Melissa Rycroft Introduces Son Beckett Thomas

04/28/2014 at 12:55 PM ET

Meet Beckett Thomas Strickland!

Ava Grace is already playing the part of proud big sister, cuddling up to the bare-bottomed newborn in one of four sweet photos mom Melissa Rycroft posted to her Instagram and Facebook accounts on Monday.

“Ava would like to introduce her baby brother Beckett! We are all so in love with our new little man!” she wrote.

The former Bachelor star and Dancing with the Stars champ welcomed her second child with husband Tye Strickland on April 20 and shared that the couple’s 3-year-old daughter was already excited about the newest addition.

“Ava can’t wait for us to bring him home to be able to show us all of the big sister duties she’s been practicing,” Rycroft said shortly after welcoming her 7 lbs., 7 oz. baby boy.

Melissa Rycroft Introduces Son Beckett Thomas First Photos Images of Grace Photography

Melissa Rycroft Introduces Son Beckett Thomas First Photos Images of Grace Photography

Melissa Rycroft Introduces Son Beckett Thomas First Photos Images of Grace Photography

— Anya Leon

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Nancy on

OMG how cute is that picture!!

Mariel on

So cute! Melissa is one of the very few from the Bachelor franchise whose life I actually enjoy hearing about. Congrats to the family.

Alexis on

She shared additional photos on Facebook, and the one of Ava holding Beckett on her lap is just the sweetest thing. Such a beautiful family.

Marky on

Cute, cute, cute!!! This seems like such a sweet, happy family…..

Renee on

Now thats Adorable! What a sweet family…congrats!

Jackie on


Jenn on

What a precious picture!!!! this is one “reality” couple that I love hearing about.. she’s a great mom and she seems down to earth. Just beautiful children.

lindsay on

wow, ava and beckett. you’re so original, Melissa.

Lori on

This photo is just beautiful……so happy for Melissa Tye and Ava. Followed her on the Bachelor and DWTS and think the world of her. Psalm 127:3 CHILDREN ARE A GIFT FROM GOD, THEY ARE HIS REWARD. You are so blessed M&T! Beckett is lovely….great name! Ava is precious and looks like a natural big sis already!

tcvajv on

Absolutely adorable pic. Congrats!

DaisyMoon on

One of the cutest baby pics I’ve ever seen…

Pam on

He’s gorgeous and so is Ava! She’s blessed!

Sara on

He’s a gorgeous baby! That dark hair and those full lips! And Ava looks just like her daddy. Beautiful family.

Sarah on

Wow, Lindsay…rude!

olin on


sandy on

Sarah above- I couldn’t agree more! Obviously she never learned any manners, nor if you don’t have anything nice to say- then SHUT UP!
Beautiful pictures- both kids are adorable!

Denverpeet on

What beautiful pictures!!!! The pix with his chin in his hands is adorable!!!!!!

Katie on

Of course, these pictures are very cute. But was it really necessary for Melissa and Tye to have their newborn son posing for glamor-shots before he was even a week old? Why not be like everybody else and take some candids in the comfort of your own home? Instead, poor Beckett was forced to be naked and chilly while he was posed for these staged photos. Just to satisfy is mother’s vanity. I, for one, am not impressed. I know there’s a million-dollar industry built around baby photography, but it’s up to the parents to set boundaries, and to think of their child’s well-being first. Unfortunately, Melissa & Tye’s first priority was getting professional-quality shots of their new baby to share with the world on social media, instead of their newborn son’s comfort.

janie on

What a gorgeous baby!! 2 beautiful kids! Congrats to mom and dad and big sister Ava Grace! I love the name Beckett.

guest on

So cute!!

cynsation on

Katie, how could you find anything negative to say about these adorable pictures? Who are you to judge how she chose to photograph HER child???!!! You must really be an unhappy person. Maybe you need to listen to the Happy Song because you sound ridiculous!

Jen on

Katie – oh yes he just looks SO uncomfortable and cold !!! Please do you really think he would be sleeping if he was either ? Go find something to really complain about !

Ashlynn on

Cute baby! I like that she got her happy ending she was looking for.

Mel on

Ummm yeah. I totally would not put a picture of my naked baby with his butt totally exposed so that millions of people on the internet could see it just to desperately remain “newsworthy”.

PG on

Congrats to them! Wonderful pictures. Wishing you much happiness.

Amanda on

Beautiful kids and lovely pictures!

Katie I take it you don’t have facebook? Almost everyone I know has newborn pictures done of their kids, none of them are famous. Almost all are nude, and the best time for newborn pictures is when they are a week or less because when they are that young they can sleep through all the posing and maneuvering

Andrea on

Beautiful children!

