Gwyneth Paltrow Snuggles Up to Her Birthday Boy

04/08/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Happy birthday, Moses!

Proud mom Gwyneth Paltrow took to her Instagram account on Tuesday to celebrate a major milestone in her little boy’s life.

Looking fresh-faced with her blonde locks pulled away from her face, the actress snuggles her son — as they both flash big grins — in the sweet snapshot.

“Moses Bruce Paltrow Martin turns 8 today. We love you!” she writes.

Gwyneth Paltrow Son Moses Instagram
Courtesy Gwyneth Paltrow

Despite difficult times — Paltrow and husband Chris Martin announced their separation in March and her paternal grandmother recently passed away — the family is still going strong.

After their decision to consciously uncouple, the foursome — including daughter Apple, 9½ — spent time together vacationing on an island in the Bahamas.

“We are, however, and always will be a family, and in many ways we are closer than we have ever been,” the couple said in a joint statement announcing their split.

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Melissa on

Happy Birthday Moses! Be strong!

GammieJo on

“Mom let me go! You’re squishing me!” “No Moses, I need positive publicity.”

Kate on

Anyone else notice the wedding band on her ring finger? A couple who has separated is not always headed for divorce…just sayin’!


Damage control!

henryKN993 on

Fake smile.

GammieJo on

The band isn’t necessarily on her left hand, it looks like a webcam, which are often mirrored. Her wedding band was a ring of diamonds, not a plain gold band.

Katie on

Happy Birthday, Moses!

I wonder if Gwyneth even let the poor little boy enjoy some birthday cake? Probably not, given how much of a control-freak and carbo-phobe she is.

gg on

God, girl put some make-up on!! Ugh!!!

Jenna on

Gwyneth Paltrow, down on the farm! And I am not sure her son is all smiles. Looks like he’s trying to escape the death grip to me.

lay86 on

why does everybody dislike this woman?

sandy on

hmmm wonder why his last name isnt just martin? did they have him before shewas married, just wondering…how come some of the comment pages are in this style vs. the “other” style I wonder,

Heartfelt on

Couples have been known to figure it out, and come back together. It is my hope for this family, because no matter what, family is the backbone of their future. A fractured backbone can heal and I pray for healing, and new pages in their stronger story.

KingKing on

Happy birthday, Moses. Cute kid, nice pic of mom and son.

mw on

we dislike her because she is gross

southernbirdie on

Bet he didn’t have any CAKE 😦

lay86 on

@mw-what makes her gross?

Kirsty Hume on

She obviously cheated on someone at People to get the Most Beautiful woman award, I mean seriously, no.

Judy on

She is something else. America has figured out the REAL you Gwyneth, and it is a snob who thinks she is better than the average person.

Bowie on

She reminds me of sissy spacek from the movie Carrie

Two Cents on

Her Glee appearance ridiculing Temple Grandin was the last straw for me. She’s a hypocritical elitist who is out of touch with reality. Cute kid but of course the picture is more about her. I figured that’s pretty typical across the board for her. All about me. Ick.

Carmen on

This just in Gwyneth took a crap and farted 3 times. She retained water and had to wear a size 4 today. She stubbed her toe and unfortunately could not wear her Loubiton heels. 2 of her 4 nannies called in today so she really had to struggle like us normal moms. She had to fix her kids lunches and take them to school all by herself before going to work very long hours. Bless her heart:-)

Guest on

Sweet. What a great mom!

Dianna on

Wow- you’re hugging him just like I hug my son! And… I do not have the DIFFICULT job of a movie star (her words). I have that simple “office job” of being a teacher.


Get over yourself Gwennie. The damage control is NOT going to work. Eat a donut and get over yourself!

Emily on

Is this the same kid from the near Vespa/bus collision?

Elle on

Nothing screams, “I’m normal,” after all of her pretentious posts, writings, etc., than dragging your 8 year old kid into a “normal” civilian picture. Ugh.

Me on

That kid has a big head.

