Lake Bell: I Was ‘Tired of Hiding’ My Bump

05/01/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Lake Bell Pregnant Scott Campbell Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction David X Prutting/BFAnyc/Sipa

Some stars announce their pregnancies via social media. And some share through their reps.

But Lake Bell did it the old fashioned way — The Million Dollar Arm actress, 35, simply stepped out during the Tribeca Film Festival with her growing bump on full display in a skintight Stella McCartney jumpsuit.

“I think you start to get overwhelmed,” Bell told PEOPLE at the Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction Wednesday night. “You can overthink it. I was just sick and tired of hiding it.”

The mom-to-be, who is expecting her first child with husband Scott Campbell, opted for something less body-hugging for the evening.

She wore a bubble hemmed LBD paired with red, black and white snakeskin pumps and a silver metal perforated clutch.

“Finally [I] can wear the dresses you can eat anything in,” said Bell. “You don’t have to pose for a photo and suck in. You can just relax and let it just accentuate your belly.”

Glowing and happy, the actress spent most of the night front and center supporting Campbell, a tattoo and fine artist, who helped organize the event.

“I love him to death,” shared Bell. “I’m so very proud of him and of his organization. He’s dedicated so much love and energy to it.”

The couple, who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary in June, were also joined by good pals Justin Theroux, Marc Jacobs and Gina Gershon.

So how are they planning to mark their big milestone? “We’re going to do something. I think we have a lot to celebrate anyway.”

And they do. Along with the baby, Bell’s new film — which also stars Jon Hamm — hits theaters on May 16.

“I’m thankful it’s a family movie,” she quipped while gesturing to her belly. “It’s a movie that I would be happy for any family member to see, no matter what age.”

Emma Tyler

Lake Bell Pregnant Scott Campbell Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan/Sipa

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Anonymous on

I’m surprised PEOPLE didn’t ask when she’s due (it seems like that’s practically the media’s favorite question when it comes to pregnant celebs)! 😉

thenitenurse on

I simply don’t get what people see in Lake Bell. Yes she has a pretty and sexy body but the face…it’s at best average.

Aud on


UK on

This Justin theroux guy is one sexy guy, Aniston is a lucky lady and he is intelligent too

searchforthesea on

“Tired of hiding it”? Like anyone could tell she’s pregnant in that garbage bag she’s wearing. Thanks for letting us know another nobody is pregnant People.

cvbnm, on


Bootziegurl on

Thank God I’m not the only one who doesn’t know who she is lol

Anonymous on

Butter face

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Or is it buther face…. I think I drank too much :/ I would like to retract all previous statements. Haha
Congrats to the couple!!! Whoever the heck they are!??

Shirley on

I like her as an actress. Why is every actress expected to be stunningly beautiful? Why can’t they be “average at best?” Not every person portrayed in every movie should be drop dead gorgeous – that would hardly be realistic. And, what about the extremely successful male actors who are “average at best” (Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson some to mind).

makeup on

does Jennifer aniston’s boyfriend wear makeup and tweeze his eyebrows?

lisa on

love her! she has great comedic timing. check her out in what happens in vegas. “you know what you did!”

anonymous on

Im sorry but that has to be the ugliest people ive ever seen. hopefully their child is the positive from two negatives

Anonymous on

I really can’t understand how you people can be so mean and rude. You do realize that celebrities sometimes actually read these reviews, only to find rude and insensitive comments like all of you have posted. They have feelings just like you do.

Um on

I can’t understand why people like you complain the same thing over and over again. It’s the internet, of course there are going to be trolls.

Juli on

While I think she would look better with her hair down, Lake seems like a good person, so I’m sure she’ll make a wonderful mom.

Kim on

so sad how many people call others “ugly” and “the ugliest ive seen” or “her face is average at best”… who the hell cares what all you losers think, none of you made it as far as any of the people pictured in the photo …
and even if, why should one’s appearance be the one and only thing everyone cares about, what about talents?? she’s an actress, writer and director ..and the fact that You havent seen anything she has made doesnt mean she isnt good at her job.

Ginger on

Okay, what is a Lake Bell and when did a growing, developing human being turn into a “bump”? Please don’t compare your baby to a pimple.

Kelli on

Ginger – I absolutely despise the term ‘bump’, too. Whenever these tabloids say an actress referred to her ‘bump’, the actresses have never actually used that word. It’s as though they’re writing for toddlers, and it degrades pregnancy.

Big Fan on

I’ve always found her hideously ugly just my opinion.

Big Fan on

I find her very unattractive.

Summer on

Why do women feel the need to hide their pregnancy? I can understand before 12 weeks, after which the risk of miscarriage sharply decreases. But most women don’t even show by 12 weeks. Often a lot further out. Why hide it? If it’s because of the inevitable questions, a person can politely decline to answer with a, “Everything is fine and we’re both very happy, but we’re private people and prefer not to talk about it.”

me on

It says a lot about the world we live in when all you can talk about is how unattractive you find her. As if a woman can have no other qualities. No wonder bullying is such a big problem in this country with people like you.

Anonymous on

Ginger- It’s not comparing the baby to a pimple- because the baby isn’t the bump. The baby is MAKING the bump! 🙂