Drew Barrymore Welcomes Daughter Frankie

04/22/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Drew Barrymore Welcomes Daughter Alberto Rodriguez/NBC/NBC via Getty

Drew Barrymore‘s own heart just got a little bigger: her baby girl is here!

The actress and star of the upcoming comedy, Blended, 39, and her husband, art advisor Will Kopelman, 36, welcomed their second child on Tuesday, April 22, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“Happy to announce that today we are the proud parents of our second daughter, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman,” the couple tell PEOPLE in a statement. “Olive has a new little sister, and everyone is healthy and happy!”

After keeping much of her pregnancy with their firstborn, now 19 months, under wraps, Barrymore decided to take a different approach following her November announcement that she was expecting a second child.

“Last time I never commented on it and people just stalked me the entire time. So yes, it’s happening, it’s true. I tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible,” the Find It in Everything author told PEOPLE.

The mom-to-be — who confirmed in December that she was expecting another girlstayed true to her heart-themed style through much of the awards season, but insisted pregnancy wasn’t the time to strive for perfection.

“You’re not supposed to look perfect while you’re making babies. Making babies is the perfection,” she told Women’s Health.

Instead, Barrymore took the time to enjoy her experience and indulge in her cravings — even if that meant a little extra weight gain.

“I don’t ever pose, ‘I’m just so fabulous and I lose it like that.’ I want to enjoy the pasta right now! What’s 10 lbs.?” she told Ellen DeGeneres in January.

But perhaps most exciting? Adding another daughter to the family.

“I’m relieved I’m having another girl. I have everything I need. It’s all about hand-me-downs and room sharing and all that stuff,” she told PEOPLE in February. “I’m pretty psyched about that!”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan


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Andrea on

Frankie and Olive…ok then!

Catherine on

YAY, so happy for them! I’m so glad she has found happiness and stability. She seems like such a great, fun mommy.

janie on

Awww, Congratulations on baby Frankie!! Love the name, too cute!

Denise on

Congratulations! Drew Barrymore is gorgeous, smart and nice. A fine actress and a successful businesswoman. I am so happy she finally has the family that she wanted.

Guest on

Congrats to them. I think it’s really fitting that Drew’s daughter was born on Earth Day.

Sarah on

Mazel tov! I love how Drew seems to be in her comfort zone as a mama.

Hilary on

Not a fan of using nicknames as a first name but congrats to her.

Kryssy on

Hand me downs & room sharing. She’s so humble and appears to have found her calling as a Mama. Congrats!

AbbyDogg on

Congratulations to the whole Kopelman family! Sugar and spice and everything nice, times 2.

Noname on

LOVE the name Frankie! Congrats

Guest on

Not so much liking these names. Olivia would have been much nicer sounding than Olive. As for Frankie, well my only thoughts would be …. Avalon, or Sinatra, Valley, etc. Doesn’t seem cool for a girl. Hopefully the children will love their names.

Lilyflower on


Ashley on

She has such bad taste in names, my God. Frankie. A BOYS name and a nickname at that. Holy Hannah…..to each their own I guess.

Lilly on

Frankie? Perhaps Drew named the baby after a relative whose deceased. Happy n healthy, that’s what’s important!!

Smithy on

Frankie and Olive……adorable. Congrats.

Rav on

Love those names. Two girls is perfect, always so much closer than mixed sex siblings. Great age gap too. They’ll be friends for life. Congrats to Drew. Beautiful lady.

Bonnie Sperry on

congratulations on the birth of your daughter. that is a nice name you gave her. I am happy for you. you are a great actress

carrie on

I have two pugs named Frankie (fawn) and Olive (black). How funny? Pugs and babies are cute!

Guest on

Frankie? Ugh.

dancer92136 on

I love the name….

Bhavana on

Congratulations Drew!

Amber Phillips on

Love her, she seems so down to earth! Congrats to the happy family!

