Wow! Elsa Pataky Steps Out 3 Weeks After Babies

04/08/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Elsa Pataky Body After Baby TwinsSplash News Online

If we didn’t know any better, there’s no way we’d believe Elsa Pataky just gave birth to twins only three weeks ago. But it’s true!

On Monday, the new mom — who welcomed sons Tristan and Sasha on March 18 — stepped out in a white graphic tee, mini cream shorts, aviator shades and a pacifier in Malibu, Calif., looking refreshed and beach-ready.

Pataky spent most of the day frolicking in the sand with 23-month-old daughter India Rose.

The actress has also been busy writing a blog for Glamour España, where she shares her thoughts on everything from motherhood to her favorite things including natural pressed juices and designer boots.

And on her official Instagram account, Pataky most recently shared a fun pic from a pre-baby photo shoot and gave fans a sneak peek at her little ones’ sweet sleeping space.

We’re just hoping to get a look at her little boys soon. We bet they take after dad Chris Hemsworth.

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Amaryllis on

That looks about right. My mother looked like that a week after having a 9 pound baby (but not twins). She’s probably still a little squishy in the mid section but will tone up in the next month or so. No one else in my family looked like a whale after having a baby, and neither did any of my friends. All you have to do is take care of yourself.

Kimberly on

Everyone is a bit squishy after having a baby….so what not everyone is going to look like a runway model seconds after giving birth and that’s ok, it’s called living in the real world!! isn’t the health of mother and baby the main concern.

GammieJo on

As always, she looks gorgeous.

Miranda on

Amaryllis-It is so obvious Darling that you have never had a baby. Make sure that when you do-you pack your pre-pregnancy jeans to wear home from the hospital. 😉

Alexa on

please, please, please stop commenting on people’s bodies pre and post pregnancy – as if someone who doesn’t look like that, pre or post pregnancy, has somehow failed at life. People Magazine… stop it w these stories already.

Taylor on

Wow, slim after baby! After all slim is all that matters! Thanks people magazine for contributing to the body pressures that real women are subject to every day in our society.

guest on

I can’t stand the women who whine about commenting on someone looking great after pregnancy. She looks great! She IS a real woman, who just had twins, good for her. Because she looks great and is getting compliments does not mean the world is looking down on those who gained a little more during pregnancy.

Complimenting one side does not equal putting down the other side. When will women learn?! You never hear guys complain….oh that Mario Lopez isn’t a real man…real men have beer guts and flabby buts why are they being so unfair. Good lord! Get over it! She looks GREAT! Some do, some don’t….its all ok.

Anonymous on

Thanks, PEOPLE for continuing to make women around the world feel somehow less-than for not being “slim” and “beach ready” moments after giving birth. Certainly some genetically blessed women give birth and “bounce back” immediately, but this is by far not the medical norm. It takes 40 weeks for a human body to create and birth another human being. It is disgusting to suggest that there should be no evidence of that process weeks (not even months!) later. Why not an article about the joys of twins? How their older daughter is enjoying being a big sister? Adjusting to nursing two babies? Anything but wearing “mini shorts.”

Zeze on

People, where do you get off commenting on a woman’s body?

KellyGreen on

That lifeguard picture kills me! What a good sport

Regina R. on

Holy heck, she looks fantastic!!! Good for her. Way to go, Elsa!!

Leigh on

I swear these celebs are either aliens or some sort of mythical creatures. I am beginning to think that with tons of money there are certain “things” us regular folk do not have access to during our pregnancies, which would explain why we look swollen, bloated, in pain and covered in stretch marks for years after giving birth. I had twins via c section, after THREE weeks the LAST thing on my mind was “FROLICKING” in the sand with my 4 year old daughter. I was still in pain and I looked like I was still 5 months pregnant.

Stepa s on

Syphillis/Amarillo/amaryllis- no one gives a CRAP what your mother looks like after having a kid. Stop fat shaming women .. Elsa does look great but pointing out how slim she looks does make women feel subconsciously like they aren’t good enough. I definitely agree with complimenting her but how about a compliment on how beautiful she is and not how thin? Just saying this stories headline is how thin she is. It does seem like people really emphasizes weight stories.. Maybe because we all read them? So let’s stop!

Stepa on

Amarillo / syphillis / amaryllis – shut the hell up you sound like a stupid twerp.

guest on

Stepa s nowhere in the article does it say she is skinny. No one is fat shaming. If people feel ashamed of their bodies that is their personal insecurity. If saying someone else looks great makes someone feel bad they will have a hard time in this world and should get help. It should not effect the way the rest of us behave. If I want to look at an article about a beautiful woman who looks refreshed and beach ready after giving twins….well then that is my choice. I find it inspiring. A lot has to do with genetics anyway and staying fit during the pregnancy.

