Rob Lowe Has the Secret to Raising Down-to-Earth Kids

04/10/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Rob Lowe Love Life Mamarazzi Araya Diaz/Filmmagic

Rob Lowe is more than just an award-winning actor — he’s also a super devoted dad.

The former Parks and Recreation star’s two sons John Owen, 18, and Matthew, 20, are happy, down-to-earth young adults. But how is that possible if they grew up with a Hollywood star for a dad?

“You have to be willing to make some sacrifices,” Lowe said at a Mamarazzi event, hosted by The MOMS of SiriusXM, on Tuesday.

“I moved my kids out of Los Angeles, immediately. I’ve lived in Santa Barbara for 20 years almost. I’ve had my picture taken there three times.”

The move meant making a two-hour commute twice a day to film Parks. Despite the distance, he made a serious effort to be a normal dad, even coaching his sons’ sports teams.

“Show business is actually my job and my kids truly see it as my job,” Lowe says. “Every once in awhile they get flabbergasted that I’m famous. They’re like, ‘Dad! You know Jim Carrey?’ Truthfully, they don’t get it.”

By raising his sons out of the spotlight, the 50-year-old actor and author of the new memoir, Love Life, says he’s managed to give them a great gift.

“Not everybody is in show business where my kids grew up, and they see that the world is so much bigger than that,” Lowe explains.

— Emma Tyler

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Shannon on

Lately I’m liking him more and more! He is a common sense man, and he’s still good looking! 😉

dorothy on

I really like Rob Lowe. He just seems smart, decent, honest and down-to-earth. And given that he grew up in Hollywood as a “pretty boy” says even more about what a mature person he’s become. I love how much he adores his kids too. Very sweet.

Gigi on

Glad that he survived all the pitfalls that so many of his counterparts in Hollywood have suffered. No one expects those who are thrust into fame and wealth, especially at such a young age, to be perfect citizens…and that’s normal, but so many just refuse to grow up.

hotchoc on

Yes! I love you Rob Lowe! 😀

amanda on

Considering the way he started out from his teens and 20’s, it does look like he did a decent job of raising his family, I’ll give him credit for that. Now if he would just tone down, “I’m the greatest and best looking actor on earth” talk, I could respect him more as an actor.

Elaina on

What an awesome Dad! Really like this guy.

Lacey Few on

He was very smart in taking his kids out of LA…….and he is also very good looking.

Guest on

We need to give a lot of credit to his wife. She has helped for this all to happen for Rob and their sons.

Nicole on

I was taken back when I saw the headline because parents have been raising down to earth kids for decades. Long before Mr. Lowe.

ELC on

Seeing way too much of him lately…ad nauseum. Either he’s saying he’s too gorgeous and that he didn’t get roles because of his beauty or now he’s explaining what a super dad he is. He compromised by moving out of L.A. How many other parents compromise for their kids. Rob has got to get over himself. Its sickening already.

k on

Seriously, who do these people think they are! First of all, in his 20’s, ROB LOWE, if anyone remembers or even cares….he was such a player and treated girls like crap…then he got into this scandal where he was videotaped/pictured in an awkward situation shall I say with a guy and a girl…. He married Melissa Gilbert and was crappy to her. I think dated Demi Moore for a little while because he was such a womanizer. Anyways, now that he’s 50 he thinks he’s so great… and can tell other people about raising kids…. Oh, please. HE finally settled down at 50….after a trail of failures and him acting like womanizer. Who cares….Rob Lowe, who cares.

Susan on

Seems like a pretty normal guy. You certainly don’t see that in Hollywood too often.

KellyGreen on

Shannon, totally agree! I was just thinking the same thing.

Chris on

Isn’t he the successful one out of the Brat Pack?

Anonymous on

Part of his family is from Dayton, Ohio. My daughter goes to school with a girl who is kin to them and has met his sons, and she says they are awesome, Midwest values

Not OK on


Please get your facts straight before sharing your opinion.

He learned his lessons and used them well.

Hope you do the same.

Carol Anne on

He seems to be suffering from the same condition Mark Harmon. Getting better looking with age! 🙂

KingKing on

I think Rob is gorgeous, still!

Anonymous on

He seems a very normal guy growing up in Hollywood. Good for him not spoiled in that environment.

Angie on

Rob Lowe is da man, one of few good actors so down-to-earth!!!

Anonymous on

Saw him on Parks and Recreation TV show, he was good but not that particular great.