Catherine on

These pictures are adorable. They have two really beautiful children!

Christine on

Katie – Everyone takes these types of newborn photos. Duh.

I love her and think her family is beautiful! Congratulations 🙂

Patty on

absolutely adorable

Anonymous on

What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Big Fan on

Melissa has achieved so much and has managed to stay grounded and family oriented. If you don’t like her, don’t comment, simple as that…..I for one am a big fan and her family is adorable. She is truly blessed!

Misty on

Katie, I’d like to share 4 things with you as a newborn photographer.

(1) Newborn photographers typically request that their newborn subjects be less than 15 days old to ensure maximum/optimal squishiness and posing ability.

(2) I can assure you that baby Beckett was not cold. Otherwise, this image would’ve never happened. Us newborn photographers crank the heat up and often use a portable space heater.

(3) And if baby Beckett was uncomfortable in any of the poses, a professional newborn photographer such as Amy (Images of Grace Photography) will move to the next pose. A professional newborn photographer is NEVER going to force a newborn into a pose that they are not comfortable in.

(4) And lastly, since I’m surprised this wasn’t already brought up, while I can’t say for certain that the 2nd image is a composite, it would quite surprise me if the photographer did not complete this image using 2 separate photographs to create a composite (a very common practice among newborn photographers).

Patricia on

Maybe I’m in the minority. But these pictures are very disturbing to me. I don’t think this is right.

Beheard on

Just adorable! Congrats!

kristin on

Those pictures are so cute.

shidley on

@Katie…. I doubt a baby would be able to look that comfy and peaceful if the conditions were so chilly. And I surely doubt Mom would sacrifice the comfort and care of her newborn for a photo session like this.

I’ve known baby photographers who commonly keep the room and surroundings warm to facilitate a happy, sleeping baby for pictures.

Kim on

I’ve seen celebrities leaning toward these type of pictures of their kids but these ones are really kind of shocking. Why any parent would expose their kids like this is beyond me.

Nicole on

Such beautiful photo’s. So adorable!!

ashley on

I agree with Patricia. I hate to think of where these pictures will wind up.

Angela on

This kid takes after Melissa totally. Not a trace of Tye. The older one is starting to look like her too.

Bebe on

For all who say he’s too young for pictures, I just want to say that I’ve delivered 4 babies. They were born in 3 different cities, 3 different hospitals. Each of those times the day after their birth a photographer came into my maternity room and took pictures of my newborns. The very last one which was two years ago was a pretty long photo shoot where baby was posed and yes she slept through it. So I highly doubt that Melissa did anything wrong by having her newborn photographed. Congrats Rycroft family!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

What a pudgin…beyond adorable!!!

jessie on

Such cute kids!! Ava looks just like her daddy!!

So happy for Melissa!

Carmen on

Gorgeous blessings from God!!! Congratulations Melissa and The on a beautiful family.

Linda on

Melissa’s African American ancestry surely shows in Beckett.

Lacy on

I’m a new mom and as liberal as the next one. I wouldn’t take pictures like these and I certainly wouldn’t have them for the world to see. No amount of money could make me do that. I feel so sad when I see pictures like these.

Jonie on

Patricia …. what in the world do you think is disturbing and wrong about these adorable pictures? Just wondering …. they are adorable and see nothing disturbing about them … fortunately you are in the minority!!!!

Anonymous on

You have the most adorable children!

Teresa on

Ava looks more like Mama than people think.

My sister works in a plush Southlake salon. She told me that one of the colorists does Ava’s hair. I was like You’re kidding, get out of town!! And she said that some of the really rich in Dallas had their daughter’s hair bleached and highlighted. She said as soon as Ava’s hair started to darken she came in wanting it to be almost white. They said white would be way too harsh so she settled for a super pale yellow. I used to do color as well and I know how dangerous it is to use color on kids. For one, they could go BLIND!! That’s just crazy. No kid should be having their hair bleached! My sister said it’s what Melissa wants. I would have said no, celebrity or no celebrity. That’s why Ava’s hair is so dry and flyaway.

heather on

is it a requirement now to have your newborn pose like that for professional pictures?

Katt on

I hope these pictures don’t get Melissa in trouble. Others have found themselves in a world of legal pain for taking pics like these. It’s a really controversial kind of subject. Personally, I don’t like these kind of photos. I think he would have been wonderful in a cute sleeper. Why does he have to be nude??

Nancy on

What a cutie the baby and her little girl too!…priceless pictures.

Sydney on

Her kids are absolutely adorable, but I will never understand why she is famous. Her 15 minutes should have been up years ago.