Brittany on

Congrats to her! I love that she got the two girls she wanted. When I was pregnant with my second, I really wanted another boy because I had always dreamt of having two little boys. Since my daughter’s arrival though, I can’t imagine anything else!

Amanda on

Congratulations! I love the name Frankie – it’s adorable.

SandFeet on

Congratulations Will and Drew!! All babies are a blessing..and since I also have two daughters you are truly blessed. Enjoy your beautiful family.

Lisa on

I love her and Love their choice in names. Even if I didn’t like the names, I would never say it. Any mother and father have the right to decide what they name their kids, that is a parental right. There is a lot of names I don’t like (cause names of people are subjective), but I feel it would be very inconsiderate and rude of me to say that to happy, new parents…just my personal values/ethics.

Congratulations to them! Frankie and Olive…very cute girls names.

MollyFa on

Congrats to Drew and Will. I think Frankie is a greAt name for a girl.

stacey on

Congrats to Drew, but that name has got to go!!!

kjc on

Love the names – Frankie and Olive sound so cute together too.

I know a 2 year old little girl named Olive, and a women in her 50’s names Frankie… Both names are great in my opinion.

Vijaya on

CONGRATS to Drew and Will. I hope the third one will be a boy.

Mary on

what an ugly ass name

Anonymous on

This the perfect example of a troubled little girl who had a wild ride but came out so beautifully in the end. She took the steps get her life straight kick the substances that controlled her, made a thriving career and after few stumbles found the man of her dreams and is a loving and caring mommy. I think a few others in Hollywood should take notes. Welcome to this brand new little one!

crazygirlmel on

I love her, she has had a crazy life but cam to the other side and is strong and healthy and great role model God for her.

Jay on

I”m so happy for Drew. It is nice to see she is giving her children the stability and love that she never got and most likely craved. Best of luck to them. Adorable name!!

Ally on

Congrats on the safe and healthy arrival! But if they wanted to call her Frankie, why not se the more classic Frances? Oh, well. Not my kid.

guest on

Some of these comments just amaze me. I’m glad she was abe to name HER child what she waned to. Congrats to her and her family!

Hazel on

Love the names

Melissa on

Frankie is not a good name for a girl! Congrats to Drew anyway for welcoming her second daugther!

Mary on

Congrats Drew, Will and Olive on baby Frankie, love the name.

Miranda7 on

Olive is such a pretty name and then they name the second one Frankie? My heart just sank when I saw their awful choice. 😦

pamela reed on

congrats to them and the baby. It’s a parents right to name the baby how – ever they want. sorry to say the baby has no rights, on their name.

Abi on

I like the name Frankie too, for a BOY! I guess this is the new Hollywood trend…giving boys name to girls.

Poor Thing... on

I am one of three sisters–and my father now has three grandsons. See what happens if you wait a generation…?

Frankie on

Hey now, to all you “Frankie” haters out there, I am a female who has proudly had this same name (for the past 50+ years). How about congrats to the happy parents and try dialing back on the negativity over what is, after all, a perfectly normal name. (I get lots of compliments on how it is such a great name!)

Salina on

I love Drew so glad she has grown into such a beautful souls, she was a kid looking for her nitch in the world and found her peace and hapiness hersekf kudos and toche my dear! I know it’s not easy without guidance and all the naysayers snapping at your heals! You showed ’em! I can sympathize and connect i went through the same thing. You look so happy it makes me happy to see that bright genuine smile to have all the time now! Congratulations on your new baby girl now two of them what fun 🙂 PMS times three Dad! 😉 I am sure he is heaven too 🙂

ROB on


lola on

We have 4 daughters and 3 grand-daughtes and we couldn’t be happier!!

Edie on

Happy for them, not so happy about the name, Frankie, for a girl. Maybe it’s a sentimental family name…???

Ridiculous on

Oh calm down, Andrea. There is nothing wrong with either name. I suppose it never occurred to you that they can call Olive ‘Liv’? At any rate, I’m 100% positive they don’t care that you don’t like their girl’s names!


