Christina Hendricks ‘Not Really Interested In Having Children’

04/11/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Mad Men Christina Hendricks Not Having Children James White for Health

Her Mad Men character balances being a partner at the ad firm with raising a baby (whose secret father, viewers know, is silver fox Roger Sterling). Christina Hendricks, however, is content to pamper a furrier friend: her new dog.

“We got a puppy, and that’s my idea of starting a family. People say, ‘Oh, that’s practice for parenting,’ but if it’s practice for anything it’s to be a mom to another puppy,” Hendricks, 38, tells Health in their May issue, on stands April 18.

“We’ve decided that we are not really interested in having children.”

She continues: “It’s just very normal for people to say, ‘Well, when you guys have kids …’ And then when I say, ‘Actually, I don’t think we’re going to do that,’ people will say, ‘Oh, you say that now …’ It doesn’t bother me, though. And, you know, there’s a small chance I could change my mind.”

EMad Men Christina Hendricks Not Having Children James White for Health

For now, Hendricks is busy bidding farewell to Mad Men‘s Joan, the beautiful former secretary she calls “incredibly blunt” and full of “feminine power.” She has some time to say goodbye: The wildly successful AMC series is splitting its seventh and final season across two years.

Plenty of fans are sure to miss drooling over Joan’s quick wit and celebrated curves  — qualities Hendricks’s actor husband, Geoffrey Arend, 36, pegged as potential from the show’s start.

“Whenever we see something about it, he always says, ‘I told you from the beginning. I’m the one who called it first,'” Hendricks told the magazine of her sexy image.

“So he just wants a little credit. Really, he’s sweet and he’s happy for me.”

— Michele Corriston

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dc37local1113 on

I love this!! I’m also not interested in having kids, it’s refreshing to hear another woman say the same.

Ris on

I would never want to see that body unclothed. It’s the kind of body that only looks good in clothes

Duh on

I thought the purpose of marriage was to procreate. Heterosexuals are destroying the sanctity of marriage.

katie on

I think she is gorgeous, it is nice to see some variety in Hollywood for a change!

As far as the kid stuff…to each her own! I have two boys and can’t imagine my world without them-I wake up and even when tired think how lucky I am, that being said, I understand why some people decide to not have children for whatever reasons. There are lots of ways to live life well:)

Andrea on

@duh – The purpose of marriage is to just procreate? Are you stuck in Anicent times? A lot of couples marry and have no desire to have children.

My fiancée and myself feel exactly the same and we’re both Catholic. We have no desire to have children. It’s a personal choice. Let’s not get married because we don’t want kids – right!

Amy on

Then she shouldn’t have kids. Having kids to please other people or because society expects it are terrible reasons to have kids. She’s gorgeous, btw.

Guest on


She is gorgeous. Sorry you’re so jealous that you have to make nasty comments. You must be vile.

Marcia on

Good for her. I have two kids but I don’t think everyone should feel like they need to. It’s nobody’s business.

Slim on

I never saw myself getting married. I did. I never saw myself having kids, I did. Twice. I can tell everyone here with all sincerity, I have done a lot of hard drugs, been in a lot of cool places, and none of it compares to having kids. I know it’s not for everyone. And that’s sad.

sue on

I don’t like it when she let’s those huge boobs hang out for all to see. It’s way too much and I wonder how her husband feels when she dresses like that.

JJ on

Good for her for knowing what she wants and really thinking about the decision to bring kids into vs not bringing kids into the world. It’s sad that other people, including some on here, cannot comprehend the reality that some people don’t want kids without ignorant statements like, “oh so sad” or “I said I never would and then did. Everyone should be like me to and just give it a try to”.

Awesome that some of you have kids or want them stop giving others that obnoxious pity look when they say they don’t want kids. Its actually not sad for those people its a good thing for them they made a conscious lifestyle choice that works for them. Save your sympathies kid lovers for people who have cancer, struggle with infertility or people living in war torn countries.

guest on

@Andrea, Duh wasn’t being serious. Procreation has been the excuse used to not give gays the right to marry. Duh’s last sentence should have been the give away.

Jennifer on

@slim – it’s actually not “sad” at all when people decide not to have children. People like you are the problem with society today – pushing arbitrary expectations on people when there is no logical basis behind it.

