Brooke Burke-Charvet: Why My Teenager’s Busy Schedule Works In My Favor

04/27/2014 at 06:36 PM ET

“Boring” is not a word Brooke Burke-Charvet knows well.

With four kids — Shaya, 6, Rain, 7, Sierra, 12, and Neriah, 14 — and their busy schedules to juggle, the TV personality is always on the go.

“I have a kindergartener and a teenager and everything in between. Rain had her first cavity so we were in the dentist this week, that was a big deal,” Burke-Charvet, 42, told PEOPLE during the Embassy Suites Hotel’s Pretty Great Family Debate at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City on Thursday.

“Shaya got a drum set for his sixth birthday — I don’t know if it’s the worst gift or the best gift I ever purchased.”

Brooke Burke-Charvet Pretty Great Family Debate
Stephen Lovekin/Getty

With her firstborn coming into her own — and trying to convince Burke-Charvet to teach her how to drive early — the hands-on mom has found a new rhythm in their relationship.

“We’ve always been close, but now it’s a little different because we work out together, we spend time [together] on the weekends — she’s quite an adventurer,” the proud mama shares.

But delaying driver’s ed may actually be working in Burke-Charvet’s favor, she jokes. “A lot of things that she wants to do, she needs me for the ride so I get to hang with her, so that’s really fun,” she says.

The family’s summer is already slated to be a big one: In addition to moving into their new home, custom-built by husband David Charvet, the whole gang is gearing up for their first cruise together.

“I think it’s going to be an amazing experience for the kids and it will be fun for David and I because there’s something for everyone on board,” Burke-Charvet explains.

With six people on the trip, Burke-Charvet already has plans to keep the peace and make sure everyone has a good time.

“It’s just important too that everybody gets to do something they love when on vacation that’s not all about the kids, because then the parents don’t enjoy it, or all about the parents, then the kids aren’t having fun,” she explains.

Despite her high hopes, Burke-Charvet admits she anticipates a few bumps in the road.

“I like to have a family meeting so that everybody can choose the things they want to do — with four kids we take turns. There’s always somebody unhappy, but we try!” she says.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mabel Martinez

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DaisyMoon on

So after reading that entire article, I only have one question…

Is she watching her replacement on the new season of “Dancing w/ The Stars”?????

Luca on

Why is a 14 year old working out? Highly inappropriate. That kid shouldn’t be worrying about her body!

Jay on

Luca, 14 years old is a great age to be working out in order to stay healthy. Physical activity is very important, versus having a couch potato!

Mary on

Luca, when I was 12 I played outside all the time, bike riding, running, and playing kick ball. Too many kids are inside on the computer or texting all the time. I’m sure she isn’t lifting weights or running miles.

Irish on

What I don’t understand is how people are so nonchalant about their kids getting cavities. Me and my 3 siblings never ONCE in our youth had a cavity. My 3 siblings still never did and don’t….and they are age 37, 35 (twins). I didn’t get my first until I was in my 20’s and I cried and cried and felt like a failure! And the only reason I got the 2 cavities was one tooth eroded from the glue that mended my braces to my teeth and the other was from severe morning sickness during pregnancy in which I vomited acid 8 times a day, every day, for 4 months! It eventually took its toll on my teeth! But even now, my teeth are healthy. No gum problems, no infections, not even yellow! (And I drink a lot of coffee). Anyway, my point is, my son is now 11 and a half and he has yet to get a cavity! We both pride ourselves in this, and his dentist loves him! My friends’ kids come home with cavities all the time and they act like they just took a stroll in the park, like it’s no big deal! If dentists didn’t exist, their kids would have rotted infected teeth! Doesn’t this phase them as parents??!!

Kristen on

Luca, I’m thrilled to see a 14 year old “working” out. Exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself mentally or physically. Elementary kids call it “playing on the playground”… older than 12 it’s “working out”.

guest on

I like how she tries to allow every member of the family to have a fun activity during vacations. Never had that as a kid.

Milky on

Exercise is one thing – she’s still a kid, so swimming, tennis, gymnastics or being on a sports team etc etc – but hitting the gym with your LA TV-type mother? I agree, that’s weird at 14.

Anonymous on

Does her husband ever work? Of course I mean other than building their new house that Brooke most likely paid for.

Mare on

Her 7 yr old has a cavity already? My 24 yr old has 1 and my soon to be 20 yr old has none! Most of these celebs have cooks or on strict diets. Something is very wrong that a child this young should have a cavity already.

kelly on

Is this woman relevant to even be in the news, you were replaced on DWTS because your so boring so to read this article truly backs up why they canned you. Your very shallow and each time you open your mouth its fake

stacey on

That is a very strange haircut on her son.

Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

My now 18 yr old has played soccer most of her life. Once she hit 14 or 15, they were required to hit the gym. She is fit and healthy and being this way is something that now as an adult is just part of her life, Being over weight, and not being energetic is no way for anyone to ever be.

Anonymous on

Her son looks like a girl LOL

Anonymous on

Irish- Did you even read the article? She said the cavity was “a big deal”. So obviously it DID phase her!

Anonymous on

Mare- Something would be seriously wrong if Brooke had her daughter on a strict diet as you said!

ivake on

Not everybody has the same genetic predisposition to nice teeth. Some kids get cavities early, even with regular brushing. Dentists fix it and it’s really no big deal. And many have naturally yellow teeth (especially here, in Europe, as we’re not so obsessed with pearly whites and don’t whiten them).

pinkrockstar on

Ivake, very true about Europeans NOT caring about their teeth. I had a gf in France. I visited her a couple times. Her teeth were messed up with discoloration and a couple broken teeth. One day i was brushing my teeth and used dental floss. She and her friends never heard of it. She told me teeth were not really a big deal to them.