For example, I am not pregnant now and still wish I had Elsa’s legs. Are mine long and thin…no. Will they ever be long and thin…no. That doesn’t mean People is trying to make me ashamed of my legs. That is not logical. If people feel bad about themselves that is their problem. We are merely complimenting a woman who looks utterly fantastic for the toll her body has just been through and seemingly looks like she has a really positive attitude by going to the beach with her other child.

There is nothing fat shaming about it….which I don’t consider pregnancy or post-pregnant body “fat”. Its in recovery….everyone recovers at their own rate. Some never get their weight back under control and again that is THEIR problem…if they are ashamed then maybe they should do something about it.

slim on

For those who say she had a tuck or any type of surgery; possibly, but don’t believe it. I myself was wearing my jeans home from the hospital. Some woman have the belly after baby, some of us lucky ones do not.

Roxanne on

Its stupid stories like this that made my teenager an anorexic.

Hey on

It’s genetics. I had twins in my early 40s, didn’t let myself go and was back in my pre pregnancy jeans in a week – with a csec.

Jackie on

I’m more concerned with the fact that she has bumpers in the crib. Don’t people know not to do that anymore? No matter how “pretty” they look, they pose an increased risk for SIDS. Not worth the risk in my book.

Stepa on

Last time I checked I’m not the only one that wrote something along those lines and Amarillo or whatever your or their name is fat shaming.. Also guest no asked what your body looks like and yes people is emphasizing she’s thin.. So before you go a rant trying to “school ” me check your facts. Calling someone a whale after giving birth is wrong. I don’t personally feel insecure from this article. But a lot of women would..

Mimi on

She’s so pretty. I looked like a blimp still 3 weeks after my daughter was born! Lol. Good for her! 🙂

TysMom on

I wonder what she looks like under her shirt. I looked really flat after I had my son but it was wearing a post surgical abdominal support. Its now 7 months later and I am finally down to my pre baby weight. And Amaryllis, I took care of myself, I ate healthy and didn’t go overboard gaining weight with either of my pregnancies. My body will never look the same again, but I have my boys so I’m ok with it.

Kaytee on

Well, People Magazine…the Pataky’s of the world are not realistic. Stop it with these type of stories.

NatalieH on

She looks great. However, we don’t know what she looks like under the t-shirt. I’m guessing that she has some leftover weight which is totally fine. I’ve had 5 babies and I know it’s taken me more than 3 weeks to get my body back.

Nicole on

Amaryllis….LMAO!!! HAHA. That’s it.

Jenn on

Oh God, People. Stop it. Just freakin’ stop it. Stop the “skinny is the most important thing” madness.

Jenn on

People, you are no better than playground bullies when you perpetuate the myth that only skinny matters.

Andrea on

If we alI had a chef and personal trainer every woman would look amazing 3 weeks after having twins. Please stop posting these stories as it is degrading for “everyday” woman.

Ange on

She’s beautiful. As far as how she looks around her stomach, how can you really tell and what does it matter? She has on a lose fitting shirt. People are so vain.

lori on

Amaryllis, be careful what you say. Things have a way of coming back to haunt you. I never judge other women’s bodies, pregnancy weight or parenting styles (unless they’re abusive) because I have no idea what I’ll be like until I’m there. I’m pregnant now and do have some fears of ballooning and never being able to get back but I think every woman feels that way. A MUCH bigger fear, however, is that my baby isn’t healthy.

Caasi on

@whatidiots, you can’t get a tummy tuck right after birth. Your tissues and muscles are stretched, you’re also filled with extra fluids … and no surgeon worth a darn would do that, other than a little muscle repair, during a c-section. Some people slim down quickly after birth and some do not.

JJ on

What an irresponsible comment. For women who have recently given birth, it is in no way realistic to expect them to be back at their pre-pregnancy weight, 3 weeks after the fact. Your comment simply contributes to unhealthy body images and the depression that so often affects women for months after having a child. It’s also incredibly ignorant to refer to women post pregnancy as ‘whales’. I hope if and when you’re blessed to have a baby, people treat you with more respect than you’ve shown on here.

Andrea on

No wonder so many women have body image issues with stories like this. Not every woman looks like this after having a baby and it’s perfectly OK. I don’t understand the emphasis on this. It’s fine if you bounce back and it’s also fine if it takes a little longer. Some people never bounce back and that’s ok too. It’s ok to embrace our bodies and as long as we are comfortable in our own skin who cares what anyone else thinks.

Mandy on

I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans 1 week after giving birth. I nursed & I didn’t put on a lot of weight either. I definately wouldn’t have felt like playing around on the beach. I was in way too much pain. Every woman is different. She looks great, but she did when she was pregnant.

Patti on

Tummy tuck after c section in normal.

KWW on

Got to starve yourself in hollyweird lest you lose your hunky actor-husband to a young hussy. Same ol tired story.

