Kevin Federline Introduces Daughter Peyton Marie

04/25/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Kevin Federline Welcomes a Daughter Seth Browarnik/Startraks

Update: Kevin Federline introduced his newest addition Thursday evening on his Instagram account, sharing his newborn daughter’s name, details and photo.

“We would like everyone to meet our newest Federline. Peyton Marie Federline. Born 4.4.14 8 lbs., 4 oz.,” he wrote, adding a photo of Jordan cradling her baby sister. “[Three] weeks old today. Only one out of six that will have blue eyes. Didn’t think it was possible.” Victoria shared a few family photos as well.

Originally posted April 7: It’s a girl! Kevin Federline has welcomed his sixth child, a daughter, he revealed Sunday on his Instagram account.

The former backup dancer, 36, and his wife, Victoria Prince, are also parents to Jordan Kay, 2½.

The proud papa announced the arrival of his baby girl by posting a photo of an “It’s a Girl!” wagon filled with flowers.

“Words cannot express the joy my children bring me. We are very excited to welcome the newest member of our family,” he writes. “I love you with all my heart [Victoria]. #thefedz #sixthman I mean #sixthwoman.”

Federline is also dad to sons Jayden James, 7½, and Sean Preston, 8½, with ex-wife Britney Spears, and Kaleb, 9½, and daughter Kori, 13, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.

— Anya Leon

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valeskas on

Enough already, Kevin.

Laura Lopez on

Can someone give the guy a vasectomy already

Anonymous on

Get a vasectomy and get a job!

Anonymous on

I couldn’t resist but to comment. I think anyone that conceives children with Kevin Federline, beyond Britney Spears has definitely got a screw loose. If he wasn’t going to be true to Britney what makes you think he will be true to you. And, further more these children don’t deserve to have such a poor excuse of a father. That is all

Missy on

Good God, time to get snipped. It was well known back then to have a lot of children and some today, but with the same partner. Not 6 kids with 3 women. Snip snip. At least the mothers have enough to support them because this bum don’t have 2 pennies to rub together

Dee on

…and they all lived happily ever after, off of Britany’s money.

anonymous on

He needs to be neutered.

Blossom on

Where does this guy get money from? Is he still living off of Britney’s money? When is that going to stop. It’s a shame. Six children with three different women. Kevin: Go get a job

kjc on

While I agree six kids with 3 women is maybe not the most responsible thing, there has never been any indication that Kevin is anything but a great father to all his children.

Congrats to him and his family.

Leah on

Congrats to Kevin and Victoria. I wish them the best. Lots of snide remarks about KF but remember who raised those boys while Brit was having mental health issues. He stepped up and took care of his family, which is more than can be said about many men out there today.

Also, I won’t slam him for not having a job since I have no idea if he works or not. Do you guys??

Again, congrats to the family on their newest addition!

lee on

When you google his name it says he has a net worth of 6 million, how? he hasn’t worked in years!

lori on

Those celebrity net worth amounts are inaccurate. He is getting child support from Britney and probably spousal. I’m pretty sure she’s paying for his family.

Danielle on

He’s sleazy…

truth on

I think Kevin has shown that he was a good father to his kids when Britney was locked up in the looney bin. Say what you want, but he is there for his kids.

carla on

He stepped up? As a father he is SUPPOSED to be a responsible and be there for his kids, especially if the mother is in dire straights. No one should get kudos for taking care of their own children.

Suzie on

You people are harsh. Kevin gets too much crap from people. He’s the one who took care of those boys when Britney had her breakdown. Last I checked, he wasn’t the one who held his child hostage in a bathroom. There’s been no evidence to say that he’s anything but a great father. Heck, even the court thought so, as they gave him full custody of the boys.

And who cares where his money comes from, does it really matter? If all parties involved are satisfied, who cares? How is him getting money any different than a wife receiving alimony or child support? He’s got primary custody of the boys, she should be paying him. Such a double standard.

Lynne on

Can we say B-I-R-T-H C-O-N-T-R-O-L!!!

Laura on

does he pay for any of these kids??? i think its time to to get him fixed.

Staci Frye on

Typically a mother wins in court and certainly with the money and status of Brittany Spears. What ever happened had to have been so shockingly bad that Kevin was the better parent. No matter how nor where he gets his income, he’s obviously a good father. The court of good/bad opinion matters little when the legal court backs you.

