Eric Decker and Jessie James Introduce Daughter Vivianne Rose

04/11/2014 at 04:15 PM ET

Eric Decker Jessie James Welcome Daughter Vivianne Rose Courtesy Jessie James

Meet Vivianne Rose Decker!

Jessie James shared the first photo of her and Eric Decker‘s 3-week-old daughter on Friday via Instagram.

The New York Jets wide receiver, 27, and the country singer had chosen to keep their brown-eyed beauty to themselves for the first few weeks.

“I would appreciate if everyone respected my personal choice as a mommy to keep her private for now and to stop accusing me of magazine deals,” James, 25, explained on Twitter late last month.

“For the sweet fans, I know y’all are excited and I appreciate the love. Just would prefer to have this private time for now.”

The Eric & Jessie: Game On stars welcomed their baby girl on March 18.

“What an amazing, life altering experience! A day of extreme intensity that is filled with raw emotion!” Decker said at the time.

— Sarah Michaud

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julie on

That is one beautiful baby!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Awwwwww…what a cutie.

All the best and many blessings!

Anonymous on

Never heard of the parents before, but that is one precious baby! Congrats to them!

Janie B. on

Oh my gosh! She is an absolute doll….just beautiful!!

Juli on

She’s very pretty and looks like mama!

Taylor on

Is her name pronounced like “Vivian” or “vivi-anne”?

Nana2 on

He is a Starting Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos!!!!!!!

gianna on


Nicole on

Not anymore Nana, he was traded to the NY Jets a few weeks ago. And I believe Jessie James is a singer. They also have a (horrible) reality show, but I’m not sure what channel it’s on.

ncsb on

beautiful baby and gianna if you are going to be rude why post a comment at all…

M&M on

“I would appreciate if everyone respected my personal choice as a mommy to keep her private for now and to stop accusing me of magazine deals,”

Keeps repeating about “privacy” and yet she posts a picture of her daughter? And last time I check she’s not an A-list star so I know there can’t be that many magazines lining up to get an interview with her.

Callie on

I have no idea who they are but their baby is GORGEOUS

nikki on

Awwww she looks like daddy 🙂

SEM on

Nana2 — He’s no longer playing for the Broncos, he signed with the Jets about a month ago.

gracie on

Nana2…Decker was a free agent this year and was not picked up by the Broncos. He now has a contract with the NY Jets. It will be interesting to see how he does with a less than stellar QB in Gino Smith with Michael Vick as the back-up.

Becky on

what a beautiful baby girl they have. Congratulations to them.

sharon on

I thought Eric Decker played for the Bronco’s?? Did he get traded? Cute baby

Cupcake on

Accusing her of magazine deals?? This woman is the biggest famewhore on the planet, she’s just like the K family, always posting selfies because she apparently has nothing better to do. I saw their TV show once,and it was cringeworthy. I’m sure the Jets fans are really going to love all of their TMI, including details of their sex life and bowel movements. She’s GROSS.

Anonymous on

hessin and cupcake you both don’t need to be so rude. First of all she didn’t cash in on a magazine deal if you look this was from her own Instagram account used it for this article and second of all she isn’t rude! Both of them are down to earth very sweet people. Why not try this … if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all!

Gigi on

What a beauty!!!

D on

I agree with those who are defending Jessie. She posted a pic on her own personal instagram account for her fans who were patient and respected that she wanted privacy after the baby was born. got that pic and decided to do the article. Their show is hilarious and if you don’t like their sense of humor than don’t watch it.

emma on

awww she is beautiful!!!!!

Jay on

She has every right to keep it private. But the private time didn’t last that long? Regardless, the baby is adorable. Best wishes.

TruthHurts on

That baby is fugly as heck! Takes after her hideous father I see. You are all blind!

Ah...Too Bad on

To “anonymous:” This is a site where people can make the comments they want, good or bad, so if you don’t like it, then don’t read it and go somewhere else.

