Stacy Keibler Is Expecting a Daughter

04/09/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

James Durbin Expecting Second Child Steve Erle

It’ll be a girl for Stacy Keibler.

The baby she and husband Jared Pobre are expecting in late summer is a daughter, PEOPLE confirms.

“They were excited for this blessing and just wanted a healthy baby,” a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE. “They will make amazing parents as they are so in sync.”

Keibler, 34, and Pobre, 39, wed in early March on the beach in Punta Mita, Mexico.

“Both Jared and I didn’t think that we were ever going to get married or have kids,” the actress and TV host told PEOPLE at the time. “When you meet the right person, everything changes.”

“I’m so excited for the new chapter in my life,” Keibler continued. “I’m so ready for it. I feel for the first time like I’m really fulfilled and at peace.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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Ris on


SarahJane on

So she’s over 20 weeks pregnant then. She didn’t waste any time getting knocked up by this guy.

bitsy on

My thoughts exactly SarahJane! I wish her well, but really don’t like that girl at all. Her 15 minutes was over a long time ago.

Kris on

Rebound romances do work I guess. Kaley Cuoco certainly had one and she married almost right after her and Superman broke up, you kind of wonder if these people are just really desperate to get over someone and this is what they do.

Jane on

I’m happy for them. Sometimes you don’t meet the right person till later. I wish them much happiness and joy in their new life together as husband and wife, and parents.

Just Me on

His last name means poor in Spanish. That makes me giggle.

erica2 on

I am so glad she came from under George Clooney’s spell! There is marriage, life, and happiness beyond being George’s beard. Congrats Stacy & Jared! I am sure the baby will be a tall beauty.

Tiffany on

@ Sarah Jane – you do not have to be 20 wks pregnant to find out the sex anymore. blood tests at 12 weeks can tell you the gender.

Dee on

Who cares?

Ceecee on

Actually you can find out as early as 9-10 weeks with a blood test. I speak from experience.

ELC on

She talks like she’s a little old lady. All Stacy is is 34…my gosh get over yourself woman. If she stuck it out with George the hunk then maybe I could understand her saying that but she married a guy in her age group. She sounds like another dumb starlet. Grow up already.

Dee on

“Look GEORGE, I’m having a baby GIRL! Maybe you can date HER one day because, yeah, you’ll still be SINGLE then. You made a big mistake letting ME get away!!!”

*As she sobs into her Ben & Jerry’s.

Canyon on

One of the few that wanted to be married before giving birth. Why not at least give her props for that.

guest on

Due “late summer” as the article says probably means she was 20 weeks. Congrats to her!

mary on

I think she was emotionally hurt by George Clooney, so she met a guy, intentionally got pregnant and married him to give George Clooney the impression that he didn’t mean that much to her. Just my opinion.

: on

HA! seems like they got married for the baby! which ahppened BEFORE the marriage!

Elizabeth on

I wish them both nothing but the best that life has to offer

Amber on

And someday the baby will grow up to date George.

Allison on

Didn’t Stacy Keibler get the memo that you don’t get knocked up by your rebound?

egni knov on

Why all the excuses it is your business and your husbands.
You’re not the first or the last who is pregnant on her wedding day.
Be happy and stop with all the excuses, please we all know that they are lies.
Have a happy life and a beautiful baby girl.

Kat on

I knew it was a shotgun wedding. That guy still doesn’t know what hit him, lol! missus made sure she got knocked right away and now she owns half his estate.

Callie on

Good for her. Many happy blessings

Callie on

Wow, what rude, mean, nasty women on this subject. You all sound so small and petty. Sad that you can’t be happy for her.

Anonymous on

““When you meet the right person, everything changes.”” Meaning “When you get pregnant without planning it, everything changes”

maof3orso on

I wonder if George will still be able to date when this baby is 18.

Melissa on

Congrats Stacy!

Amanda_M87 on

Stacy’s daughter will probably be one of George Clooney’s girlfriends 20 years down the road.

GT on

Glad she is out from George!

Sara R. on

Congratulations to Stacy & Jared. I’m sure their daughter will be beautiful.

Tay on

Happy for Stacy. Congrats!

Anonymous on

Okay, why all the negativity? I, for one, am thrilled for Stacy! How wonderful that she finally found happiness. Also, she’s known her husband for a lot longer than the few months they spent dating before getting married. The article about the marriage states that they’ve been friends for five years.

Anyway, I wish her and her hubby the best of luck!

valeskas on

A little girl, they are so precious.

jen on

She knew George did not want marriage or kids, why is everyone picking on him?

Caasi on

Aw, give her a break. Many women in their thirties panic when a serious relationship ends and they want marriage and children. Time is ticking along and when they find someone who wants the same thing, they jump at it. I wish them the best!

Anonymous on

George should be her daughter’s god father someday LOL.

Jamie on

Not a fan of Stacys but I do think her relationship with George might have put things into perspective. She probably realized that while it was great to date one of the most sought after bachelors in the world that what she really wanted was marriage and a family then reconnecting with an old friend and BAM!

Tay on

Congrats to Stacy and Jared!

Vanessa Cottrell on

“When you meet the right person, everything changes.” Translation: “When you get knocked up by your new guy I recommend waiting 3 months after conception to be sure the baby sticks and see if you can stand each other. Then shot gun that wedding and hope people can’t count!”

Why not just live together and have the baby? I don’t see the sense in rushing a wedding so your child will be born in wedlock. Who cares if you’re married?

Linda on

So many very negative comments on this and it is sad. I do not think what she does should matter to any of us as it is her business anyhow…just a great big congrats to her and wishing her happiness in her life with her new husband.

JulieB on

I don’t understand all the negative comments. Nobody says anything about the “engaged” parents who never marry–why the hate on Stacy? Clooney thinks he can date for the rest of his life–before you know it he’ll be 75 with a 20-year old on his arm. Stacy found commitment and a man who wanted a baby. To me, this is win-win for the new family.