Not everyone needs to (or should) have children. My husband and I don’t plan to have children and we live a wonderful and happy life. Nothing sad about it!

justanobserver on

Go Christina! I never wanted any and never changed my mind about it for one second. I’ve never regretted the decision either. My dogs ARE my kids and they’re the only kind I’m interested in! I don’t like kids at all.

pamelareads on

I love that she just says this! It’s weird for people to say “maybe someday” when come on – we all know Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want kids – if she did, she’d have some. I respect Christina Hendricks more because she just says the truth.

There is nothing wrong with not having children. I have two and I always wanted kids. For goodness sake, if you don’t want them, don’t have them!

Amaryllis on

I’ve never been interested in kids either and have had a very happy life. More women are skipping it now. It was less common when I was young (and actually able to have them).

Annalisa on

Hallelujah, another woman my age who doesn’t want kids!

Moe on

good for her… people who dont want to have kids shouldnt have kids. I personally cant imagine life without my kids they bring the greatest joy.

Tara on

I’m glad she said it. Though I would love to have childrenI am so paranoid about putting on weight… I have the same bust as Christina, but my waist and hips are a couple inches larger, plus I haven’t met the right man yet. It just seems (for me) to try and build a strong foundation for my child, I know their are single women who do it, and God Bless them. Because I don’t think I could.

@Ris, Jealous much. Cause I look hot naked.

Lucie on

In this age of celebrities flaunting “baby bumps” ( God, I hate that term ) like a fashion accessory, it is refreshing to hear someone state honestly that they do not want children. Not everyone is programmed with a “Mommy” or “Daddy” chip. Marriage is about finding your soul mate and life partner. It’s NOT about procreation.

Lesli on

Good for her !!!!

Karen Cacciuttolo on

I completely respect peoples decisions to have or not have children. I wasn’t even sure if I’d have them. But….I ended up having two and they ROCK…..Yes…..we have are ups and downs…but I am thankful every day!!!!!!!!

M&M on

Wow, just when I actually starting to like Joan-the show is about to end. So sad.

Paula on

Good for her!! I have 2 grown kids and they don’t want children, and I am thrilled. We don’t all want to be grandparents.

Kim on

She’s gorgeous. Haters are jealous they don’t have her rack and beauty I think it’s just fine if her and her husband decide to not have kids. I chose to have 2 it’s within her right to remain childless.

Fizo on

In the age of Photoshop, pictures can tell believable LIES…..

shidley on

Good for her. Having the wisdom to know what feels right and is right for her…and for having the courage to say it. Kudos. Kids aren’t for everyone.

Mary on

I’m so glad that she’s so relaxed about it saying this in public. I also feel the same way and sick of the usual “oh you’ll change your mind” comments from people. I don’t know why people feel like they have a right to comment on someone’s personal decision to have or not have kids but I’m tired of it.

Again, good for her! and she’s absolutely gorgeous!

Sara R. on

I LOVE Christina’s honesty about not wanting to have kids. Not everyone on this planet wants kids and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I know many people who get married and have children just because they feel that’s what their supposed to do. Anyway I love kids but I’m just not interested in having my own and people always make me feel like something is wrong with that. I’m glad Christina said it and I applaud her for it.

Katie on

I always knew I wanted kids. It isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

As a teacher, I see parents who act like their child is an inconvenience (homework and conferences). That is sad. Sometimes a child is welcomed with open arms and other times it is the person that was an “oh crap” moment. While some “oh crap” moments become the greatest joy, some never do.

I hope people who want kids do it for the right reasons and not because babies are cute and you get attention in places when people ooh and ahh. Kids grow up and get more challenging, but for many it is the most amazing and wonderful challenge in the world.

I commend her for her honesty and maybe she will change her mind, and I hope it isn’t because of pressure from others that she felt.

genibre2013 on

Rock on girl! My husband and I are child-free by choice and LOVE it 😀 I wish so many others would do the same!

Ellsworth on

@Slim, I have 5 Chihuahuas. Nothing in my life compares to them. Do I think it’s sad that other people don’t want 5 Chihuahuas? Nope.

Also, I would hope having kids would be better than being addicted to drugs. At the very least.

katie on

Beautiful woman! Good for her for not conforming to society.

I don’t want kids either. It is a personal decision. No one can judge you. I have my rescue puppies and that’s good enough for me. Boyfriends tried to change my mind. I get their butt to the curb. More to life than just being a mommy. I think I am doing the world a favor. Too many unwanted kids in the world . .and the world is sick and violent. Why would I want to bring another child into that?? World won’t be better in 10 years anyhoo.

