Jennifer Garner: Ben Affleck Taught Our Son About His ‘Bits’

04/10/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

For Ben Affleck, having a son meant he could impart some special fatherly wisdom at last.

His wife, Jennifer Garner, stopped by the Tonight Show to promote her new movie Draft Day and talk about their kids: Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2. But things got a little more than G-rated when discussing what Affleck, 41, has taught his youngest child.

“He’s so psyched to finally have a boy. He loves his girls, but he’s serious about his son right now,” Garner, 41, told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s episode. “So he taught him about his bits. He taught him about his P and two N’s.”

Jennifer Garner with Jimmy Fallon
Nathan Chadwick/NBC

As it turns out, the newest Batman is all about teaching biology.

“Now every time we pass a dog who’s walking on the street, or if we’re at a zoo or something, our poor little son is crouching down, looking up, and he’s like, ‘Mama, does that have a vagina or a penis and two nuts?'” Garner explained, laughing. “That’s what Ben has been up to.”

Who needs health class with Affleck around? Samuel even knows technical terms, Garner revealed.

“Sometimes Sam will look at me, and he’ll say, ‘But Mama calls them testicles,'” she said.

— Michele Corriston

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pffffft on

She’s so annoying. I doubt her two-year old is saying “But Mama calls them testicles.”

Mary on

She is adorable!

Nicole on


Lou on

She looks amazing! Love Jennifer.

Kristen on

Seriously love her for this. I used to shelter my kids and give privates silly names but not anymore. They need to be informed. This is real life and who better to teach them than their parents. Kudos to being such a dedicated person and still raising your own kids!

Jenjen82 on

Ben scored big by marrying this woman. He is much more grounded because of the stability she offers by trying to just have a normal life. The only time I see her with make up on is when she is at work but pics of her running errands or with kids she is always dressed down and just being normal.

KW on

((eyeroll))…..poor kid.

Anonymous on

Hate to disagree with pfffft, but every child develops language skills differently, and a 2 year old certainly COULD say that! Hilarious!

Jane on

I love Jennifer Garner and her family and hubby! So refreshing in the celebrity world!

AMY on

When guests go on these shows, they’re expected to have a “story” to share while they’re being interviewed. Do you really think this is the only one that’s been embellished for humor’s sake?? Seriously? Welcome to the entertainment industry.

It’s a cute story. You’re right “pfffffft”, her two year old likely doesn’t speak in full sentences and use the word testicles, but who cares. It was designed to be entertaining.

callistadesign on

I can see a two year old saying “But Mama calls them testicles.” My brother called my mother an imbecile when she accidentally tripped over him when he was playing on the floor (still cracks us up to this day)… he was two. You’d be surprised how much information a child can absorb and understand its proper use.

@pffft on

At pfffttttt. You are annoying. And dumb. I have a 18 month old who talks better than some of my older daughters kindergarden classmates. So get a life and stop hating. And my kids say vgagay and vinna (wiener). lol.

Sonoem on

I don’t know why some are incredulous that a 2 year old could speak in full sentences & know the word testicles.

We’ve taught our children correct names for body parts.

My first son would make up silly songs about his parts when he was 2 & he was speaking full sentences at 18 months. It is very possible. Our next son hardly spoke at all until he was 2.5-3 years. Every child progresses differently. Don’t judge their child by yours.

I think Jennifer is one of the most “normal” seeming celebrities out there & I like her movies too.

BAD fan on

Love this whole family!! Down to earth and the kids always look happy and smiley.

Fan on

Love, love, love thus family!

TLBrad on

To pfffft, I taught preschool, I worked mainly with 2-3 year olds for 17 years. I can tell you that a child that age can definitely speak in full sentences and use words such as testicles. It all depends on the adults around them and the language used by the adults. How do you explain toddlers using curse words? The learn by listening and imitating.

Anyway, I love her and think that she is absolutely adorable.

stacey on

I agree with Nicole…..too much information.

ann on

She didn’t say that he pronounced things 100% properly.

Gabi on

pffffft do you have a two year old at home? Well I do, and I could see mine saying the same thing. At 2 he was more verbal then any other kid of 3 to be more exactly. Very intelligent and would repeat anything that he would hear or be teach.

Melissa on

Insane! How can a two year old say that?!

red on

she told the same story about her daughters on kimmel. yuck.

curlyk on

Love it! I have two boys and my husband has no problem talking about those body parts even when they are 10 1/2 and 12. It’s totally a guy thing!

k on

The negative comments make think some of you need medication. How can that be anything but cute?! Loving the long hair on her. Be a good boy Bennie…you got a good one.

