Ginnifer Goodwin: Why Josh’s Last Name Complicates Our Choices

04/24/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Ginnifer Goodwin on Jimmy Kimmel Courtesy Jimmy Kimmel Live

Picking a baby name can be hard, especially in Hollywood. It’s even harder, Ginnifer Goodwin revealed, when consideringΒ her husband’s family name.

“Naming a child though, with the last name of ‘Dallas,’ is a little more complicated,” Goodwin, 35, told Jimmy Kimmel during her first public appearance since tying the knot with Josh Dallas.

“Not a first name that begins with a ‘D’ because it gets porny,” she joked, referencing Debbie Does Dallas, “and nothing geographical ’cause it sounds like an airport.”

But Dallas, 32, doesn’t heed his wife’s warning, proposing a very Texas-centric name for their unborn child.

“He was like, ‘Boy or girl, Austin Dallas,'” Goodwin said on the show. “I’m like, ‘I’m pretty sure that is an actual place where planes land. We can’t do that.'”

Goodwin also spilled the beans on the couple’s intimate wedding, which took place April 12 in Venice, Calif., just days after the costars wrapped filming ofΒ Once Upon a Time.

“We’re both Southern, so I was literally barefoot and pregnant at our wedding. I was afraid I’d fall over!” she joked of her laidback bridal style, later adding, “It was the most stress-free, relaxing, beautiful day.”

Well, not quite “stress-free” for everyone. Goodwin’s wedding planner called her the morning of the ceremony, crying because someone had stolen their ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract hand-made by artists, out of her car.

The actress figured her rabbi could whip up another on some hotel stationery, but luckily, this fairy tale has a happy ending. A Good Samaritan came across the paper in the street, was able to read Hebrew, tracked down Goodwin’s publicist and delivered the document just in time.

With the wedding over, Goodwin can sit back and really relax as she awaits theΒ delivery of her first child, due this spring.Β But were Baby Dallas’s future grandparents bothered by the actors getting married after getting conceiving a child?

“We may be Southern, but it’s also the first grandchild,” she told Kimmel. “So they’re not only ecstatic that I’m pregnant, but they’re all coming back here in a couple weeks just to camp out and wait.”

With Prince Charming and Snow White as the expectant parents, it’s sure to be a magical time.

— Michele Corriston

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MC on

Pregnancy agrees with her, she is absolutely glowing!

Ruby on

She is so adorable! Best wishes to her, Josh and their child. πŸ™‚

Michelle on

She is so cute!

michelle on

She is the cutest…Mazel Tov!

Jay on

She is adorable. My bet is a girl and can’t wait to hear the name.

Rebecca on

This couple is so adorable πŸ™‚ I love them together in Once Upon A Time and love them in the real world. You can see that they have great chemistry together and Baby Dallas is gonna be an adorable addition to their new family πŸ™‚

bkable on

Finally someone who actually thinks out their baby names! haha


Sawyer on

How about “Corbin” from the movie “The Fifth Element” (the Bruce Willis character.

sat on

she totally wears the pants in this relationship you can tell πŸ˜‰

larissabeth on

I know what it’s like to be limited by your last name when picking baby names. Our last name – Cory – is terrible. All “C” and “K” names are out of the running, as are any that end in an “e” sound. That’s a lot of names that are rendered unusable.

Becca on

Love ginnifer! Awesome actress and u can tell she is a genuinely nice person. Wish her and her husband nothing but the best. Their baby is going to be soooo freaking adorable!!!! Congrats;)

vickynicole on

Wow, she is stunning. Beautiful. Amazing.

bitsy on

She is just too darn cute! Wishing them all the best.

WTH on

she looks huge! i was in shock. she’s gained around 70lbs. or so.

Danielle on

For the idiot who says that she’s huge- she is pregnant! She’ll not be this size a year from now. Give her a break!

Anonymous on

The person who told Ginnifer that she looks good with this pixie haircut should be fired! Her hair was so pretty a little longer in ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ and SO cute in ‘Somethome Borrowed’!

Kate on

She makes such a cute pregnant lady. Adorable.

chelseacanlit on

Dear WTH, in case you didn’t know, that’s a good thing. It means she’s healthy and only cares about providing the best care for her unborn child, without worrying about her appearance. You’re SUPPOSED to gain weight with pregnancy. I think she looks beautiful.

Mommytoane on

I adore her. She’s cute, bubbly and just plain good. Congrats to the happy couple on their marriage and the coming birth of their baby.

Lyoness on

She looks great and so happy! I’ve loved her as an actress. Good luck with naming. Glad they’re thinking hard about what they want to name kiddo.

imo on

@Sally Holcombe…not that it matters since we’re in the 21st century not 19th and the marriage before baby is a thing of the past for most, but for what it’s worth, Ginnifer and Josh were engaged to be married before she got pregnant. So it’s not like it was a “shotgun” wedding or that they got married just because she was pregnant.

Bridget on

to anonymous— her hair in both those movies were wigs, not natural.

Betty on

Josh and Jennifer are just adorable together. I can’t wait to see pictures of their new baby! Their family is going to be beautiful!

Amanda on

LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She look’s Beautiful.

sheilabeila on

Try naming a child when your last name is Street lol

Congrats to them!!

Gigi on

Yes gaining weight is part of a healthy pregnancy with that being said gaining an unhealthy amount of weight is not good for mother and child. Congratulations to her and may she have a healthy happy child.

Mill on

She looks so adorable in that dress, damm!

linda on

She looks beautiful!

Anyone discussing her weight, you are disgusting. It’s not your business. That is between her and her doctor.


