It’ll Be a Boy for J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert

04/30/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Pregnant Expecting First Child JP Rosenbaum Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum couldn’t wait to go to the doctor Monday to learn the sex of their first child.

And it turns out Rosenbaum’s wish has come true — the couple are expecting a baby boy this fall, they confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I definitely saw J.P.’s profile on the ultrasound,” Hebert, 30, tells PEOPLE. “I’m gonna be living with two J.P.s!”

“As excited as I am for this, I think I’m just as excited for my parents,” Rosenbaum, 37, says. “This is their first grandchild and [now] the Rosenbaum name lives on. Not to mention that my dad already called dibs on his first baseball mitt.”

In June, Hebert will complete her dental residency in Philadelphia. Then she and Rosenbaum will focus on nesting in anticipation of their son’s arrival in October, though Hebert admits she’s already got a jump on things.

“I’m a planner, so finding out the baby’s sex early definitely makes things easier on us when planning for the future,” she says. “I’ve already started shopping for cute outfits!”

She jokingly adds, “Now all I have to do is convince J.P. that he actually really loves the name I picked out.”

Hebert and Rosenbaum met on season 7 of The Bachelorette, with Rosenbaum proposing on the finale.

In December 2012, the couple were married during a televised ceremony officiated by Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

— Monica Rizzo

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Katie on

I know people love to wait to find out and that’s awesome. For me I loved being able to touch my belly and say hi to my son and then eventually Justin once we settled on a name. I had talks with him on a more personal level rather than a baby (if that makes sense).

dancer92136 on

I love this couple. They are real and relatable. Ashley looks so cute with her little baby bump.

Jay on

Don’t care for the Jockstraps or Tampons remark. But congrats to them! There is no relationship like the one between a mother and son.

B on

Congrats! I love them, and I’m sure their baby will grow up in a warm and loving household! Can’t wait to hear whatever name she has picked out!

kjc on

I don’t know these people at all, and I hope they have a beautiful heathy baby – but that jockstrap/tampon comment is disgusting. What was he thinking?! Who says that about possibly having a baby girl.

halez on

Ugh, I’m just jealous that we’re both due in October and she knows what she’s having and I dont! It will be at least a few more weeks before I find out. Congrats to them on their baby boy!!

Amy Lorane on

That’s odd I thought he would be superstitious of that due to religious beliefs.

I hope they don’t keep his hair SO long like a girl for 3-4 years like rachel Z is doing to her poor son.

Smithy on

These two are hands down THE BEST couple that has come out of this show. Love them! Congrats!

jessy on

I love that his dad called dibs on his 1st baseball mit that is super cute!

Kim on

Jockstraps or tampons – seriously

michelle on

Ashley is a very smart girl! First, becoming a dentist…second, marrying a nice Jewish boy! She picked the right one for sure! Mazel Tov to them and many years of happiness.

skiiy on

Congrats on the boy – I have two – boys are great, low maintenance and such a joy. The jockstrap/tampon comment though – sooo not apropriate. Really???

DaisyMoon on

I agree w/ everyone here about the jockstrap/tampon comment…

Very crude and unnecessary in the context it was used in…

A baby…come on, JP!

Rose on

Eh, give JP a break… A lot on his twitter weren’t offended and thought it was funny, I am sure he meant no harm. Imagine if he said, “barbie dolls” or “hockey sticks”?? That comment might have drawn the P.C. Police (Politically correct) out to call that, “sexist” or, “why can’t boys play with barbie dolls, or girls hockey sticks? I wasn’t offended, personally… To each, therir own…Having followed him long enough on twitter, he is a definite jokester, but I believe his intentions are good..

Wishing them the very best…Respect to all!

Guest on

Congrats, J.P. and Ashley!

Lo on

She’s such a cute little pregnant woman!

Kat on

That will be one gorgeous kid. I heard from someone who met them that the cameras don’t do them justice, they’re stunning. Now, having said that I hope they don’t pick a dumb name for their child.

Carrow on

Wow I am so happy for them. They sound so happy and all American! Congratulations you two.

Niko on

Hubby looks freakishly like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Crazy resemblance right there!

Vanessa on

Another poor, helpless boy who will be forcefully held down and genitally mutilated in the name of religion…

Tay on

Nice photo with a cute tie, happy for you J.P!!

Anonymous on

Amy Lorrane- Funny, Rachel’s “poor son” seems pretty happy to me. 😉 Anyway, the baseball mitt comment is cute. Hopefully J.P.’s dad won’t be too dissapointed if his grandson ends up not being interested in baseball (and loves him just the way he is).

Claire on

What a bizarre announcement of the sex of your baby “jock straps or tampons” – gross! Anyway, how could Ashley choose such an ugly bachelor contestant…he’s so unattractive. I couldn’t do that.

Maris Allen on

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Lori on

J.P. seemed a bit critical of her, whining in public on how she’s in charge of the baby names and he’s not, and a few other things. His body language, why didn’t he have his arm around her ? Pregnant women need emotional support not a whining husband. He needs to make her feel like he still thinks she’s attractive too. To me he seemed not focused on her. SHE is GIVING HIM that baby, he ought to be grateful.
He also said “well it was 50-50 anyway” or something to that effect, when she said she already knew it was a boy. Why is he such a drag ???