Erin on

The ignorant comments here are ridiculoud. Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s health problems are different. If you don’t bounce back right away, as long as you and baby are healthy, that’s all that matters.

Emily on

ENOUGH!! That is enough treating the shape of a woman’s body as an accomplishment or a detriment, People Magazine. What someone looks like is not who they are, and is in no way indicative of their worth!


She looks fantastic, of course she took care of herself all the way through the pregnancy, which makes the rebound easier….any Dr. will tell you that!

Katie on

Thank you Jennifer. I was beginning to wonder whether no one else noticed the dangerous bumpers in the babies’ bassinet. How many times do parents have to be reminded? Per the American Academy of Pediatrics, the only thing that should be in an infant’s crib or bassinet is a mattress with a snug fitted sheet over it. No crib bumpers, blankets or stuffed animals. They all increase the risk of SIDS. Yes, they look nice, but they’re just not safe. PERIOD. (I’m going to give Chris and Elsa the benefits of the doubt and assume that the blankets and stuffed animals in the photo were just there for decorative purposes, and would be removed from the bassinet before putting their babies to sleep in the bassinet).

Also, I’m assuming Else isn’t breastfeeding her twins. There’s no way a nursing mom could spend all day “frolicking” on the beach without her newborn twins. (At least, not without taking frequent pumping breaks!) So either Elsa isn’t breastfeeding, or she was suffering from some major boob-agony! (Engorgement is a beeyatch!) No judgment either way … It’s every mother’s personal choice to breastfeed or not, and neither choice should be criticized. I was merely making an observation given the contents of this article.

guest on

All I see are jealous nasty women commenting on here. Elsa IS a real woman! Why do some of you only consider a size 14 a “real woman” all are real women. What you are doing is the exact reverse trying to make women who are fit and take care of themselves feel less than a good mother and find fault with bumpers c’mon. Thousands of children are alive today who had bumpers in their cribs. And what an overuse and incorrect us of the term bully….for how much longer are we going to have that term stretched beyond all recognition.

They showed a beautiful woman who obviously has gifted and fortunate genes (as a LOT of famous people do that’s sort of why they are famous) and all the shrews have to come out to bash women who are fortunate enough to be fit and pretty. Just because its not your story does not make it an invalid story or make her unreal, less of a woman or a bad mom. Shame on you! If people feel less than, depressed, fat, its not cause someone MADE YOU feel that way…its your issue. If you don’t love yourself you will never be happy thin or fat. You will forever whine that society makes you feel bad or you don’t have the time or I’m a “real” woman.

Amaryllis was just discussing what her experience with pregnant women has been and you have been very patronizing to her. The truth is Amaryllis people come in all sizes and shapes and experiences and yours is valid if that is your experience and I hope the same will hold true with you. I always hear other mothers who claim to be loving caring people as if love and kindness is ordained because of motherhood, but I hear you women being so nasty and bitter and think wow…those poor kids out there!

BL on

When is this publication going to stop glamorizing post-pregnancy weight loss?

fitoutofwater on

Huh. When you have cooks, nannies, housekeepers, night nurses, a trainer, and let’s be real had the tuck when you were under for your C-section and are probably binding with a girdle….oh and are genetically gifted…you too can look like this. Give me a break.

guest on

BL – when being fit and beautiful stops being glamorous! They are Hollywood stars…they are supposed to be fit and beautiful. If you don’t like the glamorous fit and beautiful people and they make you feel bad about yourself start your own magazine called the Nobody Plain Janes and see how many readers you get.

guest on

Fitoutofwater – there are plenty of people without a cook, nannie, trainer, surgery and perfect genetics who stay fit and have healthy fit pregnancies….the rest is just an excuse people give themselves to be less than fit.

Kane on

My one daughter wore her pre size jeans home from the hospital I have to say, I was jealous. I couldn’t believe it I wanted say a few choose words to her. She had 2 kids a year and half apart, happened again, I couldn’t believe it . Call it freak of nature or lucky genes from my mother-in-law. She was like that too. Me and my other daughter weren’t that lucky it took us about a year. Lots of work out by myself no trainer. I also had twins I never look like that, until 2 years later after working out to extreme.

So, we shouldn’t judge. She may born with those genes like my daughter. Oh, by the way she gave me all theses beautiful things call stretch marks, she didn’t get one. Now in my fifties I don’t have that 20’s or 30’s figure. I can see my twins girls being like that too. My husband pass lucky genes from his mom to my girls.

Lee on

I had twins and DID NOT look this good after 3 weeks, not even after 3 months! Took me a whole year to get back to my original weight and while my weight is the same, my body is not. It’s like it decided it was going to settle out in a different way now! LOL

Buffettgirl on

Such negativity! If you take care of yourself during pregnancy you can be pretty thin in no time. My Mom walked out of the hospital after having me, her fourth baby in 49 months in her size two white jeans. That might be because she had a four year old, a three year old and one that 19 month old to go home to with her new born though. She claims she spent so much time running after all of us that she couldn’t gain weight for years!

