Beverley Mitchell Celebrates Daughter Kenzie’s First Birthday

04/10/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Beverley Mitchell daughter Kenzie birthday
Ashley Burns Photography

It’s fun to be one!

On March 28, Beverley Mitchell and husband Michael Cameron welcomed close friends and family into their Los Angeles-area backyard to celebrate daughter Kenzie Lynne‘s first birthday with a pink and yellow soiree.

“It was so bright and cheery and perfect for spring,” the actress tells PEOPLE. “We wanted something small and intimate for her first birthday. We wanted to be able to focus on Kenzie.”

After coming up with a theme — strawberry lemonade! — Mitchell enlisted the help of her good friends Bill Horn and Scout Masterson to transform their yard into a colorful space fit for a celebration.

The highlight? Masterson’s treat table, which featured everything from a bright pink rosette butter cream and vanilla cake to lemon-shaped smiley face cookies.

“He [also] designed a custom logo with lemons on it to match the party’s theme and put them on the cookies,” Mitchell says. “That table was incredible! And everything was so good — I was eating cookies for days.”

While everyone noshed on the goodies, the guest of honor happily gave her taste of approval on each of the delicious desserts. “This was the first time Kenzie had cake, well more like frosting. She really loved Scout’s bright pink frosting!” Mitchell says.

Beverley Mitchell daughter Kenzie birthday
Ashley Burns Photography

“She tried a cookie and cake pop, too. Needless to say, she stayed up a little later than usual that night.”

Partygoers also enjoyed egg salad, chicken salad and platters of veggies dip, along with Haylie Duff‘s Buffalo Chicken Dip, all prepared by Mitchell’s sister-in-law.

Despite a long list of fun ideas, Mitchell was only able to pull together a few — like the custom chalkboard print from Pickle Noodle Boutique — in time for the party. But her best idea was hiring photographer Ashley Burns to capture the entire event.

“Usually I am the one taking all the pictures, but I wanted to be present in the moment with Kenzie so I hired someone to do that for me,” she explains. “She caught so many incredible images that we will never forget!”

Although the backyard bash was a complete success, Mitchell reveals the outdoor affair almost didn’t happen after she and her husband decided to redo the set up right before guests arrived.

“In true Bev and Mike style, we were planting and moving furniture up until the very last minute. We actually pushed the party back because we were running behind,” she says.

Beverley Mitchell daughter Kenzie birthday
Ashley Burns Photography

But it was the Masterson-Horns to the rescue! “Thank God for Scout and Bill coming over and making it actually look like a birthday party,” Mitchell adds.

As for Kenzie’s adorable outfit? Mitchell admits the frilly set wouldn’t typically be her taste, but once she saw it on Etsy, she just couldn’t resist.

“A bit over the top for me, but you definitely knew who the birthday girl was — I still can’t get over that she kept that headband on!” she says.

But, maybe even more surprising for Mitchell is that her baby girl is now a year old.

“I think both Michael and I were in a bit of denial that Kenzie is already one. I know everyone says it, but truly where did the time go?” she says. “It was really nice to have an intimate gathering for Kenzie to celebrate her first year of life.”

Beverley Mitchell daughter Kenzie birthday
Ashley Burns Photography

— Anya Leon

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Shawna Allen on

She’s beautiful! You’re blessed with an angel. Congrats and Happy birthday Kenzie!

Anonymous on

Awwwww so precious and love her smile. Happy birthday Kenzie.

emma on

I can’t stand Beverley, but her little girl is adorable, she looks like a little doll in this photo – beautiful!


U r so blessed. Happy birthday baby Kenzie

Tia on

Ohh happy birthday Kenzie!

Amanda on

Wow,you can’t stand her? Do you know her? She seems very mellow and down to earth if you look at her twitter/who say feed. I love a good theme party! Great job! Kenzie is adorable! Savannah, Lucy and Kevin’s daughter would be like 10 now. My kids are obsessed with 7th heaven now.

Amy on

She’s adorable… and Kenzie is such a beautiful name 🙂 what an amazing party and yes! Etsy WAS the perfect place to find that cute outfit!!

Anonymous on

A celeb kid birthday party that was low-key and NOT sponsored? Way to go, Beverly! 🙂

Sonya on

Her baby looks a bit like Savannah/the baby that played her daughter on 7th Heaven. 🙂

Anonymous on

Her blogs are nothing more than free advertisement for companies so she can get things for free. Everything she talk about in the blog is this company made this and this company made that. We all know that she didn’t pay a cent for that party.

Anonymous on

Um, am I missing something? I only see ONE company mentioned in the article (Pickle Noodle boutique). All the other stuff mentioned is stuff their friends made/did for them. 🙂

Kristie on

So stinking cute! I loved Beverly on 7th Heaven and Kenzie is a living doll! The outfit is from I’ve bought my daughters’ birthday outfits from them for years.

ava on

Beverley, you are such a wonderful mom! Kenzie is one of the cutest and happiest looking babies I’ve ever seen.

Sunni38383 on

The pants doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit for Kenzie..

Diane on

I know that outfit!! Its From Avannabel Baby on Etsy…Love her stuff!!

Kimberly on

Very cute but is it just me or is that bow just too big for that little girls head. I’m not a fan of the big bows like that.

Nicole on

She is such a beautiful baby. I love the theme of her birthday party.

jay on

Aww her baby looks just like her daughter on 7th Heaven!

stacey on

So sweet!! And that outfit is adorable!

gaa on

Little Kenzie is so cute! I’m not familiar with Beverley Mitchell, is she an actress?

anonymous on

gaa, Yes she is, she played Lucy Camden on “7th Heaven”

anonymous on

Kenzie is adorable. So nice they had a beautiful and low key birthday party for her.

Caroline on

That girl is adorable!!!! However, that outfit and bow are bonkers!!!!!! She would be so much cuter if she wasn’t wearing a bow the size of her head and some outfit that looks like my crazy 80 year old aunt would make. Some mommas be crazy in how they dress their daughters aka dolls apparently.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

LOVE Kenzie’s hat…wish they made that in adult sizes!!

Anonymous on

Love the outfit, only the hat is too big for her.

Judy on

So cute…..they look happy!

Anonymous on

Awww….she is so cute and that headband is a scream! Love it!

Stormy on

With my son now 6 yrs old for his first birthday we celebrated with a pizza party in the park , he had cake everywgphere .
With my daughter Now 5 years old her first was a sweet Pink princess party thrown by my aunt . She was a bit more dainty in eating and did well not to make a big mess ..
Sweet memories

Tig on

Kenzie looks so adorable, happy to see her family gave her a low key birthday party.

Lisa Rae on

Looking better than Ever Lucy!. ;o

Zeze on

Why do all of her blogs sound like one big advertisement??

Marissa on

For those that are remarking about her blog – this isn’t one of her blogs. It’s a story about the birthday party. That’s why it has the writer’s byline instead of hers.

Kenzie is super cute – the outfit is crazy but perfect for the party.

hjjj5j on

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