Snooki and JWoww Bump It Up, Talk Nursery Plans & Cravings

04/13/2014 at 10:00 PM ET

Snooki JWoww Pregnant MTV Movie Awards 2014 Red Carpet
Rich Polk/Getty

Forget fist pumps!

Best pals Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi brought out their baby bumps to the MTV Movie Awards red carpet Sunday night.

And in true BFF form, the expectant reality stars wore coordinating maternity outfits.

Farley, 28, (who’s expecting a girl in July) glowed in a crystal-embellished deep V-neck black gown, while Polizzi went for a more flirty vibe in a red and black floral empire waist minidress she designed herself.

On the red carpet, Farley revealed she’s also started a design project: her daughter’s new digs.

“I’m doing her nursery pink and her  playroom Disney-themed,” she told PEOPLE. “Me and my friend Joey designed Alice and Wonderland, we’re doing Bambi and Beauty and the Beast paintings. So it looks like, when she’s having tea time, it’ll be all the characters having tea time with her.” 

Meanwhile, Polizzi has her hands full planning her wedding, building a new house and parenting son Lorenzo, 19 months.

“He’s not a baby anymore,” she said, adding that he’s entering the feared Terrible Two’s. “Oh, it’s starting! If I say ‘no’ to anything, he’ll slam his body down on the floor and start kicking. But then he gets over it in just a second.”

The former Jersey Shore stars also poked fun at rumors that Polizzi, 26,  planned to be pregnant at the same time as her BFF.

“Did you pop the condom?” Farley playfully asked Polizzi.

All jokes aside, the friends are loving expecting their children at the same time — though their cravings couldn’t be more different.

“It’s all about strawberries,” Polizzi said. “So it’s good, you know, it’s all fruit and healthy stuff.”

As for Farley, who’s pregnant with her first child? “All bread and cheese,” she said. “I used to be dairy- and gluten-free, and I think I screwed myself because my body didn’t have it for so long, the moment I got pregnant, she’s like ‘That’s all I want.’ She’s sucking the life out of me!”

While announcing her second pregnancy last week — she’s due this fall! — the reality star also took to her website to defend their close friendship.

“If you knew Jenni & [me] personally, you would know we always wanted to be pregnant together. I love Jenni like my big sister, she is everything to me, not fame,” she explained.

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere with reporting by Christina Dugan

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Mina on

It’s a shame that these two women are even famous. Wringing every last drop out of their 15 minutes. Do they really have fans?

Erin on

How exactly are their outfits supposed to be coordinating? Even better question: who in the world are these two?

whataretheyhiding on

wth is going on with Jwow’s face??!! Plastic surgery gone bad

Jesta on

Two filthy pigs.

Saphire on

The two most homeliest women I’ve seen in a long time.

KarenB on

Wow! Why don’t you girls take the night off and go lap up some milk and sharpen your claws!

joana on

Why are you people so negative. Why do people always talk so bad about others without looking in the mirror. Leave this woman alone.

Anonymous on

How can you talk about two pregnant ladies like that?

chloe on

Too much filler girl

Gwen on

Dang, there are some nasty comments on here! Interesting that Snooki made the comment that her and Jenni have the type of friendship where they build each other up, and aren’t catty woman that tear each other down, and that seems to be exactly what some of the woman on here are doing. So sad!

I think they both look beautiful in this picture, and I love the dress that Snooki designed! How fun that they get to go through their pregnancies together and have children close in age. Many blessings to them both 🙂

Jessica on

Geez. The comments are so ignorant. Jenni is quite pregnant her face is swollen from the extra fluid. A pregnant woman carries an extra liter and a half of fluid alone by month 9. I think they both look great.

Mrs. Woodrow on

It’s great when celebs get pregnant cuz they have to stop with all the weird botox and injectables! No more “Joker” face! They look soooo much better!

Deborah on

Snookie’s stylist should be FIRED ASAP!

Carrow on

Good to see the girls maturing and growing up since their Jersey Shore days. They are like day and night to their old selves.

Carrow on

I see the mean girls syndrome is spreading. Seems the only reason some people comment is to be nasty catty *itches. This isn’t high school you don’t have to be nasty to convey your dislike of them. If you hate them so much why bother reading the article and then commenting?

Louise 05 on

Ladies you look great!

Glad to see women can enjoy being together.

Mommie Dearest on

I would be terrified to come across one of these ladies (?) in a dark alley, let alone in broad daylight.

Lolah on

I fail to see coordinating outfits.

Anonymous on

They look great (I’ll admit that I’m not exactly loving Snooki’s hair color, but that’s only because I’m not a fan of “unnatural” hair colors in general!)!

Anonymous on

Okay, just to clarify things a bit (lest redheads jump down my throat!), I’m not saying red is an unnatural hair color, just that that particular SHADE obviously is. 🙂

veronica on

Sorry but both look really bad. They were both so cute before.

Alexa on

LMAO! To the person that said Snooki’s stylist should be fired…. She designed her dress! Ha!

Andy on

Even though I’m not a fan of either of these women by any means and I still detest their former television show and I don’t think too highly of their current one either; I do have to give them some sort of credit, because they do seem to have grown, especially after having children.