Mira on

I find these pics disturbing too. Especially the second one, which is in an incredibly unnatural pose.

Peroxide on

Teresa, lol!! I see it! Ava had almost platinum blonde just a few weeks ago. In this picture the hair is almost light brown. It’s cute darker. I always thought that Ava looked ‘off’ somehow. Her skin tone isn’t right for blonde. It’s perfect for a light/medium brown.

Hope they let the kid’s hair alone now.

Kristen on

Mel – I totally agree with you! The children are beautiful, however, I think his little tushy shows way too much in this photo. He SHOULD be turned more so that we just see the side of his bum not the big crack. It’s tacky. Aside from that they are beautiful kiddos and I love their names.

Brenda on

@Sydney, Bachelor and DWTS. Got dumped on Bachelor, even though she already had a serious relationship at home. Then sympathy got her on DWTS and sympathy got her the votes she needed to win. And sympathy keeps on working for her. For example, she won a beauty contest in Dallas. But, what the other girls might not have known is that Melissa’s minions were voting multiple times to get her in simply by refreshing the page. Voters were only supposed to vote once. She knew this as one of them mentioned that he was doing that to get Melissa in. And of course she won.

Melissa Rycroft is cute, no more no less. Not pretty, miles away from beautiful. Even her husband says she is ‘girl next door attractive.’ She let the attention she got after Bachelor go straight up to her head and moved her family to LA, which was a huge disaster. She said “Hollywood just won’t stop calling.” I guess Hollywood is calling less and less. Like the rest of us, Melissa is aging. She’s looking more and more like a tired suburban mama. GMA didn’t even bother to announce Beckett’s birth so it’s looking like her days there are limited.

I’d say her fifteen minutes have about 30 seconds to a minute left.

denise on

@Katie: obviously you dont get out much because you sound really ignorant and perhaps it is best to KNOW what you are talking about before you speak.

First of all lots of parents get these types of pictures done which was popularized by Anne Geddes who made books out of the photos. The studio that these photographers shoot in are extremely warm and they are also under lamps which add warmth. Trust me no baby is freezing.

As for the age they are so young and wrinkly and flexible, which makes such pictures even more endearing. And his or her naked behind is not a issue because its a BABY! Unless you’re a pervert or a prude for most normal people not an issue. And i think the pictures are tasteful and beautiful with his sister. Get over yourself!

KL on

Aww look at him!!! So cute!

Patricia on

@Denise, I’ll stick by what I wrote and I am neither a prude nor a pervert, thank you very much. I know you weren’t talking to me, but you are attacking people who think these photographs are way past the line of appropriate. In this world we live in there are crackpots and perverts and that is why I hate to see these type of pictures.

Beckett is just a helpless child who relies on his parents to protect him and make the best decisions for him. These pictures would have been amazing, if only Beckett had been properly dressed. As someone else wrote, the “tushy” picture is just too much!! As a mother this disturbs me to no end.

This is a scary world we live in and mothers and dads need to be proactive and alert as hell. There’s just too much going on. Talk to the social workers, police, and counselors who have to deal with sexual abuse and they will tell you that often the perps put exactly this type of materials in their ‘collections’ or whatever the heck you call it. I’d hate hate hate to think that something I put out there innocently wound up in some sickos pile of filth.

The sad thing about the internet is once something is out there, it is out there forever.

Melissa seems like a great mom. But this is not one of her better moves as a parent. And I can’t help but be extremely disappointed. And shocked!

Selma on

@Denise, I am neither a prude nor a pervert, thank you very much. I know you are not talking to me, but you are attacking people who think these photographs are way past the line of appropriate. In this world we live in there are crackpots and perverts and that is why I hate to see these type of pictures.

Beckett is just a helpless child who relies on his parents to protect him and make the best decisions for him. These pictures would have been amazing, if only Beckett had been properly dressed. As someone else wrote, the “tushy” picture is just too much!! As a mother this disturbs me to no end.

This is a scary world we live in and mothers and dads need to be proactive and alert as hell. There’s just too much going on. Talk to the social workers, police, and counselors who have to deal with sexual abuse and they will tell you that often the perps put exactly this type of materials in their ‘collections’ or whatever the heck you call it. I’d hate hate hate to think that something I put out there innocently wound up in some sickos pile of filth.

The sad thing about the internet is once something is out there, it is out there forever.

Melissa seems like a great mom. But this is not one of her better moves as a parent. I think this was a very regrettable mistake.

Ella on

These pictures are horrible. People wake up! Take these to any metropolitan police department and ask them what they think. THEY would surely have an issue with these. Beckett is not the one in danger by this. But what about the kids we don’t see and the monsters who will keep pictures like these as fuel for an already sick mind?

