Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde Welcome Son Otis Alexander

04/23/2014 at 07:55 PM ET

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis Welcome Son Otis Alexander
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

It’s a boy for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.

The actors welcomed son Otis Alexander on Sunday, April 20, the couple’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Otis Alexander Sudeikis has LEFT the building! (I’m the building),” Wilde announced via Twitter Wednesday, sharing a photo of herself cuddling her newborn.

Wilde, 30, embraced her growing curves, dressing it up on the red carpet at awards shows and posting playful pics of her bump on Instagram.

“I just thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to hide this forever.’ But I ended up getting kind of excited to show the bump as a badge of pride,” she told Lucky in their May cover story.

“Like, ‘I’m a woman! Look at me making a human! I am a goddess!'”

The Her star and Saturday Night Live alum, 38, who got engaged in January 2013, announced that they were expecting last October. Wilde later revealed that they were having a boy.

“They are incredibly happy,” a source close to the pair told PEOPLE last year. “They’re very excited to welcome a new member into their family.”

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Citygirl823 on

So happy for them. Such a great couple! Congratulations!!

lola on

Otis?! Poor kid. Alexander Otis….so much better. Good luck kid. Welcome to the planet.

Melissa on

It’s about time that there is a normal name! Love that name! Congrats to this great couple!

Nycgirl on

Awe. He has cute ears.

guest on

congrats! love the name

Thomas on

Congratulation to Olivia & Jason. Hello Otis, welcome to our world! You’ll have awesome parents!

TheRealest on

Otis Alexander and Xander Dane such a nice sibling set

Brenda on


janie on

Congrats to both! Love the name!

Lacey on

Otis? Was he born in the elevator?

Sunny on

Surprise !!!! The baby looks just like January Jones’ kid.

Isabel on

I love the name!

lola on

Born in an elevator. Haha! I get it.

Anna on

Congrats to them, but the name reminds me of a dog.

Danielle on


Jan on

Congrats to this sweet family!

Lee on

LOVE the name!!!

Callie on

They are an awesome couple! Congratulations to them! I LOVE the name too 🙂

sandy on

Otis and Milo!! remember that movie!?

Rachel on

Congrats, but Otis reminds me of a dog name!! Milo and Otis!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Hooray…congrats to the new family member!

Andrea on

Otis? What is with celebrities and stupid names?

Marcia on

Congrats! They are a cute couple. Now go off and get married, you kids.

guest on

Seriously, you have nine months and Otis is what you come up with?

Molly on

Clever announcement all the way around and love the hipster name! Welcome Otis and congrats to mom and dad!

Milky on

Aww cute. Jealous they got to use Otis, would have been our baby’s name if she’d been a boy 🙂 Awesome name

guest on

To the people that are bashing Otis…maybe its a family name…maybe he is named after someone that was very important to them. Gee whiz

Jen on

Awww, bless their hearts and home. Wishing them all the best.

MJ on

Such a sweet picture. Olivia seems like she’ll be a wonderful mom – Congratulations to her!

Akita on

Nice…If it’s like a mom…he will be beautiful man one day

JulieB on

OMG This picture is making me cry! So Sweet!!!!

Ridiculous on

Isn’t that just incredibly sad, ‘The Realist’? How he can be in one son’s life and not the others is beyond me.

soph on

Otis Sudeikis. Hmm.

Chris on

Ah, the boy he has with January Jones has a baby brother now. Maybe someday he’ll have a daddy. Otis? Really? Horrible.

laral on

Lola?! Poor kid. Bidget Lola….so much better. Good luck kid. Welcome to the planet.

Becky on

Congratulations tot hem. thought the last time People posted a picture of her, he had dropped and was on his way.

AA on

So THIS son he’ll claim?! Hopefully he will meet his older brother Xander…

Danielle on

I’m happy that they had a healthy baby. I don’t like his name at all, but that’s okay. He’s not my baby.

pinklily on

Otis… reminds me of the drunkard from Andy Griffith!

Amelia on

How sweet! What a little cutie! People seem to have an issue with the name. While I don’t necessarily mind Otis, I don’t think it goes with the last name Sudeikis….too much “iss” sound. People need to say the two names together when they have children to make sure it doesn’t sound strange. I have a friend who just named their little boy Mark Clark..such a sin!!!

emma on

@Molly- I agree, a very hipster name indeed.

To everyone else who is knocking the name, it’s better than North West, Apollo, and all those other weird moniker names. And FYI: have none of you ever heard of the singer, Otis Redding? Google it.

Anyways, congratulations to the happy couple. Now maybe Jason will own up and acknowledge his other son with January Jones


Love them both….and yes Olivia, you are a goddess! 🙂 Carrying and delivering a little human being is amazing. So happy for you both! Congrats!

Carly on

Aww congrats! I love this couple. Otis is definitely a more normal name than many of the others we’ve seen, but I’m not crazy about it being with Sudeikis. Otis Sudeikis. Kinda hard to say…

Meena on

@Melissa, Otis is not a normal name.