KimAnn on

I really dont think she cares who likes the names. They are her babies, not yours. What gets me is , her comment. “I don’t ever pose, ‘I’m just so fabulous and I lose it like that. Well excuse me……

Anonymous on

that’s so great. i pray i can conceive at 41.

Smiles on

Congrats to the Family!

Joan on

I love Drew so much but I gotta say: I hate hate hate the name Frankie for a girl! Awful. Will her nickname be Frank?

Anonymous on

Frankie and Olive….really?

Kestrel on

Aaannndddd here comes the Name Police with Aidan, Hayden, Brayden, Jayden and Olivia, Sophia, Mia, Gabriella.
Name your own kid and leave other people out of it. She has reasons for naming her kids the way she does. If YOU hate Frankie and she comes out and says she’s named for her beloved grandfather…what then? MYOB. Maybe we won’t make fun of your kid, either.

Sheena on

Congrats…being the mother of five daughters I can certainly relate…I now have five grand daughters and five grandsons..get this two my daughters don’t even have children…lol

Kim on

It is SO NICE to see her grow up and totally turn her life around, unlike some other ‘child stars’. Really happy she has a happy marriage and family. Congratulations on the new baby girl!

LuvLeeRita on

Congratulations Kopelman Family!

jsd079 on

Frankie was my grandma’s name. Technically it was Francelle, but she always went by Frankie. Congrats and love the name!

Anonymous on


Sarah S. on

Happy Earth Day and welcome to the world, Frankie! 🙂

nicole on

to drew why frankie? must hate that kid already.

nicole on

don’t understand why people would name their child a boy’s name. give the kid a break. as a mother drew should know better than trying to be different

imo on

Really? With celebrities naming their kids things like Apple, North West, Seven, Puma, Banjo, Kal-el, etc., etc., etc…you people are complaining about legit names like Frankie and Olive? SMH

nancy henro on

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Drew & Will !!

Paige on

Congrats 🙂

Tanja on

Love both the girls names and even if I didn’t it wouldn’t really matter because they are Drews daughters.

What I didn’t like is that she said that she’s relieved that she had a second daughter.Why?Because everything for a girl already? For someone who’s millions on her bank account it shouldn’t really matter but I’m sure Drew would’ve been just as happy if the baby had been a boy even though her statement didn’t sound like it.

Congratulations to the family. 🙂

kelly on

Celebs and their horrible name choices ugghhh.

Tasha on

There is absolutely nothing wrong with name Olive. It brings a smile to my face as it brings memories of Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine.

Manda on

Congrats to Drew and Will! How wonderful and precious to have two little girls! Love BOTH their names! =)

Frankie is a vintage (if you will) nickname for Frances. Not common anymore, but is beautiful nevertheless! Maybe she was named for a family member.

Michelle on

Just want to congrad’s to Drew Barrymore are her husband about the new addition to the family . Michelle A

Reebs on

Guess what. Drew Barrymore doesn’t care if all of you people she doesn’t know like her kids’ names or not.

Jeanne on

Beautiful Drew has her two girls ! She will make sure that those sweeties have a more traditional atmosphere to grow up in than she had. The happiest time in her life will begin now with her husband and children. Good luck ! You are as adorable as ever. Make more movies when and if you wish !

Truthseeker on

Frankie? What a dumb name for a little baby girl. Why not Frances or Francesca?

Tom on

How refreshing. She has a husband.

Jay on

I love how people are negatively commenting about this baby’s name, and even her other daughter. Do you guys not see or know her own name? DREW?

Marky on

Wonder if she got the “Frankie” from the wonderful movie, “Member of the Wedding” with the character, Frankie, played by Julie Harris. Congratulations to the Kopelmans, and I hope their girls have as great a relationship as my sister and I, and my daughters had, as well. Sharing a room, having so much fun–that makes such great childhood memories! 🙂

Edie on

I think Frankie and Olive are fine. Remember the song Frankie and Johnny…A Ballad I believe. Olive was Popeyes girlfriend. Hey its a choice people I wish the happy parents good health and happiness..