MrMonkee on

From everything I have ever read about Kevin he is a very good Dad to all of his kids. He’s definitely not the first father to have kids with three different women. Hope he has learned to control his assets because raising six kids is not cheap even for a multi-millionaire like him.

bkable on

Am I the only one who’s shocked that Sean Preston is almost 9? lol I feel old!

Callie on

And Britney’s monthly child support check helps pay for it all!

Monday on

Lazy SOB

Taylor on

Why do all these women want to procreate with him? Just say NO!

happy on

She must be dumb. A smart woman wouldn’t pick him.

Looloobell on

Time for this guy to get a vasectomy… At his age and he has six kids under the age of 13, really?

Chloe on

Congrats to the whole family, I wish them all the best.

And hopefully this will be his LAST baby mama.

Anonymous on

Thinks nothing about having children with different women. Really a screw up person.

shidley on

Time to get the snip snip there, buddy. Dude must be paying child support up the #$%@!

Susan on

I personally don’t care if he has 160, as long as they can PAY for them all!! It ‘s his business, however, it quickly becomes OUR business if we end up paying for these kiddies from cradle to grave. I just wish he had more integrity and perhaps a higher IQ.

Ed on

Congrats Kevin, but you’ve reproduced enough already!!!

ELC on

One thing we know he does well his procreate. The rest is up for grabs. He’s like a bee that jumps from one flower to another pollenating as he goes. Wonder if he’s supporting all his offspring by his other women?Its time for a little snip-snip.

Rainfall81 on

Can’t say anything about him being able to support them all, since I don’t know how he gets his money. But I honesty do think he has/had something to do with Britney having her breakdown.

Joanna on

This is just as bad as Lindsay Lohan’s father spawning. Both are media whores who are just looking for a quick pay day. In K-Fed’s case he’s paying for all of his child support (beyond the kids he has with Britney) with her money and who’s to say he’s not raising his kids with this skank on Britney money either. He does NOTHING to deserve it. He has a pattern of having two children with EVERY woman he has been with. I won’t be surprised if this is the last child with this woman and he moves on within the year to someone else and has two more children with her. Bad influence and way to show people how sex can be handled safely.

thenitenurse on

How does this guy support himself and his kids? Do think he got a nice divorce settlement from Brittany?

STaylor on

Get a vasectomy! Stop the madness!

Didi on

People are so judgmental! K-Fed may not have been a good boyfriend to his first children’s mom, or a good husband to Brittney, but don’t forget — it was K-Fed who cared for his boys when Mama Brittney was having her epic meltdown (bless her heart). I have never heard any of the children’s mothers say anything but nice things about Federline’s love and devotion and care for his kids. If you people don’t know what you are talking about, then STFU!!! If you aren’t chipping in $ to raise his kids, then what do YOU care about how many kids he has?! I don’t have to feed, clothe or raise his kids, so I couldn’t care less if he has 25 of them!!!

Sue on


Big Fan on

No offense, but he needs to keep it in his pants and get a job

Denverpeet on

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed…..

peyton on

For everyone whose been criticizing Kevin, let’s not forget who stepped up to the plate to raise those two boys while Britney was having her mental problems. The judge gave custody to him, so that should be enough to prove what a good dad he is. That money Brit pays goes to her children, who she should be supporting! If Kevin was really living off her money, he’d be buying Armani suits and flying private jets. He shops at target, that’s how normal he is. He’s gone out of his way to be nice to Britney and keep her involved in their sons lives, which is above and beyond in my opinion, and he certainly doesn’t deserve this hate. Congrats to him on his newest addition, he’s a great dad who deserves to be happy.

jen on

Can you support this many kids especially when most are with ex’s? Oh that’s right Brittney is probably paying you.

Deborah on

OMG, all those kids with 3 different mothers? He must be so proud. I hope he gets a vasectomy now

Lox on

Oh my gosh. Stop it! Two with every relationship?

Final Opinion on

For God’s sake will someone please weld this guy’s zipper shut, if only for his poor wife’s sake.

Debbe on

Put it away already!

sally on

he needs to be fixed

Jac on

Must be nice to get $20,000/mo in child support from Brit!!! (public record)

Melissa on

Kevin is really sick! Six children with three women, it’s insane!

Sacmar on

I will not understand why he is getting kudos for doing with a father is supposed to do. Be there for their children when they need him. Personally, I could not have that many children, but to each his own. I wish them the best.

