Melissa Rycroft Welcomes Son Beckett Thomas

04/21/2014 at 10:50 AM ET

Melissa Rycroft Pregnant Family Photo Natasha Hance/NHance Photography

What did the Easter bunny bring? A baby boy!

Melissa Rycroft welcomed her second child with husband Tye Strickland on Sunday, April 20, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Born in the afternoon, weighing 7 lbs., 7 oz., and measuring 19.2 inches, Beckett Thomas Strickland joins big sister Ava Grace, 3.

“This little guy has been teasing us about his arrival for the last month so it is only fitting that he surprise us with his arrival on Easter Sunday,” Rycroft says in a statement.

“He’s perfect and beautiful. Ava can’t wait for us to bring him home to be able to show us all of the big sister duties she’s been practicing.”

Since celebrating her October announcement that there was a baby on the way, the Bachelor alum has kept her fans updated on her growing belly.

In November, Rycroft, 31, was thrilled to find out she was expecting a baby boy, revealing the sex by biting into blue cupcakes.

“I feel very lucky that I get to experience the bond between mother and daughter and between mother and son. I hope he’s a little mama’s boy,” she told PEOPLE.

— Anya Leon

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Renee on

Congrats Melissa, Ty and Ava, how exciting for you all. Little boys are so much fun, but they can definitively be a little more than a handful…my experience though, they are easier to potty train, it thats any couragement. Now you will always have a Easter tale to talk about…God Bless!

Robin on

Beckett is so over used but congrats!

kitty62862 on

So happy for Melissa!

Razmataz2 on

Will they call him Becky for short?

Brittany on

Beckett is over-used, but so is Ava. At least the names go well together. Congratulations to them, she seems like a great mom.

skiiy on

I’m sure she doesn’t care what people think of the names they chose. Who cares if they are so called “over used” They are at least normal.

missjanenc on

Yeah, every son should be a mama’s boy so he can grow up to be totally useless and emotionally crippled. There’s a hysterical Old Spice commercial that addresses this, lol.

MrMonkee on

Yeah, they should have named him Bob or Jim or Tom or George. Something a little less used.

MrMonkee on

You people would have complained no matter what they named the baby. It’s in your genes to be negative about anything and everything. If they would have named him Penis you would have complained it was too short!

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

Hooray for a normal name…and congrats to the family.

Carrie on

Ahhhhhhhhh…… happy for them!! What a beautiful family!

Me on

Extra specially slow news day if this is a top story.

Kathy on

I have always been a fan of Melissa’s, I am very happy that she has a wonderful husband and beautiful family. I wish them all the very best always. God Bless them all. šŸ™‚

Mary on

So if the name is unusual, it is criticized. But if the name is not, it is overused. Just goes to prove that you can’t please a lot of people most of the theme because they just want you to wallow in their misery. I wish there was a way to have some people’s internet privileges revoked.

Rita on

So I imagine they are devoted to St Thomas Becket?

Jay on

Congrats! Beautiful name and beautiful family!!

shenaynay on

Maybe people would have been happier with names like Rasberry Singer or Plaid Whisper…. hmmm…less common, are those better? I like her for some reason, who cares what she named her kids

stephanie on

how is beckett over used? I can’t say that I’ve ever even heard it before. Robin and Brittany on the other hand… heard those plenty. But people love to judge and make comments about others’ decisions.

stephanie on

I’ve never heard of the name Beckett and really like it. I like how the people who are making these comments have very commonly used names (Robin, Brittany). People sure do like to judge! If it’s a weird name, people have a comment. If it’s too common, people comment.

Kimberly on

Congrats, it’s their baby and they pick the name! I don’t think it’s a bad name at all, kind of cute! There are worse names out there!

Kimberly on

You don’t name your baby to please others, I had family members actually say to me oh wow I had to get used to your son’s name, who even says such a thing, people are just rude!

Andrea on

Beautiful family!

Smithy on

Great name. Overexposed girl. Make it stop.

Mary on

Congrats on new baby Beckett, cute name. If she had named him John everyone would have said, why such a plain name.

Vanessa on

Congrats. Now go away.

Big Fan on

Melissa’s fame has grown while she’s remained grounded and blessed with a stunning family as well. Many congrats to her and her family!

Karen on

Love her. She should host DWTS. God bless her whole family

Tiffany on

My 6yo daughter’s name is Ava Grace šŸ™‚ Beckett is a cute name, call him Beck for short. Congrats!

Elaina on

Sorry but no one gives a rip about this D-list “celebrity”

Van on

Congrats to Melissa and Tye!!

Bmaan on

I have a 3 week old named Beckett Gray. I had never heard it used a first name before and decided very early on in my pregnancy on that name. Good thing she isn’t too famous and hopefully it doesn’t catch on too much.

Melissa chater on

I have a little 3 year old named Beckett too! It isa great name!

Katie on

I’m a teacher and in 18 years I have never had a child with his name or even heard it in another class.

Jennifer on

They should have just called their baby Beckham or Becky. Sounds similar to me

Angie on

So happy for Melissa and her family!

Marky on

I love the name Beckett; classy and a fabulous name for both childhood and adulthood. Some of you forget these children will, hopefully, grow up and be adults much longer than they ever were children. Silly to complain about what someone else names their child…how can that irritate you? How many of these celebs need to say your insults hurt their feelings before you “keep it kind”? Some of you should be banned; you are always rude…..

Natalie H on

I’m sure she’s a big fan of Thomas Becket?! Lol. Gosh, I’m embarrassed for her, but I love the name Beckett even if it is trendy & overused just like Ava.

Niko on

Not sure how Melissa Rycroft became a “celebrity”, but whatever. Welcome to the world, Beckett!

Vita on

Glad she is off from the guy on bachelorette, and married this guy. Congrats!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Amy on

Congratulations Melissa, Tye & Ava on the birth of baby Beckett!

Jean on

Congratulations to the Stricklands. Baby boy Beckett sounds great. I have followed Melissa since her Bachlorette Days and am so glad she and Ty are together with such a beautiful family.

jkc on

14 people are angry??? really??? Congratulations to them, beautiful family!!