It’ll Be Another Girl for Joe Nichols

04/29/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Joe Nichols Expecting Daughter Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Pretty in pink!

Joe Nichols and his wife Heather celebrated daughter Dylan River turning 2 on April 17 with a birthday bash among family and friends.

“We had a party at Granny’s house. It was a princess party. I never expected to wear a tiara but when the 2-year-old birthday girl says, ‘Wear this, Daddy,’ I do it!” the country singer tells PEOPLE.

He adds, “There are some photos out there I’d probably like back.”

He’d better hold onto that tiara though. The couple are expecting their second child on May 20 — and their special delivery will be wrapped in pink.

“It’s another girl,” Nichols, who is also dad to daughter Ashelyn, 15, from a previous relationship, tells PEOPLE. “I’m so outnumbered — I am toast!”

Though Dylan is hoping for a puppy — “She points to Heather’s belly and says, ‘Puppy!'” — the couple are grateful to be expanding their family again, after experiencing five miscarriages before welcoming their first child together.

“[This baby is] a second miracle. Heather had to go through all that again — the appointments and treatments — but she is feeling great, getting big and the baby is moving like crazy,” the proud dad says.

“We got some great images on the sonogram last week and it’s so reassuring to see that. We are incredibly fortunate to have Dylan, and now to be expecting our second so soon, we are thankful and so happy Dylan will have a little sister to grow up with.”

Nichols is hoping their second daughter will look more like her mother than Dylan, who is “a mini-me” of her dad. “The hair, the legs, the face, even her back — Heather says that back won’t work in a prom dress!” he jokes.

The singer notched his first No. 1, “Sunny and 75,” from his current album Crickets in December and it was certified gold in January, the same time his new single, “Yeah” was released.

He is currently on tour, though thanks to FaceTime, “I talk to Dylan every day. What a great thing that is,” he says.

Nichols will be there in person for the baby’s birth. “We have blocked time off from the tour on either side of the due date. I wouldn’t miss that for anything,” he shares.

— Kay West

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dawn norris on

OMG Why would anyone say this about there young daugheter this is how body images get screwed up ….

Nichols is hoping their second daughter will look more like her mother than Dylan, who is “a mini-me” of her dad. “The hair, the legs, the face, even her back — Heather says that back won’t work in a prom dress!”.

Taylor on

Oh come one! He was kidding! Have a sense of humor people!!

God Bless them! So sweet.

Anonymous on

That’s an awful thing to joke about! Even if it was a joke if the girl saw that when she grew up I am sure she would not appreciate her parents saying she looks like a man

Marky on

It blows my mind that posters on here have ZERO sense of humor, ever! This very proud daddy is talking about his daughter with great pride and love, makes a joke about how much she looks like him, and you turn it all into a big insult and life-changing comment. Get serious! I heard all my life how much I looked like my dad and my sister (1 yr. younger) looked like my mother, who was very beautiful. It didn’t make me think I was ugly, and I didn’t become some deranged mental case because I resembled my dad, who adored me and was always there for me. Honestly, some of you need to learn how to put things in context and perspective. Sheesh……

Jess on

You guys obviously aren’t familiar with Joe Nichols sarcastic humor. He is extremely warm hearted, funny and always joking around. His daughter does look like him but come on…a 2 year olds back cannot resemble her fathers so its obviously a joke! How do some people even live day to day taking everything so literally all the time….?!

Judy on

Lighten up. A feminine version of Joe is pretty adorable. The problem with the world is a lot of people take everything too serious. He was joking. Dylan is a doll and Joe adores his kids. I doubt she will be scarred for life!!!

Anonymous on

Marky- My thoughts exactly! I also look like my father….and I love it! 🙂

That being said, I feel bad for Ashelyn. Joe never seems to talk about her, and he apparently doesn’t talk to her every day while he’s on tour like he does with Dylan. Also, the caption “my loves” on that one photo comes off to me as saying Heather, Dylan, and baby-girl-on-the-way are Joe’s family and Ashelyn is not. I sincerely hope I’m just mis-intrepreting things!