Savannah Guthrie Is Loving Her Maternity Jeans

04/21/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Savannah Guthrie Hollywood Reporter Most Powerful People party
Laura Cavanaugh/WireImage

At five months pregnant, Savannah Guthrie is already learning about the wonders of maternity wear.

“I did discover maternity jeans, and I’m going to be writing a song to maternity jeans later — it’s forthcoming off my upcoming album — called ‘Exhale,’ ” she joked to PEOPLE at The Hollywood Reporter’s 35 Most Powerful People in Media party Wednesday.

Sure, stretchy clothes are a pregnancy perk, but the Today show host knows the child she’s carrying is the real blessing.

“I just can’t wait to meet this little baby. I wonder all the time, ‘Who are you?’ ‘What are you going to be like?’ ” she said of her first child, due in August. “I just feel it’s such a privilege to get a chance to raise a little human being, and I hope we do it well.”

Guthrie, 42, married Michael Feldman in March during a quiet ceremony. At the reception dinner, she shared some breaking news with the guests: The couple had been secretly expecting a baby.

Now, a “happy and at peace” Guthrie is experiencing being a newlywed and mom-to-be at the same time — and she’s loving every minute.

“I’ve been with Mike for a long time, and we’re really, really close,” she shared, “but being married just feels solid.”

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Jeff Nelson

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Sacré on

I have a hard time liking her for some reason. Guess I just associate her with the crappy way Ann Curry was treated by NBC.

Kay Pasa on

Wow 42 & pregnant. At 42 I had 5 grandkids. I could not imagine at that age dealing with a kid still at home. Yikes.

Kaitlyn on

Everyone’s life is different. I’m glad yours is so perfect.

There is nothing wrong with having a child in your 40’s.

Guest on

“Yikes” is having five grandkids at age 42!!!

sky on

42 years young, what a blessing for her!

Jennifer on

@Guest- Couldn’t have said it better myself!

roadapplescarclub on

I’m not of fan of hers, or the Today Show for that matter, but I wish her well… She looks great and is obviously very happy. I also couldn’t imagine *starting* at 42, but she’ll do just fine

Pam on

@Kay Pasa 5 grand kids at 42! My mom is 51 and I’m 28 and I just gave her her first grand kid. You must have been pregnant in your teens and your kid’s must have started then too, which I think is worse than starting when you’re older and more mature. I can’t imagine having a child as a teen, there’s no way I would’ve been ready for it!

Melanie on

I’m so happy for her. She seems so excited to become a mom, and I’m glad she’s getting the chance – what a blessing. Everybody’s life is different and everybody’s timing is different; if things were the same for everyone, I think life would be a bit boring!

guest on

If you had 5 grandchildren at 42, I’m shocked you can even afford a computer to make comments from!

Sunny on

I LOVE Savannah! Funny, smart and down to Earth!

thenitenurse on

I can’t stand her on the Today’s show. I wonder what hardworking student got denied her spot in law school so Savannah could get a law degree that she never uses.

Bhavana on

I don’t like this woman, but as a mom I hope that she has an uncomplicated pregnancy.

Ivixen on

Ugh. Maternity pants are NOT a perk.

Melanie on

@thenitenurse Though you’ve made it clear you simply don’t like Savannah, using or not using a degree is anybody’s prerogative and it seems a bit silly to hold that against someone. There are plenty of lawyers who don’t use their degrees.

That said, Savannah is not one of them. She practiced law after her graduation from law school (and also taught at Georgetown Law). When she returned to reporting, she did so as a legal correspondent (and, in addition to hosting the Today show, she remains NBC News’ Chief Legal Correspondent). So, if you’re gonna pick about something . . .

Em&krmommy on

I’m so happy for her. So much time in life accomplishing great things and now she will have the biggest one yet! I’ve heard her say she wasn’t sure if she would be able to have kids so I know she is over the moon.

Likely on

I would love to rustle up cheerful, warm feelings for her…….but somehow its just not there. Where were her warm and fuzzy feelings when her show was so rude, and hateful to Anne Curry? It was wrong then and its wrong now. Be careful lil miss…….what goes around comes around………..

Gabby on

Haha “At 42 years old I had 5 grandkids”. Really?

sandy on

I’d rather be 42 and having a baby than 42 with 5 grandkids!! Good luck with that “Granny!”

Mary on

I had my first child at 18, became a grandma at 39, I will be married 34 years in August. My 3 kids are all in their 30’s and doing well.

bitsy on

Good for Savannah and her husband! Love that she is really relishing this pregnancy and grateful for it as well.

And i don’t mean to dogpile, but the 42 with 5 grandkids comment……..not sure that is something to be really proud of or not, but good for you.

Pat on

Pretty dress and she looks lovely.

proud mom of 3 on

How ironic that she is pregnant when she is the clueless moron who said breastfeeding mothers should nurse in the bathroom stalls and that it is not appropriate anywhere else. She went on to condemn mothers in general who nurse and how they should just stick a bottle in the baby’s mouth that it’s healthier. So ignorant..Shame on her I hope she has a hard time adjusting to motherhood but I am sure she will just hire a nanny she lacks any genuine humility to have kids.

Lisa on

The math doesn’t work. If she announced she was expecting in August, she’d be at least 8 months along at this point, not 5 months. What’s up with that?

Melanie on

@Lisa The wording of the article is a little confusing – the baby is due this August; she announced her pregnancy at her wedding in March.

LIL on


Melanie on

@anonymous That’s not really the topic of this article, obviously, but there’s this great thing called Google that you can use to find out all sorts of things. Go ahead, give it a try!

Katy on

She looks great, congrats to her and Michael!!

Heidi on

I think Savannah is ADORABLE. I LOVE her BUBBLY personality. I can not stand and will never understand WHY people have to be so mean and hateful to one another. Why would you even post to this if all you had to say was hateful and mean spirited. I wish only the best for Savannah and her sweet little family. I hope she is having a wonderful time on her honeymoon and drinks all the chocolate milk shakes she can. Enjoy this special time Savannah… Pregnancy is such a special time!

DD on

She is 42 young, so happy for her!

Bryson on

Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L–AI-R-N—NEG!