Anonymous on

Here’s a newsflash – He can have as many kids as he wants with whomever…as long as he doesn’t ask me for money or to babysit. Why should any other person care??????? No one knows what goes on his house or bank account. A little judgementa???

Anonymous on

Way to stay classy, kevin.

Debbie Fulkerson on

Does he have a job? Where does he make enough/any money for child support? I guess all of his exes make enough money so that they don’t have to depend on him. Who knows. Or, maybe Obama is taking care of all of them. Enough kids already! Do something within your community to help kids in need.

Ladybug on

Some people should not breed.

Dawn on

And Britney’s money takes care of all of them… She will be working forever..

Jazz on

Britney is supporting all them kids.

Debbie Fulkerson on

The dumb-ass broads on here that tell everyone to mind their own business, because (supposedly they aren’t paying) for these kids need to STFU. Of course they probably aren’t paying for these brats, but the taxpayers/workers are. In fact, they are probably all getting a refund from the IRS via EARNED INCOME CREDIT.

chris on

All these people commenting about he “stepped up” when Britney had a meltdown – as if this deserves recognition? He’s the father of the kids – what else should he do? Women “step up” every single solitary day and no one comments on how great we are. BIG FRIGGIN DEAL – he made the kids – so take care of them. Now all of a sudden this degenerate should get medals for doing what parents are supposed to do. This guy needs to stop already – someone neuter this guy.


I am never one to tell others what they should or shouldn’t do. One kid… ten kids… it’s your choice AS LONG AS YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF THEM. KFed has admitted, as well as it’s been reported numerous times that he’s used Britney Spear’s money to not only pay child support for this other kids, but to basically live and take care of his girlfriend and his kids with her. I might sound judgmental here, but I find that to be so wrong.

Paige on

Please Stop reproducing.

Janey on

Congratulations to the growing family!

lcb6111 on

Don’t comment make him irrelevant. If this is your guilty pleasure read and move on. The more you comment the more they will post updates of these D celebrities.

lcb6111 on

No comments=not relevant. Read and move on.

linda on

He seems like a very attentive father! Why the haters?

Penny on

Ever heard of snip snip! Geesh!

Tay on

He is ridiculous to have two kids with every exes or non exes.

Smiles on

Get VASECTOMY right away! Can you afford having sixth child and do you have a real job??

onge on

god he is disgusting. 6 children with 3 different women at 36 years old. use some fucking birth control

Pick on

Stop procreating!

Guest on

Congrats Kevin for the new addition!

valeskas on

Snip, snip.

Catca on

@Debbie Fulkerson,

It is extremely unlikely that Kevin is getting an earned income credit, what on earth are you talking about? He’s appeared on a few reality shows in the past couple years and that alone would give him a 6 figure income. Granted his income is nowhere near Britney’s, but he’s hardly getting taxpayer support.

gail on

who pays the support for all these children ? does he even work a regular job ? Enough is enough. Time to stop the madness.

Monika on

How does he afford all these kids?

Missy on

I think he is hoarding children.

Angie on

He has six kids to support without a real job, it’s amazing.

Kido on

Yay his family is growing

Biazinha on

Has this guy ever heard of birth control?

Nikki on

To the people posting about getting a vasectomy… You are a disgrace! Who are you to tell someone how many children they should have? Just because you shouldn’t procreate and pass on your nasty attitude to offspring doesn’t mean no one should enjoy the joys children bring. Congratulations to the Federlines! As a mother of 5 and a special educator, I know how much joy children can bring and I am happy mother and baby are doing well.

Anonymous on

Zip it up Kevin!

Jen on

Can someone please take up a collection to neuter this dog, jeez!

Anonymous on

I know there are a lot of negative comments, but when I look at these pictures, I honestly see a loving caring father and happy kids. So glad to see Brits boys there meeting their new sis.

bitsy on

Love the name. That is the nicest thing I have to say!

Jen on

Congrats! Beautiful family, bless their hearts. Now, Kevin, get your nuts cut, TODAY.

truth on

Nice family photos

Embee on

Does Britney have to pay this guy for the rest of her life??? As a father he is SUPPOSED to be a responsible and be there for his kids, especially if the mother is having medical problems. No one should get kudos for taking care of their own children, and especially not when being paid to do so….but then he is the one laughing all the way to the bank.

Pat on

Lovely family photos – they all look very happy!