Jenn on

She’s so beautiful! It’s totally unfair that they had to deal with the bullies! If they wanted to keep their daughter to themselves then that’s their rights as parents. It shouldn’t matter that they’re famous! Some of these bullies just have no life and spend their days harassing celebrities for their own thrills.. Those people need some serious help! I wish Eric and Jessie nothing but love and happiness with this beautiful little girl!

Angela on

To “Ah…Too Bad”, wouldn’t you say the same thing goes for you? Hmm..

Vic on

What a beauty!

britanne on

If you follow her on instagram you’d understand her comments. She had a very public pregnancy and once the baby was born people kept saying they had a cash deal waiting for them so she set the record straight. She wanted time to enjoy her daughter before introducing her. That was about a month ago. They may not be a big deal in Hollywood but they were a big deal in Denver and we all love them still.

stephanie on

@hessin, why should she have to sound less “snarky?” She has every right to say that and feel that. i’d be mad if people said those things and i just wanted a few weeks with her and my new family without being accused of waiting it out for a magazine deal. people are rude to suggest that, so she can certainly respond how she wants.

Anonymous on

Most beautiful child, looks like Daddy, who is also a most beautiful child.

Judy on

She is gorgeous just like her parents! Eric and Jessie are awesome.

skt on

Yup, definitely sounds snarky. I know celebs want to set the record straight when they are getting negative comments about whatever it is in their life but it must be worded in such a way that takes the higher ground.

diane on

They are a funny couple,their reality show isn’t bad,they have a great relationship.The baby is adorable,no probem wanting some privacy the first 2 weeks,if you read the article she asked for that time before finally posting a pic 3 weeks after her birth.I wish them much happiness.Her mom (Jessie’s) is the spitting image of her and just as beautiful.Her sister is very pretty too.They have a gorgeous house and are a fun loving couple.Best of luck to you and your new addition to the family!!

none on

Hate her,she such slut. her music not even country, her videos are too slutty for country and the song itself sounds pop. She act like her shit don’t stink and her baby not that cute. I seen cutter babies then her daughter. All she is a whore housewife married to a NFL player.

Isabel on

I hope they intend to keep their vow of privacy for their daughter and end their show.

gene on

She beautiful & she looks like daddy.

Natalie on

!!! I’ve been dying to see a pic of Baby Decker! Adorable! I see both mama and dad in her. Precious.

Hea on

Cute baby.

hessin – You too seem like a real peach. ❤

Anonymous on

Isabel- Or they can keep doing the show but not have her on it. 🙂

Anyway, she’s gorgeous!

Elara on

I don’t think what she said was rude. A lot of new moms want some privacy when they bring their new baby home, so they can bond. I don’t think it’s any different for celebrity parents. Just because someone is famous for something, doesn’t mean they are required to share every single private moment of their lives with the world.

Obviously there were several people making rude comments to her, and she felt the need to set the record straight. It’s incredibly sad that there are so many cruel people in the world that make her feel the need to do so.

Maddie on

Good for them for keeping their daughter out of the public eye. She is a beautiful baby and when the feel comfortable they will share pictures.

Kate on

she is so cute, I think its great that they want to keep their family life private and not wanting to sell the pics to magazines. They seem like a down to earth couple.

valeskas on


Donna on

Give this couple a break!!

They are on top of the world, have a beautiful healthy baby, and they are a fun couple to watch on reality TV.

I wish them much luck and happiness!

Marky on

Such a gorgeous baby, and I LOVE her name!

micky on

She is so adorable

Brooke on

Thank Goodness she is out of my city. She is trash through and through. baby is adorable though.

Anonymous on

Ohh she is adorable!

Katbyrd on

@ Hessin – the only one that seems like a witch is YOU. To Jessie & Eric — she is absolutely beautiful. You guys ROCK!

Danielle on

I really would appreciate it if they cancelled this reality show. This woman is after fame and fortune, and she’s really vulgar, like hypersexual – if you’ve watched an episode, you’ll know…just one episode, like a description of a sex-ed class, in excruciating detail.

Elsa h. on

Wow. Ugly kid