Anonymous on

The name “Otis” reminds me of an old man from Kentucky :/

Ceeteefeebs on

His middle name is an unabashed middle finger to all the nut jobs still going on about January Jones’ baby Xander.

DaisyMoon on

No one under the age of 70 should be called Otis…

Juli on

Congrats, Jason and Olivia! What a cool name and a beautiful picture from mom and baby.

Nicole on

Oh god. Hideous name. Alexander is much much better. Otis?! Milo and Otis anyone lol just terrible

Sally Bishfest on

These fricken celebrities…at least they have money to pay for the therapy…OTIS?!?!?! Jezees Fkn Keerist, that’s a DOG’s name.

Lisa on

Look at the joy on Olivia’s face. That’s true happiness.

ImALadyToo on

All I can think of when I hear that name is the guy on The Andy Griffith Show. Lovable guy, certainly, but an interesting name, to say the least.

Lala on

I have to say, in regards to some of the other comments, I do think Jason is the father of January Jones’ boy. They look a lot alike, in the eyes, face shape, and definitely the ears! But January came out and said that she did not want a partner in raising her son, because she didn’t have time for that.

Also, when Jason was asked about it soon after her announcement, he seemed very shocked to find out she was pregnant, then later, when asked if he was the father, his response was hostile, and he said even he didn’t know. I don’t put fault on him about it. I think it is all her. If she won’t name the father, how can someone come forth and demand they’re the father? Apparently she was with a few guys, at the end of her relationship with Jason. But that baby looks like him!

Anyways, I’m happy for Jason and Olivia! I really like them together, and they seem very much in love.

I also thought it was interesting, that Otis’ middle name is Alexander. Which is the formal name of Xander…

And Daisy Moon – all old Otis’ – start as young Otis, 🙂

Miranda7 on

I hope Xander gets to meet his new brother soon. He will really love him. Naming the baby after an elevator company? Oh well, congrats anyway.

Miranda7 on

Too much “ssssss” sounds in the two names together. It’s awful.

jonah on

what a great couple — she is always so edgy and witty and cool. I’ve never seen her “in” anything so don’t know her work. But wow, her hubby to be is….so appealing (I loved his dancing dude on “what up with that?” and I will never forget his parody commercial for the jeans without a crotch…)….

I like the name Otis a lot (didn’t like the pug in the movie, though) but it IS pretty unfortunate paired with that surname….try saying daykus sue-OTIS…..instead of Otis suDAKkiss…..so they should have given him her surname. Otis Wilde! eh? Or maybe a hybrid, Otis Suwilde. That would have been cool. his initials are OAS, almost oats….

kat on

You moronic people. He is not the father of january jones baby, both sides have said this. Incredibly immature commenters looking for drama keep bringing up a child who is not Jason’s responsibility.

And get with the times. Babies are no longer named Matthew and Jason. Otis is not out of the ordinary. If you don’t like it, don’t name your kid Otis! It’s really quite simple.

Janel on

Why do people think it’s really any of their business what a couple chooses to name their child? All you people who think you’re perfect and who apparently have mega issues yourself, apparently don’t have anything better to do than slam others. I’d say y’all probably b%*)$ when the sun comes up every morning.

Jill S. on

If I am not mistaken, it is JJ that refuses to acknowledge who Xander’s father is. It is unfair to blame JS for not stepping up when he may not really know.

That said, congrats to the new parents. CCute name!

Stacey Jones on

Love the name – really? How would you like to go through life being called Otis?

Jazz on

Funny tweet/announcement. I love that they included a pic of the newborn and new mom.

stephanie on

love you guys ….congrats

Jazz on

@Miranda, he doesnt have a brother. Xander is the alledged son of Mathhew Vaughn, not Jason.

jckfmsincty on

Otis? Like the town drunk on the classic 1960’s “Andy Griffith Show”?

gymluv on

I love that picture. I love the baby leaning in on his mommy and her exhausted delight is palpable. Congratulations! Babies are purely awesome!

mom*of*boys on

Aww, my nephew is also named Otis! Thought it was strange at first but it’s better than Michael and Matthew and cookie cutter name.

Kelli on

Some of you keep bringing up January Jones’s son, Xander. He looks nothing like Jason. Do an image search and compare him to Xander Berkeley.

There ya go.

Debbie on

Doesn’t anyone get married anymore before they have a baby? In Hollywood, engaged means nothing. They have nine months to do it, yet they never do.

Holly on

The poor child got stuck with the name Otis??? I like Alexander so much better. Pretty sure when he is older he’ll go by Alex.

kj on

This kid has the most hilarious parents ever!! Congrats to them on their precious little boy.

Dawn S on

That is the sweetest pic! You see pure joy in her face and a peaceful baby. Hope it was a beautiful delivery!