Sloane on

puzzling that People gives so much space to someone who was best known for marrying Britney Spears and not much else???
and just a suggestion to him- time to stop having children because unless you have a massive income from a job we’re not aware of, you’ll never be able to pay to raise them and have them educated (unless he’s still riding financially on Britney’s coat tails, but the gravy train will end and I don’t know if he’s wise enough to be saving some of it) his days as a young, in shape back up dancer are long gone and I”m not sure what other skills he has… anyone know?

Alice on

People are brutal…it looks like he settled down but if he didn’t, those are his internal issues. Congratulations on Peyton who, correct me if I’m wrong, is his first daughter!

CDS on

Kevin must be very, very good in bed — as these women keep allowing themselves to get pregnant (LOL).

Shia on

How come we never see pictures of his kids with Shar Jackson? What a joke…and to the people saying if he treated Britney bad, why would he be good to anyone else. He treated Shar Jackson bad first…

Lala on

Looking at his Instagram account, nearly all his pictures, are of his kids – and they all look happy! He won custody of Britney’s boys, in 07 or 08. She has yet to regain custody of them, or from anything I’ve heard, tried to regain custody of them. So obviously she doesn’t mind shelling out the child support, so why does it matter to anyone else? Also, as the non-custodial parent, she should be paying child support. Any other non-custodial parent would be expected to. There home doesn’t seem to be anything grand, so if he and the kids can live off what she gives them, then that’s good for them I suppose. At least he’s a 24/7 parent, and has happy, healthy children.

Gina on

Kevin seems to be a good father (which is what counts). I can’t believe all the nasty comments on this blog.

JD on

2 kids with each woman; I guess he has a pattern lol. All jokes aside though, he has some cute kids.

I can’t believe how big the boys are now! And I had no idea they spelled Jayden’s middle name Jaymes. I always thought it was just James.

DI on

Ok everyone, can we not just forgive and forget and move on? I think Kevin’s a “good ole” boy who had a taste of fame and glitz and decided it’s not all that it’s cut out to be and is now happy doing whatever it is that he and his new wife seem to be enjoying. Brit seems to have moved on. Shar Jackson seems to have done the same. At most, there are innocent children involved; they cannot control what their dad is/not. If he isn’t employed, I hope he gets motivated and finds a job soon. I don’t think he and his new family should be living off of his ex wife’s money. Cute little babies grow into teens and that will be the real proof to what kind of a dad he truly is. Kevin probably knows, at this point, it’s Victoria (his new wife) or no one. He’ll stay with her and they will continue to multiply. I am sure his real skills are underneath the covers. Any way, happiness to all!

Football Girl on

What is he going to do for money once the “Brittany” train leaves the station in a few years (when their two boys come of age)?

Margarita on

I am sure he is a good father, but stop already. Fame at one point will fade. The reality shows will stop calling and you will be too old to be a backup dancer. How then will you support these six kids? Will you have to revive your rapping career? For now, I hope Britney’s money doesn’t run out for you.

Tb on

To everyone who is hating(not that I am a K-Fed or Britney fan) but what business of yours is it of how many kids he decides to have? Im pretty sure he is not living on welfare. Exactly how is this effecting you to have such hate towards one person that you have never met?

ash on

Get a vasectomy already, Kevin! GAwd.

TysMom on

Can you say VASECTOMY! ! !

Cappy84 on

6 kids! two by each babymama. Way to go K Fed! smh….

lana on

this guys is so disgusting. who would WANT to have children with him? I bet britney is so disgusted by the fact that he just keeps reproducing and living off her money

lana on

FYI: I have started a gofund me account for Kevin federline’s vasectomy.

Enough on

Enough Kevin! That’s enough!

Tina on

Those are very sweet photos. Could someone please tell me what Kevin Federline does for a living?

Anonymous on

you all are morons i think he is fine as a dad he stepped up when brittney had her breakdown and further more you dont here about him in the news or in papers that he is a dead beat dad. He is there as a father to his kids and they all seem happy. furthermore I dont here from baby mamas anyone one of them bad mouthing him.

JW on

Thank goodness Britney is working to pay for them all.

lana on


guest on

It’s called a condom. They even have coupons now in your Sunday paper. Cut one out!

Cute baby though 🙂

Ella on

Him and his multiple ladies need to be educated on birth control. Its one thing to have a big family but what kind of family stability can kids with siblings from a bunch of moms have.

