Mike Myers Welcomes Daughter Sunday Molly

04/11/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Mike Myers Expecting Second Child Kathy Tisdale

It’s a girl for Mike Myers.

The actor and comedian, 50, and wife Kelly, 37, welcomed their second child, daughter Sunday Molly, on Friday, April 11, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple, who married in 2010, are already parents to son Spike, 2½.

“We couldn’t be happier,” the proud parents tell PEOPLE in a statement.

They announced the pregnancy in October.

“Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life,” he told Deadline while promoting his directorial debut, Supermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon.

“I knew I wanted to be a father, I didn’t know it was going to be this awesome or that my kid would come out so beautiful and lovely.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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klutzy_girl on

Huh. Unsure how I feel about this name. Sunday’s a much better choice than Spike, but I think Molly Sunday would have been prettier.

Congratulations to them!

Canyon on

Then it is a good thing it is not your child.

Julia Griggs on

Happy for the family! Glad Mike’s living happily ever after … who would click on the frowning face here?

Yvonne on

They had Sunday on Friday??? Am I missing something here?

Melissa on

Congrats! Lovely name as well!

Ris on

Who would sleep with this guy

bitsy on

Congrats to the family on their new addition. Interesting name too!

ELC on

Are these two following after the morons Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman by naming their daughter Sunday?Why not Monday, Tuesday, Wed etc. Would either one of these parents like to have been named a day of the week-I think not. Horrible what these entertainers name their children. Its a disgrace. I hope she goes by her middle name Molly which is beautiful. As for her parents they are off the wall dumb.

Nicole on

I’m so happy for them. They seem like a really great couple. I like the name Sunday it’s very pretty.

KellyGreen on

“… I didn’t know it was going to be this awesome or that my kid would come out so beautiful and lovely.”

What a wonderful thing to say! Honestly so many people kinda complain about their kids (I’m not innocent, either!), but this sounds so sincere and sweet. 🙂

Ridiculous on

You do realize that they don’t give a flying rip what you think of the baby’s name, don’t you Klutzy?

wow on

To everyone ripping them for being ‘morons’ because of what they named their babies, Don’t you have some puppies to go kill you negative jerks? You people act like the world revolves around you and what you think is right/wrong/acceptable or not. People like you will die alone with no friends.

Kestrel on

Because 4 million boys names Aiden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden, Cayden or Ava, Sophia, Mia, Olivia, Isabella, Gabriella, Maria, Kayla or Brianna is better? Seriously, name your kid whatever boring, bland name you want but at least Sunday is unusual – and people can spell it unlike the J’vontae and Destinee and Kamryn’s of the world. Actually, there should be a naming committee so people are stopped from saddling their kids with horrible monikers. People….everyone wants to be unique just like everyone else. *smh*

Mandy on

Okay, to everyone complaining about celebrities naming their kids weird things, you must obviously not spend time in the right areas because very one is doing that. Everyone has also been doing it for years, look at what David Bowie named his kids, don’t pretend like this is something that is just now happening. Also you never know how the kid is going to feel about the name, I have a friend whose middle name is Roswell (yes, like the city) and he goes by that because he prefers it to his first name because it’s so common. So don’t go around saying “they won’t like it when they’re older!” Because you never know

As long as they love their children and care for them who gives a flying fart what they name them. It seems like Mile and his wife care for and love their. Hold, that is what is important:

Pammy61 on

I actually like the name that Keith and Nicole gave the oldest daughter – Sunday Rose – is a beautiful and lovely name. Sunday Molly doesn’t have the same flow – but it is not a bad name. Different but not horrible by any means.

Elena on

His wife looks exactly like Robin Wright in that picture! In fact, I thought he had a baby with Robin Wright and got very confused for a minute…

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and I love the name!

zooks on

LOL fatherhood is the greatest thing that can ever happen to you LOL LOL LOL yeah ok.I would take winning the lottery in a min over it!!Why is it people feel they need to just say all that rubbish instead of the truth??It has it’s good moments but 80% sucks

TT on

Sunday? It’s more lovely and unique to name her Monday LOL.

J.E.B. on

Groovy baby, yeah!

soph on

Would anyone really use this name if it wasn’t for Nicole?

Lala on

Totally agree with you Krestel!!

Ashlynn on

How exactly does what someone else names their child affect your life? Oh wait… IT DOESN’T.

And I’m pretty sure their would a be a lot more little girls named Sunday! And you would have no flipping clue they even existed because they aren’t the child of some celebrity!

If I named my daughter Sunday, no one would give two f*#%s

Amy on

Congratulations Mike, Kelly & Spike on the birth of baby Sunday!!

Mina on

@zooks- I am glad that I am not your kid if being a parent sucks that bad. Maybe you have approached it all wrong. I can only imagine the mess you are making with a child’s life.

Tay on

They should name her Friday since she was born on Friday.

Elizabeth on

My daughter is named Sunday…beautiful choice, guys! 😀

guest on

Sunday and Spike…haha..interesting names……

Jacquie on

Congratulations. Name is different

Anonymous on

So happy for Mike and Kelly!!!

Cricket on

Sunday Molly doesn’t sound right by itself but when you add Myers, it rolls better. I wonder what they will call her? They both sound ok with Myers but maybe Sunny? Sunny & Spike?

Nancy on

I remember when he and his wife Robin were SO HAPPY together. You would have thought they would never have split. Strange . . but happy for Mike!! Congrats!

Jeanne on

I once worked with a cool girl named Tuesday.

Angelique on

Are we really flipping out over a name? A person was just born, can’t we all bask in that… Congrats Mike and Kelly