I could be totally wrong, but I’m just happy to not see clips of them falling down drunk or peeing on the beach anymore.

c.a. on

Really don’t care for the term “bumping it up” or “baby bump”. In addition, I recently heard the term “push present”. To me, that term was unseemly as well. I had a baby as recently as 10 years ago. Definitely don’t recall those terms being used back then. To me, though falling short of being vulgar, the terms mentioned above seem tasteless.

Ann on

Snooki needs a new hair color as this one makes her look like a clown……not a good look at all!!!!

Catca on

Neither one looks bad, they both look fine. And Snooki really has grown up since having her son. But I haven’t seen the same from JWoww. If she has any redeeming qualities, someone please share.

Mina on

I don’t think they are ugly women. They look ok. I just don’t understand why they are still famous. I more interested in their fan base and who makes it up.

Lise on

Umm so 2010. Move on PEOPLE.

Sophia_1 on

First time I’ve seen JWoww look good.

Ris on

Jwoww face is wrecked! I hope she’s not still getting injectables pg!

Jenny! on

I like these two girls. They have an amazing friendship and are down to earth at the end of the day. So sad to see women on here bashing expecting mothers. But I can’t imagine those women have much for girl friends in real life lol.

heather on

Mrs. Woodrow, how does JWoww look better? Her face looks ridiculous.

Stephanie on

Their clothing looks like that cheap crap, sold at one of those cheap clothing stores, that sells clubwear for under $30. I’m from NJ, so I know there are TONS of those ghetto, club rat, stores.

Anonymous on

JWOOW has always been the mature one on Jersey Shore> She kept the other ones in check. She was not like the other girls on the show.

Kimberly on

Lorenzo is adorable and Snooki seems to be a good mom but really I agree with some of the other posters why are these people even newsworthy. I just don’t get it.

Jesse belle on

Don’t these wh0rez believe in condoms or birth control? Just what the world needs- two more greasy meatballs. Keep your legs closed!!

Martha on

Um, oh. Who cares? Those two couldn’t be anymore insignificant if they tried. All they’re doing is wasting oxygen.

Just Me on

I’ve been on the hate train of these 2 but they’ve been around so long, just like the Kardashian clan, they don’t even bother me anymore. I don’t care one way or the other. I will say this, because apparently a lot of you don’t know this, when women are pregnant…usually with girls…they don’t just get a big belly like on TV…they swell everywhere! Even their face…hence the Jenni catastrophe.

NatalieH on

It’s sad to see so many negative comments on this site. Congratulations to these girls, though. It’s been a real joy to see how Nicole has stepped up to motherhood and completely changed who she is, hopefully Jenni will do the same.

As for being pregnant with your best friend, there is nothing like it! My best friend and I were pregnant together and both had boys and our sons are so close. It’s amazing!

GP Stoll on

Please stop with the fish faces, you idiots! The oompa loompa and the mannequin…smdh!

Taylor on

Oh yes, they both scream red carpet with those outfits and tattoos.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Jenni’s face is so fake/plastic…she looks more like a mannequin!

JJ on

JWOWW needs to quit injecting her ass into her lips…looks awful!!

Jennifer on

they have such nasty faces! I wonder what other moms think of them when they go to baby classes and playdates. Probably that they are sleezy and nasty looking moms. Their poor kids!

Tay on

Don’t see they’re wearing coordinating outfits. One is in black, the other wears flowering. Though both dresses are nice.

Ashlynn on

Is it just me or has JWOWW been pregnant forever?

Vanessa on

What? Sookie is pregnant for like 5 seconds and she has a ‘bump’? Puh-lease.

Barbara on

I love these two. They crack me up. I don’t like the potty mouths but I do enjoy their funny personalities. They are so honest/real about life. More people need to be so comfortable in the skin they live in.

I’m very happy that Snooki and Jwow get to have kids together. I really believe they want the kids to be close to each other. Like they are. I am very excited to see what the new babies will look like. I’m very excited for Lorenzo to get a sibling and a new cousin!

I hope a new season of the show will happen. I’ll watch for sure. 🙂

Barbara on

Wow! Such hateful, nasty comments about people who haven’t hurt any of you. Sheesh, what have these women done to make everyone SO hateful? I mean, they aren’t the cookie cutter woman that most compare them to but is that a terrible thing? I don’t think so. I don’t think we should all run out and be like Nicole and Jenni but I don’t think they are terrible people. They both strive to be happy and they both work hard. Nicole is a published best selling author. Give them a break people.

I’m happy for these women. Congratulations Nicole and Jenni!!

Anonymous on

Lovely dress Snooki designed for herself, good for her.

Violet Rigby on

I’m so tired of all the nasty comments. It seems like a really sad ugly negative nasty world we live in. I watch their show because, in a word, they are funny! Do I think they’re model citizens? Of course not. However, they do embody some positive traits – like valuing friendship, and loving their family, and yes…even maturing …a bit since the early days. What gives? Does it make you feel better about yourself to talk so nastily about others?