Guest on

Happy Birthday, son, your dad and I are consciously uncoupling.

Misha on

She is such a snob! The most unlikable celebrity.

Jill on

Let’s all wish this woman and her family well… Don’t agree with her comments over the years, but I think at heart – we all want the best for people in difficult times…

esi on

does he have to bear two second names?

Zach on

Sick of this bitch and her fervent need to be in the public eye at all times, especially in the midst of a “personal crisis” and major life change. I shouldn’t whine because the photo appears to be sweet, and it’s his birthday…but a less image-conscious star would not post a photo of her young child on his birthday. on

Happy Birthday Moses!!!!

From: Kristin and Shane
Keep ur head up!!!!!!

elle on

so, this ‘couple’ never wants their childrens photos to be taken, yet they put their own photos on social media. Is it just me or was this ‘couple’ out of the spotlight for sometime……what a good story to get back into the news uncoupling, esp with having her ring on. pathetic. let’s hope that she allowed her son to have birthday cake, control freak.

GT on

Her kids names are unusual, Moses?

lolo82 on

i do find it very hypocritical of her to post a photo of her son after spending YEARS keeping her kids out of the spotlight as much as possible. Posting cute pics of your kids wont take back the ridiculous words she spouts…

Annie on

Nice picture.
Hope they’re happy 😘

Lacey on

Tired of Gwyneth, don’t like her.

Tammy on

Happy Birthday Moses!!! I hope it was wonderful!!

This is the Most Beautiful Woman (according to People)?? Um, ok…

valeskas on

Sick of it and her.

Emily on

Put some mascara on

Jane on

Hoping this little boy had a great birthday. I don’t know the story behind Gwyneth and her husband, and I read “People” every week. What I do know is…it’s their life. Why do we have to get so ugly about it. I am leaning toward feeling like I don’t care for her, but I don’t feel like I have to bash every picture, or everything written about this woman and family. Sadly, others obviously don’t feel this way.

Lolly on

Why does everyone have to be so mean? This is a sweet picture!

snakegriffin on

So nice to see normal looking people and not plastic creatures. Beautiful photo!

Kari on

This is all about her. Nothing more.

katie on

Most dislike her b/c she tends to come off as “smug” (and I tend to agree). This pic is cute, though. Happy Birthday to Moses!

D on

What a sweet pic. Happy Birthday Moses! Wishing you and your family the best.

thenitenurse on

Why not keep your life private Gwyneth? We rarely ever saw your kids before you announced your divorce. Why all of a sudden you have to remind us you have kids?

lola on

I think it’s swee that she wanted to wish her son a Happy Birthday. Ease up! Be nice. I hope he does have a nice birthday even though his family just split up. That’s not easy on a little boy.

Sandfeet on

Some very nasty comments over a picture of a Mother and her son. I wish Moses an amazing Birthday and I would like to give THANKS to Gwyneth for sharing an adorable “selfie” of them. Some of these comments were written by children and not adults.

Rolyat on

Beautiful Pic of Mother and Daughter. Some people just don’t like to see others happy with their kids. She does have fans and if you don’t like her just too bad. Misery loves company so, if you are misreable, she doesn’t have to be misreable or poor or live her life modestly just because you do. Tired of Haters!

bevvie on

Happiest of birthdays!

Taylor on

Oh yes she is a real sweetie.

bitsy on

would love to get though just one week without seeing her stupid face somewhere. i wish she would go away for a month and make a movie, even though that’s so hard as a mother to do.

Donna on

How was she chosen “most beautiful”. I’m just not seeing it.

Caasi on

Please try to raise your children to be less hateful and judgmental than you and your posts. I am guessing that none of you know Gwyneth or her family. Her kids can read, and why would anyone want to know that a bunch of strangers hate their mom?

L on

She’s pathetic……good luck kid

Kolly on

Oh happy birthday Moses!

Kat1129 on

I don’t know how she has made most beautiful list, she is so plain

Page on

Put some make up, too plain for this photo.