Kate on

Capital “A” Adorable. Love it.

Catca on

Apparently many of you pining for a normal traditional name mean only certain traditional names because guess what – Otis is a traditional name that’s been around a long time! And I’ve met quite a few dogs named Max as well. Does that mean you can’t name little boys Max anymore? Or how about names like Louis which are commonly given to cats?

Sharlene on

That is the sweetest picture. Brings back memories of my children’s birth.


Otis, had a boyfriend with that name for a long time, you get used to it. I usually just shortened it to “O”.

It’s a great name, so happy for them, such a lovely couple.

Tina on

Otis, come on! Are you kidding?

ASA on

I love his name. Otis is a traditional German name that means “wealth or prosperity.” Whatever their reasons for choosing the name, it’s none of anyone’s business. It’s a normal, original name. Congratulations and welcome, little Otis!

DebLG on

So happy for them – congratulations! Sweet picture

Hea on

I love the name. Otis Redding and Otis Gibbs are two musical favorites of mine.

Tabby on

I much prefer Otis over the abundant Brayden, Zayden, Jayden and Kaydens around.

Great choice.

LR on

Wonder if January Jones will ever reveal the father of her son.

Guest on

Wasn’t Otis the drunk on The Andy Griffith Show ? Like Alexander though……….

Mrs. S on

Awww! So happy for them. What a sweet picture. I bet he is darling! I just love Olivia and Jason. Welcome dear Otis!

Sunnt on

Why are people such haters about names?? Maybe its a family name… Maybe they just wanted to use an older name and not be trendy. Who cares what others name their kid. He’s healthy and they’re happy and that’s all that matters 🙂

Bell on

That’s my cats name! I think I love them more meow!

Niko on

Naming your boy Otis IS better than naming your daughter Frankie. Just sayin’…..

bitsy on

Congratulations! Not sure about the name, but it’s not my kid, so……………..

Sophia_1 on

I just LOVE that picture and best Tweet ever from new mum. I’ve always thought what a gorgeous couple they make.

Amy on

Aww… gorgeous picture filled with genuine love. I LOVE the name Otis and think it’s adorable for a little boy and is also something he can grow into. I prefer it to Braden, Jayden, Cayden, or any other variation of such.

wizard on

Aw congrats to her, she gets to experience the joy and beauty of welcoming a child into this world. Definitely the best thing i have ever done. We are goddesses.

Kate on


Note to all the rude folks: When a baby is born it is nothing but wonderful. Leave your nasty comments at the door.

Lili on

So sweet, congrats to them xxx

Lili on

@ Catca you are spot on… Al of you saying its a dogs name, so I max but you don’t hear ppl saying oh how could you name your son max it’s my pet’s name!!! Why you all gotta hate? Can’t you just say congrats that they have a healthy lil boy? And it’s a beautiful pic by the way xxx

Denise on

I’ve never been jealous of two complete strangers, but I’ve always envied their love. They seem to be so extremely happy together, they glow when they’re together.

I love Otis. He’s one lucky boy with an amazing name and two amazing, funny and loving parents who are so happy together.

Marianne on

I don’t know why some people are so adamant that Jason is the father of January’s baby Xander. She has never come forward with who the father is. Besides, if I had to take bets I would guess Matthew Vaughn her Xmen director.

Marianne on

Also, while I many not personally like the name Otis, at least I can admire that they gave their child a normal name. The name is not reserved solely for pets (I know someone who has a dog named Hannah…does that mean Hannah is no longer usable for humans?)

And its not a name that only for old people either. Most names have been for hundreds and hundreds of years and will continue to get recycled. Besides, one day names like Kendall, Jaden and Ava will be considered “old” names. Who the eff cares.

Amy on

Congratulations Jason & Olivia on the birth of baby Otis!

Love love love them!

jamesnyc on

I had an uncle named Otis. Good, good man. Nickname was “Bubba” and my Mom (his babiest sister) worshiped him. Couple of his sons served in the Navy and he in the Department of Treasury. No finer name. All you Otis haters get a life.

Villy on

Love the name Otis. Happy for them!!

125bst on

Otis is what you name a dog. Not a human.

Leave it to Olivia to come up with something so crass and classless. Fits her pattern perfectly. Ugh.

(Oh, and I guess I missed the memo where January Jones actually revealed her baby daddy.)

Teri on

Congrats to the happy couple.😊

Tay on

Congrats to Jason and Olivia!

Taylor on

This couple is so cute! I am really happy for the two of them.

Seriously people who are complaining that he has a son with January Jones… She is adamant on raising her child alone and says she has been since the beginning. Also, she dated him which would make him an obvious choice. She isn’t revealing who the father is because it isn’t the obvious choice. She’s been linked to so many men in the past couple years that it could be any of them. The man could also be married which would cause a lot of drama. Jason was not married at the time so why would they care if the media knew? Use some logic people.