Kim Kardashian Shows Off Adorable ‘North’ Earrings

04/25/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian North Earrings Jennifer Meyer Jewelry Tibrina Hobson/Getty; Inset: Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to making fashion statements big or small.

And that includes personalized jewelry that pays homage to her little girl, North.

On Thursday, the reality star shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing an earring featuring her daughter’s name courtesy of fellow celeb mom and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire.

“Love my North earring! Thanks @jenmeyerjewelry,” she excitedly wrote.

The custom stud, which is very similar to Meyer’s “love” style, was crafted with 18K gold and mini diamonds.

We wonder what Kardashian will add to her jewelry box next now that she has a “North” necklace and earring. Some arm candy, perhaps?

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Anish Panicker on

Ha…., Ha…, Nice pair of earrings with ‘North’…, Kim Kardashian is just fabulous….

Anonymous on

Scraping at the bottom on the barrel for news stories. Really? This is newsworthy.

KingKing on


Tina on

Woooooowwwww, NORTH EARRINGS!!!!! How did she ever think of that? A mother wearing her child’s name. She never ceases to amaze. And People Mag is ridiculous enough to think this is news.

Shelly on

Who cares please go away and take your entire family with you. Signed, everyone

erica2 on

I rather see Kim spend time with her daugher instead of buying jewelry with her name on it…does she ever spend time with North….these earrings are just another accessory just like her child apparently!

Sunny on

How about you actual care for and spend time with IgNori instead of buying outrageously priced jewlery with her name on them? Poor North probably sees the nannies as mothers instead of this pathetic excuse for a parent.

heather on

The more diamond jewelry with your kid’s name on it you wear, the better mom you are!

Nancy on

They had to give her something to remember the name of the daughter she never sees….

lifeasahouse on

She could just get compass earrings too and that would cover the first and last names.

Tay on

A pair of “North” earrings, looking gorgeous!!

Sammi on

omg who cares? People, this is just pathetic. How much are they paying you exactly?

Denverpeet on

Nothing but a waste if skin…….a LOT OF SKIN!!!

Cathy on

such a fake. A real mom has no nannies and have real jobs

imbettz on

It is not really about her daughter’s name, it is about reminding her which way is up.

Smithy on

I’m pretty sure this is just a way for her to remember directions. She probably has a ‘south’ belly ring and ‘east/west’ rings on her fingers.

Sonny on

What a stupid name . What a stupid mom.

Sue on

I seriously hate the Kardashians!! I still don’t know what they’ve done to be famous! That poor baby will be their fame whore…

delta on

shame that it has been over a month that you have charged my card and have not heard from your company!!!! shame..!!!

Girl on

I seriously can’t stand the Kardasian’s! What made them famous? Is it just me or did Kim have some serious plastic surgery? Poor little girl has 2 fame whores as parents…

Jesse belle on

Yep. Small earrings only shows the small amount of love she has for this kid. With all her money, you’d think she would have something nicer.

Angie on

She wears her daughter’s name but doesn’t take her anywhere? Or at least isn’t photographed with her. Why did she have that kid in the first place??

Bee on

daughters 27 and 25 years old and WOW I have intertwine bracelet with THEIR names!!! so yeah another lame KK story People zzzzzzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzz Its not NEW LOL

Melissa on

Paparazzi is definately after her now!

Bongi on

It amazing on how much people hate Kim but everyday they read about what she does and then whine about her being not relevant, if you hate her why keep on reading what’s written about her, just ask yourself that question first and you will realised how stupid you sound when complaining about her as no forced you to read in the first place

Sue on

Never a more misguided woman.

Hea on

Wow..! Did Stevie Wonder paint her eyebrows? :O

Tina on

Wait a minute, Anish Panicker. Stop the presses! Kim Kardashian is just fabulous. In which planet is she fabulous? Not this one!

R on

Does it not occur to anyone that Kim K. may actually be trying to raise her baby out of the spotlight?
However, Kim K. should have dropped out of the spotlight too. That child always looks so distressed whenever she’s photographed with her parents, which makes me question if baby North even sees her parents more than once a…day? Week? …Month?!

Guest on

She can make more North’s earrings in jewelry LOL.

Faye on

Wish People would quit assuming she never sees her daughter. I rememeber reading that Kanye doesn’t want his daughter in the public eye on camera all the time. She has her she just doesn’t bring her out in public all the time.

Faye on

Jealousy kills…What makes people act this way? They have their daughter but everyone talks about them so why would they want to put her in front of the cameras. Kanye doesn’t want her all over every magazine and newspaper…Good parenting. He knows how mean people are.

Nat on

Ooh nice pair of “North” earings on Kim’s ears, looks adorable.

eve on

i love kim…..en she deserves the best

Anonymous on

I really love Kim