Anonymous on

I looked like that after all my babies were born, but I didn’t gain 60 lbs, either. I gained a reasonable amount of weight, wasn’t overweight to begin with, and left the hospital in pre-pregnancy clothes. I was “a little squishy in the mid-section for about 3 weeks, but no tummy-tuck, and I was not “squishy” at 5 weeks postpartum. I was doing 100 sit-ups in the morning and in the evening, by week 5-6. Not everyone gets huge and no, they don’t all get tummy tucks to look normal again. Sheesh……

Kate on

She looks fine and normal to me. She’s wearing a loosely fitting top so no doubt she still has a pouchy, soft tummy like the rest of us do. But a lot of people DO actually bounce back pretty quick. I was left with the pouchy stomach for several weeks after but the rest of me went back to normal pretty quick, especially after my second baby as I kept in much better shape throughout my 2nd pregnancy. Elsa looks great!

frack on

Love the crib…she is really pretty

sandy on

she looks about the same as any woman who is healthy, what a dumb article

Lisa on

Wow there goes the tummy tuck talk. I have 3 kids and I weight 115 lbs, wear a size 0. After all my 3 pregnancies I was back to my original size about a month after birth. Some women loses it fast. That’s all

Juli on

She basically only gained weight on her belly. Once the babies were born it all left with them. I can’t wait to see those boys, I bet they’re super handsome!

sandy on

Oh my gosh, its too hard to comment on this style page, but some of the women on this thread are so dumb! Period!

JJ on

She looks great! Congrats on the twins and everyone being healthy. They are a cute family.

That being said some of the comments here are so nasty. Remember folks every woman is different some women leave the hospital tiny as ever and some leave with baby weight on we are all different. So cut out the foolish judgements like, “I looked thin when I left with my baby but I ate super healthy and didn’t gain a lot of weight because I am so great” or “my mom looked like that but she didn’t pig out like women now”.

You don’t know anyone’s medical history and your not their doctor so be less concerned and rude about others post baby bodies. I hope the people who say stuff like that gain so much darn weight with their next pregnancy and understand what it is like to truly struggle with your weight and confidence post birth. Its not an easy time for any lady and being a judgemental jerk to a lady post partum is not nice regardless of if she gained weight or is still slim. Ever persons body is different!

guest on

JJ you say don’t judge but you are judging women who happened to be lucky enough, fit enough, or genetically disposed to gaining little baby weight. You even wished they would get fat! What is with that…you sound like the nasty one.

Just because someone has a gift or a talent or a drive to have a certain outcome does not mean anyone is putting down people who don’t. These women need to get some self confidence, appreciate the healthy bodies they have, get some inspiration from those who eat healthy and exercise IF THAT IS YOUR GOAL and lighten up. Some women are naturally skinny and might like to have some boobs or butt. Some have a little too much boobs and butt and need to work on it IF THAT IS THEIR GOAL. Neither side is right or wrong they just are how they are.

Saying you left the hospital with your old jeans is not the same as saying “I’m so great” or everyone else who can’t should be ashamed and live in misery. I think most people are thinking I was really lucky or I tried really hard to maintain my weight during pregnancy. Don’t be jealous or hateful to people who won the genetic lotto or who work hard at it cause its a priority to them. Everyone has their own talents, goals, body and struggles…you have your own road to follow you don’t have to point and laugh or criticize the women who don’t choose your road.

This is a baby board the women here should be more supportive of each other and less judgmental….and when I say judgmental it seems to be people judging the thin fit people and NOT vice versa….get it together ladies.

Renee on

Good on her for being out and about. I would imagine she feels great without the huge belly.

@Miranda my husband bought up pre-pregnancy jeans for me to wear the day after giving birth (I learned my lesson to not let him pack) and they fit. Not everyone has an enlarged stomach for weeks & months after giving birth. Soft & saggy yes, but large, no. PEOPLE the point of this article should be that she is looking happy & having fun with her daughter NOT the size of her body.

Anonymous on

Okay, why is everyone assuming Elsa had a C-section? Yes, she had twins, and yes, it appears they were born a bit early. However, plenty of women give birth to twins vaginally, and plenty of preemies are born vaginally, too!

Anyway, she looks great!

Amanda on

@anonymous, In my non expert opinion of the photo she released of the babies feet( pretty big), I don’t think they were preemies. A lot of women are wearing binders, corsets, bodyshaping suits, for hours during the day after having their babies.

ladythor on

Elsa explains herself how she’s always been fit so it didn’t take her long to get back in shape, plus she’s nursing two babies.