CJ on

I think Kevin is a great dad. He truly loves his kids and they truly love them. You never see a photo of him and his kids when they are not happy. Brittney was not the best mom for a long time, but Kevin never judged her, he just took care of their boys. Kevin has lots of venues going on which earn him money. Plus, Brittney likes him having the boys most of the time so that she can tour and do her thing. Everyone is happy! Why can’t people just let them be happy? He has some gorgeous kids, and I think he is just a really cool guy who loves his kids. Would you rather have him be all rich and famous and a deadbeat dad? Kevin, you have gorgeous kids! Best best best wishes for you guys! Congrats!!

guest on

He is a 2 man wonder. He will divorce her in a year or so and go find someone else to have 2 more children with. HAHA

Maggie on

OMG why are so many women willing to breed with this moocher???

BB on

Even though Kevin has spread his seed into multiple women it’s still his Prerogative to do so 🙂 The kids are beautiful and they look very happy and in love with their new little sister. This is a time of joy and celebration for this happy family… so yes they may or may not live off of Britney money.. who cares, I’m sure you wish you could do the same! He will probably have more kids.. because he can! Love America

Little Elle on

At the end of the day a Judge in a court of Law awarded custody of Britney’s kids to Kevin.As far as I’m aware ( maybe somebody knows different) Kevin has never been violent, a drinker or a drug addict.

mmartin on

Is Brittney supporting that one also. Tie a knot in it.

DeeAnn Pruitt on

What are we supposed to say? Congrats on being a prolific breeder who doesn’t hold a job? The only income is Brit paying for him. Give us a break. He is no celebrity…. he’s only Britney’s throwaways.

Jess on

Remember when Kevin Federline guest starrred on One Tree Hill and his character was a jerk to Peyton (played by Hilarie Burton)? It’s so ironic that he named his daughter Peyton lol

jjmontiel56 on

All Beautiful Kids, your Blessed!!!!!

sonya on

He has 6 children by 3 different women. Enough.

Angela on

Aww so much hair! She is absolutely precious. 😀

Anonymous on

She’s three weeks old… you can’t claim blue eyes this early, dipwit.

merry on

People (mostly women?) on this site won’t stop fascinate me with their need for negative comments. You don’t give the money he and his children live on, and I’m sure each of the women involved have had the children with him voluntarily, so what’s the problem? All I see in these pictures is an adorable baby and I like how the other siblings are around to welcome her into the world.

lifeasahouse on

I can’t say that I agree with his choices but he looks like he really loves those kids and he’s probably got the money to take care of them. Stop now though, please.

Smom for short on

Some of these comments are quite cruel and mean spirited! I for one do NOT know if he has a job, but I have not read anywhere that he is receiving government assistance or the like. I do however remember that when Britney was having mental issues, he took great care of his boys until their mom was well enough to take care of them herself.

I’ve seen pictures of them co-parenting along with his current wife, Victoria, and seem to get along well. Their situation might not be ideal for most people, but they seem to have made the most out of an awkward and tough situation. As far as his kids with Shar Jackson, I again have NOT seen an article where she bad mouths him for his “poor” parenting skills nor have I EVER heard that he is behind on child support.

You all need to leave him alone, stop the name calling and wish him and his wife well. They seem to be happy and that is all that matters! Congratulations to the Federlines, ALL of them!

linda on

Why does People continue to report on this guy? He’s not a celebrity. He was married to one for a brief time. That’s it. Time to let him go off into obscurity.

Rachael on

Snip, snip!! Please!

Wendy on

Apparently he is not aware of this fact: “Caucasian babies are usually born with dark blue or even slate-gray eyes that may change several times before a baby’s first birthday.”

4mom on

I think all of you look at this the wrong way. As a woman with no other biological children, she should be able to have as many as she wants. All of you know someone who married a person and wanted children of their own. I don’t think this is about him at all. She married him but he was the one with the baggage not her.

Good People on

Adorable baby-and the other three children are adorable as well. I refuse to get on the bashing bandwagon. Simply: Congratulations to the Federline family, may you all grow well and happy. God Bless!

Anna on

How about introducing us to your new job. So Brit’s money don’t have to pay for this baby to. None of this is cute when he is in Brit’s pocket to support all of these kids and their moms. A real man will want to work for his kids if he really love them and what the heck is wrong with this Victory women, guess she don’t mind living off Brit’s money. She should find some self respect. Why don’t he have Shar’s kids in the picture. Guess he don’t care about those two kids. Always Brit’s kids because he knows that’s the only little fame he can get.