Bee on

Good for her! I feel the same way and it seems like it is taboo for women to say such a thing. So stupid.

bebe on

@Andrea, Duh was being sarcastic by using the argument people use against gay marriage. He didn’t really mean that you should only get married to procreate. Duh!

jckfmsincty on

If she changes her mind, she certainly would have no problems nursing. That would be one healthy kid.

MJ on

Since when is the PURPOSE of marriage to procreate? What a ridiculous statement! There is always a choice to have children or not.

Anonymous on

pamelareads- “we all know Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want kids – if she did, she’d have some.” That’s not neccesarily true. She could be childless due to fertility issues for all we know! Sorry, but people assuming that everyone who hasn’t had kids by a certain age is childless by choice is a big pet peeve of mine!

That being said, however, I DO appreciate and agree with your point, and I think you stated it very well. 🙂

sue- Assuming he’s your average hetrosexual male, he probably loves it. 😉

Anonymous on

BTW, I don’t get why some people are going on about the way she’s dressed in this pictures. By Hollywood standards, she’s very covered up! 😉

Lolah on

@Andrea .. I think duh was being facetious and silly. Most anti-gay people claim that gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married because marriage is (only) about procreation. So to them, anti-gay jerks, they see no reason gays should get married because as a same-sex couple, they wouldn’t procreate. And because they couldn’t procreate, them marrying would be ruining the sanctity and only purpose to marriage.

At least that’s how I took duh’s comment.

suzy diamond on

Good for her! It’s not for everyone and if you know this you’re all the wiser.

alex on

Many woman have kids because they feel like if they dont they are missing out because some women want them. Not everyone has to want kids.

Good for her.

Rhonda on

Parenthood is not for everybody and women shouldn’t feel guilty because they don’t want to have a baby. Children are a wonderful blessing, but also a huge responsibility. I admire people who are mature enough to realize that it’s just not for them.

Jessie on

I think that if she doesn’t want to have kids that is good for her. To each his own. The only thing I worry about (for her) is that she will change her mind and it will be too late because she is already 38. A couple more years and she may not have the option anymore.

Elizabeth on

I like her alot she beautiful inside and out having kids is not for everybody and there is nothing wrong with it and the character she portrays is awesome with that quick wit I wish I had that confidence to be strong and stand up for myself at all times

stephanie on

@duh, the purpose of marriage is to spend the rest of your life with the one person you love and will always love. marriage does not equal procreating. you can do that with or without marriage. marriage is between TWO people.

Miranda7 on

I wonder why people bring up that having children question to her or any other childless person for that matter. It’s rude, nosy and invasive to put someone on the spot where they have to come back with an answer to a personal matter like having children. How about some tact and manners, people!

ohiobound on

Good for her. It is a choice not a requirement. But to all the people that say my pets are my kids- of course you love your pets, but you also spay them (always good) and you board them at the kennel and maybe even crate them while at work or whatever….you do not do that with children.

Tammy on

It’s completely okay for a woman not to have children but if they knew what they were missing, most would change their mind. There are no words to express how awesome and fulfilling it is.

Kimberly on

Wow what a beautiful woman. I think as a society we judge women for not wanting children, we need to embrace all people and whatever they choose for themselves. Not everyone is meant to be a mother. I have friends who choose not to have children and they are judged so harshly for that choice.

Kimberly on

I have two sons but my stafforshire is still one of the family. She is my little girl, lol….

Ceecee on

I am married with children and love it. I also love when people are smart enough to realize that having children may not be for them. It’s a demanding job and if someone doesn’t feel the desire to take that on, I appreciate a couple being true to themselves. To those who think having kids is a must, look at how many dreadful parents said yes to procreating and wound up destroying a child’s youth.

Sara R. on

Kudos to Christina for saying this out loud. I know way too many folks who have kids just because they are following the whole “get married and have kids” thing. It’s not something for everybody!

Guest with 3 Names on

It’s good she knows she doesn’t want to have children and therefore shouldn’t. I never had children partly because I never found the right man. But I do not feel unfulfilled. Like Christina, my “perpetual children” have fur and four legs.

Sophia_1 on

First, she is one, gorgeous, very curvy woman – what a face!

Secondly, I too don’t want children, just never had that maternal instinct, but yes, I can coo over a baby. With all the awful stories today, there are SO many people that keep having them and shouldn’t and so many that want, and cannot have. But come to think of it, I was obsessed with dolls when I was a kid ?! what was all that about!?

