaruchi??

JesicaR on

kinda funny she was ALL over the place when she was pregnant- now that she had the kid, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of it