A mom on

My son talked in full sentences before 2 and said words like “bodacious”. They use words they’re taught.

Kit on

haha, too early for the 2 years old to know it.

Nannyto1 on

Too funny. And of course their son could be speaking in full sentences. Children develop their language skills at various ages. My daughter was speaking in complete sentences at 18 months.

rachel on

pffffttt – my kids are 2,4,6, and 8 and have all had different verbal skills at 2-years-old. My current 2-year-old would most definitely be able to say that sentence. My oldest child was incredibly verbal as well. Each kid is different and I doubt Jen would lie on national television.

Really on

I think we call that anatomy not biology.

Ange on

Too bad there are not more couples like them.

Vanessa on

OMG love this family so much. Jennifer Garner is my girl crush LOL. I love how down to earth this family are.

Singapore on

thought USA is a liberty country…why is there so many comments?? let her be how she wants to bring up her children..

Jen on

It annoys me that this woman fights so hard to prevent the exploitation of her children by supporting a law that would prevent paparazzi from photographing her children without her consent, yet SHE had no problem exploiting her children by sharing stories like these with millions of people.

Does she not see the connection between speaking publicly about her children and fueling the public’s interest in these children? I’m not saying that it’s okay that the paparazzi targets her family, but if she really wants private lives for her children, she should refrain from commenting on them publicly.

Erica on

I hope Ben teaches him the accurate terms for the vulva, breasts, etc, as well.

Anonymous on

I haven’t watched a late night talk show in YEARS because of this—celebrities with nothing to say but trash.

sharon on

@ Jen she’s not exploiting her kids by telling sweet stories of her kids, every parent does it and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I believe a 2 yr old can say that, especially having two older siblings the younger ones seem to talk faster and kids just seem smarter. My son at a little under 2 yrs old said to a home depot cashier excuse me, excuse me ma’am my mommy said I have to give this to you to pay for and the lady was in shock that a child under 2 yrs old had such good manners to say excuse me.

So yes I believe her child said what she said and I just love this family

Renee on

Very cute! I’ve always really liked Jennifer Garner.

As for the speech I have 2 children who were both speaking full sentences by 17 & 18 months. My son is almost 2 and calls it penis & testicles plus come out with some cracker remarks & conversations about the two body parts, plus everything else.

Don’t be so shocked and doubtful (insecure) of others cos pfffft it can happen!

oldbitty on

sounds like what the late nut crowd likes to talk about

oldbitty on

hehe. i meant late ‘night’ crowd. guess i’ve got nuts on my mind now.

Dawn S on

Even though she crushed my dreams of one day marrying Ben Affleck, I can’t help but love her! She seems like such a lovely, happy working mom and wife who dotes on her family, enjoys what she does and doesn’t take the glitz of it too seriously. When pictures of her are posted running errands, she looks like a regular, beautiful woman, not all flamed up for the cameras. Love her!

Kate on

Seriously, this is news? Some family things don’t need to be discussed in public Jennifer. YOu’re not the first parents with a son and every son has the same “bits” – new word for me! Surprised you aren’t telling what Ben does for you and how long it takes!

Hea on

It can never be too early to know your bodyparts. If it is, then when is it age appropriate to know about your toes and your nose?


Why do so many people assume a celeb is lying when they tell stories about their kids? I have a two year old son who knows what his penis and testicles are… he’s said something very similar to his father when his father referred to his testicles as nuts. It’s a common word for them, but I just wanted the kids to know the proper name for their bits and pieces.

On the flip side, if you want to teach your kids to call it a pee-pee or a wee-wee, that’s your choice too. Nothing wrong either way I’m not a big fan of his acting, but I think that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are great parents. They seem very down to earth and their kids seem happy.

Anne on

There is nothing wrong with teaching a child about there body. I think this is too cute what great parents I think they are. I love both of them, even more now that I get to read a personal part of there life. Keep up the great work on raising your kids.

Cami on

Yep-my 25 month old has been speaking in sentences since he was about 15 months old. He also knows proper body terminology. Several months ago, well before he turned 2 he said “mommy has a bah-gina and daddy and (his name removed) has a penis”. I wrote it down word for word because I thought it was hysterical. Pronunciation isn’t always 100%, but he knows the words and their meanings.

Anonymous on

Funny she talked same story on Kimmy’s show too!

Maria A Martinez on

What great parents! Sounds like they have fun, bright amazing children.