Plus, who in their right mind would want their child displayed like this? The picture of Beckett and Ava is wrong in too many ways to count. I really doubt that only a few of us are shocked and disturbed by these awful pictures.

These pictures are exploitative first of all of Ava and Beckett.

Do Melissa and Tye realize that these pictures will be in the possession of many offenders? They can put money on that one. Can’t imagine what these two parents were thinking.

robinepowell on

Cute photos. I’d like to know how they did the second pose.

emma on

What a beautiful photo – especially that second one, OMG too precious!

liz on

Poor kid why bend your kid that way just for the pictures. Don’t understand these dumb parents. Why not take it natural way by just cradle the baby in your arms?

Willa on

It’s funny how something so sweet can offend so many people. All you ding dongs complaining about how uncomfortable he is – have you ever photographed a newborn? Most of them sleep the whole time. If they were uncomfortable they’d let you know. Most photographers use small space heaters to keep baby warm as well. My daughter had newborn photos similar to this and it was a wonderful experience. Pretty sure she’s not going to be scarred for life because she posed for a few pictures at a week old.

Willa on

@Ella do you have kids? Do you post pictures of them to social media? If so, what’s the difference? Anything you put online is accessible to anyone, no matter how many privacy options you check. All it takes is someone motivated enough to find that info.

Willa on

@Patricia – some pervert could secretly photograph your child playing at the park and add those photos to his “pile of filth”. Mom grade = F. Way to go.

Enough with the judging. She shared pictures of her child. That doesn’t make her a bad parent or a careless parent or a monster.

Isabel on

People will bitch about even the most innocent of things.

Anonymous on

Willa- Thank you! ANY picture of a child can be fuel for a pedophile, not just nude pics!

Anyway, I think these photos are adorable!

Mommytoane on

Cute pics! The second one looks uncomfortable for an adult, but as an infant I imagine he didn’t notice it with his uber flexability. lol. Cute tho. Love that dark hair of his.

lynnie on

Beautiful bahy boy! Ava is pretty too. Congratulations to the family!

Julesy on

Adorable! Look at those cheeks!

Lynette on

Beautiful but why is this person a celebrity again? She told first Bach she was going to be a teacher. Guess fame was more import. Please go away u r not a celebrity, u only were on a few silly reality shows for fame.

Amanda on

Katie – you must not have children. Having these types of newborn photos are very popular. It captures a time period that only last a few weeks. It’s ridiculous that someone could find fault with that. Just goes to show your level of negativity.

The pictures are precious!

Mandy on

OMG those pictures are precious!!!

jwoge on

The baby and pictures are beautiful, BUT I would keep them private for my friends and family only. To me everything Melissa does screams her need for attention. She isn’t a celebrity, in my opinion, and should just live her life without advertising every single thing that happens to her.

The reality is there are millions of sick people who will view these photos in a very unhealthy way and sadly may even cause them to act against another infant. Don’t act shocked, it happens, dive into the news and you can find it almost daily. Having family members who are dedicated CPD members it is disturbing to hear what goes on with children within their own families. Not a great parenting move.

KW on

Cute pics! Who the hell is Melissa Rycroft?

mommyof2 on

To all the haters… shhhhh….

mommyof2 on

These are beautiful and innocent photos, so to all the haters… Have a seat and keep on drinking your hateraid.

JenC on

Beautiful babies!!!!

Jenb on

People are taking this way too seriously. I see no wrong with the photos at all. The baby is so precious and little Ava is such a poser and a cutie. Leave this woman alone and let her enjoy her precious babies. The photographer definitely knew what she was doing and did a superb job.


The kids are cute. But why are we still hearing about this woman — she isn’t an actor …..?

Rufred on

OMG….there is already so much sad and discord in this world, let’s not take it into this beautiful photo session. I love the pix and after seeing Melissa on DWTS I doubt she did it for the glory; she seems pretty humble. She posted them because she is so happy & proud about her family, as she should be, and for us to enjoy. I enjoyed them immensely. I cracked up at the first one…he looks so warm & comfortable I was wondering if he just let it ‘flow’ at any point. Any retakes..:-)

Ah? on

Lol he is not uncomfortable seriously he is sleeping and you want natural? Last time I checked my kids were born naked. People like to read into things and judge choices way to much! It is a baby brother and his big sister..

Beheard on

Congrats! Beckett is picture perfect along with his big sis!

Sherri on

Beautiful pics. Congratulations!

