Ivanka Trump’s Daughter Has Mastered Downward Dog

04/16/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Ivanka Trump Shape Magazine Cover Neilson Barnard/Getty

Just like mom, Ivanka Trump‘s 2-year-old daughter Arabella loves being active.

Even at her young age, Trump’s elder child (son Joseph was born last October) enjoys partaking in exercise ā€“ yoga is apparently her strong suit.

“She’ll grab a mat, lay it down next to mine, and show me her poses,” Trump, 32, tells SHAPE in their May issue. “You should see her downward dog; it’s so sweet.”

Next up for the little one? Golfing this summer.

“It will probably end up with her just picking up the golf ball and throwing it down the fairway, but that’s cool,” Trump says. “In fact, that’s perfect!”

Ivanka Trump Shape Magazine Cover Neilson Barnard/Getty

But with a busy work schedule and family life, it isn’t always easy to sneak in workouts.

“When I was in my 20s, I felt guilty if I didn’t exercise,” she says. “Now I feel guilty if I do. Even if it’s just an hour, that’s time I could be spending with my family. So rather than beat myself up, I find things that I like to do with them instead.”

Adds the entrepreneur: “I think about my priorities and ensure they’re in check with how I want to live my life. I enjoy my home and my work. Hopefully, over time, my kids will admire me and be okay with the choices I’ve made.”

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Heather on

She is very pretty and has a great body! She seems like she is balancing her work and family life well, good for her.

KellyGreen on

My one-year-old and two-year-old are always doing downward dog, it’s hilarious. Maybe a toddler thing?

DaisyMoon on

How did this chick end up so normal and down-to-earth with egomaniac “The Donald” as a dad…

Major props to mom, I’m guessing.

Jen on

She’s so pretty – why did Shape photoshop her face so much? She doesn’t need that!

Marcia on

Seriously, this is a really silly story.

Anonymous on

Photoshop much?

Nally on

She seems doing great balancing her work and kids. Kudo to her.

heather on

Those pictures are horrible. It barely looks like her. I ran into her when she was pregnant and was in desperate need of a bathroom. I can’t imagine she’d ever want to use a Dunkin Donuts restroom outside the Holland Tunnel! She was very beautiful in person.

MrMonkee on

Proof that money CAN buy anything. Her facial surgery/face lift/nose job was definitely not done by Joan Rivers cutter.

liz on

She’s full of it.

ronald on


ELC on

I admire Ivanka. She has found balance between her home life and her business life. I have to laugh that her daughter does a downward dog. I can’t do Yoga…especially the downward dog because I get vertigo. I had to laugh when Ivanka says her daughter knows how to do it. How precious is that?Ivanka is smart to do exercise but have her kids part of it. She’s very pretty and smart.

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

I noticed the husband wasn’t mentioned…hmmmmmmmm.

lovely123 on

This woman is really smart. Pretty too.

Guest on

These photos are photoshoped.

Anonymous on

He likely was in the full interview (which obviously PEOPLE can’t post unless they want to land in major hot water with Shape!). Also, she DID talk about spending time with her family, and general people are referring to their spouse as well as their children when they say that. šŸ™‚

Anyway, Ivanka sounds like a neat lady!

Angie on

Ohh the Donald’s little one…….

k on

i met her on a plane once, incredibly graceful and mild-mannered