Marky on

Chris, my son wanted daughters, and was so thrilled to find out their first child was a girl! He doesn’t care whether he passes the family name on or not; there are other people who can do that, IF any of us thought the line was patriarchal to the point that even mattered. I am as much my father’s child as any son he could have had, and as close to him as a son could have ever been.

Jazz on

Why is it Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, instead of Frankie Kopelman Barrymore? The father’s name should go first. Reminds of the Jolie Pitt kids, that they have her name FIRST instead of their pappa’s last name.

Jazz on

As much as dislike Kim Kardashian, at least her daughter’s name is North West, and not North Kardashian West. At least Kimmy knows that pappa’s name goes first.

cc on

frankie seems more like a boys name. id never name my daughter that. but least she didnt give her daughter some weird name like other celebrities do.

Gigi on

Drew is such a sweetheart. So glad she has found happiness. Congrats!!

kelly on

Drew is very pretty and I’ve always liked her. Congrats on the baby.

ori on

That’s wonderful ! Big fan of Drew Barrymore . God Bless and her family .

kelly on


kelly on

But the name…no.

Dee on

Wonderful! To me, Drew Barrymore is just adorable. I wish them all the best.

jessiemaystorm on

I absolutely love her girls’ names! My stepsister is actually Olive Frances and gets Franky for short my her mom. Congratulations to Will, Drew and big sister Olive, and welcome sweet Frankie x

jessiemaystorm on

Yikes, reading through the comments there is so much negativity! Griping about the order of the surnames (FYI it appears that they’ve given their girls Barrymore as a middle name and Kopelman as their surname, so all you unbudging traditionalists should be happy), saying Frankie isn’t a good name because it’s a nickname/boys name (names and name trends change over time… just because you see it as a diminutive or a masculine form doesn’t mean everyone does or that your opinion is the “right” one), and my personal favourite, the ones who rattle on about how Drew should give her husband a son. Not every man has a burning desire to have a son. I think most people just want a happy, healthy child. Gender is a social construct, and just because your child is born female doesn’t mean you can’t do everything with them you would traditionally do with a male child. I know my dad was always stoked to be the father of three daughters. It says a lot about you if, upon reading happy news such as this, and about strangers no less, all you can think to say is something negative. Anyway, I’m out. Peace x

Budding Fashionista on


Mommytoane on

Not a fan of the name, but its not like its anyone’s choice besides Drew and her husband’s. I think Frankie for a girl as a nickname is cute, but not an offical first name.

M on

Frankie? ,…..Shes not a hotdog,…just sayin

Linda on


Guest on

I have a dog named Frankie…….

soonergirl on


Denise on

I LOVE the name Frankie. Seems to be in a different categroy compared to Olive, but both are so cute! Congrats to Drew and Will, and to big sister Olive!

Kember on

Congratulations on a healthy baby girl!

Rose on

Rav – “they’ll be friends for life” ? Maybe, but no guarantee of that. I have 2 girls who are 10 months apart in age, polar opposites, and while they love each other (they’re 19 and 20), they do nothing together and really never have (except fight). But on the subject of DB, I love how she has pulled her life together and become a good mom in spite of the upbringing she was given. Sometimes people learn what NOT to do, and don’t repeat it.

Anon on


You CLEARLY didn’t understand her comment. She was saying she isn’t a poser saying “oh, look how quick I lost my weight, aren’t I awesome” She DOESN’T say that. She’s in the who cares camp. One of the best things about her!! Make sure you understand what someone is actually saying before dissing her for it. Good lord.

And all you name & gender haters, SHAME ON YOU.

Rhodalee on

Mazel Tov.

Grill on

Olive and Frankie sounds like boys name, they should have more girl’s name!

Lyoness on

Love her new baby’s name. Olive and Frankie sound like 1920s socialites. Congratulations!! (Laughing at everyone saying the name is boyish. Her mother’s name is ‘Drew’)

bitsy on

Congrats on the new addition to the family. Wishing them all health and happiness.