What a cute couple… on TV and in real life. I totally know what she means about last name issues. My married last name is a VERY Italian name with four syllables… and it ends with an “O”. So many of the names we picked just sounded so long winded because of it. A total mouthful… but I’m sure (like us and most people) when you find a name that sounds like music… you’ll know you’ve found the perfect one. πŸ™‚

Good luck to them with the baby naming, I’m sure they’ll decide on something that’s just perfect for them (no matter who dislikes it).

Boobymama on

She is gorgeous and ample and lovely and what a wonderful juicy pregnant lady.

R on

She looks good with a few extra pounds. I actually hope she hangs on to some of that baby weight post-delivery. Hollywood is such a bitch, discouraging women from being curvier.

shelba on

She is very pretty. But she would be so beautiful if she grew her hair out. Short hair is not attractive on most women.

the ketubah on

an amazing story about the ketubah & a happy ending!

Shirley on

It is nice to see a pregnant woman wearing an classy yet cute/youthful dress instead of looking like a pregnant stripper like so many do these days. Not that you need to “hide” your pregnancy, I just think you can be clothed and attractive while pregnant.

Anonymous on

imo- Actually, the pregnancy almost certainly happened before the engagement. They got engaged in October and going from what’s she said (about the grandparents-to-be coming to “camp out and wait” in a couple weeks), she appears to be due next month. And if you count from October to May, that’s seven months, not nine. πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

BTW, I love the fact that they appear to have chosen not to find out their child’s gender prior to birth. πŸ™‚

Tigg on

Ginnifer and Josh look good together on screen and off screen. Kudo to them!!

AmandaC on

I’m shocked they got married BEFORE the baby is born. They actually went through with it, most of these celebs are engaged for decades! This couple make me smile, gonna be a cute baby.

Ashley on

LOL at that horrible first picture of her….my gosh.

Jessica on

She’s so cute! I love prego girls!

Cheryl on

I love, love Ginnifer Goodwin!!!

Anonymous on

The baby can always have her last name..

emma on

I absolutely adore her. Best wishes to her, her handsome husband, and their baby.

Maggie on

I am guessing a boy for her! πŸ™‚

Also, I wish people would lay off her for whatever weight she has gained AND the fact that she got pregnant before she was married. First off, it is beyond cruel to pick on ANYONE for their weight let alone a pregnant woman who has an increased appetite since she is eating for two. You people are mean and nasty and should just keep it to yourselves.

Secondly, it is 2014. I don’t understand the outrage spoken out on forums against people who happen to get pregnant while in a relationship? Is it because they didn’t wait to have sex after marriage? Do you people realize that 70-90% of adolescents now have sex by age 18 and most dating adult couples have sex within the first month of dating?? This is the issue you have with what happened right? Or is it the fact that birth control wasn’t used properly? Or should they have had an abortion and kept it hush hush and not brought a child into the world?? I don’t understand the negativity. YES, I agree that it’s shady to be having kids left and right outside of marriage but I think there is nothing wrong with it when a couple is in a healthy, stable, loving relationship…married or not. Marriage is, in the long run, just an old tradition used to sell off daughters to the highest bidder. It’s rooted in tying a woman down and making her the property of a man if you look into the history of it.

meia on

She is absolutely my favorite celebrity! She is adorable! And she is glowing! Congrats to her and her hubby!! πŸ™‚

Isabel on

AmandaC, plenty of those celebrities that got married before having children are also now divorce. A certificate doesn’t mean squat.

Anonymous on

Maggie- Good questions! Personally, I believe that sex is something that only husbands and wives should share, so obviously I find out-of-wed lock conceptions and births to be less than ideal. However, I don’t expect everyone to share or conform to my beliefs, and I certainly don’t go around bashing people for daring to have a child outside of marriage!

sandy on

Is it me or is this the ONLY way to get a man to marry you these days?????

Nicole on

I love Ginnifer. I wish her a the best delivery and a happy healthy baby.

Bugsmum on

She is just adorable!!! I wish them the very best.
And with about a month to go she looks fab! I’d started retaining fluid by that point and my face got all moon like, not pretty!

betty on

Since this is the internet I can say DAMN she’s big as hell!

Anonymous on

She’s easily the most likable woman in Hollywood. She seems very genuine, sweet and personable, which is such a nice change. Best of luck with the new baby!

sasha on

that’s definitely a girl!

Mara L. on

Ginnifer Goodwin is absolutely gorgeous. But not a good actress at all. She has always bugged me thanks to “Something Borrowed” and “Hes Just Not That Into You.” I Googled her name after hearing she was huge now. I am in shock!!! For all the people who say “Shes not fat, she is pregnant!” Sorry to burst your bubble, but pregnancy is no excuse to become a giant hippo. She is a celebrity. Shes in the public eye, and she is on a television show. I doubt the producers would have hired her if they knew she’d gain 80 lbs. She clearly went overboard with the cheesecake and spaghetti. It shows that shes unprofessional and doesn’t care about her job. You hardly ever see female celebrities gaining a ton of weight during pregnancy. They will monitor what they eat, so its easier for them to get back in shape. This poor woman will probably have a ton of sagging areas and stretch marks now, and one day her husband will grow very uninterested. (But that’s another topic.) All this talk about “you’re now eating for two” is a joke. Its a myth! Don’t make excuses. There is no reason to be terribly unhealthy like Jessica Simpson. I hope Goodwin works her butt off, or it could ruin her career. The industry may be cruel, but its for a reason. If you hate the truth, its probably because you can’t handle it.