Vanessa Lachey Loves Watching Camden ‘Become a Little Man’

04/10/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Vanessa Lachey Farm Heroes Saga mobile launch Landov

Vanessa Lachey has one smart cookie on her hands.

The Dads star’s 19-month-old son, Camden John, is quickly learning to communicate with his parents and says more than just a few words.

“He says, ‘Avocado please, yogurt please, strawberries please, down please,’ or, ‘Come here,’ which means pick me up, ‘Love me, hug me, kiss me,’ — that’s his favorite thing,” Lachey, 33, told PEOPLE at the mobile launch of Farm Heroes Sagain New York City.

“He likes to learn, he’s so good. His verbal level to me is beyond what I’ve expected and he doesn’t get aggressive.”

But his language skills aren’t the only thing he’s mastering.

“He’s obsessed with books, he goes and gets his flash cards and he loves cars, fire trucks, taxi cabs [and] anything having to do with transportation,” Lachey, who recently moved to New York City with husband Nick Lachey for his new vH1 gig, shares.

“He’s the sweetest guy, he gives you kisses and hugs and just wants to play,” Lachey continues. “It’s really cute to watch him grow, learn and become this little man.”

— Mabel Martinez

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Marie on

So cute!!!

Nikki on

All this couple does is going on about how great they are and how great their kid is. They act like they are the 1st people to become parents. Most kid are good learners, too! I saw a recent pic of him and he looks just like Vanessa with brown eyes (no more baby blues!).

kay on

I agree Nikki…blah blah blah so she has a normal 19 month old! Is this really a story? She should be more concerned with the way ‘ole Lackey will trash her should they divorce. Use to think he was okay until he started trashing Jessica, not cool, I’ve never heard her trash him!!

Kat on

Another no talent chick (every show she gets on get’s cancelled), or get’s fired, and the only way to grab a headline is to talk about her kid. Go away Vanessa!

Nicole on

Such negative comments. They are lovely and have a beautiful healthy baby. Just because he doesn’t have blue eyes? Seriously? Just a bunch of hater and negative people commenting all the time.

Much happiness to this nice couple. Continued good health and good things for them:))

Kindness on

Wow! Women dumping on other women because they are proud of their kid. How dare she? If you don’t think PEOPLE should be reporting on this then that’s fine. Just don’t shoot the mommy! Be kind and supportive of your own gender at the very least. No wonder men think women are so damned catty and nasty.

Lisa on

I have to say that I met Nick twice. Once when he was with Jessica and she was very nice and sweet and gave us autographs, while he smiled. The next time was when he was with Vanessa and they were both very rude. He wouldn’t sign anything nor would he bother talking to his fans while he was at an event to meet his fans.

I am not a fan of his anymore. He did trash Jess after the divorce while she has remained classy and said nothing. I hope Jess has found true happiness with Eric and her gorgeous babies. Nick deserves trashy Vanessa. They can fail at everything they attempt together while Jess has a billion dollar fashion empire and is coming back to music.

Summer on

Wow, a lot of mean women on here. You all realize she was probably asked by a reporter how he was and what he’s doing, right? It’s not as if she’s just blabbing to anyone and everyone. And if she did, who cares?

She’s a mom who loves and is proud of her son. That’s so heart-warming these days, amid all the stories of horrible child abuse. I love reading stuff like this! If you don’t, then don’t click on the story!

Sharon on

Nick seems very full of himself. I don’t know alot about Vanessa except that she must be desperate to be ith such a loser.

Anonymous on

Lisa- Perhaps he was just having a bad day the second time you met him? You can’t tell what a person is like just from one (or two) short meetings!

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that I sure hope Camden never reads these horrible comments about his parents!

Nikki on

Sorry, but this kid turned out funny looking. He’s not the cute airbrushed baby on the cover of a album anymore. I never met Nick in person but I heard he’s short and cocky. She’s very rude in person and average looking. They both think they are so great yet he’s desperate to keep a career (he sings like a girl) and she used to be Lindsay Lohan’s drunk sidekick. They need to get over themselves.

Good People on

Such bashing of a first time mom! Camden is adorable, and his parents and grandparents simply love him dearly. I know this because I am friends with Nick’s Dad John and Stepmom Iris, and have gotten to visit with Nick and Nessa many times. Cam is a sweetie, and a very loved little boy.