Nicole on

My son (age 11) and I saw this today on Good Morning America. On a whim I said to him “since when if Frankie a girls name”? To my shock, he looked and me and said “I know several girls named Frankie.”

Now I feel old.

He also said there is no such thing as “boys” and “girls” names anymore, and pointed out to me that both our names can go both ways.

merry on

Love the name Frankie!!

missmiggles on

@jazz … barrymore is the child’s middle name … not part of the last name … it’s not hyphenated!!

I think Drew and Will named THEIR babies wonderfully, I love both of those names. Can’t people just be happy for them and their family, why must everyone be so critical of everything.

Erica on

People who don’t like her children’s names probably haven’t been inside a pre-school lately. I have a 5 year-old and names today are much different than they have been in a long time. Being creative and fun with a child’s name and yet not too bizarre is the new norm. I love these names and her kids will fit right in with their peers.

anonymous on

Will’s grandfather’s name was Frank Kopelman, so odds are Frankie was named after him.

Amy on

Congratulations to Drew, Will & Olive on the birth of baby Frankie!

Personally love Drew and think she’s a wonderful mum!

4mom on

For everyone on here who keeps saying Frankie is a boys name I just have to say that is untrue. My great grandma, who would be 128 years old if she were alive, was named Frankie and it was not a nickname. Ironically her husband’s name was Frank. I always ask the opposite question about nicknames. Why do you name a child Nicole if you are going to call her Nicki? She will have to deal with her legal name being different from the name she is called for the rest of her life.

Anonymous on

Rav- “Two girls is perfect, always so much closer than mixed sex siblings.” I’m sorry, but that’s just not true. Growing up, my brother and I were closer than a lot of our friends were to their same-sex siblings (we still have a good relationship as adults, but things are a little different when you live several hours away from each other!)! I also know plenty of people with both brothers and sisters (my father included) who are no closer to their same-sex siblings than they are to their opposite sex ones!

Anyway, congrats to Drew, Will, and Olive!

Anonymous on

jazz- In addition to what others have said, sometimes you have to consider which order of name sounds better. For instance, Jolie-Pitt sounds a hundred times better than Pitt-Jolie (at least in my opinion!)!

Janet Johnson on

As a 71 yr old Gram, I just want to say these are two lucky babies to have such great parents. I have loved Drew since she was a kid and loved how she workd thru her teen problems and blossomed into a sweet loving Mother, without the parental aid that most have. Go Drew!! Love the names too.

Jo on

I love the name Frankie! I’ve considered it before! To all those saying how ugly it is for a girl, think about the fact that Frankie’s mother is DREW. How many girls do you know that are named Drew? It isn’t the name that makes the person, it is the person that makes the name.

Kimberly on

So happy for Drew and can’t wait to see pics of Frankie. For people commenting on the names of her children, that is what her and her husband like. Why all the hate. People will always have something to say regardless.

KL on

Love the name Frankie!!

Oy vey, Pete Snyder! on

Frankie is not bad (better than Kumquat Barrymore Kopelman)–I hope she follows her mother’s example & dances on Stephen Colbert’s desk while flashing her tits to the audience. Can’t break tradition, eh?

Kara on

Congrats! I love Drew Barrymore and I think Frankie is cute for a girl. Many blessings!

Steve on

Ugly ass comment from an ugly ass person with a boring ass name!

Frankie! on

Hey! Love Drew Barrymore, love the name Olive, but was so surprised to hear she had another girl, named Frankie. My name, and my grandmother’s name who was born in the 1920s.
I wanted to change it to ‘Candy’ when I was little because of the teasing. ‘You got a BOY’S name’. Now, I wouldn’t change it for anything. On top of that, I was born on the same day as little Frankie Barrymore fifty years ago. Cool and congratulations!

Claire on

I luv this couple and Drew Barrymore seems like a sweetheart considering her mother was a complete disaster she seems like a wonderful mother to two girls! Good for her 🙂