Anonymous on

Good for her to realize that she is not meant to have kids and is not going to have them so “people” can be happy about it. I never really wanted kids and thought I would never marry. I did marry at age 38 and at that stage of our lives, kids were not even a thought.

ST on

And she’ll die an old seamstress with no one to visit her petting her dogs. Sounds like a great life. Hollywood…so short and selfishly sighted.

eleanorxrigby on

There is nothing I’d like more in this world than to have a family. I’ve had the maternal instinct ever since I was five. That being said, not everyone shares my thoughts, and you know what? That’s perfectly fine. Parenthood isn’t for everyone, and should only come to those who truly want it.

Also, you’re not selfish if you don’t want to be a parent. It’s much worse to have a child just because society wants you to.

sam on

The unhappiest couples I know are the ones with children. I have had many women reveal to me that they wouldn’t have children if they had to do it all over again.

Dee on

I have never understood why people just assume that others want to have children and then go about making them feel ‘odd’ if they don’t.

Being a parent is not for everybody. Kudos to her for knowing it.

Kimberly on

I totally respect my friends who don’t want children but the one commenter who stated all her friends with kids look so rundown isn’t accurate either, you act like we have kids and just give up and that it is just a waste of a life the way she makes it sound, you can still look like a hot mama, children are also really fulfilling and in my opinion I feel you haven’t lived if you haven’t had a child.

I think some actually don’t want kids and I totally respect that decision and then you have the other ones who don’t have children and secretly regret it and really they just sound bitter. That sounds like that one poster in my opinion.

Kay Pasa on

I respect anyone who is responsible enough to decide to not have children if that’s their choice. Not everyone HAS to procreate! There are way too many people who have kids who shouldn’t. People sometimes ask me why I only had one child, I say because that was all I could handle & all I could afford. I wish people were more like Christina!

Ashley on

I love that she says that. Not everyone who gets married wants to have kids and that is okay!

Sammi on

I love this article

Sharon on

I have 2 kids, and I love them dearly. But I do miss my independence. Good for Christina for doing what is right for her.

Stepa on

Married with no children – your comments about motherhood are offendice- motherhood makes you look dirty? A lot of people myself included have kids because they don’t want it to be about themselves anymore, so get over yourself. That being said I think it’s really cool she’s not having kids, personal decision and it’s neither right nor wrong. Love the show

and her character. Good for her for being so candid 🙂

Easyup on

Wow, this is refreshing! Overwhelmingly positive posts with no nastiness. Looks like Christina is a catalyst for something good to say and a topic that hit a positive nerve with a lot of people.

Anonymous on

Nice article, agree with her.

chris on

Good for her. Not everyone wants to be a parent. I think she’s beautiful.

Just me on

I guess it’s a good that all of you who are celebrating not wanting kids didn’t have parents that felt the same way…… I guess natural selection is real.

BigWill on

Of course its her choice. I just have an issue with the growing lack of perspective when people compare to having pets to having kids.They’re your pets not your children and if you cling to this stupidity either you’ve never had kids or you perspective is ridiculously askew.

Anonymous on

Kids are HIGHLY over-rated! I have two.

Terri on

Their choice & I love that she doesn’t get all offended or upset when people ask them about children. Like she said, there’s a small chance that she could change her mind, but if not that’s perfectly fine.

Jennifer on

I too have chosen not to have kids for a lot of reasons. I say HOORAY, it’s about time a celebrity has chosen to be open and say “No, I don’t want children” when so often people lie and say “Yes, some day” I created a Facebook page (I Don’t Want Kids and That’s OK) for people like me who choose to not procreate. I think more people should stand up and make that choice when they’re are so many unwanted children in the world.

lila on

I think it’s great that they both agree on not having kids. However, it really irks me that people compare having a dog to having a child. It’s not the same and cheapens parenting.

pistachio on

Just me: you’re right. Maybe the non-desire to procreate is a manifestation of natural selection. Maybe those of us born without the kid-desiring-gene turned on are evolved to stop our lineage so that our children and grandchildren will not have to go through the mass extinction our species will inevitably soon face.

Anonymous on

ohiobound- Obviously four-legged children are a different type than two-legged ones (and FYI, spaying/neuturing is the only item on your list that people who think of their pets as kids do routinely. A lot leave their four-legged kids with their “grandparents” or other relatives or friends, same as people with two-legged kids. And instead of crating, a lot of them allow their pets to roam freely in the house or even take them to doggy or kitty daycare!). 🙂