Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Motherhood Is a ‘Test on Every Level’

04/10/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Jamie Lynn Sigler Farm heroes Saga mobile launch Neilson Barnard/Getty

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is learning just how hard motherhood is. The new mom calls parenthood “the most rewarding job,” but admits it’s not the easiest.

“It’s really hard — it’s a test on every level. The amount of love is incredible, but it’s difficult,” Sigler, 32, told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the mobile launch of Farm Heroes Saga in New York City.

“You don’t get a lot of sleep, it’s exhausting, you have to be on 24/7, [and] you’ve got to breathe through. It’s amazing that a little thing can cause that much frustration sometimes.”

The Dads guest star spends her time with her 7-month-old son, Beau Kyle, and has been able to witness all his major milestones.
“I’m with him every single day, all day so [I’m] watching every little milestone,” says Sigler. “He’s starting to crawl which is fun, and he’s really into Mommy, reaching for me and asking for me.”

Her advice for first-time moms? “Listen to what everybody warns you about, but also don’t have expectations of what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Let your child grow at his or her own pace. Try and take a step back because it does go really fast,” she shares.

One thing Sigler loves about being a mom is feeling “like you deserve a medal every day. You feel like you should get props when you walk out of the house [and] you’re just alive and breathing.”

Even with motherhood being tough, she has the help and support of her fiancé Cutter Dykstra. “Dad’s amazing — he’s playing baseball so he’s on the road [and] we’re doing a little long distance, but he’s a really good dad,” says Sigler.

She adds: “[He’s] really hands on and it’s pretty sexy to see a guy with a baby.”

Jamie Lynn Sigler Farm heroes Saga mobile launch Courtesy Jamie-Lynn Sigler

— Mabel Martinez

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ELC on

She looks very good. However, I find her as a new mother to whine and whine and whine. Please motherhood has been around for centuries. Lack of sleep…comes with the territory. Father of child busy at work…so so are most father’s-what gives?Honestly, she sounds like a cry baby. Put the kid on a schedule and away you go. Its not as hard as you make it out to be unless you are absolutely clueless and I don’t think Jaime-Lyn is. Spoiled yes…clueless no.

Mimi on

She’s telling the truth. Most if these HW Mom’s only talk about how great motherhood is. But never about the hard work that comes with it. Of course most of them have nannies, maids, cooks etc. for the person who says ‘put them on schedule and done’ ha. Liar.

Joyce on

I am not one to comment on articles online, but had to with this just to say thank you to Jamie 🙂 What she said of what it is to be a new mom and the advice to heed is just so dead on. I recently became a new mom to twins and while the love you feel is amazing, and it’s also incredibly fun it can still be so. freaking. hard. I do miss my sleep terribly 🙂 thanks for keeping it real and helping other new moms like me know we’re not the only ones going through these roller coaster of emotions.

Pam on

ELC-Ha! Yeah just put them on a schedule and done?! Do you have kids? I have a 5 month old boy and while I agree it is the best thing ever, it’s also the hardest thing ever.

Kristen on

I’m glad she tells the “truth”.. parenting is hard. But HELLO… thousands upon thousands do it daily without the financial means I’m sure she has. Plus she’s 32 years old! I had 4 kids by then with a set of twins.

klutzy_girl on

Oh, here we go. Let the Mommy Martyrs begin! Each one has had it more difficult than the last. Why is motherhood such a competition to out do one another? Honestly? The comments on here are laughable. Leave her alone, she’s speaking about her experience because she was asked about it, period.

JR on

All moms (and dads) deserve a lot of credit. Raising an upstanding member of society is probably the most difficult job there is, especially with the world seemingly unraveling in morality.

I do wish more moms would be more encouraging, though, than competitive. Some will turn and say “I haven’t slept in 6 weeks!” and wonder why more young folks are waiting or avoiding having children at all. Once they’ve recruited, nothing the new mom says is valid, always one-upping each other with birth horrors, competitive healthy eating, and staging their kids against each other!

Please stick together, moms! You deserve support and praise, especially from each other.

Sharron on

Ok, I don’t post very often, but this was just too annoying for me to pass up . . . yes, motherhood is hard, but so is life, with or without kids. I feel like people who continually state the obvious are looking for a reward or a kudos or a pat on the back, and yes, sometime we all need those things, but not in a public forum. I just think that if you complain about how hard something is, you are looking at the glass half empty and are missing out on the joy and fulfillment. Maybe it is simply the difference between an optimistic person and a pessimistic person. Life is more rewarding (IMO) to focus on the rewarding, fulfilling aspects rather on the more difficult aspect. I’m not suggesting that you don’t acknowledge those aspects, but parenthood is so much more than being sleep deprived, being on 24/7 and frustrating . . .

NMS on

I’m so glad Jamie-Lynn is keeping it real and telling the truth; I don’t agree with the poster who said she is “whining”. Motherhood, while extremely rewarding and amazing beyond words, is also the HARDEST work you will ever do as a woman. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is not a mother!!

Grace on

NMS, Are you saying parenthood is harder than say being an astronaut or a surgeon (just examples)?

Emma on

Sanctimommies out in full swing I see.