Go Inside Simone Masterson-Horn’s Hotel-Inspired Room

04/17/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Talk about room service!

Now that Simone Masterson-Horn is officially a big girl, it was time to transform her owl-themed nursery into an oasis fit for a princess. The catch? Dads Bill Horn and Scout Masterson wanted to fulfill her request of a light pink room — but in a fun, creative way.

“Ever since Simone graduated into a big girl bed, we’ve discussed wanting to re-do her room. It was important to us that she had a say in the design process,” they told PEOPLE.

While still in the process of planning Simone’s sleep space, the family sat down for lunch one weekend at their favorite spot in Los Angeles: the Beverly Hills Hotel. And then it hit them: why not turn their little girl’s room into a carbon copy of the iconic lodge?

Bill Horn Scout Masterson Simone Bedroom Beverly Hills Hotel Riley Jamison Photos

“We’d create her new bedroom using the same color palate — the pale pink of the hotel’s exterior and the green and white stripes of the majestic entrance, with gold accents and banana leaf fabric that mirrors the hotel’s famous wallpapered hallways,” Horn explained.

He adds, “We wanted her to have a room fit for a princess without the obvious princess things — so we created a room fit for a Beverly Hills princess!”

Bill Horn Scout Masterson Simone Bedroom Beverly Hills Hotel Riley Jamison Photos

The couple ran with their idea and immediately began putting together a vision board, pinning photos, materials and even a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign they picked up. For added authenticity, Horn and Masterson made sure to hit up the experts.

“We even took paint samples and consulted the hotel’s gift store staff. We have no shame!” they joked.

Channeling the life of luxury while sticking to a “strict budget” involved a little creativity. But after a few trips to the local flea markets, the 3½-year-old’s room gained a $10 side table and an $80 vintage dresser.

“We discussed painting both, but we lucked out that the shades of green worked perfectly in the room decor,” Horn said.

As for the jadeite lamp that sits on top of her table, Masterson scored the priceless treasure off Etsy. “It was broken, came in pieces and had to be professionally fixed and rewired,” Horn shared. “We wanted pieces of the room to be things Simone can keep forever. Someday, we hope she’ll use her jadeite lamp in her own home and think of us!”

Finding a way to incorporate the hotel’s banana leaf motif could have been their biggest challenge, as the famous wallpaper was way out of their budget. “As luck would have it, Calico Corners carries a similar print in fabric, so we used that as our look-for-less in the room,” they revealed.

Bill Horn Scout Masterson Simone Bedroom Beverly Hills Hotel
Riley Jamison Photos

“We found the chair on Craigslist for under $100 and had it recovered — total score! Simone loves to cozy up with one of her dads at night and get read a few books before bed.”

To balance out the green striped wall, inspired by the hotel’s entrance, the couple painted the adjoining wall pastel pink.

They continued the pink theme with the bed’s custom-made mattress from Nook, topped off with a simple yet chic white duvet.

“We didn’t want it to be too busy — this isn’t Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom!” the couple quipped.

While the room stays true to the hotel’s style, Horn and Masterson made sure to incorporate plenty of personal touches as well. Hanging next to Simone’s bed are framed photos of the family’s dogs.

And her dresser is adorned with pictures of her best friend (Tiffani Thiessen‘s daughter, Harper!) and cute keepsakes, including an antique jewelry box and a Jonathan Adler elephant piggy bank.

The finishing touch? A framed print of Slim Aarons’s famous photograph of the hotel taken in 1957.

And, with the help of her Beverly Hills Hotel monogrammed pajamas and her pink pretend phone, Simone even plays the part of hotel guest! “At night, we call the front desk and tell them to hold all calls while Simone sleeps. She eats it up!” Horn says.

Bill Horn Scout Masterson Simone Bedroom Beverly Hills Hotel
Riley Jamison Photos

— Anya Leon

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Nicolle on

This room is so ugly ,where’s the toys? dolls? The room looks like a nursing home room or a old lady bedroom.Poor girl.They have lots of money I don’t understand why they didn’t make a beautiful room for her.

She looks like a boy too, but she is cute.

Louise on

I would like this room for myself, but I am 41….

kjc on

I wasn’t too sure about the room while only see the close-ups. Seeing the final photo of the full room changed my mind – it’s super cute when you see it all together.

Rebecca on

Well, I think the room is cute. They obviously spent a lot of time putting it together, and I think it’s lovely that Simone had a say, too!

Also, I think Simone is adorable.

Lee on

It’s the haircut. Cute kid but she looks like a boy.

jess on

What sort of sick person would call a child of any age ugly? Did you not hear the saying, If you have nothing nice to say……..?? Blows my mind, what kind of world we live in.

shannon on

Sorry but that is the ugliest room I have ever seen, especially for a child. Money can’t buy you taste!

Marky on

Many people don’t have many, if any, toys in a child’s room because the child may play instead of sleeping. There are quite a few people who use the child’s room for sleep only, and have another area for play. Maybe it would be nice to realize not everyone does the same thing you do, and neither is the only way to do it!

This child is adorable, and calling her names, or being rude about her appearance, is a reflection on what a loser you are!

Mommytoane on

I’d like the room better if the green and white wall either wasn’t there or was toned down to a lighter shade of green. I do like the pink and green combo tho. Its cute.

The little girl is cute. Those who say she is ugly are the ugly ones. What a horrible, nasty thing to say about a very young child. As for the haircut, it could be that she just hasn’t been lucky enough to have longer hair grow in. Many three year olds have shorter looking hair. Give the kid a break. She’s just a baby.

Lynn on

I was going to write something similar but your post says it all. I totally agree. I will add that I am appalled at the people who called Simone ugly. It is the worst kind of bullying to call a child ugly. Makes me wonder what kind of people get pleasure in doing that, especially on a website geared at moms and children.

Kelly on

beautiful idea for a beautiful little girl’s room!! They are such wonderful people…nothing but love for this!

ella on

what a beautiful room! I love that Simone had an input on the decor – she obviously loves it. Simone is adorable, too, with her cute little pixie cut. Scout and Bill: don’t listen to the haters. They are just bitter people with nothing else to do but say mean things about a little girl. Enjoy Simone! She is blessed to have parents like you!

Sam on

ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE! That little face makes me smile. Her eyes sparkle! Her smile is huge! Her happiness shows. Love, makes all that happen. Carry on family!!

Oh and the room is cute!!

Sam on

Oh what a sweet, happy face on this little girl!! Her cheeks are squeezable!!!!! Pretty little girl in a pretty little room. Nothing else matters but that Simone is THIS happy in HER room.

Sam on

great room guys, simone looks so proud, to be a big girl! good job! seeing the happy face on your daughter says more than enough. shes adorable,;look at that little face!!!!!!!

ignore the nasty comments. there are always a few, no matter the topic. remember every class, job place, family has its smart aleck trouble maker that has 0 self esteem and feels the need to be mean. Feel sorry for them and keep on doing exactly what you are doing!

Sam on

Simone is a darling with a bright smile that shows all the love her dads give her. Lucky little girl/lucky dads! The room is pretty. Add a white toy chest/bench at the foot of the bed and it would look like my bed/toy chest from my childhood!

Sam on

She’s a doll!!

Jessica on

A Bedroom is made for SLEEP not to PLAY, im sure she have a PLAYROOM with all her toys on it!, those sick americans keep this ideia ( that Brasilians had copied, for sure), that a Kid Bedroom should be full of toys!, then they have to call “SuperNanny’s” and so on, to make the poor child sleep!, the Bedroom should be quiet, peacefull, CLEAN!

Bee on

Oh my. This room is hideous.