Anna on

This vile jerk had the sense to hire a top notice lawyer. Brit’s people didn’t understand that they needed a get a good lawyer so now Brit is stuck supporting every chicken, cat or dog that pass by this lazy worthless man. Child support money take care of all these kids. He married this lady so he is not entitled to spousal support any more.

Mina on

Why is it ok for women to live off child support and stay home to take care of children but not for a man? Such double standards. And for all those that don’t like him, why take the time to read and comment on him? That makes no sense to me.

Amanda on

Wendy, I agree that he isn’t aware of how eye color works but I am Caucasian and was born with black/dark brown eyes, as was my mom. However all 4 of my kids were born with blue, one changed to brown by 3 months old and one changed to brown at 18 months old, the other two were about 6 months old. So while little Peyton may have blue eyes now it doesn’t mean they will stay. My oldest had the bluest blue until she was a year old, right after her 1st birthday I noticed they were starting to look more green and by the time she was 18 months they were definitely hazel/brown. My brother had blue until he was 3 years old before they turned green.

Amy on

Congratulations to Kevin, Victoria and Jordan on the birth of baby Peyton ! x

Shawna on

What a disgusting double standard going on here! If Kevin were a woman who had custody of her children and her ex was a rich performer you would all be supporting her getting everything she deserved. But because he is a man he is not supposed to deserve the same? Child support is NOT about the adult, that has nothing to do with how the courts calculate it. The children deserve a certain percentage of the non-custodial parents income and to live in the same lifestyle which the parent is living. There is nothing wrong at all with a custodial parent using child support money to stay home and raise their children.

Rachel on

Do I think Kevin is a stand up guy? I don’t know… but seriously these comments?

If the shoe were on the other foot and this was a woman with children by different men living off the money of one of those men, no one would say a word because they see it as the man’s job to support his family.

When Federline left Spears she had nearly lost her mind. The courts deemed her the unfit parent and gave custody to him. This speaks volumes. Of the three women, the two that Federline has children with and is no longer married to, they have both stated that he is a wonderful father who loves his children. He still has full legal custody of the boys.

In the end, if Britney wants her sons to have the same lives they have with her when they are with him, then heck yes she needs to fork over the money so that can happen.

She pays $20,000 per month… $240,000 per year… and she has a net worth of over 200 million. I don’t think he’s bleeding her dry.


easy to make a child when the money is to britney !!!!

Mia on

Why is it all photos of just his white children? He has black ones but I guess that’s not a good photo op. Either that or he spends no time with them which still sucks.

Anonymous on

At least he is a good father to ALL his kids. Brittney is a flake.

veronica on

Beautiful Kids but enough now

Amanda on

Why aren’t his ‘black’ (they are actually mixed, not just black) kids in pictures? Maybe he doesn’t have them as much as his other kids. Maybe their mom does not want their pictures public. Maybe THEY don’t want their pictures public. I have less pictures of my oldest who is 10 than her younger siblings because she doesn’t want her picture taken as much and she will actually tell me not to share pictures, which I respect.

Rachel on

If you look at Kevin’s instagram (where the above images came from), there are pictures of each of his six children. They all look like very happy, well taken care of kiddos. Yes I think it’s best for children to have the same two parents living in the same home forever, but it’s not always how life works. From everything I’ve read it sounds like all parties get along pretty well. In the end, they’re probably better off than a lot of kids who have no siblings and come from broken homes.

Mrs. S on

I agree he has enough kids. However, he seems to be a good father to them. His wife has to be a God-send to be able to put up with 2 baby mamas. I put up with 1, and it was insanity! Let’s just hope this is the last baby Federline

brooke on

my cousin just named her baby Peyton Marie, with the same initials (PMF)

Me on

@ Debbie Fulkerson, wow, you’re a real bitch, you know that? Maybe you’re the one who needs to STFU, or better yet, go hang yourself. You have no right to insult the intelligence of people you’ve never even met when you yourself are clearly a spiteful bitch who throws a temper tantrum every time someone disagrees with you. You don’t know him, so you think it’s okay to go on a senseless rant about people who are simply trying to stop the ridiculous negativity and cattiness of people like you? F you, you goddamn snobby brat of a woman.

Anna on

What does he do other than have kids?

Does he have a job?

P.S. This is not a rhetorical question.

Vill on

Ooh Peyton, so happy for Kevin.

cat on


Natalie on

Im sure Britney rolls her eyes every time the dumb girl has another baby by the guy.. Britney’s boy’s are the cutest by far..