Isabelle on

To all of you criticizing Melissa for taking those pictures are ridiculous. I am not a celebrity and a mother of three beautiful children. I took pictures like these with each of my children with a close friend who is a professional photographer. I did it to have memories of my children when they were newborns. Y

ou should take pics like them before baby is 1 week old. The room has to be really hot and comfortable for the newborn to fall asleep, so that you can put them in these positions. They are not uncomfortable and are actually sleeping.

I did it for their birth announcements to share with family and close friends. Give me a break. They probably took the pics at their house. Give them a break and stop criticizing. It may not be for you but don’t knock it for others.

Deenie on

The reason this article is garnering so much attention is because the pictures are controversial and disturbing to many.

I asked my coworkers what they thought and they said the pictures were really shocking. “Disturbing” is the word that kept coming up. On of the ladies worked for CPS for years. She said that picture would have definitely resulted in a referral at the very least. People who don’t work in sexual assault centers and or for CPS aren’t aware of many awful things.

For instance, child offenders often have pictures that the public would be surprised at. Like normal ads featuring children that are not in any way explicit. That is why companies who sell things like baby shampoo etc. are so careful these days to keep children covered up. You will not find anything like these pictures in this ads. And yet these individuals still collect these type ads, because they are sick of course!!

Melissa’s pictures would be considered gold to one of these perps. I noticed on one site featuring the pictures, there are already tons of “shares.” That scares me because I am positive that not all those shares are of an innocent nature. Melissa and her husband might be in for an awful surprise if they hear that Dallas police are finding these pictures in the custody of perps. Heck, Dallas? These are now all over the freakin’ world.

Its so horrifying to think that these pictures could be used, as another poster mentioned, in offending other children. To the people who say these are innocent and so on, not to a sick mind they are not. They will not be viewed like that, sad to say.

It was unwise for Melissa to exploit her children like this, and possibly dangerous for other children. If people are having a hard time believing this, take these photographs to any sexual assault crisis center or any CPS center and ask if these photos are problematic in any way. The answers will surprise those of you who think those of us who have an issue with these are just being negative.

Willa on

This isn’t anywhere near exploitation so don’t even go there.

Marky on

Deenie, I don’t know what state you are in, but I am a former CPS worker, and none of us would have thought these were the type pictures which would result in “a referral”. The type of pictures we saw, and were horrified by, were so graphically sexual and disgusting; they were not pictures of a newborn in the arms of a loving parent, nor were they pictures of a newborn cuddling with a sibling.

What you don’t realize is that a “perp”, as you call them, is just as apt to look at a picture of a child in a clothing ad–a smiling, happy, pretty little girl, or happy little boy, and see them as a sexual object whether they have clothes on or not. A true sexual predator is not just drawn to nudity, but to an expression, a tilt of the head….

People should not be so held hostage to their fears that they can’t even take pictures of their child, to share with friends and/or family. The truth is you need to protect your child in real ways, not just silly things like a newborn photo.

If you don’t want to take those photos, don’t, but don’t accuse others of not caring about their child; it’s unreasonable.

Willa on

Yes, thank you for being a voice of reason!

Mrs. S on

Never watched the Bachelor….. but how cute is he???? Look at all that hair! So precious, what a lucky lady!

Barbara on

Absolutely gorgeous — so happy for them 🙂

Anonymous on

Katie, I totally agree with you!

sexyphd on

Thank you for adding some reason to this conversation, Marky. I work as an attorney dealing with child abuse cases, amongst other cases, and never in a million years would I think to bat my eye at photos like these. Unfortunately, ill-informed and misguided people actually believe that judging parents who take newborn photos is worthy of controversy.

I am beside myself reading some of these blatantly misguided comments. The photos are fine, and people should stop viewing themselves as “experts” on subjects that they clearly do not even have a basic proficiency on.

Maggie on

O M G cutest baby I have seen on here in a LONG time!!! ADORABLE!!!

Side note…Am I the only one who can’t stand when people call their kids “little man”? I don’t know why but it’s so weird to me.

Asia Thomas on

Patricia is really Molly M, Melissa is still the winner!! Beautiful kids, beautiful family!!!!!!!

Asia Thomas on

Mol, I mean Anonymous, Melissa definitely a celebrity. Sorry you’ve been misinformed. So is Kendra Wilkerson, Holly Madison, Jennifer Hudson & Chris Daughtry. They are reality stars. I guess sloppy seconds is something to be proud of.

Karen on

When he is 13,he will never forgive you for the naked tushi. A little diaper he would for give. Beautiful baby, beautiful sister.

Lee on

OMG, those pics make my ovaries ache!!! Babies are so precious!!!

k on

Those pictures! I’m dying!